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This presentation aims to show our services portfolio related to business and technical support to the Telecom and IT market. We are a company specialized in Regulatory subjects, New business development and Technology advisory to manufacturers, operators, law firms and other related verticals.
  • 1. Corporate Presentation Competencies Skills, Cases and Resumes

2. Consultancy and Technological AdviceConsulting in Business and PeopleAnalysis and Process OptimizationICTLegal ReportsRegulatory AffairsBusiness DevelopmentSpecialties 3. The scenario... (not for all companies, of course)Operational activities take time and do not give financial return (apparently)...But ... are necessary and without them no company can function...And... if we fail to do them, the damage is certain!Delegate tasks, projects and planning requires competence and commitment of employees...... Sometimes they are not motivated or do not accept this responsibility...Absence of strategic planning... and the lack of processes, legal and regulatory requirements, may be critical.And what about the lack of strategic vision and evolutionary business?What to do then? 4. Value proposition to our customerWe take care of your problems and concerns, so you can focus and dedicate time to your business and your company...... this way, your company can stand out in your market segment and exceed targets! 5. Some success casesBusiness advisory for Arion Solutions, working with the major telecom operators in Brazil.clients: Net TV, Claro and Embratel (America Mviles Group - Mexico), CCR (Camargo Correa), British Telecom, INVEPAR Group and others.Technical-regulatory consultancy for the Legal Department of Nextel in Brazil - hired by NII (Nextel Int'l Holdings).Consulting for Bandeirante Energia (EDP, Portugal), for analysis and procurement of communications services 0800- type, contact- center, enterprise data between central and power- plants systems, 3G mobile and IP-network services.Consultant Member of OABs Science and Technology Comission.CPqD technological partner, inside top telecom operators in Sao Paulo state.Expertise in lawsuits, as responsible for the technical report, commissioned by Magalhes, Nery & Dias Attorneys at Law. Comparison SME vs SMP.Member of ANATEL delegation in several conferences of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission - CITEL in countries like Mexico, Venezuela and El Salvador, working on regulatory issues in telecommunications in Latin America and Brazil.Its professionals are qualified and follow international practices such as SOX (Sarbanes- Oxley) and FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), ensuring tranquility to its customers. 6. Speed and Quality one of our mottos ! 7. Some of our Clients, Partners and Associationsblygspresena digital 8. TelecomITANATELBusiness DevelopmentLegalBusiness and Technology AdviceConsulting ServicesNetwork EvolutionOur areas of expertiseLei do Bem (Tax Recovery)SystemsAppsRegulatory 9. You decide how we will help you...What is consulting? Consulting, in a broad sense, is the provision of particular service delivery, in general by qualified professional (subject matter expert) and knowledgeable. The consultancy service offered to our customers, occurs by means of diagnostic procedures and and has the purpose of raising the customer needs, identify solutions and recommend actions. The consultant develops, deploys and enables the project according to customer needs. 10. Judicial Advice, Technical Opinion and ReportsWe have an wide portfolio of services for juridical assistance to Law firms where knowledge of the various ICT technologies become necessary, and we can work on technical assistance activities, assisting lawyers and judges.Another area of our work, is related to regulatory matters with ANATEL. Whenever a regulatory issue arises on telecommunications companies day-to-day, or in the forensics, we have the necessary knowledge to help our customers.Solid and proven performance in the Regulatory Area, focusing on administrative processes; experience in the defense of PADO and other administrative procedures of the Internal Regulations of Anatel; resolving conflicts among providers of telecommunications service; thorough knowledge of the regulation of STFC, SMP, SME, SCM etc services; as related to telecom infrastructure. We are able to formulate, develop, support, implement and disseminate thesis related to telecommunications regulation. We also represent and support these thesis defended orally by our client before Anatel is in Brasilia or the Regional Offices.Coordinate the implementation of regulatory actions arising from Anatel decisions in the course of administrative procedures as well as assist in the review and comment petitions prepared by lawyers in the area of regulation of our client. 11. Legal and RegulatoryTechnical advice to legal sector, developing technical reports to be used as auxiliary tools in lawsuits filed in court: Fraud in telephony; Tax Recovery; Fraud on the Internet; Illicit through social-networking; Banking; e- commerce transactions, among others.To perform these technical support to law firms, we use ourselves on extensive professional experience gained in over 20 years of experience in the Brazilian telecommunications market, inside the main operators of mobile and fixed telephony, and also having worked for major manufacturers equipment technology, national and multinationals.Besides, even with the active participation of associations: Sao Paulo Engineering Institute; COBEI - Brazilian Committee of Electricity, Electronics, Lighting and Telecommunications; ITU.R - International Telecommunication Union - Radiocommunications; CITEL Interamerican Telecommunication Commission - an entity affiliated to the OAS (Organization of American States), as well as regulatory agencies: ANATEL, Brazil and the CCP II an III (panamericana region).Our international experience in the regulatory environment of the Americas (CITEL), enables us to indicate prospects and paths of evolution of the Brazilian regulatory environment and its relationship with the international regulations (eg FCC, ITU and EC). 12. Intelligence Consulting and Regulatory AffairsThe legislation which regulates the telecommunications sector in Brazil is quite complex and full of details, which ultimately require very careful evaluation by the telecom operators who provide regulated services in the country. We own experience and practice related to the regulation of telecommunications services in Brazil. With extensive industry experience and grounded in deep knowledge combined with practice, we offer consulting services based on processes and actions in Regulatory Intelligence for the telecommunications sector in Brazil (ANATEL) and Latin American (CITEL member countries).We have a position of neutrality towards the other players in the telecommunications market (both compared with manufacturers or operators). Our technical advice have been mentioned in different forums regulatory and judicial bodies (first and second grades).Evaluate a broad spectrum of factors that coexist in the telecom ecosystem, namely: technical aspects and their implications or limitations; economic aspects and its consequences for society; users and operators and, finally, the regulatory aspects. As a consequence of this omnidirectional evaluation, ended up documenting an objective and detailed manner, and language-without too much technicality, the impact on services and on our clients' business. Our consulting and technical advice has strong strategic bias to indicate quite clearly and objectively the benefits and gains of 'ready adequacy' issued to regulatory news, and also the impacts and risks of non-compliance with Anatels rules. 13. Lei do Bem, tax recovery Law #11196, from 21-NOV- 2005We have extensive experience in technological requirements related to the Lei do Bem Tax Recovery Law.If your company is eligible to the benefits provided by the Lei do Bem, we can help you with all the technical documentation concerning the preparation and statement of compliance with the points set out in the law act. These technical documents shall be used together with tax documentation that will compose the documentation required by the MCTI (Ministrio da Cincia Tecnologia e Inovao).This law, known as Lei do Bem, in its Chapter III, articles 17-26, and regulated by Decree No. 5798, of 07-JUN-2006, consolidated tax incentives that companies (PJ) can enjoy - automatically - from carrying out R&D of technological innovation. This chapter was edited by determination of Law No. 10973 from 2004 - "Innovation Act", strengthening the new legal framework for fostering technological development and innovation in Brazilian companies.Among customers and partners with whom we have developed related to the Law of Good works, we can mention: Telefonica, Vivo, PwC and Arion Solutions. 14. In-House ConsultancyWe can allocate a qualified professional to be at your disposal all the time needed.This professional may be either on-premises or remotely, the choice is yours!For the verticals where we work, we can offer to large and medium-sized companies, our commercial and technological advisory services and consulting, both by inside work (performed within our facilities) and external (periodic visits by our technical professionals in -company). This type of advice is guided by the motto "reduce spending & increase revenue", always using the methodology chosen for the project; helping our customers to focus efforts and resources on their core business.Our consultants respond functionally to the client PM, respecting its rules, procedures, policies and methodologies while maintaining contractual relationship with jms.consult, which is responsible for legal, labor, compensation, competence and professional performance of these aspects. This type of contract resources can also be used if the client want to keep a new employee under test / experience before hiring him or her. 15. ERM Risk ManagementSurvey of need for use an ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) system on large and different vertical segments. Using these systems, companies - especially those with shares in the stock exchange and the ones that need to meet several determinations, such as SOX, Brazilian Central Bank etc - have greater control of their processes and risks to your business and can anticipate, minimize and mitigate unnecessary risk exposures both of tangible and intangible nature.We help companies define or reshape internal processes in order to optimize cost and time, aiming to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.Through well defined methodology and processes, our company offers to the market, specialized consulting services for the establishment, implementation and optimization of corporate business processes, regardless the specific area they are.For the ICT sector, we help your company understand, deploy and meet requirements that regulate and oversee communications services defined by standards or by the Regulator, as well as an analysis of adherence to eTOM (TM Forum), generating a report of recommendations.Process Management 16. TelecommFor specific projects, where it requires an interdisciplinary team with knowledge and expertise in different areas of the ICT world, we can make use of own resources or business partners and lead its operations aimed fully meet the needs of your end-customer.Consulting and technology advice.Strategic and commercial analysis.Consultancy and advice regarding product homologation by Anatel.Analysis in processes and people eTOM.Regulatory affairs (Anatel).New business development. 17. Planning and Technological Evolution of NetworksFor companies that own, plan to own, or outsource its ICT networks, in any market segment (eg, Telecomm, Government, Energy, Financial) and who need to optimize investments (CAPEX reduction), increased operational efficiency (OPEX reduction) or improving the quality of services provided/used internally; our consulting service in Network Intelligence (Planning and Technological Evolution) are characterized as a set of professional services that has as main objective: to be a 'trusted advisor' to analysis, planning, acquisition or evolution of its networks. Aiming a planned growth of existing infrastructure with integration of services into a single optimized network infrastructure.Unlike traditional systems and equipment suppliers (vendors) who end up embedding 'consultancies shelf' within their solutions and systems sold, we opted to offer a 'value added service', since we are totally neutral and impartial in the execution of these services.We also offer support on hiring a new network through the development of RFx containing business and technical requirements necessary to achieve the quality, reliability and the expected availability for a given network. Such monitoring can extend to the installation and acceptance of the whole system, regardles if it is composed of equipment, software or services. 18. Our Companyjms.consult was created in 2010, having as its primary goal, to be a partner of technology companies and law firms, mainly in the line of business related to their activities. Our role is mainly in the areas of consulting and technology advice; preparation of technical reports; legal expertise and advice; regulatory affairs (ANATEL); new business and partnership development.With recognized and proven results, we can help your company achieves its goals and results faster and with less internal resources, assigning tasks and projects to our qualified professionals.We are the first company that brought to the market in a perfectly integrated manner - the technological, business, regulatory and legal fields of ICT.Talk with us! Let us show you how we can work synergistically. 19. Focus on Customer's businessBalanced use of current technological knowledge, coupled with the academic and practical fundamentals as well as careful analysis and methodology applied in search of the best results, keeping the focus on our client's business.Through methodology and know-how of the ICT market, jms.consult can help customers achieve their goals more efficiently, with reduced spending and perfect time-to-market. 20. www.jmstitelecom.com.brmobile site 21. Contact usJos Mrio B. Serra Av Paulista, 326 cjto 53 So Paulo, SP - 01310-000 fone: (11) 2476.1270 celular: (11) 99581.4477 [email protected] [email protected] www.jmstitelecom.com.br www.facebook.com/jmsconsult https://twitter.com/jmsconsultwww.linkedin.com/in/jserra www.linkedin.com/in/vacari 22. Count on our experience 23. MethodologyQ) Work Methodology is Important? A) Yes, of course it is! Q) What methodology we use in our jobs and consultancies? A) Whichever is the most appropriate to the project and the one you prefer ...!We do not cling to ready recipes'...or... to reinvent the wheel...... we always listen to our customers to understand their needs.This is what we mean by "partnership". 24. Rsum (in english)COMPANIESArion Solutions Telecom & ITClarify Sistemas TIPowerwave TechnologiesLucent Technologies and later Alcatel- LucentSplice do Brasil LANGUAGESEnglish: FluentPortuguese: Fluent (native)Spanish: Reading and basic conversationElectrical Engineering: BSEE, with emphasis in Telecommunications and Electronics Faculdade de Engenharia de Sorocaba - FACENS. Concluded in 1994.Computer Sciences: UNICAMP, from 1987 to 1989.Member of SBrT: Sociedade Brasileira de TelecomunicaesMember of I.E.: Instituto de Engenharia de Sao Paulo. Awarded with "Prmio I.E. 1994".SOME COURSESFunnel Management and Forecasts: Lucent, So Paulo, 2002;Target Account Selling (TAS): Siebel, Miami, FL USA, 2003;Strategy and Tactics of Technical Sales (STOTS): TechSellEnts, So Paulo, 2004;Six Critical Skills: Lucent, Atlanta, GA USA, 2004;Team Leader & Coaching Skills for Managers: Lucent, So Paulo, 2004.Consultative Negotiations: Lucent, Campinas, 2005;Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA-SOX): Lucent, Campinas, 2005;Strategic Negotiations: Think Inc, So Paulo, 2006.

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