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Croatia: Outward Bound Project. Spoznaj sebe! Hrvatska udruga za Outward Bound ™ Know Thyself!...

Date post: 27-Dec-2015
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Croatia: Outward Bound Project

Croatia: Outward Bound Project

Spoznaj sebe! Hrvatska udruga za Outward Bound™Know Thyself! Croatian Association for Outward Bound™Nosce te ipsum! Societas pro Outward Bound™ Croatica

Croatian School of Outward BoundTowards the Fulfillment of a Vision

Croatia Outward Bound Project

PROJECT GOALS: To supply equipment

for a professional kitchen in the Outward

Bound Center:• a former country school building donated by

local government • that is being remodeled by Croatian

construction industry.

Education Center of the Croatian School of Outward Bound, Malo Polje, Perusic

Lake Kruscica, one mile from campus

Croatia Outward Bound Project

• Croatia, with other states in the Balkans, was the site of recent war (1991-1995) & horrific conflict & violence between ethnic and religious communities.

• Outward Bound™ Croatia is a new program in a new site designed to achieve the following objectives:– Emphasizes rebuilding lives (former soldiers and their

children affected by the war)– Focuses on people in crisis (victims of domestic

violence, youth in trouble, etc)– Restores confidence in selves and others

Croatia Outward Bound Project

Outward Bound Methodology

• Educates by overcoming obstacles in nature in group and individual settings

• Teaches outdoor living and survival skills • Teaches leadership skills to build a better

society and protect the environment.• Helps participants to gain new understanding of

their own potential and limitations through solitary reflection and group discussions

Croatia Outward Bound Project

Outward Bound Croatia Program

• Offers programs for people with special needs.

• Offers a year-round program of 3-day, 1 week, and 3 week courses

• Part of the global Outward Bound family

Why Outward Bound in Croatia?

1. OB programs are the most effective among

similar programs in the world.

2. Programs are conducted by following verified

standard operation procedures (SOPs).

3. OBI Office of Executive Director supervises the

programs, student safety & business practices.

4. Operating within a global system.

5. Bringing a new model of philanthropy in

Croatia – building civil society

For whom OB in Croatia?1. War veterans and their children

2. Persons with special physical and emotional needs

3. School-age youth

4. Youth of Croat Diaspora

5. Sponsors and business people

6. General population

Croatia Outward Bound Center Indoor Contents

• Equipped like a mountain hut

• Access to all contents for individuals with limited mobility!

• Lecture hall, social hall, lounge, dormitories, kitchen, bathrooms, storage, first aid

• Environmental study hall

Croatia Outward Bound Center Outdoor Contents

• Campgrounds for families with members of limited mobility

• Climbing wall and high ropes

• Stables for horses and other domestic animals

• Proximity of Lake Kruscica

• Proximity of the Velebit Mountain Range

Croatia Outward Bound Project

REQUEST: Funding to purchase kitchen

equipment for the Outward Bound Center

sufficient to provide the capacity to prepare

and serve meals for 30 participants, including• heavy-duty gas range & grill with electric ovens• refrigerator-freezer• sink • dishwasher • microwave • dish storage racks

Croatia Outward Bound Project

Estimated Total Cost = $25,500

NOTE: Budget includes costs of

• transporting the items from Zagreb

• installing them, and

• testing them

HOST ROTARY CLUB: Zagreb-Gradec Rotary Club of District 1910

Thank you, Rotarians!