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Defragmenting Digitized Manuscripts Sources

Date post:23-Aug-2014
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Defragmenting Digitized Manuscripts Sources: A Unified Portal to Medieval Manuscripts Giulio Menna and Marjolein de Vos
  • Defragmenting Digitized Manuscripts Sources A unified portal to medieval manuscripts 12/06/2014 @SexyCodicology / #DMMmaps
  • Part 1: Who we are and what we do Giulio Menna, MA & Marjolein de Vos, MA DigitizedMedievalManuscripts.org SexyCodicology.net/blog Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr... 12/06/2014 @SexyCodicology / #DMMmaps 2
  • The DMMmaps in short A simple idea: A database containing links to digital libraries that are home to digitized western medieval manuscripts. Presented in a different way: On an interactive map. 12/06/2014 @SexyCodicology / #DMMmaps 3
  • Results after five months 328 institutions in the database. Links to at least 30000+ digitized objects. 25000+ visitors. 12/06/2014 @SexyCodicology / #DMMmaps 4
  • More results First page for Google Search: Medieval Manuscripts First page for Google Search: Digitized Medieval Manuscripts 12/06/2014 @SexyCodicology / #DMMmaps 5
  • Part 2: How is the app made? Google Fusion Tables Google Maps API 12/06/2014 @SexyCodicology / #DMMmaps 6
  • Behind the scenes 1. Data: Name and location of the institution that hosts the digitized manuscripts. Number of digitized objects available on the institutions website. Link to the website of the digital repository. 2. Google Fusion Tables (and some JavaScript) 3. Google Maps API 4. App (digitizedmedievalmanuscripts.org/app) 12/06/2014 @SexyCodicology / #DMMmaps 7
  • The end product On the right: the DMMapp in action, showing data about the National Library of Spain inserted in the Google Fusion Tables (latitude, longitude, link, library name, nation and number of digitized manuscripts available). 12/06/2014 @SexyCodicology / #DMMmaps 8
  • Extras Heatmap Spreadsheet Blogging / Digital Libraries reviews 12/06/2014 @SexyCodicology / #DMMmaps 9
  • Issues No funding: Weak infrastructure. Uncountable digitized manuscripts / mixed subject repositories. Broken links (and no redirects to new pages). Fully digitized manuscripts / partially digitized manuscripts. 12/06/2014 @SexyCodicology / #DMMmaps 10
  • Key features 1. Easy and fast to update 2. Easy to use 3. Easy to find 4. Cheap to make 5. Useful 12/06/2014 @SexyCodicology / #DMMmaps 11
  • Future plans Continue adding libraries Review more libraries Develop app for smartphones / tablets 12/06/2014 @SexyCodicology / #DMMmaps 12
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