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Slide 2 Digital Data Communications - Branding - Branding - Overview - Overview - Strategies - Strategies - Vision & Mission - Vision & Mission - Organization - Organization - History - History - Worldwide - Worldwide - Revenue - Revenue Slide 3 Established: 1991 Employees: 350 Head Office: Digital Data Communications Dortmund, Germany Manufacturing: Digital Data Communications Asia, Taiwan Product Brands: LevelOne & Equip Regional Offices: Overview DDC Australia DDC Belgium DDC Brazil DDC Colombia DDC East Africa DDC Greece LevelOne India LevelOne Israel LevelOne Italy DDC Korea DDC MENA DDC Netherlands DDC Portugal DDC Scandinavia DDC Slovenia DDC South Africa DDC Spain DDC Sweden Slide 4 Digital Data Communications Networking products for the 21st century Network passive products supporting network architecture Branding Slide 5 DDC Corporate Development Strategies Expanding in fast developing country markets Enhance brand value Focus on brand image and development Set up an efficient worldwide channel Strengthen each countrys sales system Maintain well-developed relationship with distributors Maintain high levels of Research and Development, Teamwork and Developing of market leading products Further Investment in DDC (LevelOne & equip) global distribution network Slide 6 Vision To provide total professional network solutions that connect people to foster communication, teamwork and growth in both work and at home. -Gain world-wide recognition as one of the top three Networking Brands in the Networking and Communication market Mission DDC provide our customers with reliable networking products by offering innovative technology, committed service, and modern styling products, all at a competitive price. -Insisted Germany superior quality -Constant operation growth and expansion Vision & Mission Slide 7 Organization Digital Data Communications Group Dortmund, Germany CEO/President Rudiger Riedl MD/CFO Amanda Chen DDC Asia, Taiwan Amanda Chen DDC Asia, Taiwan Amanda Chen DDC Europe CFO DDCG, Germany Gerd Schleiken DDC Europe CFO DDCG, Germany Gerd Schleiken DDC SA SOUTH AFRICA AC Liebeuberg DDC Netherlands B.V HETHERLANDS Lambert Otter DDC Hellas Greece Spiros Bournazos DDC Scandinavia Aps DENMARK Per Baeksgaard DDC Sverige AB SWEDEN Slawomir Skowronski LevelOne U.K UNITED KINGDOM Kay Chan DDC EA KENYA Zvi Shanny LevelOne Italia Srl ITALY Lino Perin DDC Brazil SOUTH AMERICAN Marcio Campanaro DDC Slovenija d.o.o. SLOVENIA Peter Rajnis LevelOne L.A. COLOMBIA Carlos Builes LevelOne Europe NETHERLANDS Amanda Chen DDC India INDIA Babu Joseph DDC AU AUSTRALIA Brian Rodriques LevelOne Israel ISRAEL Reuven Tam DDC MENA DUBAI Saeid Habibi Slide 8 DDC has grown from a European-based organization to become a key international player in the networking industry. 1991 Established DDC Germany 1993 Introduced the Equip brand 1996 Established DDC Greece 1997 Established DDC Italy Established DDC Portugal Established DDC Asia, Taiwan 1998 Established DDC Netherlands Introduced the LevelOne brand 1999 Established DDC Demark 2000 Established DDC Belgium Established DDC Slovenia 2001 Established DDC Sweden 2005 Established DDC Australia Established DDC MENA 2006 Established DDC East Africa 2007 Established LevelOne India Established DDC Korea 2008 Established DDC Brazil Established LevelOne Israel 2009 Established DDC Colombia History Slide 9 Digital Data Communications Group has grown from its German grassroots to an international organization represented in - more than 65 countries around the world. Worldwide Slide 10 Europe Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland Greece Hungary Italy Macedonia Montenegro Middle East and Africa Egypt Iran Israel Jordan Kenya Lebanon Oman Qatar South Africa Syria Tunisia United Arab Emirates Morocco Togo Headquarters Germany Manufacturing Taiwan North America Cuba USA Mexico South America Argentina Bolivia Colombia Brazil Paraguay Chile the Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Serbia and Slovenia Spain Swaziland Sweden Turkey United Kingdom Russia Yugoslavia Asia Bangladesh Cambodia China HK/Macau India Indonesia South Korea Malaysia Philippines Australasia Australia New Caledonia New Zealand Singapore Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Vietnam Nepal Worldwide Slide 11 Million (US$) DDC Group World Wide Revenue | 2004: US$ 60M | 2005: US$ 75 M | 2006: US$ 95M | 2007: US$ 120M | Revenue Slide 12 DDC Group Key Success Elements Quality Control Key Success Elements Rational Price Business Analysis Globalization Product InnovationSupport Service Slide 13 Logo Logo Products Products Packaging Packaging Slide 14 The visual recognition of LevelOne logo is an important intangible asset as it represents the core values of quality and trust. Vertical Logo Horizontal logo Under no circumstances shall the logo be recreated privately. Logo Logo Slide 15 Ethernet Switches Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Green, Fiber, PoE, Web Smart ADSL Modem Routers 11n (150/300Mbps), 11g (54Mbps), Wired Broadband Routers N_One (300Mbps, 3 Antennas), N_Max 300Mbps, 2 Antennas), N Wireless (150Mbps, 1 Antenna),11g (54Mbps), 3G Mobile, Wired Network Adapter Wireless USB/CardBus/PCI, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Wired Home and office Products Slide 16 Wireless Access Points, Modem Routers, Network Cards, Network Camera, Print Servers, Antennas, Wi-Fi Booster IP Network Camera Megapixel, Wired/Wireless, Day and night, PoE, P/T/Z, Video Capture Cards, Surveillance Software Network Attached Storage (NAS) 1-Bay, 2-Bay HomePlug Powerline Adapters 200Mbps, PoE, Power Bridge Home and office Products Slide 17 KVM Switches and Extenders Cable KVM, Desktop KVM, PS/2, USB, DVI, KVM Extender Print Servers Wired, Wireless Docking Station USB 2.0 Docking Station Bluetooth USB Adapter Home and office Products Slide 18 Ethernet Switches Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, High Power, Green, Fiber, PoE, Web Smart, L2/L3 Managed Gigabit IP Power Switch Fiber Optic Transceivers Multi/Single-mode Routers and Gateways Load balancing, AP Gateway Professional Products Slide 19 Network Cards Gigabit Fiber, Fast Ethernet Fiber Voice over IP (VoIP) Gateways, IP PBX, IP Phone Media Converter VDSL2, Fiber (10/100 Mbps), Fiber (10/100/1000 Mbps), Converter Chassis Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector, Splitter, Chassis, Repeater, Switches/Hubs, Converters, AP/Bridge, Network Camera, Video Server, HomePlug, VoIP Phone Professional Products Slide 20 Wireless Access Points AP, Mesh AP, Bridge Wireless Antennas 2.4GHz, 5GHz, Omni-Directional, Directional, Dual-Band Wi-Fi Booster 11a, 11b/g, 1W, 2W, 4W Network Cameras Day/Night, Indoor/Outdoor, Speed Dome, PoE, Video Servers, Capture Cards, Software, Outdoor Housing, Lens, Illuminator, Joystick Professional Products Slide 21 Network Attached Storage 4-Bay, Rack Mount KVM Switches and Extenders Rackmount KVM Switches, Rackmount KVM Consoles, Extenders Audio and Video Extenders VGA (150/300m), DVI, HDMI, Fiber, Extenders IP Audio Broadcasting IP Audiocast Terminal, Management Software Professional Products Slide 22 DDC realizing the power of good packages to create instant consumer recognition of LevelOne Brand.PackagingRetail Office Office Professional/Enterprise Slide 23 LogoProductsPackaging Slide 24 Logo It helps to differentiate equip from other companies and enhance the bond between enterprise and customer. Under no circumstances shall the logo be recreated privately. Slide 25 Product Segments Universal Expansion Linking blister Vision Linking Expansion Slide 26 Life products Universal Symbol: Dandelion | To Spread and Distribute USB relative devices USB Hub, USB Card Reader, USB Switch, Docking Station, USB Converter, Presenter, Cable Kit, Adapter Kit, USB Numeric Keypad, Booster, Extender Slide 27 Life products Expansion Symbol: Peony | To Expand and Grow Expandable relative devices Express Card, PCMCIA, PCI, PCI Express, SATA, eSATA Adapter, Converter, Front Panel Slide 28 Life products Linking, blister Symbol: Leaf | To Join and Connect Cables and Adapters in blister package Display Port Cable, HDMI, DVI, Adapter, Video/Audio Cable Slide 29 Life products Vision Symbol: Vein | To Extend and Sprawl Video relative devices VGA Splitter, KVM Switches, HDMI Slide 30 Professional products Linking, zip bag Symbol: Leaf | To Join and Connect Cables and Adapters in zip bag Patch Cable, HDMI Display Port Cable, USB Cable, SATA/eSATA Cable, VGA/DVI Cable, Data/Power Cable Slide 31 Professional products | Installation Symbol: Annual Ring | Long life, Stable and Durable System Integrator components Installation Cable, Patch Panel, Keystone Jack, Flush plate, Mounting box, Outlets, Tools, SFP Transceiver, Fiber Optic Slide 32 Packaging DDC realizing the power of good packages to create instant consumer recognition of equip Brand. Zip-bag Blister/Clamshell Type I Box Blister/Clamshell Type II Slide 33 Thanks for your attention

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