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DIVISION OF RESEARCH [email protected] Phone: 315-268-3765/6475/4402 Fax: 315-268-6515...

Date post: 11-Dec-2015
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DIVISION OF RESEARCH http://www.clarkson.edu/res earch [email protected] Phone: 315-268-3765/6475/4402 Fax: 315-268-6515 FACULTY/STAFF WORKSHOP Fall 2003 Fall 2003
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Slide 2 DIVISION OF RESEARCH http://www.clarkson.edu/research [email protected] Phone: 315-268-3765/6475/4402 Fax: 315-268-6515 FACULTY/STAFF WORKSHOP Fall 2003 Slide 3 AGENDA u u Summary of Division of Research Services u u NSF FastLane System u u Proposal Development Process u u Finding A Funder u u Tech Transfer and Compliance Issues u u Summary u u Question/Answer Period Slide 4 SUMMARY OF DIVISION OF RESEARCH SERVICES By Linda H. Albrecht Award Administrator Slide 5 PREAWARD SERVICES Linda H. Albrecht, Award Administrator [email protected] Todd Travis, Asst. Coord., Res. Funds ([email protected] Julie Ellingsen, Sr. Dept. Secretary ([email protected] u u Full Proposal Preparation Services u u Budget Preparation u u Maintain Funding Resources u u Research Personnel Services Slide 6 AWARD ADMINISTRATION S.V. Babu, Vice Provost for Research [email protected] and Rebecca J. Sutcliffe, Director [email protected] Norma J. Woods, Sr. Dept. Secretary [email protected] [email protected] u u Negotiate Awards u u Intellectual Property u u Conflict Of Interest u u Institutional Review Board(s) u u Coordination of Multi-discipline proposals Slide 7 ELECTRONIC RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION Todd C. Travis, Research [email protected] u u DOR Webmaster u u http://www.clarkson.edu/research u u Electronic File Configurations u u Electronic Proposal Submission Inquiries u u NSF Fastlane Inquiries u u Proposal Assignment/Pre-budgeting u u Funding Opportunity Distribution (Science) Slide 8 POSTAWARD SERVICES Constance M. Ferguson, Grant/Contract Adm. [email protected] Vicki Wilson, Sr. Dept. Secretary [email protected] u u Administer External Res. Funds u u Negotiate/receive Awards u u Monitor Account Activity u u Accounting Compliance Matters u u Monitor Award Terms And Conditions u u Interpret Sponsor Guidelines u u Administer Reporting Activity Slide 9 THE DOR WEB SITE http://www.clarkson.edu/research u u Toolkit For Proposal Processing u u Direct Links To Federal/private Funding Sources u u Research Administration Resources u u Proposal Writing Techniques u u Subscription-based Funding Opportunity Database Community of Science Slide 10 PROPOSAL TOOLKIT u u Current Rate(s) Information u u DOR Forms For Proposal Processing u u Proposal Budget Preparation Guidance u u NSF FastLane Proposal Submission Instructions u u Agency Forms Slide 11 OTHER RESOURCES u u Electronic Research Administration u u Regulatory Resources u u Subscription-based Resources u u Research Administration Group Links Slide 12 THE DOR WEB SITES NEW DESIGN available by 10/15/03 http://www.clarkson.edu/research COMPLIANCE u General Research Policies u Proposal Policies EDUCATION AND WORKSHOPS u Faculty Development u Graduate Research u Instructional Resources Available u Training Certification u Undergraduate Research u Workshops Slide 13 THE DOR WEB SITES NEW DESIGN Continued GOVERNMENT & RELATED LINKS PROPOSAL PREPARATION u Getting Started u Budget Preparation u Proposal Preparation Guides u Electronic Proposal Submission u Agency Forms Slide 14 THE DOR WEB SITES NEW DESIGN Continued PUBLICATIONS AND REPORTS u Publications u Reports u Audio-visual materials available on-loan RESEARCH CENTERS RESEARCH PERSONNEL u Employee Practices u International Information u Payroll Information u Contract Information u Faculty Summer Salary u Exchange Visitor Program (International Visitors) Slide 15 NSF FASTLANE SYSTEM By Todd C. Travis, Assistant Coordinator/Research Funds http://www.nsf.gov The National Science Foundations Paperless, Web-based Proposal and Awards Submission and Administrative System Slide 16 FASTLANE OVERVIEW n Fully implemented as of 10/01/2000 n Full submission of electronic proposals n Full submission of electronic reports No paper submissions accepted No paper submissions accepted Slide 17 RESPONSIBILITIES FACULTY n n Proposal preparation n n Report preparation n n Report submission DOR n Clarkson user database maintenance n Password maintenance n Proposal assistance n Proposal submission n Reporting assistance Slide 18 FASTLANE REQUIREMENTS n n Forms-Capable Browser MS Internet Explorer 4.x or higher Netscape Navigator 3.x or higher n n Portable Document Files (.pdf) can be created from: MS Word Corel WordPerfect Postscript files n n Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.pdf files n n Adobe Acrobat Full Package for Creating.pdf files Slide 19 The Division of Research will provide as much or as little assistance as you need. n One-on-One help in your office n Larger hands-on workshops, if desired n Scanning images n Converting files and images to.pdf n Coordination with other institutions on requirements Slide 20 PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT PROCESS By Linda H. Albrecht, Award Administrator Slide 21 HOW CAN THE DOR HELP? u u Team Building and Coordination u u Proposal Planning and Development u u Budget Preparation u u Proposal Editing and Formatting u u General Questions u u Coordinating Institutional Commitments u u The DOR Website Slide 22 PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT PROCESS u u Getting Started u u Your Long-term Goal u u Identify A Funder u u Use The Program Description And Proposal Guidelines u u Make Contacts At Clarkson u u Speak To The Program Officer u u Create A Written Schedule Of Work Deadlines Slide 23 REVIEWERS CRITERIA u u The Reviewer Wants to Know u u WHAT are goals & objectives u u WHAT is new & innovative u u WHAT has been done and its limitations u u HOW will it advance the field u u WHO will benefit u u WHO will do the work & his/her qualifications u u HOW MUCH it will cost Slide 24 EFFECTIVE PROPOSALS u u Use visible organization u u Outlines, headings u u Review criteria, funder preferences u u Topic sentences u Are concise and Active u Avoid jargon or include a glossary u Avoid passive tense u Avoid subjunctive tense u Avoid unnecessary wordiness Slide 25 PROPOSAL ORGANIZATION u u Cover Sheet u u Budget Sheet u u Abstract u u The Narrative u u Appendices u The Narrative u Problem/Need/Signifi- cance u Statement of Goals u Previous Work u Methods u Key Personnel u Evaluation u Dissemination and Future Funding Slide 26 REVISION AND FORMATTING u u Solicit criticism from peers u u Submit a draft to DOR u u Use your reviews u u Refer back to the program description and reviewer guidelines u Watch for u long sentences u vague words u passive verbs u abbreviations u inconsistencies Slide 27 SUBMITTING THE PROPOSAL u u Institutional Commitments Approved u u Signatures obtained u u Final copy/file to DOR? u u Copy/Mail Proposal done by DOR Slide 28 FUNDING DECISION u u If its not funded this time u u Reviewers Comments u u Revise and resubmit u u Identify other potential funders u When its funded u Celebrate! u Budget negotiations u Reviewers comments u Division of Research Slide 29 FINDING A FUNDER By Rebecca J. Sutcliffe, Director of Research [email protected] Slide 30 FINDING A FUNDER u u Internal Resources u u External Resources u u Subscription-based Databases u u Community of Science u u Other Resources Slide 31 COMMUNITY OF SCIENCE u u Member Login u u Username/Password u u Find Funding u u Promote Your Research u u Access Experts u u Explore Marketplace Slide 32 uIMAGE OF COMMUNITY OF SCIENCE HOME PAGE Slide 33 OTHER RESOURCES u u Commerce Business Daily u u Federal Register u u NCURA u u FEDIX u u MOLIS Slide 34 TECH TRANSFER AND COMPLIANCE ISSUES By Rebecca J. Sutcliffe Director of Research Slide 35 TECH TRANSFER u u Intellectual property (IP) policy u u Disclosures u u Market research prior to patenting u u Licensing Slide 36 COMPLIANCE ISSUES n Compliance environment changing daily; becoming stricter n CUs policies are currently under review and are being revised n Become thoroughly familiar with policies and procedures n Compliance is critical to continued funding Slide 37 WORKSHOP SUMMARY u u DOR Is A One Stop Shop Office u u Match Faculty Expertise With Possible Funders u u Electronic Research Administration Experts u u Compliance Facilitators Slide 38 QUESTION AND ANSWER PERIOD n n Preaward Services and Proposal Development Process Rebecca, Linda, Todd, Julie n n Postaward Services - Connie, Vicki n n Electronic Research Administration and FastLane - Todd n n Tech Transfer and Compliance, Administrative Issues Rebecca Slide 39 THANK YOU FOR COMING Phone: x3765/6475/4402, Fax: x6515, [email protected] http://www.clarkson.edu/research S.V. Babu, Vice Provost for Research Rebecca J. Sutcliffe, Director Constance M. Ferguson, Grant/Contract Adm. Linda H. Albrecht, Award Administrator Todd C. Travis, Asst. Coord. Res. Funds Norma J. Woods, Senior Dept. Secretary-DOR Vicki Wilson, Senior Dept. Secretary-Postaward Julie Ellingsen, Senior Dept. Secretary-Preaward