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Does historian distortion effect students in the classroom?

Date post: 23-Feb-2016
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Does historian distortion effect students in the classroom?. Laura Shively Danehower 3 rd block. Why did I pick this topic?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Does historian distortion effect students in the classroom? Laura Shively Danehower 3 rd block

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Does historian distortion effect students in the classroom?Laura ShivelyDanehower3rd blockWhy did I pick this topic?I was enrolled in AP US history last year when I chose my topic. We learned about historian distortion some, but I wanted to know more, so I decided to learn more about it.I knew that I wanted to do a topic that had to do with history, because I would like to become a history teacher when I get older.My ResearchOn my trifoldWhy I chose my product?I chose to make a website for my product.I chose it because I need something I could work on as I had time to, because I have a big work load and extracurricular after school.Making a website also allowed me to not take a senior project day.I also was really interested in learning how to make a website because I had never made my own website before.What is my product?I made a website that includes how to find information with different types of research types, examples of historian distortion, it defines historian distortion, and why it happens and how to avoid it.The domain name for my website is www.historyneedsresearch.webs.com

Linking Topic and ProductMy product and topic link, because my website is a way to raise awareness of historian distortion. In my paper I found that the solution to avoiding historian distortion is complete and careful research. My website list different ways you could research and gives examples of historian distortion you may have learned in history classes growing up.Steps to Preparing to get working

I researched last year for my junior paper and I also did some additional research this year before starting my project.I went in the community to Cooper Elementary School, and observed the quality of books those students have access to and how they do research for their projects.

Steps to Making my WebsiteI started out organizing my information on paper and making several drafts.I made my website through WEBS.com.I had to design the pages and set up the layout.I then had to put in all of the information. I ended up having a total of four pages on my website.Finally, I had to go through several times to make sure everything made senses, was spelled correctly, and all the information was valid.

The StretchThis product was a stretch for me because I am not good on computers at all. It forced me to learn how to do something all by myself. I am also not good at writing this out. The website made me write everything out, because if I didnt write anything there would be nothing on the screen. I really appreciate this opportunity to add to my experiences and skills.My MentorMichele Byrd, the librarian at Cooper Elementary School.She helped me learn about research processes.I got to look through the books in her library to look at how the Dewey Decimal System works and see the quality of books are available in the elementary school.

ObstaclesProcrastinationFinding time to meet with my mentorSenioritisI am not good on computers at allFinding time to work on my productSuccessesI learned more about a subject I enjoy.I got to go into the community and learn about their ability to do research.My website turned out fantastic.I learned how to make a website.I can do more on the computer now.Finally, finished the last big hurdle of high school.Self ReflectionWhy this whole process will help me in the future?I know how to write a really long paperI have experience making websitesI know how to complete a huge projectWhat I learned about myself?I have a problem managing my timeI can be very distracted at timesI need deadlines and goals, if I want to get my work done

Thank you for your time!Do you have any questions?