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Essential Question What reasons cause people to migrate to different areas?

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Essential Question What reasons cause people to migrate to different areas? Slide 2 Why People Migrate Push Factors: Push people to leave a place: Escape religious persecution, oppression, poverty, political conflicts, and/or environmental factors Slide 3 Why People Migrate Pull Factors: Factors attracting people to leave: Search for greater political or religious freedom Search for economic opportunity and to reinforce cultural ties Slide 4 Migration: Social Factors Social Factors: people organizing into groups: religious groups. Examples: Jewish Migration Slide 5 Migration: Social Factors Social Factors: people migrate when they are persecuted for being members of a specific ethnic group. Examples: Rwanda, Holocaust (Movie: Hotel Rwanda) Slide 6 Migration: Political Factors Political Factors: people escape political persecution to enjoy greater political freedom and rights in a new place. Examples: Cubans Flee Communism, Flight of Afghan Refugees Slide 7 Migration: Environmental and Economic Factors Environment Factors: People move with the seasons. Changes in temperature or drought cause people to move. Examples: Irish Potato Famine of the 1840s. Economic Factors: People leave a place to escape poverty and find better jobs. Examples: Early 20 th Century(1900s) immigration into the US from Southern/Eastern Europe. Slide 8 Migration: Forced Forced Migration: migration is not voluntary. Usually accompanies war and persecution of people. Example: Slave Trade from 1500-1800. Slide 9 Physical Factors Affecting Migration Routes People often migrate through valleys, across grasslands, and along water routes. Groups of migrating people generally avoid natural barriers like mountains, deserts, and dense forests. Some physical factors can change. Land-Bridge from Siberia to Alaska Slide 10 Physical Factors Affecting Migration Routes Slide 11 Migration Review Using the examples mentioned in this power point, explain the importance of both push and pull factors to migration. Both of these items determine how and when people move throughout the world affecting population of affected countries. Can affect infrastructure and services provided in all countries involved. Slide 12 stop Slide 13 Migration Review Increasing numbers of people from Latin America have migrated to the US over the last 3 decades. What has been the primary reason for this increased migration. A. to escape from the threat of Communism B. to obtain religious freedom C. to avoid natural disasters D. to find new economic opportunities ANSWER: D Slide 14 Migration Review Which of the following is an example of human migration caused by economic pull factor? A. Puritans migrated to Massachusetts to freely practice their religion. B. Afghan refugees fled to Pakistan to escape war involving Taliban and US forces. C. Turkish workers migrate to Germany after 1945 to fill jobs in that nation. D. East Berliners crossed into West Berlin in the 1960s to escape Communist rule. ANSWER: C

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