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  • 1. I personally think that Bauer media would be the most suitable media institution to distributemy media product. Bauer covers magazines such as Q, Heat, Kiss 100, MOJO, Empire andmany more successful magazines. I think that my magazine would be suitable for Bauerbecause I have a targeted audience but one that expands to a wider audience, therefore wouldbe successful in them market. Bauer Media itself is a division of the Bauer MediaGroup, Europes largest privately owned publishing Group. The Group is a worldwide mediaempire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations.Bauer Media joined the Bauer Media Group in January 2008 following acquisition of Emapplcs consumer and specialist magazines, radio, TV, online and digital businesses.Collectively, the Group employs some 6,400 people. Bauer Media is a multi-platform UK-basedmedia Group consisting of many companies collected around two main divisions Magazinesand Radio - widely recognised and rewarded as being industry innovators. As you can clearlysee my magazine would fit perfectly into this insitiution.

2. As I have previously stated my target audience is teenagers and young adults that have grown up in neglectedand deprived areas and who have had difficult lives. As you may know the percentage of people like this isconsiderately low so therefore I opened the audience up by integrating a broader type of rap and interest. Thistherefore opens the target audience to a larger scale. This makes the magazine more popular and moresuccessful. As you may know my chosen genre of my magazine is rap, hip hop and grime. This type and genreof music is preferred and favoured by males, so therefore the majority of my target audience is males. Thepercentage is 90% males and 10% females. Considering the type of genre the average age is going to be from14-28. now to describe a little bit about my target audience as a whole, they enjoy wearing clothing brands suchas Adidas and Nike, however I have also seen a lot of them tend to wear Louis Vuitton and Gucci accessories.This is because the items from Louis Vuitton and Gucci are extremely expensive and are considered to be thefinest and most prestigious designer brands in the world. They like to shop in stores such asJD, Selfridges, Footlocker, Ralph Lauren and other branded shops, I would also add that they spend a fairamount of their income on branded clothes. They hang around the streets socialising with friends, they alsoplay video games such as Call of Duty and mainly FIFA. The use technology such as the Play station 3 orXbox, the types of mobile phones varies from Sony Erickson to Blackberries to the IPhone. When placing theminto a socio economic group I would most likely place them in categories E and D wither have no job or areunskilled workers. This is because they have been brought up in a neglected area and have not and a positivechildhood. The video below shows what kind of place my target audience grow up and live in, and also what they do andare stereotyped as. 3. When attracting my audience I used techniques such as a bold anddominant masthead that stands out well and has a professional look toit, on the same element I used interesting and outstanding fontthroughout my magazine, this attracts the audience because they will E.G.instantly see that my magazine offers not only interesting informationbut a lively and colourful background. I also feel that the language I usemakes the magazine more audience friendly and relates to the languagethey themselves use, the mode of address is also a key feature, it is onethat again my audience can relate to and will feel comfortable with. Thecontents of the magazine also help sell and attract the magazine to theaudience, I specifically put in content that my target audience can enjoyand relate to, content such as rappers and hip hop artists and concertinformation, this will help the magazine grow in popularity. Images arealso key when it comes to attracting an audience. I used a variety ofimages on my contents page displaying different models within themagazine. However on my front over and double page spread I used onemain, bold, outstanding and prominent image per page. This in myopinion will attract the audience more than loads of images. If the imageis bold and significant they will then want to know who or what theimage is about. when making the magazine I knew that I was going toaim the magazine at male readers. So I therefore had to create a maledominant layout and general background. I portrayed this by usingcolours that are generally associated with males such as red, black, greyand white. This then singles out male readers and lets them know thatthe magazine is aimed towards them. The content I used was also aimedtowards males. However it could be read by females also. When I displayed my pages to my class (audience) they commented backwith some positive comments and other comments which suggestedareas of improvement. I feel that I have addressed these faults andimproved them thoroughly. For example I have completely changed thecontents page to make it look more professional. I have imitated NMEscontents layout. This then allowed me to produce and display more onmy page, making the page more attractive, enjoyable and professional. 4. Qu6) What have youlearnt about Throughout this project I have learnt vast amounts not onlyabout magazines and how much effort is put into making themtechnologies from the but the technologies used when constructing the product. Theseproducts at first were in my opinion hard to use, simply becauseprocess ofthere was so much to learn about them and there various uses.constructing this However after a few times of using the programmes I eventuallygot used to using them and I feel that I have fully used them toproduct?their full potentialand have used them to make my magazinelook the best it could be and the most realistic it could be. Theprogrammes I used were In-design, Photoshop, animoto, blogger. Each of these programmeswere new to me so I had to use them a few times before I got thehang of them. In-design and photoshop were both used toproduce my front cover, contents page and my double pagespread. Each of these programmes enables you to not only editbut also create a whole different image. I used photoshop tosharpen up my images and add different effects to them such asblack and white. This helped me create a more realistic effectand also helped me relate to my target audience, thereforeconnecting the magazine and the audience together. This helpsto sell the magazine and makes it more welcoming to not onlymy target audience but a variety of audiences. When adding thefinishing touches to my project I felt I wanted to add somethingelse to give it more of a emotional ending, so I therefore createda vide, using the website Animoto this is a website in whichyou can create videos of what you want. So I then added photosthat relate to my genre and target audience and then addedsome music that I felt fitted the video. 5. When I first started working on my preliminary task I had a lotto learn about making my chosen product. There were lots ofthings I had to learn about magazines as a whole. So I researchedinto them in-depth so I could make mine look realistic and at thesame time attractive. I did this by looking at other collegemagazines and conventions and then implemented them into myown magazine. After completing my preliminary task I felt I washappy with my first ever attempt at a magazine cover. I felt Iused the correct colour coding and also used the right and mostcompelling content. For example I used academic content as wellas sport and musical content. I think this opens the targetaudience barrier to all types of students. I then moved onto mymain task. I had to put all of my learning from the preliminarytask in to making the it the best I could, I also learned more aboutcreating front covers, contents pages and double page spreads asI went along, so could therefore add it to my project. I think thatthe change from creating a college magazine front cover to amusic magazine opened up a wider barrier for creativeness. Thisis because music as a whole is massive. There are vast amountsof genres, artists and much more. This allows you to choose oneand to get accustomed to it. You then have a preference andknow a lot about the genre and what it sounds like and who isgood at producing it and most importantly for this project, wholikes it. So when starting to create ideas for my own magazine Ichoose a genre that was liked by a large audience, opening lots ofideas to implement into my magazine. I feel that because of this Iprogressed vastly from carrying out my preliminary task. I havenot only enhanced my knowledge but I feel that I used the rightcodes and conventions of my chosen genre and magazine stylesthemselves. I also feel that I have progressed my knowledge inusing the different programmes I needed to create my magazineand have used them to their fullest potential.

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