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Evaporative Evaporative Coolers Coolers - ITNT Tempadair Brochure Evap Cooler NEW... · High...

Date post: 05-Jun-2018
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Evaporative Coolers Evaporative Coolers



Evaporative Coolers

Tempadair Evaporative Air Cooler TEC-1

Trusted Tempadair

Our company’s continuous investment in R&D enables us to maintain it’s leadership position, and boasts the highest international manufacturing standards.

The Tempadair brand has been tried and tested during it’s long term existence in South Africa, supplying a

wide range of quality products to the HVAC industry for over 40 years.

Keeping your cool

The refreshing sensation of a cool breeze on a hot day is what the Tempadair Evaporative Cooler will do for

your surroundings.

Water droplets are evaporated into the air by the built-in fan through a series of special absorbent pads in the

cooler. The stale hot air is expelled through the open doors and windows as the cooled fresh air is pressurized

into the building.

This method of cooling hot dry air is most effective during our hot summer months.

Advantages of evaporative cooling

• Air conditioners using refrigerant systems are 8 times more costly to run and maintain.

• Air is filtered as it passes through the wet absorbent pads keeping dust out of the air supplied to the


• Cooled air is always fresh and natural, unlike the dry re-circulated air often found with air


• Evaporative cooling works best when doors and windows are open.

• The positive pressure created by the evaporative cooler prevents dust from the outside entering the


• Environmentally friendly.

• Effective central air cooling solution.

• Virtually maintenance free.


The attractive unit housing and other components are vacuum formed from lightweight but durable UV

resistant ABS plastic.

High efficiency evaporative cooling pads on all 4 sides for maximum efficiency.

Manual or automatic (optional) drainage system.

Optional LCD or manual Controller.

Low noise axial flow impeller.

Robust internal working parts Water pump and drain valve

Roof mounted unit Cooler supplies factory with cooled air


Tempadair Evaporative Coolers are most suitable for a wide variety of applications:

• Public places such as supermarket, shopping malls, showrooms, gymnasiums, restaurants & bars,

schools, conference centres, workshops, canteens, offices, recreational facilities.

• Warehouses and Textile and clothing factories.

• Greenhouses and stock farming.

Technical Details

The range comprises three model options namely; Bottom Discharge, Side Discharge & Top Discharge.

In each case the cooler is supported on the roof or exterior wall of building by a support frame structure to

take the weight of the unit, and the connection to the ductwork should be made using a flexible connector.

The cooler will require both a water and electrical supply to function.

A controller is supplied to simplify the operation of the cooler including the fan motor speed and water drain



Model TEC-1A TEC-1C

Motor 1.1kW 1.1kW

Supply 380/50/3 220/50/1

Airflow 18000 m³/hr 18000 m³/hr

Effective space 120 – 150 m² 120 – 150 m²

Sound 65 dBA @ 1m 65 dBA @ 1m

Water supply 20 – 30 l/hr 20 – 30 l/hr

Air outlet 670mm x 670mm 670mm x 670mm

Weight 58kg 58kg

Dimensions 1070 x 1070 x 1090 1070 x 1070 x 1090

Offices & Showrooms Greenhouses and farming

Bottom Discharge Side Discharge Top Discharge

LCD and Remote Controller


Installation – Down Discharge on Roof Installation – Down Discharge on Wall

Precise Air Management

Fläkt Woods is a globalleader in air management.We specialise in the designand manufacture of a widerange of air climate and airmovement solutions. Andour collective experience is unrivalled.

Our constant aim is to provide systems that precisely deliver requiredfunction and performance,as well as maximise energy efficiency.


Advanced axial, centrifugal andboxed fans for general and specialistapplications. Comprehensive rangeincluding high temperature andATEX compliant options. Engineeredfor energy efficiency and minimisedlife cycle cost.

Air Handling Units (AHUs)

Modular, compact and small AHU units. Designed to ensure optimisation of indoor air quality,operational performance and service life.


Air-cooled and water-cooled chillerswith cooling capacity up to 1800kW.Designed to minimise annual energy consumption in all types of buildings.

Chilled beams

Active induction beams for ventilation, cooling and heating, and passive convection beams for cooling. For suspended or flush-mounted ceiling installation –and multi-service configuration.With unique Comfort Control andFlow Pattern Control features.

Solutions for all your air climate and air movement needs

Fläkt Woods is the only company in the UK capable of providing total system solutions from the following portfolio:

Smoke control and car parkventilation systems

Unique approach to car park ventilation, aided and optimised by Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) software. Complete turnkeysolutions for designing, installingand commissioning mechanical and natural smoke ventilation.

Controls and drives

Variable speed drives and controlsystems, all tested to ensure totalcompatibility with our products. Specialist team can advise on energysaving and overall system integration.

Technical Site Services

Our dedicated team providing comprehensive post-installationservices. Including condition-based contract monitoring, preventative androutine maintenance, refurbishmentand system upgrades.

Fläkt Woods operates a policy of continuous development and improvement. Accordingly, the Company reserves the right to supply products thatmay differ from those illustrated and described in thispublication. Certified dimensions will be supplied onrequest on receipt of order. FW





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