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Hospitality Buildings

I n t e g r a t e d s o l u t I o n s


Page 2: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

Corporate Comprehensive ranges 2 of products and systemssustainable development 4 act now for tomorrowtechnology integration 6

in close collaboration 52throughout the world

Guest rooms 08guest Room Management system 10in-room comfort and entertainment 14design for all, assisted living 18unparalleled choice of designs 20Customised solutions 22improved service 24Versatile solutions for all projects 26Easy refurbishment 28protection and safety 30

all other areas 32lobbies and lounges 34Restaurants and bars 36Balls rooms 38passages and corridors 40Business centers executive lounges 42Conference and meeting rooms 44Fitness, spas and outdoors 46service areas 48technical room 50

Our comprehensive and reliable

solutions and services enable you to fully express your

vision worldwide.The Legrand Group is a supplier of integrated solutions for all types of industrial and commercial buildings, and has many years’ experience in the specific requirements of hotels. Whether you want to improve customer comfort or make work and management easier for hotel operators, the Legrand Group has solutions specifically for each room and public area in the hotel. From bedrooms to the equipment room, every requirement and technical solution is covered.

The purpose of this brochure is also to act as a guide, to help you choose the most relevant solution that is appropriate for your requirements.

To go further with your projects and answer your questions, a fully-qualified sales team is available worldwide to provide you with information and assistance.

Building Hospitality pRojECts suCCEssFully


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Legrand is a global specialist in electrical

and digital building infrastructures, with a

comprehensive range of solutions.

The Legrand Group also covers all types of application: power supply, standard products, enhanced and integrated functions, and smart electrical solutions and services. Whatever the country or type of hotel, the Legrand Group’s teams are there to support you in your projects anywhere in the world.

CoMpREHEnsiVERangEsoF pRoduCtsand systEMs

The global specialista comprehensive solution for your Electrical and digital Building infrastructure.

InstallatIon control and command

communIcatIon securIty comfort

cable management

VdI and Power dIstrIbutIon

World leader in wiring devices and cable managementno.1 in two areas: wiring devices (19% market share) and cable management products (15% market share).

One of the most comprehensive offers on the marketMore than 170 000 catalogue items forming 98 product families.

Continuous innovation1 800 people were dedicated to research and development in 2009 (5% of sales in R&d).

4 600 patents covering close to 1 450 different systems and technologies

Close to 30 000 staff membersthroughout the world

€ 4 460 millions net sales in 2013


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sustainaBlE dEVElopMEnt, aCt now FoR toMoRRow

Labels: Legrand is there to support you in your moves to improve the environmental and societal management of your business (Green Globe, Green Key, Green Seal, Energy Star, LEED... labels). to support hotels in their environmental approach, legrand provides various eco-solutions including lighting management, automatic pilot lights, key switches, energy meters, etc.

Graph of lighting use patterns in hotel bathrooms before and after installation of the wattstopper automatic pilot light wn-100***

time of day



00-4 4-8 8-12 12-16 16-20 20-24








Before after




-41% -49% -61%

In 2006, Legrand signed up to the Global Compact, a United Nations initiative aimed at promoting good practices and raising awareness

within companies in matters of human rights, decent working conditions, environmental compatibility and anti-corruption policies.

The environment, a key dimensionthe legrand group’s policy is based on a few cornerstone principles, namely taking the environment into account in the way it runs its industrial facilities and in how it designs and distributes its products. in 2009, 84% of its sites worldwide and 96% of those in Europe had received iso 14001 environmental certification. legrand naturally complies with all applicable obligations regarding the management of substances, especially the REaCH regulation, and implements the necessary moves to ensure conformity. actively promoting this dynamic,

legrand goes even further by voluntarily undertaking, for example, to ban from its future developments the use of any so-called candidate substances for authorisation under REaCH whenever a technically viable substitute solution is available.a voluntary approach has also been adopted to introduce eco-design methods into legrand’s product development processes. this aims to reduce environmental impact at every stage of the product lifecycle, while ensuring customers enjoy undiminished quality. legrand communicates openly about

the environmental performance levels of its products by publishing product Environmental profile (pEp) datasheets.last but not least, increased awareness of climate change issues, allied to the potential financial impact of energy savings and changing regulations, all favour the implementation of energy efficient electrical solutions. legrand responds to the new challenges which this underlying trend raises for the electrical trade by proposing complete solutions to enable reductions in energy consumption and thereby mitigate the energy impact of buildings.

Iso 14001 CertIfIed sItes 84% of sites

worldwideof sites in Europe96%

70% of legrand’s design offices are deploying eco-design methodologyeCo desIGn

transparenCy (pEp) product Environmental profile

lighting management Céliane

eCo solutIons

small conference room 25m²: lighting management (based on: vacancy-based control + dimming 0-10V - halogen control + screen + fan)• Saving on energy*: 368 euros / year • Return on investment, payback period: 2 years • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions avoided**:

470 KG / GHG / year

exIstInG produCts Replacement of materials and articles containing these substances

new produCts Ban on materials and articles containing these substances

“reaCh” CommItment policy of non-use of substances* included in the sVHC list * applied whenever a substitution solution exists

* Based on En 15 193 ** gHg included *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 wn sensors installed in double tree Hotel in partnership with the lawrence Berkeley national laboratory.


* Based on E*** Basis of calculation: case study 448 *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 * Based on E

installed in *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 * Based on E

the installed in *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 * Based on En

awrence Berkeley installed in *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 *** Basis of calculation: case study 448

15 193 **

awrence Berkeley ouble

*** Basis of calculation: case study 448 *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 15 193 **

awrence Berkeley ouble

*** Basis of calculation: case study 448 *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 15 193 **

awrence Berkeley ree Hotel in partnership with ree Hotel in partnership with

*** Basis of calculation: case study 448 *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 H

awrence Berkeley ree Hotel in partnership with ree Hotel in partnership with

*** Basis of calculation: case study 448 *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 included

ational ree Hotel in partnership with ree Hotel in partnership with

*** Basis of calculation: case study 448 *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 included

ational ree Hotel in partnership with ree Hotel in partnership with

*** Basis of calculation: case study 448 *** Basis of calculation: case study 448 included

laboratory.ree Hotel in partnership with ree Hotel in partnership with


aboratory.ree Hotel in partnership with ree Hotel in partnership with


aboratory.ree Hotel in partnership with ree Hotel in partnership with

sensors ree Hotel in partnership with


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Property management Room solutions



* ZigBee® Certified product - manufacturer Specific Profile

Legrand has developed a twofold response to meet

operators’ increasing requirements for hotel

automation: Plug&Play with ZigBee® radio

frequency and BUS/SCS as an integrated solution.

Integrated approach means everything is interconnected: our open solutions are highly flexible and can interface with DALI, KNx and third-party systems or protocols using OpenWebNet. With Legrand’s integrated solutions, you can choose the supervision system you want to reduce the total cost of ownership and increase the efficiency of your building.

tECHnology intEgRation


Page 6: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

Audio/video sockets HDMI, USB, RCA, RJ 45

International socket

Soft light diffuser

Protection devices

Keycard switch

Bedside touch control unit

Shaver socketIn-room 4 scenes

controller (radio)

Internal unit

Legrand’s entire product development process is based around the analysis of your customers’ requirements.

Guest ROOMs

In-room comfort and entertainment 14Design for all, assisted living 18Unparalleled choice of designs 20Customised solutions 22Improved service 24Versatile solutions for all projects 26Easy refurbishment 28Protection and safety 30

Guest Room manaGement system 10-13

Guest Rooms





Page 7: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

KEyCarD swItCh wIth DND-MUr INtErNaL UNIt

8-PUsh-bUttoN sCENarIo CoNtroL 6-sCENE toUCh CoNtroL DIgItaL thErMostatLIghtINg Path DUrINg thE NIght

on onon onoFF oFF 19°on 21°

ENtraNCE arEa stUDy arEa LIVINg arEa sLEEPINg arEa

Guest ROOM ManaGeMent systeM

the objective is to consistently satisfy guests’ needs and expectations in their rooms. they will appreciate the ability to control the lighting, the curtains, the temperature and the fan control unit easily through the user friendly interfaces. Using Legrand multimedia connectivity solutions, your guests will be able to connect and use their high-tech equipment in their rooms.

thanks to the Legrand guest

room Management system, different

scenes can be set in each guest

room for a new and unique experience.










Page 8: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

Legrand guest room management

system offers a fully integrated

control and monitoring system

for your hotel using standard

protocols such as IP baCnettM

and KNX®.

LEgraND sUPErVIsIoN softwarEsoftware for the supervision and programming of badges for access control.

the quality of service is a key factor in customer experience and satisfaction.guest room Management system can manage the temperature,lighting, sockets, ventilationand curtains independentlyin each room.It can be integrated withthe building Managementsystem (bMs) and the PropertyManagement system (PMs)in order to enable a globalmanagement of the buildingand the hotel’s operations.

Guest ROOM ManaGeMent systeM










Page 9: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

IN-rooM MICroPUsh swItCh - artEor

soft LIght DIffUsEr - artEor

ELECtroNIC rooM thErMostat - artEor

bEDsIDE toUCh CoNtroL UNIt - artEorthe blinds, curtains and lighting can all be controlled remotely without having to get out of bed.and programmable scenarios can be used to adapt the atmosphere to suit your mood

Providing a comfortable mattress

for your guests is important, but is it enough to ensure

they get a good night’s sleep in your hotel?

with the right lighting and temperature conditions, you can provide your guests with even more comfort. they will appreciate the ability to control the lighting and the blinds easily using lighting scenario controllers, so that they can cope better with jet lag. and with Legrand thermostats they can program automatic air conditioning at night to improve their quality of sleep.


14 15




hosPItaLIty bUILDINgswww.LEgraND.CoM

rECENt MEDICaL stUDIEs haVE showN that LIghtINg has a Major IMPaCt oN oUr qUaLIty of sLEEP. bLUE shaDEs waKE Us UP MorE qUICKLy aND EasILy, whILE warM CoLoUrs ENCoUragE rELaXatIoN.

LEgraND sCENarIo CoNtroLLErs ENabLE both artIfICIaL aND NatUraL LIghtINg (bLINDs) to bE CoNtroLLED INtUItIVELy.

Page 10: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

4 1.2” toUCh sCrEEN soUND DIstrIbUtIoN systEM rDs tUNEr CéLIaNE

2 rCa soCKEt CéLIaNE 3 rj 45 soCKEt wIth CabLE rEEL CéLIaNE

staying in your hotel should be a new

and unique experience for your guests,

much more than just a night spent

away from home.

Multimedia solutions enable guests to enjoy their digital leisure activities and connect their own equipment.

1 MULtIMEDIa CoNNECtIoN CéLIaNE hDMI, Usb, rj 45 aND soCKEt oUtLEt

the Legrand wall-mounted sound distribution system will gently wake up your guests with pleasant music. with LCs structured cabling solutions, you can be sure that your network infrastructure will provide high quality digital video contents and tV over IP services. Using Legrand multimedia connectivity solutions, your guests will be able to connect and use their high-tech equipment in their rooms. and they will be able to enjoy a real multimedia experience.


1 2



16 17




hosPItaLIty bUILDINgswww.LEgraND.CoM

oUr offEr ProVIDEs yoUr gUEsts wIth aLL thE MULtIMEDIa CoNNECtIoNs thEy wILL NEED: VIDEo, aUDIo, aUDIo aND VIDEo or INtErNEt VIa oUr rj 45, hDMI, rCa aND Usb soCKEts.

thEy CaN aLso LIstEN to thEIr owN ChoICE of MUsIC (MP3) UsINg thE MULtIMEDIa INtErfaCE.

Page 11: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

aUtoMatIC sKIrtINg LIght - CéLIaNEa light that comes on automatically as you pass

sIMPLE Easy-aCtIoN soCKEt - CéLIaNEthe simplest way to remove a plug effortlessly

to ensure that your hotels are accessible to as many

people as possible, it is essential to include

arrangements to improve how people move around,

how they find their way about, parking, etc., right

from the design stage.

these arrangements must be well thought out to cover the needs of all types of disability: physical, sensory, cognitive, mental or psychological. In this context, the electrical aspects are of prime importance. Visual and audible signalling and the quality of the lighting must enable people to move around and find their way in total safety.

DesIGn fOR aLLassIsteD LIVInG

INDICator LIght - CéLIaNEan ideal solution for finding your way around in the dark

KEyCarD swItCh - CéLIaNEby inserting a card, the simplest way to energise a general circuit for several products

toUCh-sENsItIVE swItCh - CéLIaNEa switch that is simple and intuitive to operate

18 19




hosPItaLIty bUILDINgswww.LEgraND.CoM

aLthoUgh LEgraND DoEs Not DEVELoP ProDUCts sPECIfICaLLy for DIsabLED PEoPLE, thE CoMPaNy DoEs DEsIgN Its ProDUCts bEarINg IN MIND that It MUst bE PossIbLE for EVEryoNE to bE abLE to UsE thEM.

thIs MEaNs IN PartICULar Easy-to-aCCEss fUNCtIoNs aND a gooD UNDErstaNDINg of MarKINgs aND PICtograMs.

Page 12: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

aDorNE - brUshED PEwtEr 32 finishes available: french oak, Mirror black...

LIVINgLIght - roUND CoVEr PLatE23 finishes available. gold, Dark steel, Chrome, oak...

artEor - woVEN MEtaL17 finishes available in square or round version. Mirror red, wenge style, stainless steel…

aXoLUtE - LIqUID bLUE45 finishes available in rectangular or elliptical plates.red China, Carrara Marble, ashwood…

LIVINgLIght - sqUarE CoVEr PLatE23 finishes available. Nickel, silver, bamboo, anthracite...

syNErgy - bLaCK NICKEL13 finishes available. antique Copper, satin brass, rope Edge…

CéLIaNE - MahogaNy40 finishes available.bamboo, titanium, Porcelain…

aXoLUtE EtèrIs - aNthraCItE3 finishes available. white, tech, anthracite.

aXoLUtE - graNItI fIaNDrEwww.granitifiandre.bticino.it

Developing and building a hotel means defining

a style that will establish the hotel’s identity.

It also involves telling your guests a story.

hotels that stand out do not make choices out of habit or by chance: for them even the smallest detail is important, to distinguish themselves from others. to help you assert your identity, Legrand offers you the widest possible variety of shapes, materials and finishes, to meet your interior designers’ requirements and fit in with their choices. Choose designs from all our wiring device ranges that will best represent your style and the unique experiences available for your guests.

unpaRaLLeLeDchOIce Of DesIGns

20 21




hosPItaLIty bUILDINgswww.LEgraND.CoM

LEathEr, brUshED staINLEss stEEL, CoLoUrED gLass, aNoDIsED aLUMINIUM, to NaME bUt a fEw, thErE Is No DoUbt that yoU wILL fIND jUst what yoU waNt for yoUr INtErIor DEsIgN ProjECt IN thE LEgraND groUP’s CoMPrEhENsIVE raNgE of fINIshEs.

Page 13: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

sPECIaL MarKINgsto make your guests feel “special”, personalize the in-room controllers and bedside units by selecting special markings.

In the most prestigious hotels, guests expect personalised service

that will make them feel “special” in a hotel that

is “unique”.to reinforce this feeling, Legrand has special brands and exclusive finishes. Depending on what you need and the level you require, products can even be developed made-to-measure. Legrand strengthens your identity by enabling you to customise your rooms.

custOMIseD sOLutIOns

CéLIaNE EXCLUsIVEsExpand your universe and enhance your projects. Propose the exceptional with 11 finishes, available on demand. Contact: [email protected]

CUstoMIsatIoNtouch screen with customisable standby display (using openwebNet and the services of a system integrator)

the aRt Of BeInG unIQue

totally made to measure, the art range provides top quality solutions for prestige installations.3 worlds and 13 finishes are available to meet the requi-rements of all architectural styles:

mémoire takes its inspiration from the decorative tradition of the great houses of the past, while epure symbolises the expression of the most contemporary lines, and fusion illustrates the subtle balance between tradition and modernity.

EPUrEbrushed stainless steel

22 23




hosPItaLIty bUILDINgswww.LEgraND.CoM

as wELL as sPECIaL MarKINgs, EXCLUsIVE fINIshEs aND MaDE-to-MEasUrE ProDUCts, wIth LEgraND yoU CaN aLso CUstoMIsE thE DIgItaL sCrEENs of oUr ProDUCts.

for EXaMPLE, yoUr CoMPaNy Logo CaN bE DIsPLayED oN sCrEENs IN staNDby MoDE IN a bEDrooM, a bathrooM or thE rEstaUraNt UsINg oPENwEbNEt aND thE sErVICEs of a systEM INtEgrator.

Page 14: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

bEDsIDE UNIt - artEorthe bedside unit provides everything guests need to control the blinds, curtains and lighting from a single point without having to get out of bed

quality of service is a key factor in customer satisfaction. for you it

must be a priority.with the Legrand “Do not disturb” and “Make up room” indicators you can quickly respond to your customers’ requirements. they will appreciate the quality of service and you will save time.


tIME saVEDbased on a saving of one minute per room

x 400

2h / Dayx 120

1h / Dayx 60

7h / Day

INtErNaL UNIt - artEorEnables guests to select the required setting:“Do not disturb” or “Make up room”

EXtErNaL UNIt - artEorEnables staff to see the room status at a glance

24 25




hosPItaLIty bUILDINgswww.LEgraND.CoM

DID yoU KNow that for a 400-rooM hotEL, saVINg oNE MINUtE’s hoUsEKEEPINg worK a Day aDDs UP to a saVINg of 6 to 7 hoUrs PEr Day?

Page 15: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

gErMaN ItaLIaNbrItIshfrENCh

we have solutions for all standards

and in all countries. from budget to Luxury, the Legrand group has more than 100 ranges of wiring devices to cover all requirements. because customers want to choose a hotel that is in keeping with the purpose of their stay and its allocated budget, every range is different.

VeRsatILe sOLutIOns fOR aLL pROjects

aMErICaN brazILIaN aUstraLIaN KorEaN ChINEsE INtErNatIoNaLshaVEr soCKEt

INtErNatIoNaLsoCKEt oUtLEt(do not use in Europe)

26 27




hosPItaLIty bUILDINgswww.LEgraND.CoM

INtErNatIoNaL staNDarDs for MorE DEtaIL, asK for “INtErNatIoNaL ELECtrICaL staNDarDs & rEgULatIoNs” gUIDE.

Page 16: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

2 3



1 toUCh PLatE sCENarIo CoNtroLLEr - artEorControlling several functions with a single touch to create four living scenarios. Lighting, blinds, heating...

4 toUCh PLatE swItCh artEor

2 toUCh PLatE DIMMEr artEor

3 toUCh PLatE shUttEr CoNtroL artEor

In a world that is undergoing massive changes, where

requirements are constantly evolving, not only do you have

to transform existing buildings, but you also need to reinvent and update your solutions to

meet new demands. with its discreet, attractive radio frequency products, Legrand provides you with innovative solutions, making it easy to refurbish your rooms. these innovations allow you to respond to today’s developments and demands while saving precious time on upgrading rooms.

easy RefuRBIshMent

28 29




hosPItaLIty bUILDINgswww.LEgraND.CoM

wIth sCENarIo CoNtroLLErs UsErs CaN CoNtroL a sEt of fUNCtIoNs (LIghtINg, shUttErs, hEatINg, EtC.) aCCorDINg to thEIr rEqUIrEMENts froM a sINgLE CoNtroL PoINt.

for EXaMPLE, oUr zIgbEE® raDIo frEqUENCy soLUtIoNs MaKE It Easy to aDD sCENarIo, LIghtINg or bLIND CoNtroLs.

rEfUrbIshMENt worK taKEs LEss tIME aND thE INstaLLatIoN INCrEasEs IN VaLUE. as wELL as saVINg tIME, yoU wILL INCrEasE yoUr rEV Par.

* zIgbEE® CErtIfIED ProDUCt - MaNUfaCtUrEr sPECIfIC ProfILE

Page 17: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download

MCb IsoLatINg swItCh

PowEr CoNtaCtor

rCbo sINgLE PoLE + NEUtraL

the safety of your guests is paramount, and Legrand

provides you with effective solutions to protect them,

with a comprehensive offer of residual current devices.

we also have a wide range of circuit-breakers and isolating switches to provide effective protection for your installations and your buildings.

pROtectIOn anD safety

ProtECtIoN DEVICEs for a rooMLabel-holders make it easy to identify each circuit and improve maintenance

30 31




hosPItaLIty bUILDINgswww.LEgraND.CoM

for Easy IDENtIfICatIoN of EaCh CIrCUIt aND to sIMPLIfy MaINtENaNCE, ProDUCts haVE INtEgratED LabEL-hoLDErs.

Page 18: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download


6 3







Legrand has a comprehensive range of integrated solutions for all areas of the hotel, to meet every specific requirement.

all other areaS

1 Lobbies and lounges 342 Restaurants and bars 363 Balls rooms 384 Passages and corridors 405 Business centers executive lounges 426 Conference and meeting rooms 447 Fitness, spas and outdoors 468 Service areas 489 Technical room 50

32 33



r ar


www.LegRand.ComHoSPITaLITY BUILdIngS

Page 19: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download




1 CenTRaLISed ConTRoL - moSaIC

Lobbies are more than reception areas. Because

lobbies should not be a lost space and a wasted

revenue opportunity, they are now designed to provide

both intimacy and social interaction opportunities.

with Legrand’s integrated solutions, your lobbies will become lively places where your guests can meet, work, relax and enjoy. Indication of access points and marking out of routes help people find their way around. In small relaxation islands or work areas, individual lighting controls in each zone and the provision of power as close as possible to where it is required ensure convenience and comfort.

lobbieS and loungeS

2 PILoT LIgHTS - LIPSo 3 gRommeT 4 FLooR SoCkeT - aRnoULd

34 35



r ar


www.LegRand.ComHoSPITaLITY BUILdIngS

Page 20: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download





1 ToUCH SCReen - axoLUTe

Carefully chosen lighting environments and sound

distribution systems help to create a sense of

well-being in bars and restaurants.

areas can be enhanced by creating lighting environments and varying the effects. different lighting scenarios can be created for different times of day, and the colours can be varied. Sound distribution solutions are also available.

reStaurantS and barS

2 modULaR RemoTe ConTRoL dImmeR - VanTage

4 100 V aTTenUaToR - CéLIane

3 kaLank LIgHTIng UnIT wITH Led - SaRLam

36 37



r ar


www.LegRand.ComHoSPITaLITY BUILdIngS

Page 21: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download




3 34 4



1 ConVenTIon CenTeR FLooR Box

2 UndeR-FLooR PoweR dISTRIBUTIon - SoLUFLex

3 CenTRaLISed ConTRoL - moSaIC

4 RadIo SCenaRIo SwITCH - CéLIane

5 FaST-ConneCTIon InSTaLLaTIon SYSTem

easy control of the lighting in function rooms

is important, in order to optimise their use. and it is also essential that the installations are flexible. To adapt the lighting environments

in different zones, the lighting can be managed using local or remote controls. and the use of wireless solutions and under-floor power distribution ensures that installations are flexible.

ball roomS

38 39



r ar


www.LegRand.ComHoSPITaLITY BUILdIngS

Page 22: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download






2 SLIde ConneCT g21 emeRgenCY LIgHTIng UnIT - aRCoR 2

4 FaST-ConneCTIon InSTaLLaTIon SYSTem

3 LIgHTIng managemenT 5 CaBLe managemenT SYSTem - CaBLoFIL

Corridors and passages must have effective,

attractive emergency lighting. Smart lighting management can avoid

unnecessary energy expenditure.

Lighting controls can result in energy savings of more that 30%, reducing your building operating costs by 10%. Slide Connect g2 units provide both safety and energy efficiency. with aRCoR 2 self-contained emergency lighting units attractive appearance and perfect integration go hand in hand with safety.

PaSSageS and corridorS

40 41



r ar


www.LegRand.ComHoSPITaLITY BUILdIngS

Page 23: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download







1 Poke THRU SeRIeS 2 deSkToP mULTI-oUTLeT exTenSIon

3 FLooR Box 5 PoP UP FLUSH-moUnTIng SoCkeT

4 wI-FI aCCeSS PoInT on dLP SnaP-on TRUnkIng - moSaIC

6 LIgHT, LIVIng, LIgHT TeCH 4-modULe oFFICe ConneCToR UnIT on 3d aLUmInIUm TRUnkIng

workstation performance and efficiency are

essential in business centers and workplaces. ergonomic workstations, with

power available as close as possible to where it is needed, and reliable high-speed Internet connections will make users’ work easier.

buSineSS centerS executive loungeS

42 43



r ar


www.LegRand.ComHoSPITaLITY BUILdIngS

Page 24: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download





The centralisation of controls and the provision

of various connections contribute to working

efficiency in conference rooms and meeting rooms. Control and monitoring of

lighting, the projection screen and blinds from a single point, as well as the presence of high-performance audio and video connections, will contribute to the success of meetings.

conference and meeting roomS

1 moBILe ToUCH SCReen - VanTage12” wireless, audio and video, keypads can be incorporated

2 FLooR Box wITH dVI ConneCTIon, Hd15 and HdmI SoCkeT

4 xLR SoCkeT - moSaIC3 maInS SoCkeT and RJ 45 ConneCToR - moSaIC

44 45



r ar


www.LegRand.ComHoSPITaLITY BUILdIngS

Page 25: EXB140021_Hospitality-Buildings.pdf - Download







1 H.P BULkHead - SaRLam

2 BoRnéo BoLLaRd LIgHTS - SaRLam

4 weaTHeRPRooF geRman STandaRd SoCkeT - CéLIane

3 CCTV oUTdooR CameRa

5 wI-FI aCCeSS PoInT - CéLIane 6 aUTomaTIC SwITCH wITH oVeRRIde - PLexo

To make the most of outdoor areas there

must not only be a high performance lighting

system but also a feeling of safety.

waterproof luminaires must obviously be used in these areas, and efficient lighting of entrances and the presence of video surveillance will reassure customers.

fitneSS, SPaS and outdoorS

46 47



r ar


www.LegRand.ComHoSPITaLITY BUILdIngS

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1 aCCeSS ConTRoL - SoLIRoC

2 anTIBaCTeRIaL SoCkeT - PLexo

5 TeCHnICaL aLaRmS - PLexo and LexICgas, flood, temperature rise


3 aUTomaTIC SwITCH - PLexo

only staff should have access to service areas.

Potentially dangerous areas must be fitted with effective safety systems. Storage areas, laundries, kitchens,

etc., are all staff-only areas. Secure access management can be used to control entry. Technical alarm sensors (flood, gas, etc.) will warn of any danger.

Service areaS

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6 The technical room is the heart of the

installation. Its role is the efficient provision

of power and data.

a dry-type transformer is an ideal solution to ensure the safety of the installation. Continuity of service, which is so important, is ensured by a supply inverter and good discrimination between circuit-breakers. Reactive energy compensation will lead to a reduction in costs, and maintenance will be made easier by linking the transformer and the main LV distribution board by means of busbars.

technical room

1 edm TRanSFoRmeRS - ZUCCHInIFrom 100 to 20,000 kVa, cast resin transformers, Certified Low emission (CLe)

3 HR and SCP BUSBaRS - ZUCCHInIFor transmission and distribution of high power. Safe, flexible and fast installation system

2 ReaCTIVe eneRgY ComPenSaTIon

4 PoweR enCLoSUReS - xL³modular system for safe, compliant installations. Form of separation: 2a to 4b

5 daTa enCLoSUReS

6 CaBLe managemenT SYSTem - CaBLoFIL

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