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Fire Emblem™ Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - …€¦ · Fire Emblem™ Echoes: Shadows of Valentia...

Date post: 07-Sep-2018
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Fire Emblem™ Echoes: Shadows of Valentia 1 Important Information Getting Started 2 amiibo 3 Information-Sharing Precautions 4 Internet 5 Parental Controls Getting Started 6 Controls 7 Starting the Game 8 Saving and Deleting Data
  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

    1 Important Information

    Getting Started

    2 amiibo

    3 Information-Sharing Precautions

    4 Internet

    5 Parental Controls

    Getting Started

    6 Controls

    7 Starting the Game

    8 Saving and Deleting Data

  • Getting Around

    9 Settlements

    10 Battle Map

    11 Overworld Map

    12 Dungeons

    Wireless Communication

    13 StreetPass

    14 SpotPass

    15 Internet

    16 Purchasing DLC

    amiibo Features

    17 Using amiibo

  • Troubleshooting

    18 Support Information

  • 1 Important Information

    Please read this manual carefullybefore using the software. If thesoftware will be used by children,the manual should be read andexplained to them by an adult.

    Also, before using this software,please sele in the HOME Menuand carefully review content in"Health and Safety Information." Itcontains important information thatwill help you enjoy this software.

    You should also thoroughly readyour Operations Manual, includingthe "Health and Safety Information"section, before using this software.

    Please note that except whereotherwise stated, "Nintendo 3DS"refers to all devices in theNintendo 3DS family, including theNew Nintendo 3DS,New Nintendo 3DS XL,Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL,and Nintendo 2DS.

    This title supports three different

    noitceleS egaugnaL


  • The in-game language depends onthe one that is set on the system.You can change the systemlanguage in System Settings.

    languages: English, French, andSpanish.

    noitamrofnI tnatropmI

    tnetnoC erawtfos SD3 odnetniNksa ew dna ,srehto fo ytreporp

    lautcelletni eht stcepser odnetniN

    .dezirohtuaton era seipoc "lavihcra" ro "pu-kcaB".swal ytreporp lautcelletni lanoitanretni

    dna citsemod yb detibihorpyltcirts si dna lagelli si erawtfos

    odnetniN yna fo gniypoc ,dezirohtuasa tpecxE .yrossecca desnecilnu ro

    ecived hcus fo esu eht yb desuac ssolro egamad yna rof elbisnopser ton si)rotubirtsid ro eesnecil odnetniN yna sallew sa( odnetniN .secivres detaler dna

    metsys SD3 odnetniN ruoy ot egamadro/dna seussi ecnamrofrep esuac yamdna srehto ro flesruoy ot yrujni ot dael

    yam esu hcus ,rehtruF .tnemeergAresU eht rednu snoitagilbo ruoy

    fo hcaerb a si dna ,ytnarraw yna sdiov,lagelli eb yam esu hcuS .yrosseccadesnecilnu ro ecived dezirohtuanu ynahtiw esu rof dengised ton era erawtfos

    siht dna metsys SD3 odnetniN ruoY

  • 2017 Nintendo / INTELLIGENTSYSTEMS

    Trademarks are property of theirrespective owners. Nintendo 3DS isa trademark of Nintendo.


    .sthgir ruoy dnatsrednu dna ycilop llufeht weiv ot yciloppi/moc.odnetnin.www

    tisiv esaelp ,degnirfni gniebera sthgir ytreporp lautcelletni ruoyeveileb uoy fI .ytreporp lautcelletni

    s'esle enoyna egnirfni ot sraeppa tahterawtfos SD3 odnetniN yna ,noitercsid

    elos ruo ta dna secnatsmucricetairporppa ni ,gnivomer fo ycilop a

    detpoda evah ew ,wal elbacilppa rehtodna ,UE eht ni evitceriD ecremmoC

    cinortcelE eht ,SU eht ni tcA thgirypoCmuinnelliM latigiD eht htiw ecnadrocca

    nI .emas eht od ot sredivorP

  • 2 amiibo

    This software support .You can use compatible amiiboaccessories by touching them to thelower screen of yourNew Nintendo 3DS orNew Nintendo 3DS XL system.

    In order to create new game dataon an amiibo that already has datasaved on it from another game,you must first delete the existing

    Using near-field communication(NFC), amiibo can connect tocompatible software to open brand-new ways to interact with yourfavorite Nintendo games. For moreinformation, please visit Nintendo'sofficial website atwww.nintendo.com/amiibo.


  • game data. To delete your gamedata, ope on the HOMEMenu and then reset the dataunder amiibo Settings.

    Data stored on amiibo can be readby multiple compatible games.

    If the data on an amiibo iscorrupted and can't be restored,ope on the HOME Menu andthen reset the data under amiiboSettings.

    Precaution about amiibo Just a light touch on the lower

    screen is enough for the systemto detect your amiibo. Do notpress the amiibo into the screenor forcefully drag it across thescreen.

    .yrossecca retirW/redaeR CFN SD3 odnetniN eht

    seriuqer metsys SD2 odnetniNro ,LX SD3 odnetniN ,SD3

    odnetniN a htiw obiima gnisU



  • 3 Information-Sharing Precautions

    User-generated content, or UGC, iscontent created by users, such asmessages, Mii characters, images,photos, video, audio, etc.

    Nintendo bears no responsibil itywhatsoever for any problems thatresult from the use of the Internet(for example, the sending ofcontent over the Internet, or thesending or receiving of contentwith others).

    Information-Sharing Precautions

    The extent of UGC exchangedepends on the software.

  • 4 Internet

    To protect your privacy, do notgive out personal information,such as last name, phone number,

    Protecting Your Privacy

    Refer to your Operations Manualfor information about connectingyour system to the Internet.

    This software allows you to connectto the internet and send play data(p.14), check rankings (p.15) anddownload extra content (p.16).

    You must go through the initialsetup for Miiverse on your systembefore you can use Miiverse withthis game.

    .krowteNodnetniN stroppus erawtfos sihT

    .tenretnIeht aiv tnetnoc rehto dna

    semag yojne ot sresu selbanetaht ecivres krowten sodnetniNfo eman eht si krowteN odnetniN

  • birth date, age, school, e-mail, orhome address whencommunicating with others.

    Friend codes are a part of asystem that allows you to playwith people you know. If youexchange friend codes withstrangers, there is a risk youcould share information withpeople you do not know orexchange messages that containoffensive language. We thereforerecommend that you do not giveyour friend codes to people youdon't know.

  • 5 Parental Controls

    You can restrict use of the followingfeatures by adjusting the options inParental Controls. Access to this game (as well as

    other games) can also berestricted through the SoftwareRating item in Parental Controls.

    Refer to your Operations Manualfor information on how to set upParental Controls.

    Nintendo 3DS Shopping ServicesRestricts the purchase ofdownloadable content (p. 16).

    StreetPassRestricts the sending/receiving ofProfile Cards via StreetPass.

    Online InteractionRestricts access to the globalrankings feature.

  • 6 Controls

    Button Controls

    Hold + and pres toreturn to the title screen.

    attle map controls (p.10)B


    txen ot rosruc evoM

    )tca llits nac taht

    tinu revo ton si rosrucnehw( unem wohS

    /rosruc evoM



    enecstuc/tneve pikS

    //ediug esworB

    gol egassem weiV

    +ylkciuq txet ecnavdA

    txet ecnavda-otuA

    txet ecnavdA


    /noitpo tceleS

  • * If combat animations are set to"Off" in the system menu, you canhold when initiating combat totemporarily turn them on again.

    World map controls (p.11)

    acileC dnamlA neewteb hctiwS

    mooz elggoT

    /) gnidloh(ylkciuq rosruc evoM

    aera regnad yalpsiD

    /) gnidloh(ylkciuq rosruc evoM

    )stinu nwo fo

    eno revo ton si rosrucnehw( unem wohS

    / )detcelessi tinu a elihw(


    tinu tceleS

    /rosruc evoM

    mooz elggoT


    nehw dloH

    *noitaminatabmoc pikS

  • Touch Controls

    You can touch icons on the bottomscreen to select and confirmoptions, change screens and more.

    ungeon controls (p.12)D


    sdrawrof aremac tnioP


    aremac naP

    unem wohS



  • 7 Starting the Game

    New Game

    Choose a difficulty setting and agame mode and start the game fromthe beginning.


    Select data to load and resume thegame from where you left off. Select"Bookmark" to resume play fromyour last bookmark (p.8).


    Manage downloadable content,change SpotPass settings and more.You can also erase all data here.

    Start up the gamand press anbutton at the titlscreen to displathe title menu.



  • 8 Saving and Deleting Data

    Saving Data

    Select "Save" from the menu insettlements, dungeons and theworld map to save your currentprogress to a save slot.

    Copying Data

    Select "Copy" from the main menu,then pick a save file to copy it toanother slot.

    Deleting Data

    Select "Delete" from the main menu,then pick a save file to delete it.Alternatively, you can select

    You can also save at the end of abattle or chapter.

    Select "Bookmark" from the battlemap menu to save your progresswith a temporary save file and returnto the title screen. Resuming from a bookmark will

    delete the bookmark data.


  • "Extras" and then "Erase Data" todelete all save data, including anyextra content you unlocked. Please make absolutely sure that

    you want to delete your savedata, as deleted data cannot berestored.

    .luferac eb os ,tnenamrepsi noitacifidom ynA

    .atad evas fo ssol ro ssergorpot ytilibani na ot dael nac

    siht sa ,atad evas ruoy yfidomot erawtfos ro seirossecca

    lanretxe esu ton oD .ssol atad tnenamrep

    ni tluser dluoc snoitca esehT.slanimret eht ni trid teg otton erus ekaM .gnivas elihwmetsys eht otni detresni drac

    DS/draC emaG yna evomerton oD .slortnoc tcerrocni

    tupni yllanoitnetni ro metsyseht teser yldetaeper ton oD

  • 9 Settlements

    In settlements sucas towns anvillages, you'rfree to talk tpeople and explorthe area.


    Talk to people in the area. Somepeople may ask you to slaymonsters or fetch items for them.


    Select "Examine" or press tobring up a cursor on the top screen.You can search for fine details, pickup items and more while the cursoris present. You can also hold tozoom in while searching.






  • Mov

    Select "Move" or press to bringup the map on the top screen andchoose your destination. You canalso touch your desired destinationon the bottom screen map for thesame effect.

    Hold as you look around with/ to move the cursor faster.


    Here you can save your progress,equip your units with weapons,armor and items, etc. You can also bring up the menu

    with .



  • 10 Battle Map

    Shows any terrain effects at the

    If you move into an area containingenemy units on the world map, ortouch an enemy in a dungeon, abattle will begin.

    Battle Screen Layout

    In battle, you and your enemy willeach take turns to act. Press on alocation without any units, or on aunit which has already acted, todisplay the menu.

    tceffe niarreT

  • cursor's location.

    Blue units belong to your army, redones are enemies, while green onesare unaffiliated. The gaugeunderneath shows that unit's currentHP (Hit Points).

    Shows information about thehighlighted unit. Touch any entry toread a short description.

    Touching this lets you access thefollowing actions.

    ."rehtaG"dna "kcaB llaF" ,"esivorpmI"

    ,"egrahC" morf gnisoohc ,detcatey t'nevah ohw ymra ruoy

    ni stinu lla ot sdnammoc eussI

    .gol egassem eht kcehC

    .rebmun nrut eht dna ,htgnertslatot s'ymra hcae ,tca llits nacohw stinu fo rebmun eht kcehC

    .snoitaminatabmoc s'tinu eht weiV

    uneM hcuoT

    sutats tinU


  • 11 Overworld Map

    Mila's Turnwheel

    As you progresthrough the gamyou will unlock thability to use Mila'Turnwheel from thmenu.

    By using Mila's Turnwheel from theoverworld map menu, you can lookinto a character's past and viewprevious events triggered by using

    Viewing the past

    On the overworld map, use toselect Alm or Celica's army, thenmove it around with /. You canvisit settlements and dungeons andbegin battles with enemies in thisway.



  • the "Talk" command in battle. Youcan also use amiibo (p.17).

    emit kcab gninruT

    .aliMfo eutats a ot gnireffo na ekamro noegnud a evael ,elttab ehtetelpmoc uoy nehw teser lliw tub,detimil si siht od nac uoy semit

    fo rebmun ehT .etats suoiverpa ot elttab eht trever ot elttab

    ni leehwnruT s'aliM esu nac uoY

  • 12 Dungeons

    If an enemy touches you, a battlewill begin. (Attacking the enemy with before making contact lets youbegin the battle with a smalladvantage.)If an enemy touches you frombehind, the battle will begin with theenemy's turn.

    Within dungeons, use to moveAlm or Celica around.

    pam aerA

    eman noegnuD


  • Retreating from battle

    Three turns into a battle, the optionto "Retreat" will become available inthe menu. Select it to escape frombattle and return to the dungeon. (Ifnot in a dungeon, you will return tothe world map.) Upon retreating,however, you will not receive the

    indicates an enemy, whilmarks allies.

    These are the members of yourparty who will take part in thebattles inside this dungeon. You canbring up to 10 characters. The iconson the right will show you whichcharacters are fatigued.

    snoegnud ni eugitaf tuobA

    .smeti gnisu ybro lodi aliM a ot sgnireffo gnikam,noegnud eht gnivael yb eugitaf

    evomer nac uoY .esaerced lliwseitiliba s'tinu eht ,level niatrec

    a sehcaer eugitaf eht ecno -eugitaf eurcca ot stinu esuac lliwselttab ,noegnud a edisni elihW

    srebmem ytraP


  • battle map's victory reward.

    Leaving the dungeon

    By selecting "Evacuate" from themenu, you can have the selectedunit escape from the dungeon. If theselected unit is Alm or Celica, allparty members will leave thedungeon.

    .tuogniyrd erofeb sknird fo rebmun

    tes a edivorp ylno lliw gnirps hcaE

    sgnirpS dercaS dna slodI aliM

    .stats'sretcarahc eht fo eno esaercniot sgnirps dercas morf retaw ehtknird retcarahc a ekam osla nac

    uoY .leehwnruT s'aliM etavitcaro sessalc

    'stinu egnahc,eugitaf evomer

    ot sgnireffoekam nac

    uoy ,snoegnudnihtiw

    dnuof yllacipyt,slodi aliM tA

  • 13 StreetPass

    Activating StreetPa

    To activate StreetPass for thissoftware, you will have to registeryour profile card.

    Checking Profile Cards

    From the world map menu, select"Connect" and then "StreetPass

    When you pass by other peoplecarrying Nintendo3DS systems withStreetPass enabled for this software,you can exchange profile cards.

    This will be done the first timeyou select "Connect" in the worldmap menu. You can also registerit by selecting "StreetPassHistory".

    Deactivating StreetPass

    You can deactivate StreetPass forthis software by going to the HOMEMenu System Settings DataManagement and deleting itsStreetPass data.


  • History" to see the profile cards ofStreetPass users you have passed.You may also sometimes receivepresents or gossip with them. Your data being sent out via

    StreetPass will automatically beupdated whenever you select"StreetPass History".

    You can keep up to 50 profilecards you have received viaStreetPass. If you reach thatnumber, previously-receivedcards will begin to be removed,starting with the oldest. To stop acard from being removed in thisway, you can mark it with a .

  • 14 SpotPass

    Activating SpotPa

    You can turn SpotPass off and on inthe "Extras" menu on the titlescreen, or by going to "Connect"followed by "Connect Settings" onthe world map menu.

    Sending play data

    Your play data is uploaded usingSpotPass. You can turn sendingplay data off or on in the "ConnectSettings" menu, available byselecting "Connect" from the worldmap menu.

    While the system is in Sleep Mode,and even while the software is notrunning, the SpotPass feature willperiodically connect to the internet(if available) to send your play data. Data received via SpotPass is

    saved to the SD card, so makesure you always have an SD cardinserted into your system.


  • 15 Internet

    Global Rankings (OnlineInteracti )

    On the world map menu, select"Connect" and then "GlobalRankings" to check the currentstandings.

    If you connect to the internet, youcan check the play stats of playersin a ranking format.


  • 16 Purchasing DLC

    How to Purchase

    1. From the world map menu, select"Connect", followed by "ManageDLC".

    About Purchasing DLC

    From the world map menu, you canselect "Connect", followed by"Manage DLC", and finally"Purchase DLC" to purchase paiddownloadable content using theinternet.To play purchased DLC, select"Connect" on the world map menu,followed by "Manage DLC", andfinally "Play DLC".

    2. Select "Purchase DLC", touch"OK" on the touch screen, andselect "Purchase Content". Thenchoose the DLC you wish topurchase, and select "Proceed".

    3. Select "Purchase", and thedownload will begin.

    Touch "Agree" to acknowledgethe conditions.

  • You can check your purchasedDLC in the Account Activitysection of Nintendo eShop.

    Once purchased, DLC can be re-downloaded for free.

    Purchased DLC may no longerbe available for re-download ifyou delete your NintendoNetwork ID.

    Purchased DLC will be saved tothe SD card.

    Purchased DLC is only compatiblewith the Nintendo3DS systemused to purchase it. If you insertthe SD card into another system,items you have purchased will notbe available on that system.

    Adding Funds

    To purchase DLC, you must havethe required funds in your NintendoeShop account balance. If you donot have the required funds, you willbe prompted to add funds. Select"Add Funds" to proceed.You will need a Nintendo eShopCard, Nintendo eShop activationcode or credit card to add funds. It is possible to save the credit

    card details so it is not necessary

  • to enter them every time you addfunds.

    Saved credit card details can beremoved at any time through"Settings/Other" in NintendoeShop.

  • 17 Using amiibo

    Using amiibo with Mila'sTurnwheel

    You can use compatible amiibo inthe Turnwheel menu, available fromthe world map. By doing so, youcan learn a new technique (usingamiibo to summon units). With Almand Celica's amiibo, you can alsochallenge new dungeons.

    Summoning amiibo inBattle

    During battle, you can select"amiibo" from among Alm or Celica'sabilities and scan an amiibo tosummon a special illusory warrior to

    Scan Alm or Celica's amiibo andselect "Write" to save thatcharacter's current stats to theamiibo. The next time you use the"amiibo" ability in battle, thesummoned illusory warrior's strengthwill reflect the saved data.

    Writing data to amiibo

  • fight by your side. The summonedunit will differ depending on theamiibo you scan.

  • 18 Support Information

    8707-855-524 )100(:naebbiraC/aciremA nitaL


    MOC.ODNETNIN.TROPPUSecivreS remotsuC odnetniN