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Fire Emblem Walk Through

Date post: 05-Apr-2018
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  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn: FAQ/Walkthrough byDeathborn 668

    Version Final, Last Updated 2008-06-27View/Download Original File

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    ==========================================~Line Test~

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    Welcome readers! I'm Deathborn 668 on the message boards and this isa walkthrough for Fire Emblem--Radiant Dawn, the strategy turn based RPGon the Nintendo Wii. Hopefully you'll enjoy this walthrough as much as Ienjoyed playing this game. Some Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind:DO:-Use this walkthrough as a refrence tool-Tell people about it-Print it for personal use-Give to other people for no profit

    DON'T:-Plagerize this walkthrough without any credit-Call this walkthrough "yours"-Sell this walkthrough for profit

    ONLY the following sites have permission to use this walkthrough withoutthe need to contact me:-www.gamefaqs.com-www.gamespot.com-www.ign.com-www.supercheats.com

    Anybody else wishing to use this walkthrough will need to e-mail me at

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    someguy668 (at) yahoo (dot) comThose wishing to leave me comments and corrections should also e-mail me.I generally won't respond to e-mails, and probably won't update if you sendme a correction unless it extremely important. Don't feel offended if Idon't respond or update with a change.Thanks for your concern.

    And remember, use Ctrl+F to search for what you need.

    =============================================| ~Table of Contents~ |=============================================|1.Basic Storyline |=============================================|2.Controls |=============================================|3.Combat Information || 3A.Battle Commands || 3B.Phases and Troop Movement || 3C.Weapons and Durability |

    | 3D.Battle Calculations || 3E.Experience Points and Leveling Up || 3F.Unit Stats || 3G.Victory Objectives || 3H.The Base || 3I.Bonus Experience || 3J.Support Conversations || 3K.Skills || 3L.Laguz Units || 3M.Difficulty Levels || 3N.Path of Radiance Transfer Data || 3O.Outsmarting the Computer |=============================================|4.Radiant Walkthrough || 4A.Part 1 Overview || 4B.Part 1-Prologue; Under Gray Skies || 4C.Chapter 1-1; Maiden of Miracles || 4D.Chapter 1-2; The Dispossessed || 4E.Chapter 1-3; A Faint Light || 4F.Chapter 1-4; A Distant Voice || 4G.Chapter 1-5; The Lost Heir || 4H.Chapter 1-6.1; Raise the Standard || 4I.Chapter 1-6.2; Raise the Standard || 4J.Chapter 1-7; A Gathering Hope || 4K.Chapter 1-8; Glory Unwanted || 4L.Chapter 1-9; One Survives || 4M.Part 1 Endgame; Daein, Arise! |

    | || 4N.Part 2 Overview || 4O.Part 2 Prologue; On Drifting Clouds || 4P.Chapter 2-1; Winds of Rebellion || 4Q.Chapter 2-2; Tides of Intrigue || 4R.Chapter 2-3; Geoffrey's Charge || 4S.Part 2 Endgame; Elincia's Gambit || || 4T.Part 3 Overview || 4U.Part 3 Prologue; The Great Advance |

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    | 4V.Chapter 3-1; Laguz and Beorc || 4W.Chapter 3-2; Stormclouds || 4X.Chapter 3-3; River Crossing || 4Y.Chapter 3-4; The General's Hand || 4Z.Chapter 3-5; Retreat! || 4AA.Chapter 3-6; A Reason to Fight || 4BB.Chapter 3-7; Rivals Collide || 4CC.Chapter 3-8; Incandescent Glow || 4DD.Chapter 3-9; Marauders || 4EE.Chapter 3-10; The Heart of Crimea || 4FF.Chapter 3-11; Just Cause || 4GG.Chapter 3-12; The Price || 4HH.Chapter 3-13; Blood Contract || 4II.Part 3 Endgame; From Pain, Awakening || || 4JJ.Part 4 Overview || 4KK.Part 4 Prologue; Chaos Named || 4LL.Chapter 4-1; Road to the Empire || 4MM.Chapter 4-2; Silent World || 4NN.Chapter 4-3; Distortions |

    | 4OO.Chapter 4-4; Revelations || 4PP.Chapter 4-5; Unforgivable Sin || 4QQ.Part 4 Endgame Preparations || 4RR.Part 4 Endgame-1; Rebirth || 4SS.Part 4 Endgame-2; Rebirth || 4TT.Part 4 Endgame-3; Rebirth || 4UU.Part 4 Endgame-4; Rebirth || 4VV.Part 4 Endgame-5; Rebirth || 4WW.Epilogue |=============================================|5.Character Compendium || 5A.Swordmasters || 5B.Warriors || 5C.Halberdiers || 5D.Snipers || 5E.Sages || 5F.Falcon Knights || 5G.Dragonmasters || 5H.Generals || 5I.Paladins || 5J.Rogues || 5K.Bishops || 5L.Cleric || 5M.Hero || 5N.Queen || 5O.Empress || 5P.Chancellor |

    | 5Q.Beast Tribe Laguz || 5R.Bird Tribe Laguz || 5S.Wolf Tribe Laguz || 5T.Dragon Tribe Laguz || 5U.Herons |=============================================|6.Weapon Inventory || 6A.Swords || 6B.Lances || 6C.Axes |

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    | 6D.Bows || 6E.Knives || 6F.Magic || 6G.Laguz Attacks || 6H.Staves || 6I.Misc. Items |=============================================|7.Hidden Items |=============================================|8.Sound Room |=============================================|9.Base Conversations |=============================================|10.Credits |=============================================

    ===========================================================================~1.Basic Storyline~

    ===========================================================================Radiant Dawn is the sequel to Path of Radiance, taking place three years

    after the events of the previous game (it is advised you play Path ofRadiance first, but it is not neccessary to complete the game or get abasic grasp on the story).

    After Ike liberated Crimea from Daein's King Ashnard's grasp, the countryof Daein was then to be controlled by Crimea's new queen, Elincia. Sherelinquished ownership to the massive country of Begnion soon after,however, and focused on rebuilding her own country due to the war.

    Begnion occupational forced were relentless in their sweeps of Daein,however. They imprisoned anyone who was a general threat to theirpresence, and made sure that public morale remained as low as possible.

    A small group of freedom fighters, the Dawn Brigade as led by the lightmage Micaiah, seeks to reclaim Daein from the Begnion oppressors.Meanwhile, revolts in Crimea against the inexperienced Queen Elincia areongoing, and eventually Ike and the rest of the Greil Mercenariesintervene.

    All three companies, though, eventually get tangled in a continent widewar that could quickly have disasterous consequences.


    ===========================================================================You have a variety of control options based on the controller you areusing for the game. There are three compatable controllers--the Wiimote:

    sideways or vertical, the Classic Controller, and the Gamecube Controller.And if you're curious, it is common acception that the Gamecube Controllerfar outclasses the other two control schemes.

    If you want to switch to Wiimote Vertical, bring up the map menu bypressing the A button when the cursor is not on a unit, go to Options, andchange the Wiimote position from Horizontal to Vertical in one of thesettings.


  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    ~Wiimote Horizontal~--------------------D-Pad--Move cursor (when viewing the map, hold the 1 button to speed upmovement of the cursor)1 Button--Cancel option2 Button--Confirm option, scroll through text speeches, select units+ Button--Display map conditions, skip cutscenes and dialogue- Button--Hold to remove on-screen displaysA Button--Display map menu, view recent viewed dialogueB Button--Hold B and 2 to place cursor on units that haven't made anaction, hold B and 1 to display a unit's status screen when cursor is onsaid unit, or to display help menu in certain situations, hold B and theD-Pad to change camera angles, and hold B and A to zoom the camera in/out

    ------------------~Wiimote Vertical~------------------D-Pad--Move cursorA Button--Confirm menu selections, select unitB Button--Cancel menu selections

    + Button--Move cursor to units that have yet to make an action- Button--Display unit's status screen when cursor is on said unit1 Button--Display battle conditions1 and 2 Buttons--Display map manu

    --------------------~Classic Controller~--------------------D-Pad/Left Control Stick--Move cursorRight Control Stick--Rotate cameraA Button--Confirm menu selectionsB Button--Cancel menu selectionsX Button--Move cursor to units that haven't performed an action yetY Button--Display a unit's status screen when cursor is on said unitXl/Xr--Display map menu+ Button--Display battle conditionsL Button--Zoom camera in/outR Button--Hold down to remove on-screen displays

    ---------------------~Gamecube Controller~---------------------Control Stick/D-Pad--Move cursor (when viewing map, hold the B Button tomove the cursor faster)A Button--Confirm menu selections, display map menu when cursor not on aunit, select unitB Button--Cancel menu selections

    Y Button--Display status screenZ Button--Display map menuX Button--Move cursor to units that have yet to perform an actionL Button--Zoom camera in/outR Button--Hold to remove on-screen displaysC-Stick--Change camera angleStart/Pause--Display battle conditions, skip cutscenes/dialogue

    ===========================================================================~3.Combat Information~

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    ===========================================================================Here's the section where all of the basic information needed to play thegame is listed. The majority of it can easily be understood through thein-game tutorials, however there are some non-tutorial given data that youshould look at at some point during your playthrough.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3A.Battle Commands~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------These are all of the commands you can give to units while on thebattlefield. Pretty self explanatory. These are all possible optionsbrought up after selecting a unit with the cursor.

    Move--The only command that is not actually selected. When you select aunit a bunch of blue boxes will appear, as well as orange boxes on theborder. The unit can then move to any of the blue boxes. The unit iscapable of attacking anything within the blue and orange boxes. You do nothave to attack at all--you can just move and wait if you want.

    Wait--After moving a unit you can choose to have them wait. This ends their

    turn and no further actions by the unit can be performed until the nextturn. The exception is if Vigor is used to allow the unit to move a secondtime.

    Attack--If you are within range of an enemy you can choose this option toattack them. After selecting this option you will be brought to yourweapon inventory and will need to choose a weapon. Weapons that cannot hitthe enemy from your current position (such as using a one ranged weaponwhen two spaces away from an enemy) will be greyed out. After choosing theweapon, you'll be shown one final weapon screen. This will show the HP ofboth combatants, the damage they will do to each other (and if either willdouble one another), the percentage of hitting, and the odds of a criticalhit. If you don't like them, you can choose to attack with a differentweapon to see the stats window again and plan your attack.

    Staff--Choose this to use a staff on a unit. Pick the staff you want touse, then select the unit to use it on. This is only available on staffwielders, and different staves do different affects. Some heal your unitswhile others can hinder the enemy army. Each staff, like weapons, has aspecific range. Pay attention to it. Staff wielders, when attacked, cancounterattacks (and only counterattack) with the staff.

    Rescue--When next to an allied unit (either blue or yellow), you canchoose to rescue them if their weight is 2 or more less than the unitattempting rescue. When you rescue a unit, they are carried upon therescuee and are completely safe from attack. However, if the rescuee iskilled, the rescued unit will be dropped onto the ground. Airborne units

    cannot be rescued (the only exception is untransformed bird/hawk laguz),and all mounted units cannot be rescued. Rescuees will have their Speedand Skill cut in half until the rescued unit is dropped.

    Drop--Make the rescuee drop the rescued unit onto an adjacent tile. You canonly drop a unit onto tiles the unit is capable of traversing. You can'tdrop a Halberdier onto a water tile, for instance.

    Take--If you want to trade rescuees without dropping the rescued unit,that is entirely possible. Just have another unit that has a weight two or

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    more than the rescued unit move adjacent to the current rescuee, thenchoose to Take the unit. Very handy for moving NPC units around. Also notethat you can Take and Drop within the same turn if you wish.

    Shove--You can shove and adjacent unit, regardless if it's allied or enemy,one space by choosing this command. The unit you are shoving must have aWeight that is no more than two higher than the unit doing the shoving.

    Smite--Works exactly like Shove. However, this is only available to unitswith the Smite skill, and this pushes a unit two spaces instead of one.

    Items--Enter the item inventory of the selected unit. You can equip/unequipweapons, and choose to use items such as those that can heal you or hurtnearby enemies. Units can hold a maximum of seven items.

    Trade--Trade items with an adjacent allied unit (blue or yellow). You donot have to make a complete swap (as in trading one item on one unit forone item on another). You can give all of your items to an itemless unit,trade merely one item to a unit, or anything inbetween. The unit intiatingthe trade can still use an item on their turn.

    Talk--If possible, units can converse on the battlefield. On the map menuyou can choose "Units", and if you scroll the list left you can see all ofthe available units each seprate unit can talk to on the map. You can Talkif you are adjacent to said unit. Talking amoung blue units generallyincreases your ability to upgrade their Support rank, while talking toyellow, green, and occasionally red units can get them to join your team.

    Visit--If you see an open door on a map leading to a house or tent, youcan put a unit infront of the door and choose to Visit the house. Talkingwith the person inside will generally net you an item that you can use/sell, but occasionally triggers a different cutscene that affects certaincharacters in different ways.

    Break--If you can't get a door open any other way, you can choose to attackit. All doors have HP values. Draining the door's HP will break it open.

    Door--...alternatively, just make a Thief walk infront of the door andchoose this option to open it without the need to waste weapon durability.You can also open doors if you have a Door Key.

    Chest--Open a chest to grab the contents inside. This option only appearswhen the unit standing next to the chest is either a Thief or is holdingChest Keys.

    Direct--Only available to the main character of the chapter (Micaiah,Geoffrey, Elincia, or Ike). This option allows you to control the yellow

    NPC units by either having them Roam (attack and move at will), Target(all units will ignore attackers and move for a target point you can set),Halt (no NPC's will move or attack, but they will counterattack), orAvoid (NPC's will move to the safest spot away from enemy units).

    Order--Only available to the main character of the chapter (Micaiah,Geoffrey, Elincia, or Ike). This option allows you to control units underyour control that you haven't moved after you end your turn. You can choosefor your units to perform similar actions as Direct would have. You haveRally, which makes all unmoved units move towards and surround the

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    commander; Halt (the default) where unmoved units remain unmoved; Target,which makes all unmoved units move towards a target location you can set;and Avoid which makes all unmoved units avoid enemies as best as possible.

    Steal--If a Thief is next to an adjacent enemy unit they can steal fromthem. Only non-equipped items can be stolen, however. The Thief's speedcannot be more than two less of the enemy that you are trying to stealfrom.

    Galdr--Only available to the Herons. You can choose one of five galdrs tochant to adjacent units. The units affected depends on the heron, and ifthey are transformed or not. You can use Vigor (allows a unit that hasalready taken their turn to move again), Bliss (raises allied unit'sbiorhythm to highest point), Sorrow (lowers enemy's biorhythm to lowestpoint), Valor (increases allied laguz's transform meter to maximum point),and Recovery (fully restores allied units' HP and status changes).

    Arrive--Only certain maps the condition will be to Arrive at a certainspace. Have any unit reach this space and choose to Arrive to clear themap. Certain maps required a certain character, or characters, to arrive.

    Seize--Spaces on the map usually guarded by bosses. To clear the map witha Seize condition you must reach the glowing square, then have thecommander (Micaiah, Geoffrey, or Ike) choose to Seize the square and clearthe map.

    Escape--Certain maps will require you to escape. If the commander escapes(Micaiah, Ike), then the chapter will be cleared. Other units can escapebefore the commander, and is advised because each allied escapee will earnyou Bonus EXP.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3B.Phases and Troop Movement~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Being turn based, your movement is restricted to only moving on your phaseof the current turn. Once you have chosen to End your turn, or have movedall of your units, the next phase begins. There are four phases.

    --------------~Player Phase~--------------Marked in blue, the Player Phase will always be first. It is, of course,the phase where you, the player, move your units. You get first strike atwhatever you can on your turn. Set up your army effectively in plan forthe oncoming enemy attack.


    ~Ally Phase~------------Marked in yellow, the Ally Phase is where yellow ally NPC's move. It alwaysoccurs after the Player Phase, but only if there is at least one yellowunit on the map. The commander of your army can choose how allied unitscan move with the Direct command, and that command will take effect on theAlly Phase.

    -------------~Enemy Phase~

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    -------------Marked in red, the Enemy Phase is where all of the computer controlled redenemy units make their turn. They can attack Player/Ally/Other units, orjust move to different spots on the map.

    -------------~Other Phase~-------------Marked in green, the Other Phase is where all green Other units take theirturn. These units cannot be controlled by your commander, and often youwill need to protect them. These units won't hurt you, instead helping youto destroy the Enemy army.

    ----------------~Troop Movement~----------------In every phase, and especially important in the Player Phase, you will needto command your troops. There are tons of options available for each unit,so you will need to strategically place them all, or as many as you wish,before you end the turn.

    Moving a unit to a different location is basic to understand. Units canonly move to a blue square within their movement range. Attacking enemyunits is important as it is generally your objective on most maps. Get nearan enemy and select Attack, choose your weapon that has the same range asyou are in relation to the foe, and select it to see the battle windowdisplaying attack power, hit accuracy, and critical percentage of bothyou and the enemy.

    Staff users are highly important as they are responsible for casting staveson enemies, as well as healing your own army.

    And be sure to select and enemy unit to view their attack range. Any spacethey can attack a unit will be highlighted with an orange box. Use itwisely. This option is disabled in Hard Mode, however.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3C.Weapons and Durability~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------The only way to harm enemies is by attacking them with weapons. Everyweapon in the game is different than the other, and they all have specificstats that you will need to pay attention to.

    Weapon Name--All weapons have a name. Generally they will be some element(like Iron or Silver) followed by the type of weapon. There are plenty ofexceptions for more powerful weapons which have unique names, such as theWo Dao sword. Get to know weapon names so you are aware if the weapon is

    powerful or not.

    Weapon Experience--Whenever a weapon is used you earn Weapon Experience(using staves of any kind adds to Staff Experience too, though). Eachweapon gives out a certain amount of weapon experience when used. On theunit status screen the second page shows the current weapon level of eachunit. A unit can only use weapons that are equal to or less than theircurrent weapon level. For instance, Edward with a C in swords can't wieldan A Rank Silver Sword, but he can wield C, D, and E rank swords. Thesecond page of the unit status screen shows a green bar behind each weapon

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    rank. This is the current weapon experience. When it fills up, weapon rankwill increase for the unit. When the letter flashes green, the weapon rankis maxed out for the character.

    Rank--From E to SS. A unit can only wield a weapon if the rank of theweapon is equal to or lower than their current weapon rank. The exceptionis laguz--their weapon rank, when it increases, strengthens their only formof attack.

    Might--The base attack power of the weapon. Add this with the unit'sStrength (or Magic if using a spell or a weapon that uses the Magic stat)to calculate base damage done to the enemy. Subtract the foe's Defense(or Resistance if using a magic attack) to find the damage you would do tothe foe. Obviously, stronger weapons result in more damage.

    Hit--The base percentage of the attack hitting the foe. The finalhit percentage is based off a variety of factors, such as terrain the enemyis standing on, biorhythm, supports nearby, and other things. The higheryour percentage when facing a foe, the more likely you are to hit them.

    Critical--The base percentage of landing a critical hit. Several stats areadded along with the base critical hit percentage to determine to finalprobability of getting a critical (after being subtracted by the foe'sLuck stat). If you get a critical hit, you will deal three times as muchdamage than usual.

    Weight--The weight of the weapon. This has only once use--determiningAttack Speed. If the weight of the weapon exceeds the unit's strength, thenthe unit's Speed recieves a penalty. For instance, if a weapon has a weightof 10, and the unit has a Speed of 8 and Strength of 7, then the unit'sAttack Speed would be 5 (because the weight is three higher than theStrength) instead of 8.

    Range--The attack range of the weapon. Most weapon ranges are only 1,meaning you can only attack when adjacent to an enemy. A range of 1~2 meansyou can attack when adjacent to an enemy or when separated by one space(or attacking diagonally). Use range to your advantage. Attack enemies whodon't have a range of 1 close to them, and attack enemies with only a rangeof 1 from a distance to conserve HP.

    Effect--Some weapons have bonus effects added on to them, such as havinga higher critical hit rate or dealing triple damage to certain types ofunits. Use bonus effects to your advantage whenever possible.

    -----------------~Weapon Triangle~-----------------

    All weapons fit into a weapon triangle. If you go against a foe whoseweapon is weak against yours, you get an attack bonus and they will suffera penalty. The triangles are as follow:Swords > Axes > Lances > SwordsFire > Wind > Thunder > FireAnima > Light > Dark > Anima

    **Anima is the trio of elemental magic (Fire, Wind, Thunder)

    You do not need to follow the weapon triangle; infact, many people tend to

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    ignore it as the effects are minimal.

    On Hard Mode the weapon triangle bonuses are disabled.

    -------------------~Weapon Durability~-------------------Almost every weapon in the game has a number attached to it in the form ofa fraction. The top number represents the amount of uses remaining in theweapon. Every time you hit an enemy with a weapon, that number decreases(however, for every magic spell used, regardless if it hits, the numberdecreases. This works the same way for all staves, but if an attack staffdoesn't hit the foe the durability still decreases). That is calledWeapon Durability.

    If the number hits 0, the weapon breaks and you can't use it anymore. Theonly way to restore weapon durability is to use the Hammerne staff on theweapon. However, the staff only has three uses, and the staff can't restoreitself. Be sure to keep buying new as necessary. Note that several weaponshave infinite uses. Go crazy with those weapons, as they tend to be the

    best in the game.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3D.Battle Calculations~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------There are many calculations to keep in mind while in battle. You do notneed to memorize any of these, but if you are curious why your accuracy isso poor, or anything else, then look here.

    1.DoublingIf your Attack Speed - 4 is greater than or equal to the foe's AttackSpeed, you will double them. This means that you will attack twice againstthat foe in one turn as opposed to once (or four times if you are wieldinga Brave weapon). Be aware the enemies are just as capable of doubling yourunits.

    2.Attack SpeedSpeed - (Equipped Weapon Weight - Strength)If the number in the parenthesis are negative, ignore it. The Attack Speedin that instance would be merely the Speed stat. Try not to hinder yourAttack Speed--it is relied upon for doubling, avoiding, and other things.

    3.Hit PercentagesAccuracy:Weapon Hit% + (2 X Skill) + Luck + Biorhythm Bonus + SupportBonus + Weapon Triangle Bonus + Affinity Bonus + Leadership Bonus + HeightBonus

    Avoid:(2 X Attack Speed) + Luck + Biorhythm Bonus + SupportBonus + Weapon Triangle Bonus + Affinity Bonus + Leadership Bonus + HeightBonus + Terrain Bonus

    Battle Accuracy:Accuracy - Enemy Avoid (Cannot be higher than 100% or lowerthan 0%)

    Weapon Hit%--The base hit percentage of the equipped weaponSkill--The units' Skill statLuck--The units' Luck stat

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    Biorhythm Bonus--+10 if at Best, +5 if at Good, +0 if Normal, -5 if Bad,-10 if WorstSupport Bonus--Bonuses two supported units give if within three spaces ofeachother. Bonuses differ depending on who the two supporters areWeapon Triangle Bonus--+10 if effective against enemy weapon, -10 ifweak to it (Disabled on Hard Mode)Affinity Bonus--+5 if unit has same affinity as the map's affinityLeadership Bonus--(5 X Commander's Leadership Stars)Height Bonus--+50 if on terrain higher than foe, -50 if lower than foeTerrain Bonus--Differs depending on terrain

    4.Damage CalculationsBase Damage:Strength or Magic + ((Weapon Might + Weapon Triangle Bonus) XEffectiveness) + Support Bonus + Height Bonus

    Defense:Defense or Resistance + Support Bonus + Terrain Bonus

    Damage:(Base Damage - Defense) X Critcal Bonus

    **Strength and Defense are used for all non-magic weapons. Magic and

    Resistance are used for magical weapons.

    Strength--Unit's Strength statMagic--Unit's Magic statDefense--Unit's Defense statResistance--Unit's Resistance statSupport Bonus--Bonuses two supported units give if within three spaces ofeachother. Bonuses differ depending on who the two supporters areWeapon Triangle Bonus--+10 if effective against enemy weapon, -10 ifweak to it (Disabled on Hard Mode)Height Bonus--+50 if on terrain higher than foe, -50 if lower than foeTerrain Bonus--Differs depending on terrainCritical Bonus--3 if a critical occurs, 1 if critical doesn't occur

    5.Critical Hit Chance

    Critical Percentage:Weapon's Base Critical% + (Skill/2) + Support Bonus +Critical Skills

    Dodge:Luck + Support Bonus

    Battle Critical%:Critical Percentage - Enemy Dodge

    Skill--Unit's Skill statSupport Bonus--Bonuses two supported units give if within three spaces ofeachother. Bonuses differ depending on who the two supporters areCritical Skills--Any Skills attached to the unit that boost the Critical

    Percentage, whether they give a flat out % boost or increase the basepercentage based on the unit's current condition

    6.Skill Activation PercentageActivation Rate + Biorhythm Bonus

    Activation Rate--View the Skills List for a list of every Activation RateBiorhythm Bonus--+10 if at Best, +5 if at Good, +0 if Normal, -5 if Bad,-10 if Worst

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    7.Finding Hidden Items on the GroundSkill + Class Bonus + Biorhythm Bonus

    Skill--Unit's Skill statClass Bonus--+60 if unit is a Thief, Rogue, or WhisperBiorhythm Bonus--+10 if at Best, +5 if at Good, +0 if Normal, -5 if Bad,-10 if Worst

    8.Weapon RankingsAll weapons give the unit Weapon Experience when used. Once you earnenough weapon experience points, the Weapon Rank of the unit increases, theexperience resets to zero, and the process begins anew for the next rank.Here's the Weapon Experience needed to increase in rank:

    E to D--30 WExpD to C--40 WExpC to B--50 WExpB to A--60 WExpA to S--70 WExpS to SS--80 WExp

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3E.Experience Points and Leveling Up~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------You will level up every time you obtain 100 Experience Points. You earnexperience points every time you fight an enemy.

    It's a bit more complicated than that, though. The experience you get fromattacking an enemy is dependant on your level compared to the foe. Thehigher your level, the less experience you will earn. Conversely, the loweryour level the more experience you will learn. You will obtain nearly threetimes as much experience by killing a foe rather than just damaging them.

    You can only earn a maximum of 100 Experience Points per enemy. Bosses giveout far more experience when killed than any other enemy, so try to let alow leveled unit kill the boss on a map if possible.

    When you level up you will get increases in stats at random. All eight ofa unit's stats have a chance of increasing by 1 at each level up. Everystat has a certain percentage on it as to whether or not it will increase.As such, you will easily see increases in certain stats while others willrarely increase. You are guarenteed at least one stat increase per levelup, however.

    A unit reaches maximum level at 20. If a unit reaches level 21, theypromote and change classes. Promotions give large, fixed boosts to eachstat (except Luck), change the appearance of the unit, and sometimes give

    additional movement to the unit.

    There are three tiers a unit can reach. Most part 1 units start on tier 1,while almost every other character in the game starts at tier 2. When aunit promotes to tier 3, they will gain their Mastery Skill which, whenactivated at random in battles, can easily kill a foe. Units cannot exceedlevel 20 third tier. Several key units in the game cannot promote on theirown, instead promoting at predetermined points in the story.


  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    ~3F.Unit Stats~---------------------------------------------------------------------------If you push the button (or buttons) that brings up information on a unit,you are viewing the Unit's Stats. On these pages you can view everythingyou need to know about a unit. You can also view the pages of enemy unitsif you wish.

    ~Page 1~This page contains all the necessary battle stats of the unit. Currentlevel, amount of experience, and HP are at the top. The current stats areat the bottom. The seven stats listed here are Strength, Magic, Skill,peed, Luck, Defense, and Resistance. The top-right has battle informationon the unit. They are Base Attack Power, Attack Speed, Hit Percentage,Avoid Percentage, Critical Percentage, Critical Dodge, Range ofcurrently equipped weapon, and the effect of it if there is one.

    Below that is the unit's inventory. An "E" appears next to the equippedweapon or staff if one is equipped.

    ~Page 2~

    More personal data is listed on the left. Constitution (Cn) is used indetermining if the unit can shove or be shoved, Weight (Wt) also factorsin with the shoving, and the Move is how many spaces the unit can move perturn. Affinity is used in support bonuses as well as map bonuses, Race iseither Beorc or Laguz, Travel is who the unit is rescuing or being resucedby, and Condition is the current condition of the unit (nothing will appearif unit is normal. Unit can be poisoned, put to sleep, etc.). The numbernext to the condition is how many turns left until the conditiondisappears.

    On the right are the weapon levels. When the green bar fills up, the weaponincreases in rank. Most units can only wield one or two weapons. Themaximum weapon rank a unit can have depends on their class.

    ~Page 3~On the left are the list of Skills the unit currently has equipped. EachSkill takes up a bit of the unit's maximum Capacity (some Skills attachedto characters don't take any Capacity, but if removed and put back on theunit will take up Capacity, so be careful).

    On the right are the Support bonuses. The person the unit is supported withis named here, and the bonuses appear if that unit is within three spacesof their support.

    ~Page 4~Associations are on the left. The army the unit belongs to, authority stars(only on some commanders), the Commander of the army's name is listed, and

    bonds to certain characters are listed.

    On the right is the Biorhythm chart. With each passing turn the ball movesup or down on the graph. Biorhythm affects certain stats for better orworse depending on the location of the ball. There's no effect when it isat Normal. At Good there's +5 to the stats, at Best +10, at Bad -5, andWorst gets -10. The stats effected are accuracy, avoid, amoung otherthings. Unless you use Heron galdr, you can't effect Biorhythm at all otherthan ending turns and waiting for it to increase again.

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3G.Victory Objectives~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------On each map you are, obviously, trying to win. To do so you will need tocomplete an objective to clear the map. Some of them are simple, others canbe quite challenging given the circumstances. Some maps may have twoconditions. Victory is obtained by satisfying only one of the conditions,however.

    Rout--All you need to do is kill every single enemy on the map. Be awarethat on almost every map you will encounter several reinforcements as timegoes on, so try to kill every foe as quickly as possible.

    Defeat Boss--Every map has a boss commander. When you are viewing the mapconditions (Start or + Button), the enemy commander is a pulsating reddot. There is also a shield icon above their head when you can see themon the map. When you kill the boss the chapter ends. Almost every boss willnever move from their starting position, but there are a few exceptions.

    Arrive--A blue panel will be at one point on the map. Your objective is

    to have any unit reach that panel and choose to "Arrive", clearing the map.A boss is almost always guarding the Arrive square, so you'll have to killhim and his cronies to get the chance to arrive. On certain maps only onecharacter is allowed to arrive at the square. On one map you will need twospecific characters on two Arrive spaces to clear the chapter.

    Escape--A yellow glowing panel will be on the map. Have your commanderreach the tile and choose "Escape" to clear the map. You can, and should,let everyone but the commander escape beforehand. For every unit other thanthe commander that escapes you will earn Bonus EXP.

    Seize--A red glowing will be at one point on the map, almost always guardedby the boss. You need to have the commander walk onto the tile and choose"Seize" to clear the map. Only the commander can seize the square--normalunits can't.

    Defend for X Turns--On certain maps you will simply need to play hermit asthe computer gains an insane amount of reinforcements and swarms your smallarmy. You will need to defend a certain green flashing tile for the timelimit mentioned. After the time limit expires, so long as the computer didnot reach the tile, you clear the chapter.

    Survive for X Turns--Simply put, you cannot satisfy any failure objectivesfor the given time limit. Succeed and you clear the chapter.

    Burn all Supplies--The objective for only one chapter. Have any unit standnext to a group of supply crates and choose the "Burn" option. Repeat for

    all of the crates to clear the chapter.

    Defeat X Enemies--On certain maps all you need to do is kill a specifiedamount of units. Once the amount has been satisfyed, the chapter will end.

    X in Y Turns--Some maps will have you performing a task within a giventime limit, such as Rout in 12 Turns. If the time limit expires before youcomplete your objective, you fail the chapter and must restart.


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    ~Failure Conditions~--------------------As there are conditions for victory, there are conditions for an instantfailure of the chapter.

    Unit Dies--On every single chapter the commander cannot die. On somechapters all units are not allowed to die or additional units may not beallowed to die.

    Expired Time Limit--If you need to complete a task within a certain amountof turns, and fail to do so before the time limit expires, then you failthe chapter.

    Failure to Defend--On maps where you must defend a certain space or notallow any unit to cross a specified line, you will fail instantly if anyenemy unit crosses the line or ends their turn on the space.

    Defended Unit is Captured--Only a condition for one chapter. If a certainunit gets captured by the enemy, and the enemy escapes off the map, youfail the chapter. You can get the unit back by killing the enemy rescuee

    before the time limit expires.

    NPC Dies--One of the non-playable characters is killed. The most annoyingfailure objective because you can't control these NPC's and it can be hardto reach them before they get killed.

    All Prisoners Die--There are NPC prisoners in one chapter. If all of themare killed, you fail the chapter. Keep at least one alive to succeed.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3H.The Base~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------On chapter 1-4, and before almost every chapter thereafter, you will enterthe Base before beginning the chapter. At the Base you can do a variety ofthings to boost the power of the members of your army, outfit theirweapons, manage Skills, and other things.

    Items--You can rearrange the inventories of each character in your armyhere. Any items you don't want anyone holding you can choose to send to thestorage convoy if you wish. You can pick it up later there if you want.

    Shop--You have four options here. You can visit the Armory and purchase newweapons of any kind (Swords, Tomes, anything you need). Visit the Shop topurchase Staves, recovery items, and bargain items. The bargain items canbe anything--special weapons, items, and other things not available at theregular Shop/Armory. Choose Sell Items to sell anything you don't want touse anymore for cash. Because funds are limited in the game, sell anything

    you don't need for much needed cash. Finally, you can Forge weapons (isn'tavailable if Daniel is not with the current army). You can forge anyweapon, customizing its Might, Accuracy, Weight, and Critical Percentage toa certain degree. Forging is expensive, so make sure you have the cash.

    Manage--You have two options here. You can deal out Bonus EXP to yourunits and increase the levels and stats, or you can manage your army'scurrent Skills. In Radiant Dawn you can remove Skills from one unit andgive it to another (or sell it) instead of losing that Skill forever. Passout and remove Skills to your liking. Skills are not necessary, so you can

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    never "screw" anything up. Some Skills, such as Mastery Skills and Shove,can't be removed.

    Support--Establish Supports between two units. Every unit is only allowedone Support, and it starts at a C rank and can rise to an A rank. You getbonuses on the battlefield if two supported units are within three spacesof eachother.

    Info--Read conversations before you enter battle. If you leave the base andcome back during the battle preparation, you are unable to read any unreadInfo conversations for the chapter. Conversations either have one, two, orthree stars, One and two star conversations add to the story. Three starconversations give you an item at the end, or is important for an attackbetween characters.

    Library--You can review the Bonus Experience and MVP's of completedchapters, view a list of terms spoken throughout the game, and a charactertree showing how characters are related to one another. Selecting acharacter gives a brief description about them.

    Save--Save the game.

    End--Leave the base and begin the chapter.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3I.Bonus Experience~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------After every chapter you will earn Bonus Experience. At the Base you cangive this Bonus EXP to your characters to level them up. As their levelsincrease, it requires more and more Bonus EXP to level them up. You won'tbe getting much at the start of the game, but later on you will be gettingit by the thousands.

    It takes about 500-1000 BEXP to level up first tier units, 1000-2000 BEXPto level up second tier units, and 2000-3000 to level up third tier units.

    When a unit is leveled up with Bonus EXP, they will gain three stats. Itwill ALWAYS be three stats. The stats that get increased generally are notrandom. The three or four stats that have the highest percentage ofincreasing from a standard level up are usually the three that get picked.

    However, Bonus EXP can be abused. If a unit maxes out several stats (andmany units do at around level 12-15), Bonus EXP can't increase those statsany further because they're maxed out. Instead, other stats get increased.As such, you can get increases in stats that would normally rarelyincrease, such as Nephenee's Strength or Haar's Speed.

    It is best to wait until a unit has capped at least one stat before makingextensive use of Bonus EXP. Generally, a unit has a good chance of gettingat least three stats increased from a normal level up. In the long run youwill be harming a unit by just increasing their levels with Bonus EXP (theexception is laguz who all benefit greatly, and easily max out almostevery single stat, exclusively through Bonus EXP). Thusly, it's best tosave it up for a while.

    Laguz units require different amounts of Bonus EXP to level up than beorcunits do. They require an amount somewhere between second and third tier

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    Bonus EXP requirements. In the end they require less than high level thirdtier units do.

    Bonus Experience earned from clearing chapters is important. You get a baseclear amount, but can add to that by finishing the map quickly, and doingother things in the chapter (such as allow other units to escape before thecommander, keep certain NPC's alive, and so on). You also get BonusExperience for finishing a chapter quickly. There's a set amount of turnsyou need to finish in for the maximum amount. For every turn after that theBonus Experience for time will decrease by about 10% each following turn,so try to finish quickly on as many maps as you can.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3J.Support Conversations~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------At the Base you are capable of creating supports between two characters.You can choose to have each character support with whoever else you want,but you need to have formed basic trust before you can create a C rankbasic support by having the two supporters be on several maps together.

    Once enough trust has been built, you can create a support bond between thetwo characters. They will each gain stat bonuses on the map when they arewithin three spaces of eachother. The bonuses depend on the affinities ofthe two supporters. For best bonuses, create a support between characterswith the same affinity.

    Once a support has been established, in battle the characters can walk upto eachother and Converse. The supporters can Converse several times beforeyou need to increse their support rank. It takes several chapters whereboth characters are on the map, and Conversations, before you can increasethe support rank. The maximum rank is an A, which gives the best bonuses.

    The affinty bonuses are as follows; when two characters support, add upthe bonuses and that's what each character recieves. B ranks double thebonuses, and A ranks triple it. So if two Earth affinity users supported,they'd both have +15 avoid at a C rank, +30 as a B rank, and +45 as an Arank (If any decimals occur, they get rounded up to the nearest wholenumber).

    Fire--Attack +.5, Hit +2.5Water--Attack +.5, Defense +.5Wind--Hit +.5, Avoid +2.5Thunder--Avoid +2.5, Defense +.5Heaven--Accuracy +9Earth--Avoid +7.5Light--Hit +2.5, Defense +.5Dark--Attack +.5, Avoid +2.5


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------There are a huge variety of Skills units can learn in the game. To learn aSkill, merely have the scroll with the Skill on it and give it to a unitat a Base, provided they have enough capacity for the skill. Mastery Skillsand Class Skills are marked with a lock next to the name, signifying thatthey cannot be removed. Removable Skills are added to a units' inventory,at which point you can use it to assign to a different unit if you wish.

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    --------------~Class Skills~--------------These Skills are only available to certain classes. Units either start withthese or gain them upon promotion, and they cannot be removed or assignedto other units.

    ShoveCapacity--5Info--If user's Cn is two or more higher than the unit adjacent to it, youcan Shove that unit one space ahead. Allied an enemy units alike can beshoved. For foot units only.

    CantoCapacity--10Info--If this unit has any leftover movement after attacking or using anitem, it can move the remaining spaces if it wishes, but cannot perform anyactions other than wait. For mounted units only.

    StealCapacity--0Info--Steal an item from an enemy. Can only steal non-equipped or lockeditems. Thieves, Rogues, and Whispers only.

    Critical +5Capacity--0Info--Increases critical hit percentage by 5. Myrmidons, Halberdiers, andReavers only.

    Critical +10Capacity--0Info--Increases critical hit percentage by 10. Snipers, Swordmasters, andSentinels only.

    Critical +15Capacity--0Info--Increases critical hit percentage by 15. Markmen only.

    Critical +20Capacity--0Info--Increases critical hit percentage by 20. Trueblades only.

    Critical +25Capacity--0Info--Increases critical hit percentage by 25. Assassins only.

    -------------------~Assignable Skills~-------------------AdeptCapacity--15Activation--Speed%Info--If activated, user gets two attacks instead of one. Can activatetwice if you double a unit, for a total of four possible attacks.


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    Capacity--0Info--Attacker recieves half the damage they infliced on the wearer unlessattacker has Nihil or is using Parity.

    BeastfoeCapacity--15Info--User deals triple damage against Beast Tribe laguz.

    BirdfoeCapacity--15Info--User deals triple damage against Bird Tribe laguz.

    BlessingCapacity--15Adjacent allied units recover HP equal to this unit's Magic. Herons only.

    BoonCapacity--15Info--Adjcent allied units have their negative conditions removed.

    Blood TideCapacity--10Info--Increases adjancent allies' Strength and Defense by 5. Red Dragonsonly.

    BlossomCapacity--20Info--Percentage of each stat increasing in a level up goes up by 10% (asin, a stat with a 60% chance of increasing is now 66% since 6 is 10% of 60)at the cost of earning half as much experience as usual.

    CancelCapacity--10Activation--Speed%Info--Nullifies the foe's next attack

    CelerityCapacity--15Info--Adds two movement to the holder.

    CorrosionCapacity--15Activation--(Skill/2)%Info--If activated, foe's equipped weapon loses durability equal to theuser's level (second tier level 13 would make the foe lose 33 uses on thecurrent weapon, for instance).

    CounterCapacity--10Activation--Skill%Info--When an enemy attacks, when this skill is activated the enemyrecieves half the damage they inflicted.

    DauntCapacity--10Info--All enemies within a three square radius have their hit and criticalpercentages lowered by 5.

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    DisarmCapacity--10Activation--(Skill/2)%Info--Enemy's weapon is de-equipped when activated.

    DisciplineCapacity--10Info--Doubles weapon experience earned. Beorc only.

    DragonfoeCapacity--15Info--User deals triple damage against Dragon Tribe laguz.

    FlourishCapacity--10Info--User attacks at half power. Great for weakening enemies for weakerunits to kill.


    Capacity--0Info--User stays transformed for the duration of the battle. For laguzroyals only.

    FortuneCapacity--20Info--Enemy cannot score a critical hit.

    GaldrarCapacity--0Info--Allows the user to chant a song of galdr, with varying effects. ForHerons only.

    GambleCapacity--10Info--If you choose to, you can reduce accuracy in half in order to doubleyour critical hit chance.

    GlareCapacity--30Info--Choose to use this when adjacent to an enemy. If it works, foe cannotmove for the rest of the chapter. Nailah only.

    GuardCapacity--20Info--If a Support partner is adjacent to this unit, when the wearer ofGuard is below half HP all attacks will be directed at the Support partner.

    HowlCapacity--20Activation--Strength%Info--Prevents enemy from moving for one turn if attacked indirectly. BeastTribe laguz only.

    ImbueCapacity--15Info--Restores HP equal to the unit's Magic stat. Can't be put on Magic

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    InsightCapacity--0Info--Accuracy +20, Vision +5 in Fog of War. Janaff only, cannot beremoved.

    MaelstromCapacity--20Activation--Skill%Info--Deals damage equal to user's Strength when user is attackedindirectly.

    MantleCapacity--0Info--Negates damage from all weapons not blessed by Yune. Negates allenemy skills, negates chanes of a critical hit, and user recovers HP equalto their Luck each turn.


    Capacity--5Info--A fatal blow will always leave the enemy with 1 HP. Elincia only.

    MiracleCapacity--5Activation--Luck%Info--A fatal blow from an enemy will only deal half damage if activated.

    Night TideCapacity--10Increases adjacent allies' Defense and Resistance by 5.

    NihilCapacity--20Info--Negate's all enemy battle skills.

    NullifyCapacity--20Info--Nullifies super effectiveness a weapon may have (such as a bowagainst a Bird Tribe laguz).

    ParagonCapacity--15Info--Doubles experience points gained.


    Info--On command, both the user and the foe will fight without any typeof bonuses from supports, weapon triangle, terrain, or skills.

    PassCapacity-20Info--User can move through enemies.


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    Info--Nullifies all damage made by enemy.

    ProvokeCapacity--10Info--Enemies are more likely to attack this unit rather than other nearbyunits.

    QuickclawCapacity--20Activation--Speed%Info--Deals damage, equal to unit's Strength, if the wearer is attackedindirectly.

    RenewalCapacity--15Info--Unit restores 10% of their total HP each turn.

    ResolveCapacity--15Info--When HP is below 50%, Skill and Speed and mutlipled by one and half


    SacrificeCapacity--0Info--When next to an allied unit you can heal them with Sacrifice. User'sHP is lowered and transferred to ally being healed. User's HP cannot gobelow 1. Micaiah only. Cannot be removed.

    SaviorCapacity--10Info--Skill and Speed are not affected when rescuing a unit.

    ShadeCapacity--10Info--Enemies are less likely to attack this unit. Beorc only.

    ShriekCapacity--20Activation--Luck%Info--Reduces enemy's Luck to 0 when attacked indirectly.

    SmiteCapacity--15Info--User can shove units two spaces instead of just one.


    Info--Enemies are less likely to attack this unit. Beorc only.

    VantageCapacity--10Activation--Speed%Info--Get the first strike even if enemy attacks first.

    VigilenceCapacity--0Info--Avoid +20, Dodge +20. Ulki only, cannot be removed.

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    White PoolCapacity--10Info--Increases adjacent allies' Magic and Speed by 5.

    WildheartCapacity--15Info--User can transform at any time. However, stats are multiplied by 1.5when transformed instead of doubled. Experience gain is also halved. Forlaguz only (can't be given to Herons, however).

    WrathCapacity-15Info--When user's HP is below 30%, critical rate increases by 50%.

    ----------------~Mastery Skills~----------------These skills are automatically obtained when a unit reaches tier three.They cannot be removed or reassigned. For laguz, they can be learned when

    the unit reaches level 30 and a Satori Sign gets used.

    AetherCapacity--30Activation--(Skill/2)%Info--Attack using Sol and then Luna in one powerful attack. The triplestrength aspect of these moves does not take affect. Vanguards only.

    AstraCapacity--30Activation--(Skill/2)%Info--Attack five consecutive times. Trueblades only.

    BaneCapacity--30Activation--(Skill/2)%Info--Reduces enemy's HP to 1. Doesn't work on all enemies. Whispers only.

    ColossusCapacity--25Activation--Skill%Info--Triples damage dealt. Reavers only.

    CoronaCapacity--30Activation--Skill%Info--Negates Resistance and halves enemy's hit percentage for one turn.

    Chancellor, Light Priestess, and Saints only.

    DeadeyeCapacity--25Activation--(Skill/2)%Info--Triples damage dealt and inflicts sleep condition. Marksman only.


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    Info--Strength is multiplied by five and negates enemy Defense. BlackKnight only.

    FlareCapacity--30Activation--Skill%Info--Negates enemy Resistance and user recovers HP equal to damageinflicted. Summoner, Empress, and Archsages only.

    ImpaleCapacity--30Activation--Skill%Info--Deal four times as much damage as usual. Sentinels only.

    IreCapacity--30Activation--Skill%Info--Triples damage dealt. Red, White, and Black Dragons only.


    Capacity--30Activation--(Skill/2)%Info--Instantly kills enemy. Doesn't work on all foes. Assassins only.

    LunaCapacity--30Activation--Skill%Info--Triple Strength and negate enemy Defense. Marshall's only.

    RendCapacity--30Activation--Speed%Info--Strength is multiplied by five and enemy is stunned for the rest ofthe turn. Cats only.

    RoarCapacity--30Activation--Strength%Info--Triples strength and enemy is stunned for the rest of the turn.Tigers and Lions only.

    SavageCapacity--30Activation--Skill%Info--Triples strength and lowers foe's Skill and half for one turn.Wolves only.

    SolCapacity--30Activation--Skill%Info--Triples damage dealt and user recovers HP equal to amount of damageinflicted. Valkyrie, Silver Knight, and Gold Knights only.

    StunCapacity--25Activation--Skill%Info--Triples damage dealt and stuns enemy for the remainder of the turn.

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    Queen, Seraph Knight, and Dragonlords only.

    TearCapacity--30Activation--Speed%Info--Triples Strength and halves enemy's Speed for remainder of the turn.Bird Tribe laguz only.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3L.Laguz Units~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------There are two races of units in the game. The beorc use weapons, while thelaguz don't wield weapons, instead transforming into powerful beastscapable of ripping through enemies.

    Laguz units can't transform at will, however. They have to wait for theirtransform meter to fill up to 30. Once it does, choose "Shift" after youmove the unit to make them transform. Laguz are only capable of attackingwhile they are transformed, however they can counterattack whileuntransformed (base damage done is their Strength).

    When transformed, every stat except HP and Luck gets doubled, making themajority of these units complete powerhouses. The only problem is that whentransformed, laguz get very little experience per kill. They get a ton,however, just for dealing a few points of damage when untransformed.However, their Speed and Defense is horrible untransformed, so if you arenot careful, they will easily get killed.

    All laguz have weaknesses, too. Beast Tribe laguz are weak to Fire magic,Bird Tribe laguz are weak to bows, crossbows, and Wind magic, and DragonTribe laguz are weak the Thunder magic. Be careful. Their weaknesses canonly be exploited while transformed, however.

    You can choose to make the unit untransform at any time, and if you don'tthen they will shift back to their human form once the meter empties. Themeter empties a little each turn, as well as after each attack. Here's howmuch the meter fills per turn, fills after each battle when untransformed,empties per turn and per battle for each type of laguz:

    Cat--Fills 10 per turn and 15 per battle, empties 5 per turn and 4 perbattleTiger--Fills 8 per turn and 15 per battle, empties 4 per turn and 3 perbattleWolf--Fills 6 per turn and 10 per battle, empties 4 per turn and 3 perbattleLion--Fills 5 per turn and 10 per battle, empties 3 per turn and 2 perbattle

    Hawk--Fills 8 per turn and 15 per battle, empties 4 per turn and 3 perbattleRaven--Fills 6 per turn and 10 per battle, empties 4 per turn and 3 perbattle

    Red Dragon--Fills 5 per turn and 6 per battle, empties 2 per turn and 1per battleWhite Dragon--Fills 4 per turn and 5 per battle, empties 2 per turn and 1per battleDragon Prince--Fills 5 per turn and 6 per battle, empties 2 per turn and 1

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    per battle

    Reyson--Fills 4 per turn and 10 per battle, empties 5 per turn and 6 perbattleLeanne--Fills 3 per turn and 8 per battle, empties 5 per turn and 8 perbattleRafiel--Fills 3 per turn and 6 per battle, empties 5 per turn and 8 perbattle

    The only laguz that cannot attack are the Herons Reyson, Leanne, andRafiel. Instead of attacking they can sing Galdrar that can help your army.They learn new songs at level 15, 20, 30, and 40 and all begin with Vigorwhich allows any allied unit in adjacent to them (unless otherwise noted)to move a second time on your turn.

    As a final note, laguz units benfit greatly from stuffing them with BonusExperience. They will easily cap most stats by this. Also, their attackruns off the Strike weapon level. It starts at an A rank for non-royallaguz and increases after many attacks. Each time it increases the laguz'sweapon increases in strength.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3M.Difficulty Levels~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------There are three difficulty levels to choose from when you start a new game.You have Easy, Normal, and Hard (which is unlocked after beating the gameonce). All of them vary a bit differently than the other.

    Easy Mode--Best suited for players new to the series or with limited FireEmblem experience. Several chapters have different victory requirement, andevery chapter has far fewer enemies and reinforcements in it than on Normaland Hard. Enemy levels are lower, and experience earned is twice as much ason Normal. Bonus Experience needed per level up is 2/3rd what is requiredin Normal.

    Normal Mode--Best suited for players familiar to Fire Emblem, or those whowant a decent challenge on their first playthrough. Chapters have a decentamount of enemies on them (far more than Easy, and there are also farmore reinforcements). Experience earned is standard, as well as the BonusExperience required per level up. Enemy levels are generally close to yourteam's to provide a fair challenge.

    Hard Mode--Best suited for players who want to get their asses handed tothem a million times over. This difficulty is NOT for the faint of heart.Those with little experience in the series will find this difficulty overthe top (note that this is exactly the same as the Japanese Maniac Mode).Enemies give out very, very little experience. Bonus Experience earned

    after each chapter is cut in half compared to Easy and Normal. BonusExperience required per level up is twice as much as compared to Normal.You cannot view the attack range of any enemies of the game, the weapontriangle is taken out, enemy levels are almost always higher than yours,their stats are usually substantially high, the Guide is taken out, you getno Battle Saves, and your probability of Murphy's Law screwing you over isincreased ten-fold. Don't attempt this difficulty unless you think you canstand the pain and torment it is going to give you.Oh, and good luck with the Dawn Brigade chapters. Muhahaha!

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    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3N.Path of Radiance Transfer Data~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------When you begin a new game you can import clear data from Path of Radianceif any saved clear data is on an inserted Memory Card. You will getbonuses for characters if you import the clear data.

    If a character maxed out a stat, in Radiant Dawn that same character willbegin with an additional two points on their starting stat. If they maxedout HP, though, they begin with an additional five HP. Weapon levels arealso carried over to an extent. If you have an S rank in a weapon, 160Weapon Experience points are transferred to the unit. If you had an A rank,120 WEXP will be given. If you had a B rank, 80 WEXP, and a C rank gives40 WEXP. This only applies to weapons a unit starts with in Radiant Dawn.If you got Titania's Lance level to an S rank in Path of Radiance, it isall moot because Titania doesn't start with lances in Radiant Dawn.

    There are several exceptions. Sothe's stats will directly transfer over toRadiant Dawn only if the stat is better than his starting stat in RadiantDawn. The exception to this exception is his Resistance. Sothe's Resistance

    cap in Radiant Dawn is lower than in Path of Radiance. So if you got hisResiatance between 16-20, then it will be made 15 in Radiant Dawn.

    Danved's stat bonuses will be trasnferred to Devdan in Radiant Dawn. Well,as he says, "Devdan is most certainly not Danved".

    Because Largo isn't in Radiant Dawn, his bonuses are transferred to Calill.Calill also recieves her transfer bonuses as well, so she can end upstarting with 10 additional HP and +4 to all of her stats.

    Stat transfer for each unit ONLY occurs if the stat was maxed out, and ifthe unit reached level 20/20; meaning they were at level 20, second tier.If they weren't, the unit can't recieve the transfer bonus.

    Any support conversations made in Path of Radiance are transferred to alibrary in the Extras section.


    This can't be stressed enough. If you have an Easy Mode save filed, whetherit's on the Epilogue or not, you MUST delete it. If you don't, your Wiiwill freeze when you attempt to make a data transfer. This is a commonglitch amoung the North American editions of the game (although, to myknowledge, it may not be occurring as much with newer editions of thegame). The only way to fix it is to mail your game to Nintendo and recievea replacement disk. So, yeah, Normal and Hard PoR files only.

    And remember, this is optional. It's only +2 to a stat, and +5 for HP, soyou don't miss a whole lot if you didn't play Path of Radiance or didn'tattempt for a ton of maxed out stats.

    For those curious on what characters that are amazing in Radiant Dawn thatyou should try to max stats out for a data transfer, here's a personal listof who you should go for. I advise only trying for seven or eight ofthese. It'll save your some sanity from constant resetting for RNG abuse:

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    Ike, Jill, Haar, Nephenee, Shinon, Titania, Oscar, Gatrie, Ranulf, Soren,Boyd, Mia

    Those units are some of the best in Radiant Dawn (well, at least the bestthat are also in Path of Radiance). Take your pick. Of course, that's justmy opinion. Go ahead and train up whoever you wish. You're not limited toone specific team in either game.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~3O.Outsmarting the Computer~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Finally, and possibly most important, is the computer itself. The computercontrols every enemy unit, and one of the keys to victory is understandinghow the computer works and outsmarting it at its own game.

    Firstly, you need to understand what the computer tends to do. The mostbasic thing you will find is that it will always attack a unit that cannotcounterattack. Normally the computer will run for whoever it can deal themost damage to, but more often then not it will attack someone who can'tcounterattack. If Boyd is at 1 HP and wielding a Hand Axe, while Ike is

    next to him and wielding a Steel Sword, an enemy mage will likely attackIke in this case because he can't counterattack from a distance. Thuslywhenever it is impossible to get a unit healed, try sending a high HP unitthat is near enemy units that can attack it without fear of beingcounterattacked. It can distract the enemy long enough to heal yourweakened unit.

    Second, note that many units are set to move towards you at the beginningof the chapter. Others will never move unless you enter their attack range,and others still will never move under any circumstance (but they willattack you if you are standing next to them, or within range of theirranged weapon). Abuse that fact to walk around enemies you don't want tofight, or to make sure to only get the attention of as few enemies aspossible. If a single unit gets swarmed by enemies, it is likely they willdie.

    Third is abusing a factoid of the first rule. Computers will ignore almostanything you do to attack a unit that doesn't have a weapon equipped."Sure, Mist is sitting alone and she doesn't have the Defense to survivean attack from me, an Axe General...but wait! Ike isn't equipped with aweapon? That must mean he's weak!" That's what the computer tends to think.They will usually ignore you, unless terrain or skills forces the enemy toattack an armed unit, ot attack the unarmed character. Use units with highHP and Defense to further distract enemies.

    Fourth is absuing patterns of some enemies for maximum experience output.If you weaken an enemy somewhat close to a healer, don't kill them. Let

    them get healed and attack them on the next turn. You can continue gettingexperience, and they will continue to run and get healed. This also workson bosses who are standing on a tile that heals them every turn, or thathave a skill that heals them each turn. It's boss abuse, and is a bit timeconsuming, but you can always spend a few minutes mindless attacking a foeto squeeze as much experience out of them as possible. Also valuable onHard Mode.

    Finally, always be aware of enemy reinforcements. They do not consistentlyfollow the previous four rules. They will always move towards your army and

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    pick off whoever they want to attack. If you cannot kill all of thereinforcements, making it impossible for a weak unit to survive theirattack, then improvise. Block off the weak unit with strong units, rescueit (preferably with someone who has the Savior skill), or wall off theenemies to the point where they can't reach the weakling on their turn, andinstead will opt to attack you. Improvising is key in Fire Emblem. If oneplan falls through, you'll need to quickly think of another to keep yourteam alive. Don't overlook even the stupidest of ideas! Even the bizarreideas with little hope of success can be pulled off if you position yourunits right, and get a few lucky hits against RNG odds. Don't give up!

    ===========================================================================~4.Radiant Walkthrough~

    ===========================================================================And now the walkthrough of each chapter in the game. The beginning info ofeach chapter contains the amount of units you are capable of having on themap at the beginning (forced units are noted), the beginning amount ofenemy units, enemy reinforcements (the amount, location, and turn each waveof them appear), Bonus EXP that can be earned, and victory conditions(conditions that are different on Easy Mode will be noted). Just remember

    that if you're on Hard Mode, divide the Bonus EXP by two and that's whatyou will recieve.

    After that will be a list of recruitable characters, if any, and then thedescription of how to get through the chapter. Afterwards are tips for whatto do on Hard Mode, and finally brief notes on new characters. You can viewmore detailed descriptions and stats in the Character Guide section.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~4A.Part 1 Overview~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------In Part 1 you are in control of the Dawn Brigade as they attempt toliberate Daein from Begnion's occupance. These chapters are amoung thehardest in the entire game. You are stuck with mostly awful, low levelunits who all die in one or two hits, against many units that, well, flatout kill you quickly.

    Don't believe me? You get an absurd amount of Jeigans (overpowered unitsthat should only be used as walls or to weaken enemies for the rest of yourteam to mooch kill) throughout Part 1, but don't overuse them. Obviously,the rest of your team will suffer in levels. Also, most of the Jeiganswill leave after Part 1, and that'll be problematic if you abused them.Use them sparingly.

    Despite the fact they aren't overpowered, you do get a decent amount ofwell-leveled units in Part 1. The problem is that the majority of themsuck. Really, really badly. I'll make note of which units are worthwhile to

    keep, and which ones you should bury as nothing more than supply caddies.Overall, if you can get through Part 1 without breaking your Wii infrustration, you'll be able to survive the rest of the game.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~4B.Part 1 Prologue; Under Gray Skies~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Victory--Rout enemyDefeat--Any ally diesPlayer Units--3 (Micaiah, Edward, Leonardo)

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    Enemy Units--8 (4 on Easy)Enemy Reinforcements--NoneBonus Experience--40 Clear, 20 Speed (10 turn time limit)Items--Herb (enemy drop)

    You'll be facing only a few enemies in this chapter. Most of them will notmove until you enter their attack range, so check that frequently. Don'tforget to Battle Save whenever you feel necessary.

    You'll need teamwork to get this chapter done without getting anyonekilled. Lure enemies near you with Edward, then have Micaiah weaken them.Have Edward kill them. Edward has good avoid at the moment, so he willdodge almost everyone's attack.

    When you reach the center of the map, Leonardo will arrive at the startingpoint. You may think he's a decent archer at the moment, but if you starttraining him you will quickly realize he's pretty bad. Try not to let himget much experience in this chapter.

    Be careful with the boss in the top-right corner. He will move to attack

    you, and he's far stronger that his cronies. Lure him with Edward (usehealing items to keep him at full health), then bash him with Micaiah andLeonardo on the following turn. With everyone killed the chapter will end.

    Hard Mode Notes--This time around you'll want Micaiah to get all of theexperience. Edward and Leonardo are worthless on Hard Mode, but at leastMicaiah can be a decent healer when she promotes. Remember to never letMicaiah be exposed to enemies because the majority of them can kill her inone shot. Keep Edward healed (you can abuse Sacrifice for more experienceon Micaiah), and you should be able to get through the chapter. UseLeonardo to weaken units, including the boss. Lure him out to a spot whereall three of your units can attack him to kill him in two turns (one turnspent him attacking Edward, the next is all three of your units killinghim).

    ~New Units Obtained~Micaiah--40% HP; 15% Strength; 80% Magic; 40% Skill, 35% Speed, 80% Luck;20% Defense; 90% ResistanceMicaiah has the chance of either becoming a horribly awful unit, or a godlyone. Her growths are high in her key stats of Magic and Luck, but withawful Speed, Defense, and HP, a single attack from anyone will kill her.With such awful Speed, she'll likely be doubled by every foe starting withthe third or fourth chapter. Since you're forced to use her, keep herprotected and have her weaken or mooch kill enemies for experience. She canbe pretty useful when she reaches high levels.

    Edward--85% HP; 60% Strength; 5% Magic; 65% Skill, 60% Speed, 50% Luck;

    35% Defense; 20% ResistanceEdward can be a great unit for the Dawn Brigade. He'll easily max out hisHP and Speed within a decent amount of levels, allowing for a little BonusExperience to pump up his lacking Defense. Once he promotes to second tier,he'll become extremely powerful and can take down most foes in his waywhile dodging a ton of the attacks thrown at him. His high avoid is good--it makes up for his crappy Defense.

    Leonardo--60% HP; 40% Strength; 15% Magic; 75% Skill, 35% Speed, 65% Luck;35% Defense; 55% Resistance

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    Leonardo is a horrible archer, and a unit you shouldn't put much effort inusing in the Dawn Brigade. With horrible Strength, Speed, and Defensegrowths, he'll quickly become a liability on your team and will have aninability to kill anything, let alone do much damage to them. He's usefulin the first few chapters to weaken enemies, but past that just ignorehim.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~4C.Chapter 1-1; Maiden of Miracles~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Victory--Escape in 10 turns (Defeat boss on Easy)Defeat--Any ally dies, 10 turns complete (only on Normal/Hard mode)Player Units--4 (Micaiah, Edward, Leonardo, Nolan)Enemy Units--11 (8 on Easy)Enemy Reinforcements--Two at where you start at the end of turn 7Bonus Experience--80 Clear, 40 Speed (7 turn time limit)Items--Vulnerary (house), Hand Axe (house), Steel Sword (boss drop)

    Nolan joins the Dawn Brigade on this chapter, and he is an amazing unit. Hestarts at level 9, quite higher then the rest of your team, yet regardless

    give him the majority of the experience if you can. He's one of the mostreliable Dawn Brigade units.

    Have Leonardo visit the house on the left for a Vulnerary. Move Nolannorth and have him attack the soldier blocking the entrance to the church,while Edward stands to the right of him and takes down to two enemies onthe right.

    Micaiah should follow behind and kill any enemies that barely survive theattacks. You'll want Micaiah to level up a bit. Remember to not dawdlearound too much--that ten turn time limit can expire pretty quickly if youdon't pay attention.

    Keep everyone healed. When you make your way towards the boss, severalenemies are likely to move towars you (the two on the escape spaces willnever move, though. Just beware of the one on the right with the rangedHand Axe). A lance soldier, two axe wielders, and an archer await. Thearcher is the prime threat, so take him out quickly.

    Abuse Battle Saves. You can't be too cautious at this point in the gamewith weak units like these. Have Nolan take on the boss, and have Micaiahweaken him as well. You don't need to kill the boss, but the experience isworth it. You can kill the enemy on the right that is also on an escapepanel. Have Micaiah escape to clear the map. You won't get any BonusExperience on this chapter from having others escape first, however.

    Hard Mode Notes--Let Nolan swipe every kill. Nolan (along with Jill or

    Zihark) are the best Dawn Brigade units you'll get. Swap Paragon betweenthe trio later on and when they promote you'll find yourself having aneasier time. Mind you, not much easier, but things will calm down. Justpray you don't get Strength screwed with Nolan. As long as Nolan can dishout a ton of damage and not get doubled or killed quickly, he's doinggreat. Let him soak up that experience. Have Micaiah weaken enemies whenpossible, avoid getting her killed, and escape on around turn 8 or 9 whenmost enemies should be dead.

    ~New Units Obtained~

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    Nolan--60% HP; 45% Strength; 20% Magic; 70% Skill, 60% Speed, 60% Luck;35% Defense; 40% ResistanceNolan is a great member of the Dawn Brigade, and will be your majorpowerhouse throughout your time of using the group. He can get Strengthscrewed, but his high HP and Speed will often make up for it by the timethat he promotes. Let him get experience by weakening units for lowerleveled units of the Dawn Brigade to kill, and you'll be all set.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~4D.Chapter 1-2; The Dispossessed~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Victory--Laura arrives (Rout enemy on Easy)Defeat--Any ally diesPlayer Units--5 (Micaiah, Edward, Leonardo, Nolan, Laura)Enemy Units--15 (11 on Easy)Enemy Reinforcements--Two at your starting position at the end of turn 7Bonus Experience--120 Clear, 60 Speed (10 turn time limit)Items--Thani (chest), Wind Edge (chest), Steel Bow (enemy drop), EnergyDrop (chest)

    Now Laura joins the team. She's the Dawn Brigade's only healer, so she willbe extremely valuable. Keep her alive at all costs! You can cheaply getexperience with her an Micaiah--have Micaiah use Sacrifice to hurt herselfand heal an ally (and get some experience), then have Laura heal Micaiah toget experience herself. It works fantastically.

    Now, for the chapter itself. You need to have Laura reach the blue tileup north to clear the map, but why not get all the experience the level hasto offer? Have Edward move to the enemy up north. You can climb gaps inlevels like so. They cost two movement points instead of one, so pay closeattention. Don't attack him unless he has enough Defense and HP to survivethe foe's attack on the Enemy Phase. Down south, have Micaiah attack thesouthern enemy and have Nolan kill him.

    You'll notice Sothe appear briefly, opening a door. We'll get back to himsoon. On the second turn, have Edward kill the foe that attacked him, haveMicaiah and Nolan kill their enemies down south, then start movingeveryone towards Edward. The enemies around the boss could climb down thegap and attack you, but they won't.

    At the start of the third turn you will get control of Sothe. He is alreadysecond tier, and his high stats prove it. Don't use him too much becausehe'll get next to no experience from enemies. Move him south to meet upwith the rest of the group. You can find an enemy with a Javelin guardinga ledge in the southwest corner. Use Nolan with a Hand Axe, Leonardo, orMicaiah to kill him. Then have Sothe raid the chests and kill the remainingenemy down there. You need to get Thani, and uber Light tome, and give it

    to Micaiah. Wind Edge is a ranged sword that Edward can use to greateffect.

    With all of the threats out of the way, have Laura head for the arrivepanel. First, try and get all the experience out of the remaining foes.Have Sothe and Nolan go weaken up the foes, then have Micaiah destroy theboss, or at least severely weaken him, with Thani. Thani does insane damageagainst armored foes and foes on horseback. With everyone killed, go haveLaura arrive. Make sure to have Sothe grab the important Energy Drop in thechest next to the boss.

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    Hard Mode Notes--Take your time with the chapter. Again, have Nolan powerthrough it and get all of the experience. Use Sothe for assistance inweakening enemies, or killing direct threats to Nolan and the rest of theteam. Give Micaiah mooch kills every now and then, and be sure to takeyour time. Kill the reinforcements if they actually manage to catch up toyou. Kill the boss with Micaiah if you can, but there's no need to risk it.

    ~New Units Obtained~Laura--45% HP; 20% Strength; 70% Magic; 70% Skill, 70% Speed, 50% Luck;20% Defense; 35% ResistanceLaura's one and only purpose is to be a healer for the Dawn Brigade. If shegets attacked, she'll likely die in one shot. Keep her behind units justlike Micaiah. You don't have much of a choice of using her--buying healingitems is too expensive, and having the ability to heal at the start of aturn and having the healed unit then go out attacking is very useful.

    Sothe--30% HP; 60% Strength; 20% Magic; 80% Skill, 45% Speed, 65% Luck;20% Defense; 30% ResistanceSothe starts promoted, and he'll easily be killing every enemy that dares

    to touch him. Definately don't overuse him. Merely use his low-powerknives to weaken foes. His stats will quickly catch up with him and Sotheeventually becomes a very mediocre unit that has crappy avoid and lowpower and Defense.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------~4E.Chapter 1-3; A Faint Light~

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Victory--Escape (Defeat boss on Easy)Defeat--Any ally diesPlayer Units--7 (Micaiah, Edward, Leonardo, Nolan, Laura, Sothe, Ilyana)Enemy Units--19 (13 on Easy)Enemy Reinforcements--Three on the middle-right on the end of turn 1, 2 atthe starting point at the end of turn 6, two on the middle-right at theend of turn 8, two at the southwest corner at the end of turn 10, two atthe starting point at the end of turn 11Bonus Experience--160 Clear, 80 Speed (10 turn time limit), 200 persurviving partner unit (Easy mode only), 25 per Player unit escaping beforeMicaiah, 100 per partner unit escaping before MicaiahItems--None

    This is a difficult chapter. Battle Save often at the beginning of most ofyour turns. Have Edward head for the enemy off to the right, and send Nolanand Sothe a few spaces down to the left. Keep Nolan healed, and wait forAran to appear at the end of turn 1. He'll move to attack you, but don'tkill him. Have Laura talk to him and he'll join your team. He's useful asa wall with his high Defense, but otherwise isn't that great of a unit and

    a bit of an experience hog with no signs of great results.

    Kill off the remaining reinforcements, then regroup. Keep everyone at thestarting point so you can kill the reinforcements up there on turn 7. Oncethey are dead, have Nolan, Edward, and Sothe move south. Keep Laura behindthem, but make sure your three attackers are always walling off possibleenemy strikes. Kill more reinforcements along the middle-right, but besure to remain out of the boss's range while doing so. You'll easily takedamage (and attract the attention of an archer that tends to not attempt toattack you), so heal up everyone before moving further south.

  • 8/2/2019 Fire Emblem Walk Through


    Have Nolan with a Hand Axe, or Sothe, lure out the boss. He has a rangedweapon, so be careful. Weaken him with Sothe and Nolan, avoiding attactingthe attention of too many foes, and kill him with Micaiah. Be sure to sendtwo strong units back to the starting point to kill the reinforcements thatappear there at the end of turn 11. Those are the last reinforcements,thankfully, so after them you can go around killing everyone else on themap.

    Have Micaiah aid in killing the armored knights, then have Nolan, Edward,and Sothe go around and kill the remaining units. Keep Laura close byincase someone gets critically injured. Have Micaiah order the yellow unitsto target the Escape tile to earn Bonus Experience for their escape. Thenhave everyone else escape, and finall Micaiah for the most BonusExperience. Kill the longbow user first. Try not to get within his threespace range, then kill him with Sothe or Nolan.

    Hard Mode Notes--Probably the