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Formation workshop 1

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  • 1. Ministers of theLiturgy of the Word for ChildrenWelcome Please help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee, and take some time to chatand catch up with people before we begin.

2. Prayer for A Year of GraceGracious God,You have blessed this ancient landwith many gifts, especially its people.We thank you for the Year of Grace,a time to start afresh from Christ. 3. You invite us to contemplate the face ofJesus your Son,that we may experience a new wave ofgrace,and that the light of Christ may burn morebrightly in our lives.Attune our hearts and mindsto the presence of your Holy Spirit, 4. that our Church may be transformed,our relationships be healed,and our nation grow in compassion andjustice.With the intercession of St Mary MacKillop,who showed us new ways of living theGospel, 5. we make our prayerthrough Christ our Lord. Amen.Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us. 6. Liturgy Committee Our Lady of Mount Carmel WentworthvilleMinisters of theLiturgy of the Word for ChildrenFormation Workshop 7. For Discussion What is your experience of the Liturgy ofthe Word for Children? 8. The Second Vatican Council 9. The Second Vatican CouncilProvisions shall also be made, when revising theliturgical books, for legitimate variations andadaptations to different groups, regions, andpeoples, especially in mission lands, providedthat the substantial unity of the Roman rite ispreserved; and this should be borne in mindwhen drawing up the rites and devising rubrics.Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, 38 10. The Directory for Masses With Children Congregation forDivine Worship,1973 Masses with Adultsat Which ChildrenAlso Participate Masses withChildren in WhichOnly a Few AdultsParticipate 11. The Directory for Masses With Children Two generalprincipleso Full, conscious andactive participationo Liturgy cannot becompletely beyondlevel ofunderstanding 12. Masses With Adults 13. Masses With AdultsSometimes, moreover, if the place itself and thenature of the community permit, it will beappropriate to celebrate the Liturgy of theWord, including a homily, with the children ina separate, but not too distant, room. Then,before the Eucharistic Liturgy begins, thechildren are led to the place where the adultshave meanwhile celebrated their own Liturgy ofthe Word. Directory for Masses With Children, 17 14. Liturgy of theWord forChildren 15. Liturgy The public, communal worship of the ChurchWord A prayerful encounter withChildren Christ Mirroring the ritual structure of the adult liturgy 16. Liturgy Listen to, break open, respond to theWord scriptures The word of God is living and activeChildren Christ speaks to us in the proclamation of the gospel 17. Liturgy Adaptations to their level ofWord understanding Explanations and involvementChildren Directed towards children of primary school age 18. Liturgy of theWord forChildren 19. For Discussion Has what we have just consideredchanged your understanding of theLiturgy of the Word for Children? How is it similar or different to ourcurrent practice here in Wentworthville? 20. Leading the Liturgy of the Wordfor Children at Mass 21. Preparation Resources in cupboardand online Biblical commentarycan be downloadedfrom website Take time to reflect Read all three readings Let God speak to youthrough the Scripture 22. Before Mass Make sure the roster is followed Organise a swap/replacement if you cannotmake it Arrive in plenty of time to check-in, prepareand familiarise yourself Make sure the space is neat, tidy andprepared with anything you need on the day Place the Lectionary and candles in thechurch 23. Introductory Rites All children remainwith their familiesand celebrate theentire IntroductoryRites of the Masswith the assembly Priest calls childrenforward afterCollect prayer 24. Liturgy of the Word Gathering of children at the front of thechurch Sending forth by the priest Procession to the room, led by the candlebearers and a child carrying the Lectionaryfor Masses with Children An acclamation may be sung by the assembly as the children depart 25. Liturgy of the Word Children sit and settle themselves inroom Welcome and introduction may begiven 26. Liturgy of the Word ReadingsOptional Gospel AcclamationNot Alleluia in Lent Gospel Homily/ReflectionDialogue/Q&A can beusedPhysical engagementcan be used 27. Liturgy of the Word Profession of Faith Options available, but must be officialtexts Prayer of the Faithful There isnt a set text, but should endwith similar toLord, hear us Lord, hear our prayer. Concluding Remarks Prepare to return to church 28. Liturgy of the Eucharist All children return to the front of thechurch Priest addresses them Invites them to return to their families Some of the children may participate inoffertory procession All participate in the rest of Mass as partof the liturgical assembly

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