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Foundational Movement Practices

Date post:12-Jun-2015
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  • 1. Foundational Movement Practices 1165 N. Clark St., Ste. 602 Chicago, IL 60610 312-787-7222 www.TheBalancingCenter.com

2. Foundational Movement Practices? FMP, a signature series of simple movement patterns and body postures created to help you: Sit, stand and move better Be healthier and stay balanced 3. Commands we follow in pursuit of good posture Sit up Straight! Stand up Tall! Pull in your Stomach! Tighten your Abs! 4. Without the proper approach and mindfulness, an attempt to have better posture can lead to bad habits, worse posture and a stressed spine! 5. When our posture is off, the body compensates by creating defensive strain and tension producing: Uneven wear and tear Breakdown and pain Struggle against the downward pull of gravity 6. When posture is off, most people are unknowingly training their bodies to compensate better instead of function properly 7. The Foundational Movement Practices have wonderful benefits for your body, your posture, and your overall health. 8. Foundational Movement Practices Help you: Update and retrain your muscle memory default posture becomes ideal & healthy Activate the self-correcting nature of your spine and body Turn day-to-day activities into selfhealing therapies 9. Mary suffered from low back pain due to poor posture at her workstation Mary began chiropractic care at our office and started implementing the FMP program during the morning, at her desk and before bedtime. Mary now sits comfortably for eight hours or more with no pain at all, ending her day with energy and ease! 10. The benefits are countless.In addition to improving your posture, FMP: Create a strong foundation for your exercise regimen Safely try new exercises, sports, and activities like golf or yoga Reduce the likelihood of injuries from your existing physical activities Enhance body awareness, increase mental clarity and make your day-to day movements more efficient Strengthen you from the inside out and give you more consistent energy, stronger bones and supple muscles 11. Foundational Movement Practices are preformed: Laying down Seated StandingThe practices are effective if performed individually and complement each other when combined and performed in sequence. 12. Foundational Movement Practices are most effective when you incorporate them into your daily routine 13. Upon waking, right before bed, right before your workout, and when youre sitting at your desk any time you feel a need to refresh your personal browser 14. When practiced consistently and correctly, the Foundational Movement Practices support your whole body in its natural design for health. 15. Foundational Movement Practices take the benefits of your chiropractic adjustments and anchor them firmly into your body. As your chiropractic care clears the road for your healing, these practices keep the road clean, free and flowing 16. Foundational Movement Practices If you are brand new to the practice, you now have an idea of what to expect! If one of our practice members shared this link with you or youve stumbled upon this presentation out in cyberspace, You can schedule a visit focusing solely on FMP and receive a complimentary spinal balance evaluation! 17. www.TheBalancingCenter.com

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