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  • Frasers Hospitality Trust Investor Presentation January 2016

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    Certain statements in this Presentation constitute “forward-looking statements”, including forward-looking financial information. Such forward-looking statements and financial information involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of Frasers Hospitality Trust (“FHT”), Frasers Hospitality Asset Management Pte. Ltd. (as the manager of Frasers Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust) or Frasers Hospitality Trust Management Pte. Ltd. (as trustee-manager of Frasers Hospitality Trust Management Pte. Ltd.) (collectively, the “Managers”), or industry results, to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements and financial information. Such forward-looking statements and financial information are based on numerous assumptions regarding the Managers’ present and future business strategies and the environment in which FHT or the Managers will operate in the future. Because these statements and financial information reflect the Managers’ current views concerning future events, these statements and financial information necessarily involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. Actual future performance could differ materially from these forward-looking statements and financial information. The Managers expressly disclaim any obligation or undertaking to release publicly any updates or revisions to any forward-looking statement or financial information contained in this Presentation to reflect any change in the Manager’s expectations with regard thereto or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statement or information is based, subject to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and/or the rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) and/or any other regulatory or supervisory body or agency.The value of stapled securities in FHT (“Stapled Securities”) and the income derived from them, if any, may fall or rise. Stapled Securities are not obligations of, deposits in, or guaranteed by, the Manager or any of its affiliates. An investment in Stapled Securities is subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Investors should note that they have no right to request the Managers to redeem their Stapled Securities while the Stapled Securities are listed. It is intended that holders of Stapled Securities may only deal in their Stapled Securities through trading on the SGX-ST. Listing of the Stapled Securities on the SGX-ST does not guarantee a liquid market for the Stapled Securities . This document is for information only and does not constitute an invitation or offer to acquire, purchase or subscribe for the Stapled Securities. The past performance of FHT and the Managers is not necessarily indicative of the future performance of FHT and the Managers. This Presentation includes market and industry data and forecast that have been obtained from internal survey, reports and studies, where appropriate, as well as market research, publicly available information and industry publications. Industry publications, surveys and forecasts generally state that the information they contain has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but there can be no assurance as to the accuracy or completeness of such included information. While the Managers have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information is extracted accurately and in its proper context, the Managers have not independently verified any of the data from third party sources or ascertained the underlying economic assumptions relied upon therein. Any discrepancies in the figures included herein between the listed amounts and total thereof are due to rounding.

    Important Notice

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     FY2015 In Review

     Our Strategy

     Market Outlook

  • Best Western Cromwell, London

    FY2015 in Review

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    FY2015 Highlights

    DPS exceeded forecast by 2.6% at 7.56 cents Japan, Australia and UK properties turned in strong performances, balancing weaker performances in Singapore and Malaysia

    Growing the Portfolio Acquisition of the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth in Jul 2015 at AUD224 million Total portfolio valuation grew from SGD1.67 billion at IPO to SGD1.96 billion as at 30 Sep 2015

    Asset Enhancement Initiatives InterContinental Hotel renovation is on track to complete by 2Q FY2016 SGD26 million refurbishment of rooms and public areas to transform the hotel

    Prudent Capital Management Over 70% of borrowings in fixed-rate

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    EdinburghGlasgow London






    United Kingdom

    FHT- The Global Hotel and Serviced Residence Trust Diversified Portfolio Across Key Gateway Cities in Asia, Australia and UK

    13 Properties

    7 Cities

    3,206 Units¹

    Our Current Portfolio

    London Fraser Suites Queens Gate

    Glasgow Fraser Suites Glasgow

    Edinburgh Fraser Suites Edinburgh

    Sydney Fraser Suites Sydney Novotel Rockford Darling Harbour Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

    Kobe ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe

    SingaporeInterContinental Singapore Fraser Suites Singapore

    Kuala Lumpur The Westin Kuala Lumpur

    ¹Comprising 2,364 hotel rooms and 842 serviced residence units

    Edinburgh Fraser Suites EdinburghGlasgow

    Fraser Suites Glasgow

    Fraser Suites Queens Gate Fraser Place Canary Wharf Park International London Best Western Cromwell



    Kuala Lumpur

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    Financial Highlights FY2015

    ¹Forecasted figures adjusted to account for deferment of the renovation for InterContinental Singapore from Jul 2014 to Apr 2015 ²3.69 cents was paid on 29 Jun 2015 , 2.3 cents for the period from 1 Apr to 5 Jul 2015 was paid on 28 Sep 2015 as part of the Advanced Distribution in “Notice of Advanced Distribution Books Closure and Distribution Payment Dates” announced on 25 Jun 2015. Balance of 1.57 cents for the period from 6 Jul to 30 Sep 2015 will be paid on 29 Dec 2015

    Gross Revenue S$128.7 million 0.7%

    Net Property Income S$105.7 million 0.6%

    NPI Margin 82.1% 1.1ppt

    Distributable Income¹ S$93.7 million 1.2%

    DPS 7.56² cents 2.6%

    Number of Stapled Securities issued and issuable

    1,368.0 million units

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    Portfolio Contribution by Country - FY2015

    Singapore 31%

    Malaysia 10%

    Japan 14%

    Australia 18%

    United Kingdom 27%

    NPI S$ 105.7m

    Singapore 31%

    Malaysia 8%

    Japan 14%

    Australia 19%

    United Kingdom 28%

    GR S$ 128.7m

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    GR and NPI - FY2015

    Country Gross Revenue (mil) Net Property Income (mil)

    Actual Forecast Variance Actual Forecast Variance

    Singapore (SGD) 39.9 42.5 -6.2% 32.9 35.1 -6.1%

    Malaysia (MYR) 29.8 36.0 -17.3% 27.4 34.0 -19.5%

    Japan (JPY) 1,612.7 1,435.9 12.3% 1,333.7 1,173.5 13.6%

    Australia (AUD) 22.8 19.7 16.0% 18.3 15.2 20.4%

    United Kingdom (GBP) 17.0 15.9 7.5% 13.6 12.1 12.3%

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    304 315

    ADR (SGD)

    Actual Forecast

    83.7% 82.8%

    Ave OCC

    Actual Forecast

    254 261

    Ave RevPAR (SGD)

    Actual Forecast

    SGD mil Actual Forecast Variance

    GR 39.9 42.5 6.2%

    NPI 32.9 35.1 6.1%

     InterContinental Singapore  Fraser Suites Singapore

    Singapore Portfolio Performance

    • Fraser Suites Singapore had a softer performance in FY2015 due to the softening Singapore rental market. However, in 4Q FY2015, the property met its quarter forecast attributed to high occupancy levels

    • InterContinental Singapore (“ICSG”) was affected by the renovation works where an average of 84 rooms were out of order on a daily basis vs an average of 45 rooms in the original forecast

    • Despite the renovation, ICSG held up with high occupancy at 90% based on available rooms • Income top-up for ICSG was drawn down, in tandem with the extent of renovation work done

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    MYR mil Actual Forecast Variance

    GR 29.8 36.0 17.3%

    NPI 27.4 34.0 19.5%

    Malaysia Portfolio Performance

    500 504

    ADR (MYR)

    Actual Forecast

    359 397

    Ave RevPAR (MYR)

    Actual Forecast



    Ave OCC

    Actual Forecast

     The Westin Kuala Lumpur

    • The overall weakness of Malaysia market (aircraft incidents, political uncertainty and weaker economic activity) led to contracted occupancy across the city

    • Oil & gas industry continued to be weak but corporate demand is beginning to stabilise • The gap in GR and NPI narrowed due to Westin KL’s continued effort to drive group business into the hotel to increase

    its share of the wholesale market segment

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    JPY mil Actual Forecast Variance

    GR 1,612.7 1,435.9 12.3%

    NPI 1,333.7 1,173.5 13.6%

    Japan Portfolio Performance



    Ave RevPAR (JPY)

    Actual Forecast



    Ave OCC

    Actual ForecastActual Forecast

    12,522 12,216

    ADR (JPY)

     ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe

    • Japan’s GR exceeded forecast with strong performance in o

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