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Fredrik Barth: A Bibliography

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  • Fredrik Barth: A BibliographyCompiled by Astrid Anderson and Frydis Haugane

    Skrifter fra Universitetsbiblioteket i Oslo 9

    Fredrik Barth: A BibliographyCompiled by Astrid Anderson and Frydis Haugane

    This bibliography lists the publications of the renowned Norwegian anthropologist Fredrik Barth. Barths production covers publications about a wide range of places and topics, from ritual life among the Baktaman of Papua New Guinea to economic spheres in Darfur, and is read by students and researchers all over the world. Several of his publications are translated to various languages; for instance Icelandic, Portuguese and Turkish. The bibliography is organized by publication type and is sorted chronologically. It also includes selected interviews with and writings about Barth.

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    Skrifter fra Universitetsbiblioteket i Oslo

  • Fredrik Barth: A Bibliography

    Compiled by: Astrid Anderson and Frydis Haugane

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    IntroductionThis bibliography presents the work of the prominent Norwegian social anthro-pologist Fredrik Barth. Barths full name is Thomas Fredrik Weybye Barth, and he was born in Leipzig, Germany, December 22nd 1928. His parents were the geolo-gist Thomas Fredrik Weiby Barth and Randi Thomassen.

    Fredrik Barth started out his academic career with studies in paleoanthropology and archaeology at the University of Chicago where he received a MA degree in 1949. He continued his studies in England, first at London School of Economics and later at the University of Cambridge, where he received his PhD degree in social anthropology with the dissertation Political Organisation of Swat Pathans (1957).

    In Norway, he held a research scholarship at the University of Oslo from 1953 to 1958, and from the National Research Council from 1958 to 1961. In 1961, he became professor at the University of Bergen where he founded Department of Social Anthropology. Barth remained in Bergen until 1974, when he became professor of social anthropology and head of the Ethnographic Museum at the University of Oslo. In 1985, he was granted a state scholarship by the Norwegian government. Later, Barth has been a professor at Emory University (1989 to 1996), and at Boston University (1997 to 2008). He was awarded honorary doctorates at the University of Edinburgh in 1996 and at the University of Bergen in 2008.

    Barth has conducted numerous field works in various locations through his career, starting with Kurdistan in Iran in 1951, continuing to Pakistan, Sudan, New Guinea and Oman, and ending with Indonesia and Bhutan in the 1980s and -90s. Several of his many publications based on original ethnographic research have become classics, and his work about the Swat and Darfur has both recently been reactualized. Since Barths marriage to the anthropologist Unni Wikan in 1974, much of his field research has been carried out in cooperation with her.

    The bibliography is organized by publication type, and the publications are listed chronologically. Re-publications are listed below the original title, whereas translations are listed as separate entries.

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  • 10 Fredrik Barth: A Bibliography

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  • Books 11

    1983. Sohar: Culture and Society in an Omani Town. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

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    Book chapters1960. The system of social stratification in Swat, No