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Clark University

Front MatterSource: Economic Geography, Vol. 44, No. 4 (Oct., 1968)Published by: Clark UniversityStable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/142606 .

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SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY is a quarterly journal published by Clark University for the benefit of

geographers, economists, teachers, professional and businessmen, and all others who are interested in the intelligent utilization of the world's resources.

Regular subscription rates (except to charter subscribers) are $9.00 per year or $17.50 for two years (plus 50 cents per year for mailing charges outside the United States and its Territories and Canada) payable in full in United States dollars at Worcester, Mass.

A special rate of $4.50 per year (payable in advance in United States dollars) is available to stu- dents enrolled in universities or colleges anywhere. Student subscriptions are renewable at the same rate but for only one year at a time. For such renewals a note from a department chairman is re- quired, testifying to continued student status.

Single copies of back numbers will be sent to any American address for $2.50 each, and to any foreign address for $3.00. The price for a complete set will be furnished upon request.

Subscribers are requested to send notices of change of address at least five weeks before they are to take effect. The old as well as the new address must be given. Claims for nonreceipt of copies must reach us within six months of date of issue.

A cumulative index for Volumes 1 through 25 is available (cloth-covered, $5.00; paper-covered, $4.00); and a cloth-covered index for Volumes 26 through 41 (1950-1965) at $6.00 postpaid. For either index add 50 cents for postage outside the United States and Canada. The articles in the journal are also indexed in the International Index to Periodicals to be found in most United States libraries.

Send all subscriptions and orders to ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY Clark University Worcester, Mass. 01610, U.S.A.

INFORMATION FOR CONTRIBUTORS This magazine publishes articles in the fields of economic geography and in urban geography, as

well as occasional related articles in adjacent fields.

All articles should be typed on 8X2 x 11 inch paper and should be double-spaced. Only one copy should be submitted. Authors are requested to send with each article a statement as to the field work, special experience, or other background on which the article is based. If an article includes large maps or charts it is recommended that photographic reproductions of the illustrations be submitted. The originals may be requested later if the article is accepted. Authors are urged wherever possible to have maps and graphs prepared in such form that they can be reproduced without redrawing. In cases where it is necessary, a moderate amount of such work will be done at the editorial offices, but this may result in delay in publication. Delay will be avoided, also, if the author will send a caption with each illustration. All map or chart captions should show the source of data or other information unless this is already given in the illustrations. The sources of infortmation for all tables, too, should be shown. Wherever a photograph is used that was not taken by the author, some source credit must appear in the caption. Every article should have subheads, normally about one for each 500 or 600 words. They should be inserted by the author in the original manuscript. It is preferred that only one level of subhead be used.

A reasonable number of footnotes can be used with each article, but authors are requested to keep them to a minimum. Particularly, long informational footnotes should be avoided. All footnotes should be inserted between lines wherever they occur in the text rather than at the bottom of the page or at the end of an article.

Galley proof will ordinarily be submitted. Lengthy or unusual changes in proof will be charged to the author. An order blank for reprints will accompany the galley proof. Fifty reprints with covers are furnished free to each author.

The originals of all illustrations will be destroyed within one month of publication unless their return has been specifically requested before that time. Authors will be billed for postage on all illus- trative material returned.

All manuscripts submitted for publication and all books for review should be addressed to the Editor, ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY, Clark University, Worcester, Mass. 01610, U.S.A.

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Trans Europ Express: Overall Travel Time in Competition for Passengers Albert S. Chapman 283

Basic Measures of MIanufacturing in the United States, 1958 Joel L. Morrison, Morton W. Scripter, and Robert H. T. Smith 296

Change in Village and Rural Population with Distance from Duluth Kalevi Rikkinen 312

A Review of Problems and Achievements in the Economic Development of Independent Malaya ...... ........ Marion W. Ward 326

The Dying Village and Some Notions about Urban Growth John Fraser Hart, Neil E. Salisbury, and Everett G. Smith, Jr. 343

The Australian Petrochemical Industry . . . . . P eter J. Rimmer 350

Minimum Requirements After a Decade: A Critique and an Appraisal Edward L. Ullman 364


David Grove and Laszlo Huszar: The Towns of Ghana . . . Leslie J. King 370

Richard E. Lonsdale: Atlas of North Carolina .... Loyal Durand, Jr. 371

Allan R. Pred: The Spatial Dynamics of U.S. Urban Industrial Growth, 1800-1914: Interpretive and Theoretical Essays . . . Wilbur Zelinsky 372

James H. Johnson: Urban Geography: An Introductory Analysis David E. Keeble 374

Norman J. W. Thrower: Original Survey and Land Subdivision: A Com- parative Study of the Form and Effect of Contrasting Cadastral Surveys

Hildegard Binder Johnson 375

The editors and the University assume no responsibility for statements and opinions expressed by contributors

ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY Editorial and Business Offices: 950 Main Street, Worcester, Mass.

Published Quarterly at Commonwealth Press, 44 Portland Street, Worcester, Mass.

PRICE, $2.25 THE CURRENT NUMBER EIGHT DOLLARS A YEAR (except for charter subscribers)

Second Class Postage Paid at Worcester, Mass.

Copyright 1968 by Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts

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Among forthcoming articles are:

Electricity Industry of Central Siberia . . Brenton M. Barr and .James W. Bater

Geography of Federal Grants-In-Aid to States

Stanley D. Brunn and Wayne F. Hoffman

Towards Netherlands 2000: The Dutch National Plan . . Ronald H. Buchanan

Some Problems of Regional Development in West Africa . R. J. Harrison Church

Growth and Dispersion of Branch Banking in Tropical Africa, 1950-1964 ... ........ Holger L. Enberg and William A. Hance

Comparison of Waterfront Land Use in Four Canadian Ports: St. John's, St. John, Halifax, and Victoria ............. . C.N. Forward

Farm Structure in Regional Comparisons: California and New Jersey

Vegetable Farms ................... Howard F. Gregor

Agricultural Regions of the World: Review and Reflections . . . David Grigg

Influence of Cost Distance Factors on the Overseas Export of Corn from the Midwest .................... James F. Johnson

Origin of Anglo-American Cattle Ranching in Texas . ... Terry G. Jordan

Ethnic Geography and Regional Economies, 1880-1960 . . Martin T. Katzman

Toward a Geography of Enterprise . . . .. . . . .... Giinter Krumme

Electricity in Nigeria .. . . . . . . ........... E. S. Simpson

Property Values as a Structural Element of Urban Evolution . R.J. Solomon

Government as Farmer in New Zealand ........ . Stephen L. Stover

"Things Are Not Always What They Seem" For the Economic Geographer Eugene Van Cleef

Stony Ground .. ............ J. Russell Whitaker

Metropolitan Tidal Wave in Ohio, 1900-2000 . . .. . . Laurence J. Wolf

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