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Fundraising with AngelList and Gust

Date post:17-Oct-2014
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By the end of these slides, you will understand why and how to use AngelList to engage with investors and influencers. Sign up for our INVESTyR Daily Insider Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/IbP31 INVESTyR’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/INVESTyR INVESTyR’s Strategic Finance Blog: http://www.investyr.com/blog/ INVESTyR’s ONLINE COURSES AND PRODUCTS: Agile Financial Modeling http://bit.ly/1cYP4rC Throw Away Your Pitch Deck! http://bit.ly/1dQo7aN How to Hack an Investors Brain http://bit.ly/18aOvaG The Quick and Dirty on Videos that Move Money http://bit.ly/1bdTEzz Me and Your Money: P2P Lending Revealed http://bit.ly/1aavrfU Use Crowdfunding to Raise Money http://bit.ly/HJnR2D Raising Capital with Ease: AngelList and Gust http://bit.ly/1fmJgcS Influence Investors: Secret Twitter Tactics for Fundraising http://bit.ly/13ZzDJ6 Learn How to Find Investors Quickly! http://bit.ly/16962Cy Use LinkedIn to Find Investors http://bit.ly/12C1waX How Do I Set My Startups Valuation? http://bit.ly/1hQmEnn How Much Money Should You Raise? http://bit.ly/1fmJ6lR Successful Fundraising: The Roadmap to Money http://bit.ly/18aO8gh Assemble an A+ Advisory Board http://bit.ly/12C1IHk Find & Assemble a DealTeam http://bit.ly/12C1EXZ Fundraising Masters: The Ultimate Resource to Raising Money http://bit.ly/ZO7kx5 RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: Google Hangout based Entrepreneur Pitch Clinic: http://bit.ly/17HgIvb Google Hangout “Fundraising in the Digital Economy” Presentation: http://bit.ly/1epTX0A VELOCITY TRAINING PROGRAM (12 week intensive training): Coming soon!

Course Objective

To make it easy to use AngelList and Gust to engage investors and influencers.

Key Learning Outcomes

Best Practices Identifying Investors & Influencers Engaging in Dialogues Demonstrating Thought Leadership

Angellist and Gust: Working for U

Tool to identify Investors and Influencers Market Intelligence Insights on People Discover Commonality Platforms to Demonstrate Social Savvy

Unprecedented Access to People

Financial intermediaries have made a lot of money on their network. The value of that premium has decreased because you can now find the same people they know with tools like AngelList and Gust

Real investors want to be found Real investors want to engage in dialogue Don't waste time with the wrong people

AngelList and Gust Easy Setup Free Public and Private side Video is Critical One Liner and Executive Summary is Key Team Profiles

AngelList Gust

CraigsList Transparent Individuals Jobs Board + High Social Direct Invest Option

Investor Relations Closed Angel Groups Narrow Scope Low Social Gateway

Where to Start

Go to Angel.co and Gust.com Search the Site and Review Listings

Gust: "Browse Investors" / "Browse Startups" AngelList: "Trending" / "Popular"

Create an Account Load Everything into Profile Go live with Gust immediately "Published" WAIT to publish "Fundraising" on AngelList...

Building a Robust Profile

Quality Picture(s) Use headlines to show competencies Description about your personal passions

and capabilities. Highlight skills / achievements Highlight awards and press Highlight the team, including Advisors

Integrated into Fundraising Process

Spend a few minutes every day Send personal messages to people Follow people you want to meet Share your thoughts, insights and what you

find interesting via public posts Read up on what other people are saying Tip: Highlight presence, but don't say

"fundraising" etc. in public posts

Finding Investors

Gust: "Browse Investors" (groups only) Power Tip: Search Angel Groups. Search "Angel

Group Name" in LinkedIn to find members AngelList: "People" -> "Investors"

Power Tip: Search Companies and View Investors Build a list of Investors and Influencers

Use a CRM Connect via social media, online communities Find events to meet in person Reach out, open dialogue

Smart Networking

Focus on the influencers and investors that matter.

Control the process.

How to Open a Dialogue

Industry conversations Know the people they know Shared interests Provide the person with insights (do them a

favor) Share articles / insights "thought of you..." Solicit feedback "I want to open a line of communication".

Networking: Winners and Losers

Winners.... Find Commonality Establish Rapport with Industry Knowledge Ask for small Increments of Time

Share thoughts on industry Ask for validation of an idea/opportunity

Losers... Ask for money / investment

Eliminating Investors

Don't waste time with the wrong people

Background research can pay off significantly

Finding out who not to talk to is as important as finding the right conversations

Investor Filter:A short list of things management / founders can't tolerate in a funder.

Action Plan

Establish Robust Profile Complete Profile - Brand YOU Articulate Passions / Interests

Integrate AngelList & Gust into Workflow Follow AngelList users you want to meet Watch what they are saying / investing in Post updates and Interact on the platform

Publish Thought Leadership Content breaks down barriers with cold connections! Link to published articles Link to videos

Next Steps

Join our Master Fundraising Course Join us now for 50% off "FAN" www.udemy.com/raisemoneyusingdigitalmedia/ Feedback: Jason (at) INVESTyR.com

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