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Date post: 02-Jun-2015
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Overview of best practices for Home Depot Exteriors sales team
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Housekeeping• Restroom breaks – go as needed• In the interest of others, phone ringers off please• To minimize paper waste, this presentation is available online

Please withhold questions until end of each section if possible

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Home Depot ExteriorsSimonton Review 2014

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1. Increase Leads2. Increase AOV3. Increase Closing %

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Sales overview

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Page 10: HDX Sales Training

Decision making criteriaFour customer “Must-Haves”

1. Confidence in the


2. Confidence in the

Company/Local Service


3. Confidence in the Associate

4. Price/budget range

Page 11: HDX Sales Training

Why Manufacturer/Product?

• Do it right the first time• Financial staying power/warranty • Quality = longevity

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Page 13: HDX Sales Training

Financial Stability

Fortune Brands Home and Security Division

FBHS#1 or #2 product nationally in every category

Page 14: HDX Sales Training

Financial Strength

Source: http://in.finance.yahoo.com/news/fortune-brands-home-security-reports-200200044.html

Page 18: HDX Sales Training

Customer Behavior


You do this for a living, the customer doesn’t

Customer behavior

Page 19: HDX Sales Training

Customer behavior

Page 20: HDX Sales Training

“85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to negotiate and lead. Only

15% is due to your technical knowledge.”

~Carnegie Institute of Technology

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Associate differentiators – Successful guides

Be a people person – John C. Maxwell

• Asking questions and getting others to talk about themselves makes them like you more

• Step by step guide to change communication approach to maximize ‘likeability’ factor

Page 23: HDX Sales Training

Associate differentiators – Successful guides

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie 15M copies

• Become genuinely interested in other people.• Smile.• Remember that a person's name is, to that person, the

sweetest and most important sound in any language.

• Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.

• Talk in terms of the other person's interest.• Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely

Page 24: HDX Sales Training

Associate differentiators – Successful guides

Buff And Polish: A Practical Guide To Enhance Your Professional Image And Communication Style -

Kathryn J Volin

• Proper etiquette• Making a lasting first impression• How to remember a person’s name• Non-verbal communication skills

Page 25: HDX Sales Training

Ask Questions!Effectively gaining your customer’s confidence in you

Why are we here today?What do you hope to accomplish with this project?What don’t you like about your existing windows?

Follow up questions are necessary to dig deeper

Asking the right questions will uncover the customer’s hot buttons and teach YOU how to sell


Page 26: HDX Sales Training


From Reverse Selling Psychology by David H. SandlerAsking questions is paramount to the salesperson’s success. The following

slides are some examples.

Page 27: HDX Sales Training


From Reverse Selling Psychology by David H. Sandler

Questions alone can sometimes appear harsh and arrogant. A softening statement creates a less defensive atmosphere for the prospect while ensuring a straight answer. Let's look at a few softening statements.

Example #2:"Good question.""I'm glad you asked me that.""That's a good point.""That seems to be an important question to you."

If you speak quietly and use softening statements, you will calm the prospect, and your questions will surface in a non-offensive way.

Page 28: HDX Sales Training

Asking the RIGHT questions

The wrong way

Customer: How do the locks work?Consultant: They are dual action cam locks. They pull the upper and lower sash apart as well as the meeting rail together. This, along with additional weather stripping at the meeting rail, creates a very tight seal.

Customer: Oh, I see. And they’re strong?Consultant: Yes. Our locks are very strong

If you do not know the motivation behind the question, ask questions first until you do.

Page 29: HDX Sales Training

Asking the RIGHT questions

The Right Way

Customer: How do the locks work?Consultant: That’s a great question, and I will show you. Why is that important to you?

Customer: I don’t think my existing locks are very good, and I want to see how these work.Consultant: This seems to be an important topic for you. What don’t you like about your existing locks?

Customer: My home was broken into last year. I want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Now you understand the motivation and can cater your presentation accordingly, directly addressing hot buttons

Page 30: HDX Sales Training

Asking the RIGHT questions

“Where did you grow up?”

This is a very emotional question. It immediately brings back thoughts of early childhood, siblings, parents, and hometowns. Oftentimes it’s different than the town you’re making a presentation in. Oftentimes it will reveal commonalities and similar interests. That one simple question will guide you to a beginning point of a relationship, and can easily be segued into brief customer history.~Jeffrey Gitomer, 5 Sales Tips To Cash In On


Page 31: HDX Sales Training


Customer behavior – Third party

Research what the internet is saying about your competition

Keep web addresses for all negatives. If backed into a corner, direct customers to resource. Understand customer’s hot

buttons through online research


Page 32: HDX Sales Training

Skill building exerciseFlash Card

Page 33: HDX Sales Training

81% stated that staying within a budget was very important.

72% stated that when shown high value they would definitely exceed budget by 20%

Value always trumps price.

Customer behavior - Budget

In a recent online survey:

Page 35: HDX Sales Training

Some interesting background:• People spend more when the $ sign is removed from the

quote¹• Anchoring and contrast means more customers will purchase

the middle option - approximately 80%²• Giving the customer a choice of selection, increases the

likelihood of the customer purchasing by 300%³

Pricing Strategies

¹ From Cornell University http://www.hotelschool.cornell.edu/research/chr/pubs/reports/abstract-15048.html

² From Peep Laja – “Pricing Experiments You Might Not Know, But Can Learn From” http://conversionxl.com/pricing-experiments-you-might-not-know-but-can-learn-from/#.

³ From Harvard Business – “Why you need to see two products before you’ll buy one”http://blogs.hbr.org/daily-stat/2013/08/why-you-need-to-see-two-produc.html

Page 37: HDX Sales Training

1. The most expensive (dream) option

2. Your target option

3. Their budget option

Position Yourself




Page 38: HDX Sales Training

Option 1 – “Dream Option”

“If money was no object”

Bay/bow windowWood grainHardware upgradeFrench Door vs. Patio DoorEnergy Efficient glass upgrade

If you don’t present it they cannot choose it – and some will!

Page 42: HDX Sales Training

What’s your take?

Are these the criteria you


Manufacturer/ProductService Provider

Associate Budget

Page 45: HDX Sales Training


Give the 72% a reason to spend more money

Page 47: HDX Sales Training

Double Hung

¾” Stainless Steel Constant-Force

Coil Balance Allows for a maintenance free, system

for sash stability.

Multiple Chambers Profile

Vinyl profiles are filled with 13 dead air chambers that increase window insulation

and aides structural integrality

Tilt in/Lift out SashAllow sash to tilt in for easy cleaning

Supercept Spacer SystemMakes for low conduction rates, moisture-resistance and thermal

efficiencyContoured Extruded Lift RailsAllows for easy opening –no matter how

big the window.

Flush Mounted Tilt LatchesFor a clean, smooth sash rail.

Dual Air LocksFor ventilation

Cam LockUnique designed secure

window lock

Fusion-Welded Frame and Sash

Profiles and sashes are fused together to create a weather tight, strong one-

piece unit.

Accessory GrooveFor the addition of decorative

trim & to aid in installation

3 ¼” FrameAllows to fit most


⅞” Insulated Glass Unit

Double pane, Double strength glass with

Low E and Argon Gas for increased energy



Exterior Frame

Meeting RailMakes for a tight seal with

our patented Inter-locking/Over-lapping


Extruded ScreensFor strength and durability

Page 49: HDX Sales Training


Crucial Points:• Four decision-making criteria – customer buy in• Three price options• Ask questions•Get comfortable

Put what you have learned here into practice over the next month and watch your closing percentage and AOV increase!

Page 50: HDX Sales Training