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Holiday Shopping Habits

Date post:15-Apr-2017
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  • https://www.firstent.org/gender_spending.shtml




    Think they will still be shopping on Christmas Eve.

    38%of MEN

    21%of WOMEN

    Will finish shopping at the last minute.

    15%of WOMEN

    25%of MEN


    of MEN53%59%

    of WOMEN

    Women would rather use cash.

    of MEN62%54%

    of WOMEN

    Men prefer to use credit cards.


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    As the holiday season approaches, men and women across the globe will be spending more time and money than usual on shopping. Research will play an important part in holiday spending, as more consumers than ever before will spend time looking online, on their mobile devices and in stores to get the best deals. But how will the different genders use this research to get their gift shopping done?

    of MEN83%73%

    of WOMEN

    Enjoy getting emails with recommendations based on previous purchases.

    of MEN49%38%

    of WOMEN

    Research coupons for an upcoming purchase.

    of MEN33%43%

    of WOMEN

    Look for sales and special deals.

    Believe they are unaffected by holiday marketing efforts.

    38%of MEN

    27%of WOMEN

    Planning to start holiday shopping before September.

    9%of MEN

    15%of WOMEN


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