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Firstly, the use of I have no other talent! as a slightly separated section of text draws the reader into it and helps them connect to the actor. This is because the actor has shown a personal side to himself, perhaps an insecurity. Having an emotive or personal side to an article will help to engage the audience because its not all facts and storyline based; we get to go behind the scenes to see the actors motivations. Paired with this, the conversational style helps us see deeper into the actors influences and other areas of interest. This is because the two actors, Vaughn and Lester, bounce off each other and what the other is saying. This helps the audience understand them more because the actors arent talking specifically to an interviewer but each other and are more likely to open up.

Secondly, the overall composition of the article is smart without excess colour and decoration. This matches the genre in which Hustle is set because the con-artists are swift and minimalist. This technique links closely with the appearance of both the actors; they are well-dressed in dark suits. This connotes strength and perhaps danger because they both make direct eye contact with the camera suggesting fearlessness.

Thirdly, the articles author has used a small section of text before the main article to detail the key information relating to the programme. These quick facts help the reader avoid taking in the whole article and is especially helpful to those revisiting the article for this information only.

Fourthly, the article references Robert Vaughns expertise in the acting industry throughout as a means of gaining the readers interest. Some of these include the black and white photo, showing where he started and the breadth of his career, as well as the fact he taught Nicholson...and hung out with the Kennedy's. This shows the audience that he is well-known enough that he has the opportunities to meet the former US President as well as impart his knowledge to other actors. Therefore the audience will be more inclined to watch Hustle because there is a certain guarantee it will be well executed because Vaughn stars in it.

Finally, the image really gives the reader the idea that we are behind the scenes predominantly due to the way it is set up. For example we can see cables and lighting equipment that may give the impression that they are on-set. The composition of the image also gives the power to Vaughn as he is stood whereas Lester is sat.

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