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Hustle University Homecoming 2012

Date post:21-Jan-2015
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  • 1. Pictures from the 1st AnnualHustle University Homecoming 2012

2. The Hustle University Homecoming 2012 Honorees) SOL MESSIAH DRES THAABYSSDJ TAZBEATNIKJASONRAHEEM THE DREAM ORR PHILLIPIA KILO ALI 3. The Hustle University P.H.D. (Professional Hustlers Degree) 4. Hotep, Hustle University President & Founder 5. Thanks for making the1st Annual HU Homecoming a HUGE SUCCESS! 6. SPONSORED BY: 7. Visit our WEBSITE andsubscribe to our NEWSLETTER to find the date of the next one! 8. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

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