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Various authors with inspiring thoughts

As I look back on the last decade of my life I attribute the largest single personal, professional and peace of mind gains to Matthew and his coaching/ mentoring. Thru Matthews guidance I have been able to build a life that I love living. Sure, he was there when I bought my first Rolex, BMW, and made the first million but those things really pale in comparison with the real gifts such as learning how to be grateful and accepting myself and other people unconditionally. Matthew is one of the rarest people on the planet because of the intensity in which he projects his energy in fulfilling other peoples dreams. Whether you are seeking fame, fortune, joy, acceptance or just pure bliss, the teacher is ready when you are and his name is Matthew Ferry.

Ron RubinMatthews coaching programs DELIVER. His processes truly do lead to power, profit and peace of mind. My experience through the 6 month mastermind program exceeded my expectations. I had unbelievable moments of clarity, unlike any in 20+ years and worth any price. My marriage has opened to a new level, and my wife deeply appreciates the shift. Unexpected, unexplainable good fortune has become a regular experience for me. Oh, and without doing anything differently, my net worth grew by more than my current annual income in 6 months. Whether youre in sales like many of his clients, or like me with a technology background, once you allow Matthews coaching and processes to work, your business, your life and your experiences will be deeply, positively and permanently transformed.

Bernie MaloneyAfter participating in Matthews classes and applying his teachings on a daily basis, every aspect of my life has transformed into a celebration of joy. Experiencing enthusiasm and a renewed zest for life, I wake up every morning with a feeling of eagerness and positive anticipation for what this day is going to bring. Not only has my business expanded beyond belief, I also have drawn to me my soul mate and life partner. Matthews teachings, fueled with his strong passion and humor, have inspired me to live a life, better and brighter than I ever could have imagined. Matthew has shown me to dream big, to have the courage to go for the realizations of my dreams. To trust myself, living with awareness and clarity are his greatest gifts to me.

Deva Sukumari

Copyright 2008-2012 Matthew Ferry. Published and distributed by Elevate The Vibe LLC. All Rights Reserved01.14.12


Matthew FerryMatthew Ferry is a revealer, illuminator & awakener whose point he has personally coached more then 8000 people, including to cutting-edge entrepreneurs and sales people, who were all of view creates instant transformation in peoples lives. Since 1993 leaders in business at esteemed companies like Goldman Sachs seeking to breakthrough what had been stopping them from

achieving happiness. With tens of thousands of hours invested in

the understanding of what causes a person to take the actions that

will lead to success, Matthew has discovered a shocking truth; that happiness is the vital ingredient for creating success and NOT the result of achieving success.

If you are ready for a breakthrough, then Matthew Ferrys provocative, left field approach will inspire and empower you to take action on your most cherished dreams NOW.

As a global thought leader in personal transformation, Matthew Ferry has penned

many powerful books and life-changing seminars including Transforming Fear into

Action, Creating Sales Velocity and the infamous Inspired Action Coaching Program. In addition to his ground breaking Inspired Action Weekly Coaching Program,

Matthews latest offering Ridiculous Bliss based on his most powerful work as a coach and trainer. Discover that your mind is not your friend, your opinion is the source of your suffering, and that nothing has to change to make you happy.

Copyright 2008-2012 Matthew Ferry. Published and distributed by Elevate The Vibe LLC. All Rights Reserved01.14.12


Instant Inspiration

Copyright Matthew Ferry 2008 - 2012 All rights reserved. This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without written permission of the Author. Published and distributed by: Elevate The Vibe LLC PO Box 9232 Seattle, WA 98109 949-427-0705 [email protected] Cover art and graphics by Vektorial DesignCopyright 2008-2012 Matthew Ferry. Published and distributed by Elevate The Vibe LLC. All Rights Reserved01.14.12


Table of ContentsIntroduction....................................................................... 7 Strategy One - Your Prophecy Letter................................10 Strategy Two - The 10/10 Visualization........................... 13 Strategy Three - Daily Gratitude List...............................17 Strategy Four - Daily Intentions.......................................19 Strategy Five - Attracting the Perfect People................... 21 Strategy Six - Your Victories and Miracles....................... 26 Strategy Seven - Create a Dream Board........................... 27

Strategy Eight - The Power of Meditation........................31

Strategy Nine - The Power of Visualization..................... 34 Strategy Eleven - The Power of Affirmations................... 39

Strategy Ten - Power Daydreaming................................. 35 Strategy Twelve - Empowering Questions........................41 Strategy Thirteen - The Power of Forgiveness.................. 44 Strategy Fourteen - Trevors Visualizing Game................ 47 Strategy Fifteen - The Perfect Game.................................52

Copyright 2008-2012 Matthew Ferry. Published and distributed by Elevate The Vibe LLC. All Rights Reserved01.14.12


Instant Inspiration15 Bulletproof Strategies to Get You Inspired and in Action on Your Dreams Now

Copyright 2008-2012 Matthew Ferry. Published and distributed by Elevate The Vibe LLC. All Rights Reserved01.14.12


IntroductionA young man approached the manager of a lumber mill and told him I can chop wood three times faster then any of your men, you should hire me. The manager said, I dont have any positions available right now, young man. And my guys are the best in the business. So there is no way your claim is true. To which the young man rebutted, If your guys are that good, then give me a shot and prove me wrong. The manager agreed to the challenge. After the contest was done, the young man had chopped three times as much wood in the same amount of time as his competitor. The young man was hired. After three weeks the manager noticed the young man was chopping wood at the same rate as everyone else. He approached the young man after work one day and declared, Im going to have to let you go! You arent keeping your end of the bargain. You have slowed down and you are now chopping at the same speed as everyone else.

Copyright 2008-2012 Matthew Ferry. Published and distributed by Elevate The Vibe LLC. All Rights Reserved01.14.12


The young man looked defeated and replied, Ive been so busy chopping wood that I havent had time to sharpen my ax. Why are success and happiness out of reach for most people? Because most people are not inspired and consequently in action on their dreams. In this book, you will receive 15 bulletproof strategies to get inspired today. There is no someday. These strategies will give you the tools you need to shortcircuit the steps to your own success. Every strategy is about lining up your energy, getting your mind focused and removing the obstacles to joy, inspiration, happiness and excitement. When you feel those things, you are on fire, loving life and totally in action. No external motivation sources are necessary. After personally coaching over 8,000 people one-on-one to achieve success and happiness, I realized that what set apart the people who achieved success from those who struggled to achieve was one simple concept. The discipline of sharpening your mental AX! It is so easy to avoid the disciplines that bring about long-term prosperity, happiness and peace. We gravitate to those things that blot out the suffering of the mind. It is so tempting to fill the mind with entertainment and bubble gum. Every discipline in this book will help you create a life filled with anticipation, excitement, joy and outstanding results.

Copyright 2008-2012 Matthew Ferry. Published and distributed by Elevate The Vibe LLC. All Rights Reserved01.14.12


Its all about sharpening your ax. And what is your ax? Your mind, your thoughts, your energy, your focus! Are you ready to get into that place of joy, happiness, excitement and enthusiasm NOW? These feelings make way for inspiration. When you are inspired you will go the extra mile, do what is necessary to get the results you want. When you are inspired, there is no need for motivational pep talks. When you are inspired, you take action because you want to. You do hard things that other people may not do, with pleasure. Any one of the 15 strategies that follow could be the ONE idea, tool, discipline or technique that accelerates your success and happiness into the stratosphere this year. Warning: Dont make yourself wrong and beat yourself up if you dont do every single thing these strategies tell you to do. Just do the most you can do. Dont get stuck, dont get stopped by what you are feeling or thinking when you read the lesson. If you cant get yourself to do it, move on to the next one. One of my strategies is going to get you inspired and in action on your dreams. Just keep pushing forward!

Copyright 2008-2012 Matthew Ferry. Published and distributed by Elevate The Vibe LLC. All Rights Reserved01.14.12


Strategy One - Your Prophecy LetterThe first thing you want to do is get out of the

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