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Instant Messaging for Libraries

Date post:02-Jun-2015
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  • 1. TechTracks:Instant Messaging (IM)Amanda StoneSouth Carolina State Library803-734-4816E-mail: astone@statelibrary.sc.govIM: AStonescsl

2. IM definitiona form of real-time communicationbetween two or more people basedon typed textReasons to useEasy collaborationLess intrusiveSaved conversation(Wikipedia, Instant Messaging, 12/6) 3. IM and teens75% of online teens use IMHalf of instant-messaging teens orroughly 32% of all teens use IMevery single day.Email is something you use to talk toold people, institutions, or to sendcomplex instructions to large groups.(2005 Pew Internet & American Life survey) 4. Statistics/Use of Instant MessagingIts not just those darn kids anymoreMore than 4 in 10 online Americanadults IM24% of this population swap IMsmore frequently than emailIncreasingly used both at home andat work(2004 Pew Internet & American Life survey) 5. Reasons to have IMEasy for librarian and- userConstant presence with userSpeed of transactionDocument, image, URL, voice sharingMore reliable than traditional co-browsingsoftwareReaches hard-to-reach population-twenties, teens, online and independentusers (the Google generation) 6. IM ClientsAIM (AOLs IM)Yahoo! MessengerWindows LiveMessenger (MSN)Google TalkICQQQ (China)Gadu-Gadu(Poland)MeeboTrillianGaimMulti-Platform ClientsSingle-Platform Clients 7. AIMMost popular client in USwith 53 million active usersMany different optionsDownloaded clientWeb-based clientMobile client (cell phones,PDAs)IM Pro available:integration with Outlook,encrypted security 8. Sign up for AIM accountwww.aim.comChoosing namePersonal name, library nameEstablished AOL account usernameRegister for accountCheck email, verify account 9. meeboMulti-platform clientCan be logged into more than one type ofaccount at the same time (AIM, Yahoo,MSN, etc)Web-basedDo not have to download any softwareEasy to accidentally log out ofVery basic IM features 10. MeeboMeCan have patrons chat right from yourwebpage.Patrons dont need an IM client, just InternetMeeboMe on your MySpace page 11. THX = TX = THKS=Thanks!Internet slang, acronyms, emoticonsIM users commonly use some shortcutsNo need to panic!FWIWTTYL*g*, [_]>L8RBRBTHX:-) ;-) :-P 12. IM Reference @ your LibraryIM community assessmentInformal survey of IM practiceStaff trainingTime to playGood support documentsIT involvementTechnology needsConcerns over security(Tips & Strategies for Launching an IM Reference Service/Amanda Etches-Johnson) 13. IM Reference @ your LibraryStaffing the IM deskReference desk/personal desk/otherHoursLet your community knowBlog, handouts, signs, email, contactlocal schools, website, newspaper, localmorning news, interpretive danceoutside city hall (maybe not)Evaluate programTranscript analysis, staff input, statistics 14. IM Tips & TricksIM reference is still a reference interviewExplain what you are doingSend short messagesSend attachments or email laterUse away messageDont worry about perfect spelling,grammarScripts for certain events: inappropriatequestions, out-of-scope questions 15. SMS (text messaging) reference*Two trainings for the price of one*Close to half of teens (45%) own a cellphone, and 33% have used a cell phoneto send a text message. (Pew, 2005)Southeastern Louisiana University: Texta LibrarianCurtin University of Technology(Australia) 16. Security/SafetySame security fears as emailTeach patrons not to talk to strangersDont click on URLs or acceptdocuments you dont trustBe careful with screen names:ASmith29201 or CayceGrrl21SPIM=spam for IMUnsolicited commercial messages sentvia an IM systemLearn to block or warn users 17. Concerns?What are your Concerns?Questions?Comments? 18. Resources http://del.icio.us/techtracks http://librarytrax.wordpress.com

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