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INTERCARGO International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners. Joint Technical Seminar Bulk Carrier Casualties 22nd November, 2006 by Roger Holt Secretary General. INTERCARGO. Bulk Carrier casualties and incidents. INTERCARGO. Agenda:. Casualty Data Casualty Report for 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • INTERCARGOInternational Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners

    Joint Technical SeminarBulk Carrier Casualties22nd November, 2006byRoger HoltSecretary General


    Bulk Carrier casualties and incidents


    Agenda: Casualty Data

    Casualty Report for 2005

    Casualty expectations for 2006

    - IACS Rules

  • INTERCARGOBulk CarrierCasualty Data

  • INTERCARGOLosses by Cause 96 bulk carriers over 10,000 dwt have been identified as lost, or on average 9.6 ships per year 372 crewmembers have lost their lives, or on average 37 deaths per year 21.11 years was the average age of the bulk carriers lost 4.0 m dwt has been lost, or on average 402,514 dwt per year

  • INTERCARGOLosses by Bulk Carrier TypeHandysize (61 Losses)Capesize (7 Losses)Panamax (16 Losses)Handymax (12 Losses)

  • INTERCARGOLosses by Age

  • INTERCARGOLosses by Cargo Carried

  • INTERCARGOLosses Caused by Structural Failure


  • INTERCARGOLosses by Average Age

  • INTERCARGOLoss of Life

  • INTERCARGOShips and Lives Lost

  • Flag State performanceINTERCARGO

  • INTERCARGOAnnual Average Ships Lost

  • INTERCARGOAnnual Average Lives Lost

  • INTERCARGOAnnual Average DWT Lost

  • INTERCARGOAnnual Age of Ships Lost


    Casualty Reportfor 2005

  • INTERCARGOAnalysis of total losses in 2005

    6 bulk carriers over 10,000 dwt have been identified as total losses for the year 2005 out of a growing world dry bulk fleet (over 10,000 dwt) estimated as 6,071 ships .

    8 crew members lost their lives.

    6 bulk carriers lost with an average age of 24.00 years, compared to an average age of 15.20 years for the world bulk carrier fleet over 10,000 dwt.

  • INTERCARGO 0.16 million dwt lost out of a total of 340.50 million dwt for the world bulk carrier fleet over 10,000 dwt, accounting for 0.04%.

    Concentration of casualties once again occurs in the smaller sizes of bulk carriers.

    Two other serious incidents occurred, but contrary to press reports given at the time of the incidents, these bulk carriers will be repaired and returned to service. These vessels were the Hua Ling (IMO No.7392878) and the Vertigo (IMO No.8417601).



    m/v Bright Sunm/v Starluckm/v Golden Dragonm/v Aureliam/v Everise Glory Geographical overview of the lossesm/v Kiperousa

  • INTERCARGOAurelia, bulk carrier

  • INTERCARGOBright Sun, bulk carrier

  • INTERCARGOEverise Glory, bulk carrier

  • INTERCARGOGolden Dragon, bulk carrier

  • INTERCARGOKiperousa, bulk carrier

  • INTERCARGOStarluck, bulk carrier


    Casualty expectations for 2006

  • INTERCARGOCasualties to-date in 2006

    Alexandros T has been tragically lost during 2006 with the loss of 26 crew members.

    Setsuyo Star was a near miss also off S.Africa

    Total Losses in 2006: 6 ships + 37 livesvis--vis 9.6 ships + 37 losses of lives average per year over the past 10 years

  • trend downwards:

    2006 (to 11.06) 6 losses / 1 structural

    2005 6 / 1

    2004 5 / 1

    2003 4 / 0

    . 1996 14 losses


  • Casualty analysis must be viewed within the context of fleet growthCasualty rates remain consistent Assuming no further casualties in 2006, loss rate will be around 1 per 1,000 vessels (1996-2.6)INTERCARGOAnalysis of total losses in 2006


    IACS Rules

  • Bulk Carriers - IMO & IACS RequirementsINTERCARGOSource: ABSRequirements have come into force affecting new and/or existing Bulk CarriersFocus is to enhance the hull watertight / weathertight integrity, to provide flooding protection & detection, and to protect seafarers

  • INTERCARGOINTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DRY CARGO SHIPOWNERSThank you www.intercargo.orgwww.shippingfacts.comhttp//gisis.imo.orgwww.themaritimefoundation.com

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