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Internet Marketing Strategy for Telecom Providers

Date post:19-Nov-2014
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  • 1.

2. Your customers & prospects are on the Internet!

  • 73% of Americans use the Internet
    • 89%of 18 to 24 year olds
      • Gaming and communicating with friends
    • 80% to 89%of 25 to 49 year olds
      • Information research and buying products
        • Generation X leads all age groups in product purchases online: 80%
    • 71% to 78%of 50 to 59 year olds
    • 55%of 60 to 69 year olds
    • 45%of 70 to 75 year olds
      • 74% of 64+ use e-mail vs. 73% of teens who use e-mail

3. Your most valuable customers are using search engines, researching products and services & using e-mail: 4.

  • Social networks and blogs
  • are now the4 thmost popular
  • online activity
    • More popular than personal
  • e-mail
  • Member communitiesare
  • visited by 67% of the global
  • online population

They are also social networking: 5. The new rules of marketing:

  • Traditional media = Interruption marketing
    • TV ads, direct mail, billboards
  • New media = Reach interested customers at the point of consumption
    • If customers are looking and you arent there, you miss out on sales opportunities

6. Youareyour web site

  • It is the main source of customer and prospect communicationabout your company
    • It can tell compelling stories, educate, engage customers in conversation and entertain them
    • It should provide detailed information and resources
  • It defines your brand, corporate personality, level of professionalism, credibility and expertise
  • It drives sales, increases revenue and builds and strengthens customer relationships
    • Your web site can determine whether people want to do business with you

7. Attributes of good web sites

  • Web sites of the past are:
    • Static
    • One size fits all
    • Brochure style
  • Web sites of today should:
    • Be built around customer and prospect needs
    • Provide the information and messages your customers want to hear
    • Engage customers and create community

8. Good web sites start with the buyer

  • What different audiences are coming to your site?
    • You probably provide different services to different geographies
  • Who are they and what are their problems?
    • Create buyer personas and build your site around it
      • Angry Alltel customer looking for better local coverage and support?
      • Existing Baby Boomer customer with a thirst for technology?
      • Rural customers who are fed up with dial-up?
      • Blue collar families trying to cut costs?
      • Businesses looking for a less expensive communication solution?
        • What are their motivations?
        • What content will make them buy?

9. The benefits of using a blog platform for your web site design

  • A blog platform is nothing more than a content management system that allows you to add and change content easily without understanding code or web design
    • Blog architecture has built in tools and functionality, which are perfect for small businesses
    • There are 4 main blogging platforms:
      • **Wordpress**
      • Blogger
      • Typepad
      • Moveable Type
    • You can apply one of thousands of pre-made template designs and youre ready to go

10. Two examples of stock blog layouts: 11. Fidelity Communications web site: 12. MTCs web site: 13.

  • Flexibility:
    • You can change the layout
    • without changing the content
    • You can add and change the
    • design, content and pages at will
      • Easily embed video, and audio
      • Easily embed other RSS feeds
      • Can include and rotate ads
  • They encourage social networking
    • Comments allowed after every post
    • Share this buttons allow people to e-mail or submit to Digg, Delicious, etc.
    • Can embed your Twitter feed and a link to your Facebook page

Benefits of blog sites (i.e. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways) 14. Benefits of blog sites, cont.

  • They encourage customer contact and create relationships
    • You can easily include surveys & polls
      • www.SurveyMonkey.com
      • www.Twiigs.com
    • Customers and prospects
    • can get web site updates via
    • RSS or e-mail
    • There are hundreds of contact
    • forms
  • They help you get to the top
  • of search engines
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) is built into the code
  • They are measurable
    • Google analytics can show you how your site is being used
      • You can see how people are getting to your site and what they are searching for

15. Google analytics: the greatest web inventionevercreated 16. Dont forget your URL

  • Your web address is very important
    • It should make sense for ALL customers and prospects
        • www.LRMutual.com to www.MTC4Me.com
    • It should support your brand
    • It should be easy to remember
      • Factor in guess and go if possible
    • It should look good written
    • It should be short
    • Use.comif at all possible

17. What is SEO and how does it work?

  • Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and Ask have spiders that crawl web sites for content so when people search for things, they get relevant information about exactly what theyre looking for
    • They search your domain name and description, the content of your site, keywords and meta tags and title tags
    • If you dont have the words people are searching for on your web site,they wont find you!

18. Why should you care about SEO?

  • Prospects are searching for your stuff!
    • Cellular service, wireless broadband, conference calling, back-upand recovery services, security systems, phone systems
      • You can help customers who arent taking all your services find you
      • You can help new customers moving into your area find you
      • You can help customers outside your traditional service area find you

19. Search engine results areallabout content

  • Think like your customers and prospects
    • What terms are they searching for?
      • No acronymslike IPTV, FTTH, broadband
    • Write for your audience not for you
      • Example of content that will not get indexed in search engines (ormean anything to a prospective customer):
  • X has a proven methodology to connect People, Process and Technology to help your organization realize the true benefits of Unified Communications. The answer is never a single product but rather the seamless integration of existing and new capabilities. Our processes will help you navigate from proof of concept to desi
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