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Internship Report Bachelor Biomedical Engineering

Date post: 01-Feb-2022
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Internship Report Bachelor Biomedical Engineering Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Circuits IIS
Microsoft PowerPoint - Praktikum_Fraunhofer_Deutschland.pptxCompany
Located in Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany
Leading research facility worldwide for microelectronic and information technology
Known for developing the mp3 and MPEG AAC Audiocodec Over 900 employees Fields of expertise: audio and media technologies, development of adaptive
systems, X-ray and medical image analysis, communication systems, smart sensing and electronics, supply chain services
Workplace and tasks
Implementation of an optical sensor for measuring the pulse wave into a
Tuning of the parameters of the sensor, transmission of data with a
microcontroller and a bluetooth module, conducting a pilot study under
different levels of physical activity, analysis and postprocessing of the
recorded data, evaluation of the data
Included works: soldering, programming in C, physical testing of the
prototype, statistical evaluation, MATLAB
Living in Erlangen
Student apartment provided by Fraunhofer IIS, 10min car ride to the
Low living cost (100€ for the apartment, groceries usually 2/3 of the
price in vienna)
Small city with many students
Salary paid by Fraunhofer IIS for working as a scientific assistant
(~500€ for 40h/month), additional income by Erasmus+ (~230€/month)
Many outdoor activities north of Erlangen (Fränkische Schweiz is about
30-45min car drive), Nürnberg has a lot of attractions, beautiful city
centre 5
Start of Internship Jan 16, 2017
Preliminary Final  Version Apr 8, 2017
Final Version Mai 11, 2017
End of Internship May 15, 2017
16/1/2017  27/1/2017Acquaintance,  Research
13/2/2017  24/2/2017LabVIEW GUI
24/2/2017  2/3/2017Research,  Troubleshooting
Efficient recycling with x-ray techniques Sorts and identifies materials
Other projects by the Fraunhofer IIS
facetVision® Compound eye technology enabling cameras with a thickness of two
milimeters Enables ultra thin smartphone cameras
MPEG-H audio codec for enabling 3D audio experiences at home
Individual control of volume, for example raising the volume for voices while lowering background sounds and music for better understanding of speech
Cingo® support for Virtual Reality devices for realistic 3D sound
Other projects by the Fraunhofer IIS
SHORE® Facial recognition of emotions, age and gender with a video camera
Very diverse company, many projects, friendly and helpful work colleagues Interdisciplinary work, cross-linked thinking Not many differences regarding food, living, language and overall lifestyle
compared to Austria Enough time to work on bachelor thesis Project concluded in a presentation in front of department to inform them
of your results and eventual prospects, including constructive feedback on your working behaviour as well as on the presentation
Salary and Erasmus+ support enough to live on Beneficial for future work life due to wide-ranged experience Overall a very positive experience