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Introduction to PTV Vistro

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2. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 2WHAT IS PTV VISION SUITE? 3. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 3WHAT IS PTV VISION SUITE? 4. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 4WHAT IS PTV VISION SUITE? 5. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 5WHAT IS PTV VISION SUITE? 6. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 6VISION TRAFFIC SOFTWARE SUITE INTEGRATION 7. www.ptv-vision.com 8. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 8PTV VISTRO 1.0 HIGHLIGHTS 9. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 9EVOLUTION OF PTV VISTRO1987Dowling AssociatesTRAFFIX2006Dowling Associates PTV Partnership2010TRAFFIX Powered byVISUM Released 20122008Begin Joint Development ofNext TRAFFIXNew Softwarewith Rich Heritage 10. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 10VISTRO USE CASES Conducting Signal Timing and System Evaluations Performing Corridor Studies Conducting Traffic Impact Study (TIS) Developing Transportation Master Plans 11. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 11SearchSimplicity 12. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 12Simple User InterfacePTV VISTRO - SIMPLICITYToolbarGraphics SelectorTask ButtonsScenario Management 13. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 13PTV VISTRO - SIMPLICITYSimple User Interface Level of Detail in Tables All-in-one Table Collapsible HeadersData Window Visual Display of the Network Integrated Aerial Photo or Road Map Image files (bitmap, jpeg, etc.)Network Window 14. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 14Choose propercontrol typeStep 2PTV VISTRO - SIMPLICITYZoom-in to thestudy areaLocate yourintersectionand clickStep 3Drag and dropeach approachto connectStep 4Step 1Simple Network Coding 15. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 15SearchCompleteness 16. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 16PTV VISTRO - COMPLETENESS+ + + =Need for Multiple Tools to Complete Traffic Engineering StudyCapacityAnalysis /SignalOptimizationToolScenarioManagement /MitigationAnalysisReportingTool(Tables andFigures)TIAFunctionalityToolCompletionof trafficengineeringStudy 17. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 17PTV VISTRO - COMPLETENESSCapacity AnalysisSignal OptimizationTraffic Impact StudyScenario ManagementMitigation AnalysisComprehensive Report 18. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 18PTV VISTRO - COMPLETENESSCompleteTraffic EngineeringAnalysis Tool 19. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 19PTV VISTRO - COMPLETENESSCapacity Analysis Four Control Types Multiple Analysis Methodologies HCM 2000 / 2010 Kimber (Roundabout) Critical Movement (Circular 212 / ICU) A Clear Box Concept Software Detailed Parameter Sets for Capacity Analysis Different Methodologies within the Same Network 20. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 20PTV VISTRO - COMPLETENESSSignal Optimization Path Based Optimization Flexible Optimization Corridor / Visual Display Optimization Corridor Prioritization Multiple Objective Functions Split : V/C Balance or Delay Minimization Offset : User Definable Objective Function (Delay and Number of Stops) Multiple Optimization Methodologies Hill Climb Method Genetic Algorithm 21. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 21PTV VISTRO - COMPLETENESSBuilt-in Traffic Impact Study (TIS) Functionality Network Component for TIA (Zone), (Gate), (Path) Trip Generation Trip Generation Manual or Custom Trip Generation Data (e.g. OTISS Import) One-Click Land Use Updates Multiple Zones for Redevelopment or Mixed Use Development Cases Volume Adjustment In-process volume, Diverted trips, Pass-by trips, etc. 22. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 22PTV VISTRO - COMPLETENESSBuilt-in Traffic Impact Study (TIS) Functionality Trip Distribution Table Input Mirror Trips (From / To Trips) Trip Assignment Shortest Path Search Manual Input for Paths Visual Display on Paths Automatic Error Check 23. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 23PTV VISTRO - COMPLETENESSScenario Management Define, Duplicate, Edit Scenarios Each Scenario Incorporates: Geometry, Control, Volumes, Land Use, etc.Mitigation Analysis Test mitigation solution for each intersection Apply mitigation strategies on the fly: Lane Configuration / Geometry Intersection Control Type Signal Optimization 24. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 24Comprehensive Report Multiple Formats to choose from:PTV VISTRO - COMPLETENESSTabularReportsSignal WarrantAnalysisGraphics(Figures)OptimizationReport 25. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 25SearchUsability 26. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 26PTV VISTRO - USABILITYConsideration of Work Flow in Interface Design Key tasks selected from Trafficengineering studies Considered typical workflow1. Task Buttons12 Contains all details on each task Collapsible sub-tables2. Data Window 27. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 27PTV VISTRO - USABILITYDetachable Data Window Take Advantage of Dual Monitor 28. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 28PTV VISTRO - USABILITYPM Ex PM NB PM BDBase Base BaseM-01 M-01 M-01M-02 M-02M-03Advanced Scenario Management 29. www.ptv-vision.com I Slide 29PTV VISTRO - USABILITYIntegration with PTV VissimGeometry Control Volume 30. www.ptv-vision.comwww.ptvag.com

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