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ISLE Open Education Resources Enabling Open Access and Integration | Education Metadata Meetup

Date post:31-Oct-2014
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From the Education Metadata Meetup on 7/30/14 in Washington, DC - Jeanne Kitchens discusses how Illinois has taken advantage of the LRMI and Learning Reigstry in building their Illinois Shared Learning Environment.
  • 1. http://ioer.ilsharedlearning.org ISLE Open Educational Resources Enabling Open Access and Integration Using LRMI and Learning Registry July 30, 2014
  • 2. Topics About Illinois Shared Learning Environment (ISLE) Open Educational Resources (OER) How ISLE OER uses Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) and Learning Registry (LR) What using LRMI and LR Enable
  • 3. Illinois Shared Learning Environment (ISLE) Illinois Shared Learning Environment (ISLE) is an online platform that will empower educators, workforce partners, and learners with integrated data and tools to personalize learning and drive success for pre-K through career. The current phase is focusing on tools for K-12 schools, Illinois Pathways STEM Learning Exchanges, and career development with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission and Illinois workNet. The ISLE Open Educational Resources (OER) is one of the ISLE tools. Mission Statement ISLE drives academic achievement and career success for all lifelong learners in Illinois by enabling personalized learning through open and accessible technologies. 3
  • 4. ISLE Solutions and Integrated Features 4
  • 5. ISLE Open Educational Resources (OER) Available Now http://ioer.ilsharedlearning.org Search, filter, and narrow resources o Learning Standards browser o Rate and comment Share resources o Quick file upload o Quick tag or fully tag resources o Create web page o Upload entire or partial curriculum Create organizational libraries and invite curators o Follow libraries via daily or weekly email or via personal time line Participate with communities of interest Follow timeline Widgets Install widgets on any website: search, library, curriculum, standards browser API Integrate with other applications5
  • 6. Enabling Open Access and Integration For ISLE to meet its goals, we need to ensure open access and a model for integration:Key Attributes of ISLE Enablers Access to resources and tools for anyone! Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI)/ Schema.org Learning Registry (LR) Achievement Standards Network (ASN) Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) Creative Commons (CC) APIs* LRMI Data models LR Metadata schemas and frameworks ASN LR LRMI (Schema.org) Common vocabulary CEDS Licenses for appropriate use of resources CC 6 Using a common schema for the payload means that the API doesnt have to handle describing or marking up the data its sending, it just has to send itthe receiving system will already know how to interpret it.
  • 7. Enabling Open Access to and Integration of Resources Learning resource metadata adopted by Schema.org. Cloud datastore, specification for replication nodes, and paradata schema. Metadata framework and services for learning standards and rubrics. Attribution licenses to protect open access to resources. Common vocabulary. 7
  • 8. Together, LR and LRMI enable ISLE OER, and other applications: The LR takes the burden of maintaining its datastore and specification off of the developer, allowing organizations such as ours to focus time and money on the end product. The LR provides a national/global metadata repository to enable an applications marketplace. LRMI standardizes metadata making it easier to index and integrate education resources. More Reasons Why LR and LRMI are Important 8
  • 9. Metadata Impacts on ISLE OER Index Essential for users to find resources. Filter Options to narrow search results. Tag Describe resources for educational purposes. Provide API Integrate with other applications. Datastore & Paradata Impacts on ISLE OER Consume and Produce Resources - Shared infrastructure for trusted partners (via metadata) Usage Information Share information about resources collectively (via paradata) 9
  • 10. ISLE OER Produces and Consumes Metadata and Paradata from Learning Registry L R 10
  • 11. Enabling ISLE OER and Challenges ISLE OER consists of code, datastores, and an index developed and maintained by the OER team for searching. The ISLE OER code and datastores determine: Resources we deem as acceptable from the LR Augment or remove metadata from and to LR What resources we can share openly back to LR There are challenges with using LR and LRMI: Getting a broad enough base of participants (i.e. producers) with LR who provide open learning resource metadata as LRMI Receiving metadata with a useful vocabulary and tagged appropriately Aligning learning resources to learning standards and competencies 11
  • 12. API and Widgets Using LRMI and Learning Registry, ensures consistent metadata and paradata across applications. ISLE is requiring applications to integrate and use the OER API (based on LRMI) for Learning Maps Assessment Authoring Other examples of ISLE OER integration include: Direct access via the ISLE Dashboard for K-12 teachers Widgets available for embedding on any website Other Websites 12
  • 13. Create, Follow & Contribute to Libraries Create & Share ResourcesFind & Use Resources LRMI and LR Impacts on ISLE OER L R L R MI Uses LRMI Uses LR L R MI L R L R MI L R L R MI L R 13
  • 14. Search Filters Using LRMI Standards Grade Level K-12 Subjects Access Rights Career Cluster Educational Use End User Group Type Language Media Type Resource Type LRMI and LR Impacts on ISLE OER L R MI 14
  • 15. LRMI and LR Impacts on ISLE OER L R MI L R 15 Tagging/Publishing to LR Using LRMI
  • 16. Update Tags and Align to Standards Rate and CommentCheck the Timeline L R MI L R L R LRMI and LR Impacts on ISLE OER L R L R MI Uses LRMI Uses LR L R MI L R 16
  • 17. Use the Guide Personalize Your DashboardParticipate with Communities LRMI and LR Impacts on ISLE OER L R L R MI Uses LRMI Uses LR L R MI L R L R MI L R 17
  • 18. ISLE Project Team ISLE Project Sponsors Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Illinois State Board of Education ISLE Project Team Northern Illinois University Education Systems Center and Illinois Interactive Report Card (IIRC) Southern Illinois University Center for Workforce Development IlliniCloud NCSA ISLE OER Team Mike Parsons, Solutions Architect Jerome Grimmer, Applications Analyst Nate Argo, Applications Programmer Herb Williams, Applications Programmer III Deb Young, Education Specialist Jeanne Kitchens, Associate Director Presented by: Jeanne Kitchens Associate Director SIU Center for Workforce Development 2450 Foundation Drive, Suite 100 Springfield, IL 62703 Email: [email protected] Office: 217-303-5862 LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeannekitchens 18 http://ioer.ilsharedlearning.org July 30, 2014
  • 19. References Achievement Standards Network http://asn.jesandco.org/content/technical-documentation Common Education Data Standards https://ceds.ed.gov/Default.aspx Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org/ Illinois Student Assistance Commission http://www.isac.org/ Illinois workNet http://www.illinoisworknet.com ISLE OER http://ioer.ilsharedlearning.org/ ISLE OER Metadata and Paradata Schemas http://ilsharedlearning.org/DevDoc/SitePages/OERMetadata.aspx Learning Registry http://learningregistry.org/ Learning Resource Metadata Initiative http://www.lrmi.net/ 19
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