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JING Tea - Coonoor Estate Nilgiri Black Tea

Date post: 14-May-2015
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See how JING Tea sourced an exclusive new black tea for their range from the Nilgiri Hills in Southern India. The tea is available on our website - http://jingtea.com
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2. tea. in the Nilgiri Hills, Southern India to see the production of a new tea in our range. This In April this year we visited Coonoor Estate is the story of why and how we sourced this COONOOR ESTATE NILGIRIFRESH PICKERS ON COONOOR ESTATE, PROVINCE, CHINATEA DRAGON WELL LEAF, ZHEJIANG NILGIRI WUYI TEA GARDENS, CHINA WEST LAKE, HANGZHOU, CHINA HINDU SHRINE, COONOOR ESTATE, NILGIRI HAND FIRING DRAGON WELL GREEN TEA IN ROLLED COONOOR ESTATE NILGIRI LEAVES ZHEJIANG PROVINCE, CHINA JING COONOOR ESTATE NILGIRI BLACK TEAWELL GREEN TEAORGANIC AND FAIRTRADE DRAGON 3. COONOOR ESTATE NILGIRI The Nilgiris, which literally translates into Blue Mountains are located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Southern India. The hills are beautiful and are named after a local owering shrub that blossoms once every twelve years, covering the hills in purple-blue owers. TEA PICKERS ON COONOOR ESTATE, NILGIRI The unique climate of the Nilgiris means they are a perfect area for growing tea.JING ORGANIC AND FAIRTRADE DRAGON WELL GREEN TEA 4. COONOOR ESTATE NILGIRI The Nilgiris are blessed with a huge variety of ora and fauna 5. C JING TEA LTD 6. C JING TEA LTD 7. C JING TEA LTD 8. C JING TEA LTD 9. C JING TEA LTD 10. C JING TEA LTD 11. C JING TEA LTD 12. C JING TEA LTD 13. COONOOR ESTATE NILGIRI Sadly, in recent years, Nilgiri teas have mainly been produced for use in blends and teabags. We set out to nd a producer focused on producing small batches of large, loose, whole-leaf tea which express the true characteristics of great Nilgiri tea a warm and rich fragrance and a full body. HINDU SHRINE, COONOOR ESTATE, NILGIRI JING ORGANIC AND FAIRTRADE DRAGON WELL GREEN TEA 14. COONOOR ESTATE NILGIRI We found a producer with 37 years of experience in the tea business. He has travelled to every tea region in the world and has a wealth of rst-hand knowledge, of both tea cultivation and processing. INDI KHANNA IN COONOOR ESTATE, NILGIRI JING ORGANIC AND FAIRTRADE DRAGON WELL GREEN TEA 15. COONOOR ESTATE NILGIRI The Coonoor Estate Nilgiri is produced by a skilled team in a purpose built factory. The leaves are picked from a 46 acre, organic certied area at an elevation of 6,500ft.Only the nest quality leaves are selected for this tea and the team handle them with passion and care. No shortcuts are made inROLLED COONOOR ESTATE NILGIRI LEAVES the production of this tea; it goes through many stages of processing.WEST LAKE, HANGZHOU, CHINA 16. COONOOR ESTATE NILGIRI The resulting tea is unlike any other tea currently produced in the Nilgiris. The nished leaves are exceptionally large and produce a cup with a warm and fragrant aroma and HAND FIRING DRAGON WELL GREEN TEA IN ZHEJIANG PROVINCE, CHINA a rich taste with hints of malt, caramel and orange peel.JING is the exclusive UK supplier of this tea. JING COONOOR ESTATE NILGIRI BLACK TEA 17. JING SERVED HERE CUSTOMERS Supplier to over 100 ve star hotels worldwideExclusive supplier of the winner of the British Tea Guilds coveted Best for Afternoon Tea Award three years runningExclusive supplier of Harrods for China, Japan, Taiwanese teas since 2005, transforming Harrods loose leaf tea sales from 90% India tea, to 60% Japan, China and Taiwan tea. JING is now supplying teas to Harrods Food Halls globallySupplier of the winner of The Worlds Best Restaurant Award the Fat Duck, as well as Gordon Ramsay and LAtelier de Joel RobuchonSupplier of top corporate rms including Coutts (banker to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) and Tate GalleriesRecognised for excellence in the Guardian, Financial Times, BBC Radio 4 and winner of the 2008 British Food Writers Guild Food Broadcast Award 18. CASE STUDY PRESS ID VISITED MOST OF BRITAINS LARGEST TEA COMPANIES BUT HAD NEVER LOCATED THE FIERY EVANGELIST FOR CHINA TEA THAT BRITISH TEA LOVERS DESERVE. Andrew Jefford, FT HESTON BLUMENTHAL, GORDON RAMSAY, COUTTS BANK AND TOP HOTELS SUCH AS THE LANESBOROUGH BECAME CONVERTS. From Coutts Woman Online JING TEA IS A NAME I HEARD OFTEN WHEN SEEKING OUT THE BEST PLACES FOR TEA IN TODAYS LONDON AND MOST OF THE PLACES IVE LISTED HERE SERVE OR SELL JING TEA, SOME EXCLUSIVELY... Fresh Cup Magazine I STRUGGLED TO FIND A BREW AS GOOD AS THE ONES I DRANK IN SINGAPORE UNTIL A FRIEND INTRODUCED ME TO JING TEAS JASMINE PEARLS... Nikki Duffy, The Guardian