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JingyouThe technical characteristics of electric car battery

Date post:26-Mar-2015
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JingyouThe technical characteristics of electric car battery Slide 2 600 V=15AM DIAGRAM Slide 3 Electric vehicle charging plans Slide 4 E V lithium battery swing Location Slide 5 High Powered Li-Ion cells Technical Design Parameters First to utilize a single chip design to perform the tasks of verifying the battery voltage, current, temperature, size and working time with load variation, determine the working principle of control system hardware, software, workflow, logical relationship, the maximum capacity of hardware resources and needs. Second the use with analog interface to the chip to optimize the software and hardware. Using simulation and comprehensive testing to determine the optimal required hardware resources. Third the production of application specific integrated circuit to perform tasks of set numbers, simulation, operation up to the device, DC converter, PWM module, F1F0 asynchronous communications transmitted. This will achieve a series of specialized ASIC chips which are used for battery management Slide 6 Technological Innovations Ability to perform smart mixed-signal acquisition; Impulse balance control technology Asynchronous communication transmission technology Overall management of the new methodology Reconfigurable design box cooling structure New mass production technology Achieve safe, reliable and stable performance Achieve waterproof and shockproof capability Achieve modular design for ratings upwards 600V500AN Slide 7 Control circuit can achieve 1.Charge and discharge control technology with traditional devices, with high: control battery significantly reduced the number of output wires required leading to easier installation 2.Battery pack can be configured in any number of battery voltage, current, temperature variables - each battery pack is able to perform independently to work in a controlled environment to achieve a high-power battery pack with flexibility that can be controlled. 3.In a series circuit, damaged or poor performing batteries can be indicated and turned off. The charging circuit can also make use of the information to adjust the charging cycle to achieve safe and peak performance. 4.In a setup with backup batteries, the damaged or poor performing batteries are flagged and subsequent backup batteries can be brought online so that the overall performance is maintained for critical applications. It can also can damage the battery and poor battery location and the number of co- ordination by the host computer can be off anywhere in the loop for each series the same number of batteries, and told the charger adjusts the charging voltage.Can also damage the battery circuit with the system backup battery replacement, so that the voltage balance of parallel loops; to achieve a single battery charge and discharge Management. Were washed from the fundamental solution to problems. Slide 8 Application for High Powered Lithium ION (EV) cells Electric Bicycles Electric Motorbike Electric Vehicles like bus and cars. Electric Trolleys Water Scooter Golf Cart Aerospace applications like unmanned planes Electrical underwater vehicles Solar storage batteries Slide 9 Slide 10 Contact: Shenzhen Jingyou Communication Tech. Co., Ltd. Address: A5 Building,A5 Zone,Tongfuyu Industrial Park,Buchong, ShaJing Baoan District, ShenZhen Guangdong China Tel: 86-755-27211778-6615 Fax: 86-755-2720398 0

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