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Kukuxumusu & Web Conferencing

Date post:21-Jan-2018
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  • Introduction

    Whats Web conferencing?





    How they use it?


  • The wish of people to stay in

    two places at the same time

    is posible in some aspects

    with the help of the N.T, that

    allow people to overcome

    the variables space and


  • videoconference session via the Internet

  • Each participant sits at his or her own

    computer and is connected to other

    participants via the internet

    This can be either a downloaded

    application on each of the attendees

    computers or a web-based application

    where the attendees will simply enter a URL

    (website address) to enter the conference

    Is often accompanied by VoIP technology

    (or Voice over Internet Protocol [IP])

  • Web conferencing offers advantages over

    traditional room-based videoconferencing

    (applications such as collaborative Web

    browsing, file transfer and application

    sharing... ,easily supported over the


    Web conferencing first appeared in the

    late 1990s with products such as

    PlaceWare, Microsoft's NetMeeting and

    IBM's Sametime

  • Participants do not leave their normal location

    Reduce travel. Participants may attend a meeting from their normal work stations, so it reduces:

    - time

    - cost of transportation

    - cost of meals and hotels

    - stress

    - environmental impact

    Zero or very low costs per meeting

    Available to anyone with a computer and Internet access

    Share screens or specific files with others and allow participants to download them

    Text chat during the conference

    No expensive equipment to buy or maintain

    Easy to use

  • Network availability influences the quality of the


    User experience may be affected by software or

    hardware on the user's personal computer

    Participants may not see the event as important

    Attendees are subject to personal interruptions

    Limited opportunity for interaction

  • Thriving design business based in Pamplona, Spain.

    Distinctive designs and drawings for commercial products

    including t-shirts, postcards, ceramics, key-holders ,bags...

  • Designs are distinctive for

    their style and humour

    Their most famous designs

    involve bulls and the San

    Fermn runners in their

    traditional red and white


  • Set up in 1989 by Mikel Urmeneta (Creative

    Director )

    In 1996 opened its first shop exclusively selling its

    own products

    In 1997 it opened its online store

    65 employees

  • SKYPE Web conferencing software

    used by Kukuxumusu

  • Free web

    conferencing and

    calls to other skype


    Calls to landlines or mobile phones

    anywhere in the

    world at rates much

    cheaper than any local operator

  • Now, its the worlds most popular and

    reliable internet communications

    software, with over 405 million registered

    users, its also an attractive infrastructure

    for business applications

  • Founder and Creative Director is currently based in

    New York and remains in regular contact with the

    Spanish office via web conferencing

    The team use web conferencing to contact with

    him facility in order to talk through ideas and show

    him product designs.

    'Skype allows you to show thing to people very

    quickly, which is important in our business

  • Kukuxumusu use web conferencing

    extensively to talk with colleagues, clients

    and suppliers around the world

  • Every member of staff has Skype, so every department

    from sales to design use it to chat with one another and

    to contact colleagues, clients and suppliers abroad for


    Kukuxumusu also make use of the file transfer facility, so

    information can be securely sent and received in an


    Also, the team liaise with contacts overseas on a daily

    basis, and have saved money on their calling costs by

    using Skype

    Click this link to better understand why is so usefull for them


  • Nowadays, communicate instantly with any part of

    the world is within reach of us thanks to the global

    network Internet

    At present, there are on the market plenty of

    packages that allow make videoconferences

    using Internet, some of them completely free and

    available to everyone, others are not free, but:

  • Cost of their licenses represents less than the cost that

    would be a satellite link

    Getting a small video camera, plus the necessary

    software and equipment that have sound cards,

    represent an investment far less than the acquire

    antennas, earth stations, communication channels,

    licensing, etc..

    Satellites will soon be displaced ?

    other faster and more efficient media, such as

    microwave and optical fiber

  • Thank you for your attention !

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