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2. CONTENTS INTRODUCATION FORMAT CLASSIFICATION SOCIAL LETTER FRIENDLY LETTER BUSINESS LETTER LETTER OF APPLICATION LETTER NEWSPAPER 3. 4 Definition of Letter Letter A written or printed communication directed to a person or organization. 4. The Importance of Letters Represent your companys public image and your competence More personal than a report, yet more formal than memos or e-mail More permanent than e-mail Constitute an official legal record of an agreement 5. Introductory Components of a Letter 6. Personal Address Street address City State Zip Code Company Address Companys name Street address City State Zip Code 7. Full Calendar Date May 31,2009 31May 2009 2-4 spaces 8. Address of the reader Readers Name Readers Title Company Name Company Street Address Company City Company State Company Zip Code 2-4 spaces 9. IF you know the readers name, salutation will be First / Last Name Followed by Colon For example Dear Mr. Smith: Dear Ms. Jones: Dear Miss / Mrs. Jones: Dear Chris Evans: OTHERWISE Use title Dear Vice President: Use departments name Accounting Department: 2 spaces 10. Includes Introductory Paragraph Discussion Paragraph Concluding Paragraph 2 spaces below salutation 2 spaces b/w paragraphs 11. Place a comma after complimentary close Preferred close is Sincerely, 2 spaces below body 12. Sign your name legibly 13. Type your name Mention your title (Optional) 4 spaces below complimentary close 14. Letter Formats Full-block format All text typed on left margin Spaces between paragraphs Simplified format Same as full block format except No Salutations Subject Line introduced No Complimentary Close 15. Full Block Format 16. Simplified Format 17. CLASSIFICATION OF LETTERS 18. Classficat ion Formal Informal 19. FORMAL LETTERS 20. Formal Letter A formal letter is a letter written to a business, a college, or any professional that are not considered friends or family. Name Address Phone number Email Example of layout: Dear (Name), (Body of letter) Sincerely, (Name) (Sign in pen under typed name) 21. ADDRESSEE: someone you dont know WE TALK ABOUT: work, business or offical subjects KINDS OF FORMAL LETTERS: What kind of business letter am I writing? CHARACTERISTICS Letter of inquiry Letter of application Letter of complaint Letter of regret Thank you letter 22. LAYOUT 23. 1. Address + date 2. Salutation 3. Body 4. Complimentary close 5. P.S. 24. ADDRESS & DATE In the top left corner.. Address and date of the person/company you are writing to In the top right corner... - Address and date (leave a line between the address and the date) Hillcrest Secondary School, P.O Box 60453, Livingstone, ZAMBIA 10101 7th February 2004 25. SALUTATION The most common salutation in an informal letter is Dear. Note that it is followed by a comma. Dear Mr / Ms Harkness (if you know the name) / Dear Sir or Madam NOT Dear Manager (if you do not know the name). 26. BODY TOPIC FORMAL REASON (ENCLOSURE) CONTACT 4. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE I look forward to hearing from you. Yoursfaithfully, (if you do not know the name) Yours sincerely, (if you know the name). 27. STYLE 28. STRUCTURE AND CONTENT 29. USEFUL LANGUAGE 30. SAMPLES 31. 123 Pine Street Oak Ridge, NJ 07438 October 30, 2005 ABC Company 345 Spruce Street Whatever, IL 01233 Dear Mr. Brown, Insert the part of the body of the letter here. The body of the letter should tell something about what you hope to convey. It should also have a closing paragraph in it. There should be at least two sentences per paragraph. Sincerely, Mrs. DeGraw Mrs. DeGraw, Chairperson Enclosure 32. INFORMAL LETTERS 33. Informal letter An informal letter is a letter you would write to a friend of family member. It doesn't necessarily need a format, but there is a standard. Example of layout: Dear (Name), Body of letter Sincerely, (Name) 34. Format Explanation Address The writers address is written at the top right-hand corner For example: 25, Jalan Tebing 8/8, Seksyen 8, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Date Written below the address. For example: 6 June 2011 For example: 6 June 2011 The format of writing an informal letter 35. 36 Informal letter The format 36. SOCIAL LETTERS 37. Social letters Between friends and relatives, to promote communication and enhance friendship. 38. The structure of a social letter Headings: the writers address and the date Inside Address: the receivers name and address Salutation: complimentary greeting as Dear John Body of the Letter: introduction, purpose (matter) and conclusion Complimentary close: Sincerely yours, etc. Signature: Your full name, Christian name or a nickname Postscripts (P.S.): supplemented information 39. Headings Salutation, Body of Letter ------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ Complementary Close 40. The Language of Social Letters 1. With clarity: short sentences concrete , specific words 2. Simple: plain, familiar word vigorous words, verbs 3. Conversational: contractions, occasional asides, telling a story or incident 41. Whatarethepartsofafriendly letter? heading greeting body closing signature 42. heading 311 East College Street Stanley, N.C. 28164 August 15, 2004 greetingDear Phil, How has your summer been? Not too hot I hope. Did you get to visit your grandparents? Did you go on your trip to Toronto as you had hoped? They say Toronto is a beautiful city. This is my second season at Camp Bellaire. I just passed my swimming test. Now I can swim out to the raft and also use the boats. To pass I had to jump into the water with my clothes on (as if I had just fallen out of a boat). Then I had to take them off down to my trunks, even my shoes and socks, and finally swim back to shore. It was tough, but I did it! Im looking forward to seeing you soon. There is lots of news to catch up on! body Your friend, Mike closing signature 43. INVITATION LETTERS 44. What is an Invitation Letter? An invitation is a request to attend an event. It could be an invitation to a barbecue, a night at the theater, a birthday or anniversary party, a housewarming, or a wedding. It could be a formal event or a casual one, even a religious event. 45. Formal Invitation Letter Format: Handwritten or typed. published; engraved or preprinted invitation or card. R.S.V.P. (usually on separate card) Style/Tone/Voice: Formal. Active or passive voice. Structure: (1) State the occasion, (2) State when (be specific), where (include address; also a map, if necessary), (3) R.S.V.P., (4) Other information, e.g. a luncheon will be held, formal dress is required (white/black tie, etc.) Handy Phrases: R.S.V.P.; We invite you to share our joy; Request the pleasure of your company. 46. Sample of Formal Invitation Letter Twila Lockard Davis and Gladys Lockard invite you to an Open House celebrating the fiftieth wedding anniversary of our parents, Thomas and Susannah Lockard Saturday, May 25th, 2002 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the home of Dr. and Mrs. David Hasbro 4776 Wailing Wind Dr. Indiana, Pennsylvania Please no presents, just your presence! 47. Informal Invitation Letter Format: Handwritten or typed Tone: Informal. Active voice Structure: What, When (be specific), where (include address), charge (any), RSVP, dress (casual, costume,) Handy Phrases: R.S.V.P. (Please Reply) 48. A Sample Informal Invitation Letter Dear Dr. and Mrs. Davidson, We will be celebrating Paula and Steves thirtieth year of ministry with a dinner at the Floribunda Commons Restaurant, Saturday, November 29th, at 8:00 p.m. Please let us know by Monday the 24th if you can join us on this happy occasion. With love, Armineh Izadi 49. BUSINESS LETTERS 50. What is a Business Letter? A business letter is a letter written in formal language, usually used when writing from one business organization to another, or for correspondence between such organizations and their customers, clients and other external parties. 51. Functions of the Business Letter 1. It provides a record of the activity for someone's file. 2. It allows the writer to provide more context or explanation than is usually possible on a form. 3. It helps the audience( reader ) remember what is to be done. 52. The Main Components of a Business Letter Business letters usually contain the following information (in this order): Writer's address (street, city, country). Date of writing Recipient's name, job title, and address Subject Salutation or Greeting (Dear Mr./ Mrs./ Ms..) Message (body of the letter) Closing writer's signature, typed name, and position of sender In some situations, a business letter may also include the following optional information: Writer's Initials: typist's initials ( if writer did not type letter). Enclosures (Encl:) Carbon copy Recipients (cc:) Photocopy recipients (xc:) 53. Writing a Business LetterWriting a Business Letter A formal business letter usually consists of six parts: Heading, Inside address, Salutation, Body, Close, Signature Sometimes, notations are included, but they are optional. 54. Heading It gives your detailed address and the date on which the letter is written. You should write your address as follows: Sample 1 17 Trumpington Street Cambridge, CB2 1QA U.K. 29 May, 2002 55. Writing a Business LetterWriting a Business Letter Line 1: The doorplate number and the name of the road (or P .O. box ) Line 2: The name of the city or county Line 3: The name of the province or state and the postal code Line 4: The name of the country Line 5: The date 56. Writing a Business LetterWriting a Business Letter Inside Name and Address It refers to the addressee's name and address, including his or her full name, title, and address. This part can be dropped from private letters. There can be various types of honorific(showing respect) titles, such as Mr. , Miss, Mrs., Ms., Dr. , Prof. , and Pres. (President). If you are not sure about a person's specific name, you can use such a title as "The Sales Manager". 57. Writing a Business LetterWriting a Business Letter Salutation The most typical form of salutation is: Dear + title + name. For example, you can write "Dear Prof. Smith" or "Dear Miss Chen". It is usually followed by a comma (in British English) or a colon (in American English) 58. Writing a Business LetterWriting a Business Letter If you are not sure about the specific name of the addressee, you can use such forms as: (a) "Dear Sir" or "Dear Madam" when the sex of the person is known; (b) "Dear Sir or Madam" when the sex of the person is unknown; (c) "Dear Sirs" when it is a collective body; (d) "To whom it may concern" when it is a letter of certification, recommendation, etc. 59. Writing a Business LetterWriting a Business Letter Body It usually includes three components: (1) the purpose of writing the business letter; (2) the detailed message of the business letter; and (3) the conclusion of the business letter. 60. Writing a Business LetterWriting a Business Letter Complementary Close It usually takes the form of "Yours sincerely" or "Sincerely yours" followed by a comma. It can also be "Yours faithfully" (in British English) or "Yours truly" (in American English) 61. Writing a Business LetterWriting a Business Letter Signature It should be placed between the complimentary close and your printed name. If you want to indicate your title or position, put it below your printed name. 62. Format of Business Letters Usually, there are two formats of English business letters: The semi-indented style The blocked style 63. According to the semi-indented style, the heading, inside name and address, salutation, complementary close, and signature are flush with the left margin. The body is also flush with the left margin, but the paragraphs in it are indented five spaces. semi-indented style 64. Blocked Style According to the blocked style, the heading, complementary close, and signature are flush with the right margin, whereas the rest components of the letter are flush with the left margin, including every paragraph of the body. 65. LETTER OF APPLICATION 66. Format 26 Brookbank Road, Chalkside, Surrey SN 5 3BQ The Managing Director, (senders address) Sinton Experts LTD, 3 Castle Chmabers, Chalkside, Surrey. (recipients address) December, 10th 2012 (date) Dear Sir, (salutation) 67. Following greetings and salutations are appropriate for a letter of application 1. Dear Sir/Madam, Yours faithfully, 2. Dear Sally Brown. Love, 3. Dear Mr Carver, Yours sincerely, 4. Dear Mr Davies, Yours, 68. 1. Dear Sir/Madam, Yours faithfully, 2. Dear Sally Brown, (do not start with Dear+persons full name) Love, 3. Dear Mr Carver, Yours sincerely, 4. Dear Mr Davies, ( the ending is too informal) Yours, 69. Read the letter and complete the paragarph plan: age/qualifications reasons for writing closing remarks experience/personality Dear Mr Savage, 1 I am writing to apply for the position of part-time shop assistant at the Cobweb records as advertised in The Evening Post yesterday. 2 I am an eighteen-year-old student. I am currently studying Music at Preston College. 3 I have some experience as I worked in a department store last summer. I am very friendly and polite, which I believe are necessary qualities for dealing with customers. I am also hardworking and dont mind working shifts. 4 I hope you will consider me for the job. I would be happy to attend an interview. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely, Simon Smith reason for writing age/qualifications experience/personality closingremarks 70. OFFICIAL LETTERS Official Letters also called Formal Letters 71. 45 Orange Close West Burnham West Yorkshire 23rd March 2000 The Manager Barclay Building Society Long Street West Hartlepool Dear Sir Thank you for your letter dated 15th March. I am afraid I cannot agree with your letter. I have studied my bank statement and still cannot find the charges you say are outstanding. This is the third letter I have sent and if no action is taken within the next five days I will contact my solicitor. I hope this matter can be settled as soon as possible. Yours faithfully (Ann Angry) ADDRESSES AND DATE Space for signature but write or type your name clearly underneath 72. LETTERS OF NEWSPAPER A written report and analysis of the news, often providing forecasts, typically directed at a special audience, as business people, and mailed to subscribers: a stock-market newsletter. 73. Format of letter Newspaper Decide on one or two main points. Do whatever you can to make your letter timely. Know pertinent information about the publication to which you are submitting your letter. Read letters that have been published recently in the newspaper to which you are submitting your letter. Be sure your letter includes several different methods by which personnel from the newspaper can contact you, such as your mailing address, home and cell phone numbers and an e-mail address. Print your name under your signature. 74. SAMPLE Letter to the Editor of a newspaper complaining about the reckless driving on the roads 75. Perera No. 2, 1st Lane, ABC Aug 21, 2013 To, The Editor, The Indian Express, ABC-62. Dear Sir, With due respect, I wish to draw kind attention of the concerned authority and general public through your esteemed daily, towards increasing incidents of road accidents. Road accidents are a frequent feature of newspapers. Road accidents are on a rise especially in big cities. Persons sitting on steering do not have control over it. They do not have any regard for the traffic rules. Over-speeding, jumping red lights, overtaking from wrong side are common place. In most of the cases they escape unpunished due to their social status and corrupt bureaucracy. Every year, large numbers of people die in road accidents. It is one of the biggest reasons of unnatural deaths in India. In the past fifty years, more persons succumbed to death due to road accidents than in wars with our enemy countries. So the time has come to develop a movement against reckless driving. I hope, civic authorities and civilized people will pay heed to my prayer. Yours faithfully, XYZ