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its an report for skill matrix
  • 1. PROJECT REPORT ONSKILL MATRIX AND COMPETENCY MAPPING SUBMITTED TO Textron India Pvt. Ltd. Global Village, RVCE Post, Mylasandra, Off Mysore Road, Bangalore -560 059, Karnataka, India. &BIRLA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY GREATER NOIDA BY JOJAN V. JOSE 09DM050 2010 1
  • 2. CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Project Report on SKILL MATRIX AND COMPETENCY MAPPING Is a bonafide work and it is submitted toBIRLA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY, GREATER NOIDA BY JOJAN V. JOSE 09DM050 During the academic year 2009-2010 Under the guidance of Dr. MANOSI CHAUDHURI (Project Mentor) BIRLA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY, GREATER NOIDA 2009-2011 2
  • 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI would like to take this moment to express my deepest gratitude to the group of peoplewithout whose help and support I would not have been able to complete this project.I wish to begin by thanking the management at Textron India Pvt. Ltd., especially Mr. N.R.Mohanty (President, Textron India) and Mr. Suraj Chettri (Director, Human Resources) forproviding me this great opportunity to work in their esteemed organization. I would also liketo thank them for the help, support and guidance that they have provided me with during thecourse of my project work.I would also like to deeply thank my industry mentor Mr. Surjith Surendran (HR Generalist,Textron) for his valuable insights and constant guidance and support.I express my deep sense of gratitude to the management of BIMTECH for imparting me withthe required help. I would like to specially thank my college mentor Dr. Manosi Chaudhuri,for her guidelines, support and motivation which have been a great help to me for this project.A special thanks to all the employees of Textron India Pvt. Ltd., for providing me with thedata that I required for the making of the project.I would also like to thank all those people who spent their valuable time in this project, andall those people who directly or indirectly contributed in making this project a success. 3
  • 4. Contents1. Executive Summary 062. Company Profile 072. Introduction 173. Objective 184. Project Scope 185. Theory & Terminology 20 a. Skill Matrix 20 b. Competency Map 27 c. Other Designs for Skill Matrix 306. Research Methodology 38 a. Problem Definition 38 b. Research design 38 c. Sampling 39 d. Data Collection Techniques 397. Research Procedure 408. Observations & Results 459. Recommendations 4610. Limitations 4711. Conclusion 4812. References 49 4
  • 5. 13. Bibliography 5014. Annexure 1- Sample Soft Skill Matrices 5115. Annexure 2 Sample Technical Skill Matrices 6016. Annexure 3- Sample Competency Maps 69 5
  • 6. Executive SummaryThe theme of this project can be stated as Training Need Analysis. The major objectives ofthe project were: Finding out the skill and competency levels of the employees of Textron India Pvt. Ltd. Comparing with the benchmarks and recording the data for further use. Analysing training needs as per the recorded data.In order to achieve the foresaid objectives, the tools those were devised and used for eachteam were: 1. Skill Matrix 2. Competency MapsThe skill matrix was developed in consultation with the team leaders and rated by all themembers of the team. While the competency map was developed and rated with the help ofthe skill matrix.The major findings from the exercise were as follows (the findings are for all the 19 teamswhich were included in the exercise): The complete list of the skills that the organization as a whole possesses i.e. the skills inventory of the organization. The skill levels of each individual employee for each individual skill that is being used by him/her. The pin pointed areas/employees all through the organization that need to be focussed upon for training purposes. The employees who are capable of training other employees and the skills that they specialize in. The competency levels of the organization, the excess or the lack of it with detailed information. The commonalities of the skills among various teams so that these teams could be clubbed together for the training purposes.The exercise covered 135 employees and provided the organization with a tool to plan theirtraining programmes with. In this competitive scenario, giving the right kind of training to theright employees does not only improve the efficiency of the organization but also cuts downcost considerably. 6
  • 7. Company ProfileTextron was founded in 1923, and has grown into a network of businesses with total revenuesof $14.2 billion, and approximately 37,000 employees with facilities and presence in 29countries, serving a diverse and global customer base. Headquartered in Providence, RhodeIsland, U.S.A., Textron is ranked 173rd on the FORTUNE 500 list of largest U.S. companies.Organizationally, Textron consists of numerous subsidiaries and operating divisions, whichare responsible for the day-to-day operation of their businesses ("Textron businesses")Textron Inc. started as a small textile company in 1923, when 27-year-old Royal Littlefounded the Special Yarns Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts.Textron Businesses:Textron consists of numerous subsidiaries and operating units. These businesses are knownby familiar brand names, including Bell Helicopter, Cessna Aircraft, Greenlee and E-Z-GO,among others. Every Textron business is intensely committed to delivering innovative,market-leading solutions that ensure the success of our customers. Textron continues toexpand leadership positions in five core business segments: Bell Cessna Textron Industrial Systems Textron information Systems Textron Finance. 7
  • 8. Figure showing the various BUs of Textron: Textron India GTC Bell Cessna Aircraft Textron Industrial Textron Systems Textron Financial 1 Helicopter sE Z - Go Greenlee Jacobsen Kautex 2 AAI Lycoming Overwatch Defence Marine & Corporation Engines systems Land Systems 8
  • 9. Bell Helicopter:With more than 34,000 helicopters delivered to customers around the globe, Bell is teamingwith Boeing to introduce leading edge tilt rotor technology into aviation via the military V-22Osprey. And they are translating this exciting technology into civilian aircraft such as theBA609. In addition to these platforms, Bell manufactures a variety of models of militaryand civil aircraft, such as our latest - the Bell 429.Cessna Aircraft:Cessna Aircraft Company is the worlds largest manufacturer of general aviation airplanes.Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A, Cessna designs and manufacturers business jets,utility turboprops and single engine piston aircraft. Some 192,000 Cessna airplanes have beendelivered to nearly every country in the world since the company was originally establishedin 1927.Citation Aircraft:Cessnas Citation business aviation leadership spans 40 years. The company has deliveredmore than 6,000 Cessna Citations, making it the largest fleet of business jets in the world.Today, Cessna offers the most comprehensive line of business jets in the industry includingthe Citation Mustang, Citation CJ1+, Citation CJ2+, Citation CJ3, Citation CJ4, CitationXLS+, Citation Sovereign and Citation X. 9
  • 10. Propeller Aircraft:In its 80-year history, Cessna has established the standard in the production of single andmulti-engine propeller aircraft by delivering more than 154,000 sin
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