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September 8 to 9, 1990Pulmonary and Infectious DiseasesLos Abrigados Resort, Sedona, ArizonaA variety of topics of current interest in pulmonary andinfectious diseases will be presented at this 2-day seminar,which will also feature open roundtable discussions ofselected journal articles. The course directors are Philip J.Lyng, M.D., and Jerry D. Smilack, M.D.

September 14 to 15, 1990Alternatives in Supporting the Seriously IIIMayo Clinic Scottsdale, Scottsdale, ArizonaThis course intended for allied health professionals is de­signed to enhance the attendees' sensitivity to the needs ofseriously ill patients. The course would be appropriate fornurses, social workers, physical therapists, occupationaltherapists, chaplains, and pharmacists.

October 5 to 6, 1990Cancer Reviews 1990Orange Tree Resort, Scottsdale, ArizonaSelected topics in cancer medicine will be presented at this2-day course. Issues of concern to primary-care providerswill be emphasized. The course directors are Robert F.Marschke, Jr., M.D., and Theodore A. Braich, M.D.

October 27, 19906th Biannual Otolaryngology-Head and Neck

Surgery SeminarMayo Clinic Scottsdale, Scottsdale, ArizonaThis course will feature updated information on benignlaryngologic disorders. The course director is Lawrence W.DeSanto, M.D.

November 16 to 17, 1990Techniques in Gynecologic SurgeryHyatt Regency Scottsdale at Gainey Ranch,

Scottsdale, ArizonaThis program designed for practicing gynecologic surgeonswill offer current information on both routine and lesscommon gynecologic operations. Video and slide presenta­tions will provide an in-depth review of surgical techniques,with emphasis on anatomic considerations, prevention ofcomplications, and rationale for the various surgical steps.Topics of interest include vaginal vault prolapse, levato­plasty, and tubal procedures.

January 19, 1991Current Topics in AnesthesiaMayo Clinic Scottsdale, Scottsdale, ArizonaCurrent advances in the field of anesthesiology will bereviewed at this seminar. The course director is John C.McMichan, M.D., Ph.D.

September 21 to 23, 1990Clinical ReviewsPonte Vedra Inn and Club, Ponte Vedra Beach,

FloridaClinical Reviews is a program of lectures and discussionson problems of general interest in medicine and surgery.Presentations will be made by members ofthe staffof MayoClinic Jacksonville and the faculty of Mayo Medical School.

November 17 to 18, 1990Practical Clinical Neurology for Non-NeurologistsMayo Clinic Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FloridaThis clinically oriented seminar intended for internists willdiscuss topics of general interest, such as syncope, head­ache, and dizziness. The sessions will be conducted bymembers of the staff of Mayo Clinic Jacksonville.

December 1 to 2, 1990Alzheimer's Disease: Status of Clinical and Basic

ResearchPonte Vedra Inn and Club, Ponte Vedra Beach,

FloridaThis 2-day course for researchers and physicians will pro­vide an update on recent advances in both clinical and basicresearch areas on the pathophysiologic features and phar­macotherapy of Alzheimer's disease.

February 13 to 17, 1991Laryngeal SymposiumMarriott at Sawgrass Resort, Ponte Vedra Beach,

FloridaDesigned for otolaryngology-head and neck surgeons,speech pathologists, and other interested physicians, thiscomprehensive course will focus on benign and malignantdisorders of the larynx and associated alterations in voiceand laryngeal function.

March 10to 14, 1991Advances and Controversies in Clinical NutritionPonte Vedra Inn and Club, Ponte Vedra Beach,

FloridaThis course will review timely and controversial topics ofnutritional assessment, hospital nutritional support, meta­bolic bone disease, disorders offood intake, lipid abnormal­ities, cancer, and aging.

April 6, 1991Controversies in Vascular MedicinePonte Vedra Inn and Club, Ponte Vedra Beach,

FloridaAn update on the medical and surgical management of vas­cular diseases will be presented at this meeting, intendedfor family practitioners, internists, and cardiologists.

For further information, please contact Trish Gean, Post­graduate Courses, Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, 13400 E. SheaBlvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85259 (602-391-8300).

For further information, please contact Marian Hunter,Division of Education, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, 4500 SanPablo Road, Jacksonville, FL 32224 (904-223-2058).

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September 6 to 7, 19902nd International Meeting of the Society for

Fracture RepairRochester, MinnesotaThe primary objective of this society is the exchange of in­formation on bone fracture and remodeling. Internation­ally recognized scientists and orthopedic surgeons will dis­cuss basic scientific principles and clinical applications.

September 7 to 8, 1990Mayo Surgical SymposiumRochester, MinnesotaAt this 2-day program, current advances in surgical meth­ods and techniques will be presented.

September 19 to 23, 1990International Orthopedic AssociationRochester, MinnesotaThis meeting will feature presentations by internationallyrecognized orthopedic surgeons from many different coun­tries, most of whom are chairmen and professors at theiruniversities. This group is closely allied with the SocieteInternationale de Chirurgie, Orthopedic et Traumatologie(SICOT).

September 23 to 27,19902nd International Congress on Tissue Integration

in Oral, Orthopedic, and MaxillofacialReconstruction

Rochester, MinnesotaBoth basic scientific and clinical aspects of the use ofextraoral, intraoral, and orthopedic tissue-integratedalloplastic implants will be considered at this meeting.

September 28 to 29, 1990Cosmetic and Functional Nasal Surgery:

A ColloquiumRochester, MinnesotaThe purpose of this 2-day course is to review moderntechniques in rhinologic surgical procedures. Discussionswill be conducted by two experienced professors.

September 29 to 30, 1990Monitoring Neural Function During SurgeryRochester, MinnesotaThis course will present didactic and practical instructionin the techniques of monitoring neural function duringsurgical procedures and the application ofthese techniquesto specific operations. The course is open only to physicianswho have completed residency training and is designed forthose who have some practical experience in surgicalmonitoring.

October 5 to 6, 1990Update in Cardiac TransplantationRochester, MinnesotaAn in-depth review of the medical and surgical aspects ofcardiac transplantation will be presented at this meetingintended for practitioners of community medicine.

October 7 to 10, 1990Posttraumatic and Reconstructive Wrist SurgeryRochester, MinnesotaThis 4-day course will offer didactic and practical in­struction in reconstructive surgical treatment of thewrist. New techniques and diagnostic skills will be em­phasized.

October 10 to 13, 19906th Annual Symposium on Echocardiography in

Congenital Heart DiseaseRochester, MinnesotaThis course will focus on two-dimensional Doppler andcolor flow imaging in the fetus and in pediatric and adultpatients with suspected congenital heart disease. Present­ing the latest information on noninvasive diagnostictechniques, this annual meeting has become the interna­tional standard for the field.

October 20, 1990Pulmonary Update for Primary-Care PhysiciansRochester, MinnesotaThis course intended for primary-care physicians and gen­eral internists will review recent advances in the diagnosisand treatment of pulmonary disorders commonly encoun­tered in clinical practice.

October 20 to 21, 19902nd Annual Obstetrical Review for Primary-Care

PhysiciansRochester, MinnesotaThe objectives of this 2-day program are to provide anupdate on basic obstetric care and to introduce newconcepts of patient management for practicing obste­tricians and family-medicine physicians who practiceobstetrics.

October 22 to 24 and November 5 to 7,1990Clinical ReviewsRochester, MinnesotaThis 3-day course consists of lectures and discussions onproblems of general interest in medicine and surgery. Theprogram will be offered in two identical sessions.

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October 25 and November 8, 1990Cells, Genes, and Genetic EngineeringRochester, MinnesotaThis course will enhance the attendees' understanding ofthe influence of modern cellular and molecular biology onclinical practice. This program will be offered in twoidentical sessions.

October 27, 1990Using the MMPIIMMPI-2 With Adolescents: Clinical

Applications and Current Research IssuesRochester, MinnesotaThe purpose ofthis course is to provide physicians, psychol­ogists, and other mental health professionals with currentinformation on the applications ofthe Minnesota Multipha­sic Personality Inventory (MMPI) to adolescent patients.

October 28 to November I, 1990Advances in Diagnostic RadiologyWestin La Paloma, Tucson, ArizonaA comprehensive update on new diagnostic entities, tech­niques, and modalities in diagnostic radiology will be pre­sented at this meeting.

November 3 to 4, 1990Clinical Autonomic Quantitation WorkshopRochester, MinnesotaThis 2-day workshop will review laboratory testing of auto­nomic function in human subjects.

November 3 to 4, 1990Update in Cardiovascular DiseasesRochester, MinnesotaA review of recent advances in cardiovascular medicine andsurgery of interest to practicing physicians will be pre­sented at this meeting.

November 4, 1990Advances in Sleep Disorders MedicineRochester, MinnesotaThis course is designed to inform physicians in familypractice and internal medicine about new developments inthe area of sleep disorders. Attendees will learn whichailments can be treated in their office practice and whichpatients should be referred to a sleep disorders center.

February 2 to 8, 1991Update in Clinical NeurophysiologyRochester, MinnesotaThis meeting will feature didactic and practical instruc­tion in clinically useful techniques of electroencephalogra­phy, polysomnography, electromyography, nerve-conduc­tion studies, and assessment of somatosensory visual- andauditory-evoked potentials for qualified participants (re­quest brochure for special enrollment requirements). A"satellite" course on Feb. 2 will review some of the basicprinciples ofthe physiology and anatomy of the central andperipheral nervous systems.

February II to 15,1991Obstetrical Review for the Primary-Care PhysicianHyatt Orlando, Orlando, FloridaThe objectives of this program intended for practicingobstetricians are to provide updated information on basicobstetric care and to introduce new concepts of patientmanagement.

February 18 to 22, 1991Selected Topics in Internal MedicineSan Diego, CaliforniaThis course will provide information on new, as well asstandard, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to clinicalproblems in internal medicine.

For further information, please contact Postgraduate Courses, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 55905 (507-284-2509).


Study Patients Needed(lRB 319-87)

A clinical trial, supported by the National Institutes of Health, is currently beingconducted at the Mayo Clinic testing the effects of calcium channel blockers inpatients who have intractable epilepsy. To qualify for this trial, the patient musthave suffered from intractable epilepsyfor more than 2 years despite optimal useofcurrent anticonvulsants. Patients must also be between 18 and 45 years ofage.The calcium antagonist is used as an add-on therapy, and the patient's currentanticonvulsant regimen is not altered. For further information, please contactDr. Fredric B. Meyer, Department ofNeurosurgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN55905 (507-284-5317).

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September 20 to 21, 1990Infertility: Advancements in Laboratory

and Clinical ProceduresRochester, MinnesotaAt this 2-day conference, attendees will acquire a basicunderstanding of the physiologic processes involved inhuman reproduction and how disorders in these events canrelate to infertility. The program will present a detailedreview of assays that can be used to identify various defectsin reproductive events and how these assays may alsosuggest courses of treatment. Procedures designed toevaluate male fertility, including semen analysis, hamsteregg penetration assay, and sperm antibody assay, will beemphasized; laboratory sessions will be devoted to each ofthese assays. Future developments in the evaluation ofreproductive processes, including regulations concerningquality control, will be discussed. The workshop would beof value to laboratory directors and technologists who areresponsible for performing assays related to the evaluationof fertility and to physicians who desire an update onlaboratory methods in this area.

Program Director: G. David Ball, Ph.D.

October 6, 1990Technical and Management Issues in PhlebotomyKansas City, MissouriImportant issues related to phlebotomy will be reviewed atthis I-day conference, including preparation of the patient,collection of specimens, and quality assurance. Educa­tional concerns and other issues of personal growth and

development will be addressed. The conference would beappropriate for phlebotomists, phlebotomy team manag­ers, phlebotomy educators, and medical technologists.

Program Director: Jane C. Dale, M.D.

November 7 to 9, 1990Laboratory Diagnosis of Bone and

Mineral DisordersRochester, MinnesotaCurrent concepts of the physiologic and pathologic pro­cesses involved in metabolic disorders of bone and mineralswill be presented at this 3-dayworkshop. The strengths andweaknesses ofcurrently available laboratory techniques forthe evaluation of plasma, urine, and bone biopsy specimensand imaging modalities for the measurement of bone den­sity that are useful for the diagnosis and monitoring ofsuch disorders as hypercalcemia, hypocalcemia, osteomala­cia, and osteoporosis will be reviewed. Treatment modali­ties used at the Mayo Clinic will be discussed, and molecu­lar biologic and metabolic research studies that may havefuture applications to medical care will be addressed. Thecourse would be appropriate for endocrinologists, nephrol­ogists, endocrine and orthopedic surgeons, rheumatolo­gists, clinical pathologists, and laboratory directors.

Program Director: George G. Klee, M.D., Ph.D.

For further information, please contact Martha Carey,Regional Laboratory Services, 270 Hilton, Mayo Clinic,Rochester, MN 55905 (507-284-0397).


September20 to 21, 1990Practical SpirometrySeattle, WashingtonThis 2-day course oflectures and discussions, approved bythe National Institute for Occupational Safety and Healthfor certification in pulmonary function testing, will provide"hands-on" instruction in spirometric testing. (This work­shop will be presented in identical sessions at differenttimes and locations. See subsequent entry.)

Program Director: Paul L. Enright, M.D.

October 10 to 11, 1990Pittsfield, MassachusettsPractical SpirometrySee September 20 entry.

November 8 to 9, 1990Practical SpirometryScottsdale, ArizonaSee September 20 entry.

December 7 to 8, 1990Practical SpirometryLas Vegas, NevadaSee September 20 entry.

For further information regarding the spirometry course,please contact Ginny Allie, Mayo Pulmonary Services, 432Plummer Building, Rochester, MN 55905 (507-284-8403;outside Minnesota, 800-533-1653).