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Mobile communications and Changing Media Choices

Date post:19-Jun-2015
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This data rich presentation focuses on the role smart phones are playing in changing consumer media choices in the U.S. Market. Presented By Bill Troy of UNH-Manchester at the 2014 Business to Business Expo hosted by the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce.
  • 1. Mobile Communications andChanging Media ChoicesBy Bill Troy, Business ProgramCoordinator and Lecturer, the Universityof New Hampshire at Manchester

2. Who are we? One of the colleges of UNH, providing a high quality educationprimarily to Merrimack Valley commuter students. Approximately 800 Bachelors students Focus on Liberal Arts and Professional education for careers in: Business Biology Computer Systems Psychology Communication Arts Teaching (M.A.T. program) Internships required in many majors, great opportunities. Small classes (less than 20) 3. My Brief Biography B.A. in Economics from the University of Massachusetts inAmherst Magna Cum Laude and Commonwealth Scholar Phi Beta Kappa M.B.A. from Johnson School of Cornell University Economist for U.S. Labor Department, B.L.S. Varying roles at DIGITAL Equipment, including consulting andDirector of brand advertising Ericsson Director of Marketing for the Broadband division Currently: U.N.H. Business Program director, and Marketing lecturer, at theManchester Campus WPI Adjunct Management Instructor in International Business 4. Mobile Communications andChanging Media Choices This data rich presentation focuses on thedynamic role that 'smart phones' are playing inchanging consumer media choices in the U.S.Market. Social media will also be considered in thiscontext. Special consideration will be given to the Mt.Washington Valley, and how varying media canemerge as a mixed model of success usingtraditional and emerging sources. 5. Demographics: North Conway, NH Population: 4,310 Median Age: 46.1 Median Income: $45,500 Consumer Spending: $85 MM Predominantly white population: 96%Source:http://www.claritas.com/MyBestSegments/Default.jsp?ID=20# zip code: 03860 North Conway, NH 6. Lets start with Claritas: Blue Highways Among lifestyles, Blue Highways isthe standout for lower-middle-classresidents who live in isolated townsand farmsteads. Here, Boomer menlike to hunt and fish, the womenenjoy sewing and crafts, andeveryone looks forward to going outto a country music concert.Lifestyle & Media Traits Order from drugstore.com Do crafting Read Bassmaster Watch Country Music TV Chevrolet Silverado DieselDemographics Traits Urbanicity: Rural Income: Lower Mid Income Producing Assets: Moderate Age Ranges: 45-64 Presence of Kids: HH w/o Kids Homeownership: Homeowners Employment Levels: BC, Service, Mix Education Levels: High School Grad Ethnic Diversity: White, Black, Mix 7. Where are they everywhere!! 8. Next: HeartlandersIncome: $43018Lifestyle & Media Traits Order from QVC Own motor home Read North American Hunter Watch New Yankee Workshop Dodge DakotaDemographics Traits Urbanicity: Town/Rural Income: Lower Mid Income Producing Assets: Moderate Age Ranges: 55+ Presence of Kids: Mostly w/o Kids Homeownership: Mostly Owners Employment Levels: White Collar, Mix Education Levels: High School Grad Ethnic Diversity: WhiteOlder couples with white-collarjobs living in sturdy,unpretentious homes. In thesecommunities of small familiesand empty-nesting couples,Heartlanders residents pursuea rustic lifestyle where huntingand fishing remain primeleisure activities along withcooking, sewing, camping, andboating. 9. Similar Picture 10. Messages Every zip code in America has 4 or 5 of thesemajor demographic, psychographic profiles Knowing what is on their mind, you cancreate personalized messaging, perhaps viatargeted direct email campaigns. Or, buy mailing lists for certain zip codes. This is a day long session of its own. 11. Declining PC Sales 12. Mobile Devices Surpass Laptops & PCs 13. Digital Marketing Shift??? 14. Mobile is increasing as share of internet access time 15. Multiscreeners 16. Where do Mobile visitors go? 17. How do People Use Smart Phones? 18. Mobile Devices Become PrimaryEntertainment Source 19. Ramifications if you stink on email? 20. Email varies in time of day effectiveness 21. Ad hoc vs. Detailed Search.. 22. Online Advertising More Effective onMobile Devices 23. Twitter as a Tool.. 24. Thanks for ListeningCopy of Slides?Send Email to:Wtroy@unh.eduPhone: 603-641-4345 (office)

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