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Moms and Facebook 2014

Date post:27-Aug-2014
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Moms and Facebook in 2014. A relationship full of nice numbers and odds. moms love facebook and most of the time they build their life around it. A guide to understand it, say the right story to the right people and engage moms with the brand.
  • Moms and Facebook a passionate affair May 2014 George Achillias MBA
  • 2 Moms are more social than ever
  • Smartphones are taking on new responsibilities Moms still consume traditional media, but blend it with modern technology 3
  • Internet is a daily staple for Moms; they remain well connected with devices both at home and on the go Most Moms use the Internet while watching TV More than other demographic groups, Moms also utilize smartphones for everyday tasks like waking up, at work listening and taking pictures Communication Strategy 2015 4
  • Facebook remains the social media site for Moms to engage Although Facebook profile growth is flat, Moms are adding more friends Moms are curious about new, up-and- coming social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr Communication Strategy 2015 5
  • 6
  • 7 Just because a mother is at home, that doesn't mean she's obsessed with cupcakes and cleaning. Similarly, just because another works outside the home, that doesn't mean she spends her life craving 'me time'. Modern motherhood has many facets, with 'mum the creative blogger', 'mum the kitchen-table entrepreneur' and 'mum the skilled socialite' just three characterizations with a basis in reality.
  • Connected Marketing Savvy Smarter and More Optimistic
  • 9
  • 10
  • Sharing moments/pictures with family and friends Organizing events and get together Seeking and writing reviews and recommendations.
  • 13 They can socialize online while supervising their children/being at home
  • 14
  • 45% are communicating more through Facebook and emailing less 2x more likely to say social helps her get information quickly (61%) 92% share family milestones on Facebook
  • 16
  • 17 Recognize how different she is, and so her needs; how and what we share with her it does matter Create a give-and-take relationship based on what she finds valuable Listen to her. Act on what a mom says; if she asks a question, we can answer it every time
  • 18 Talk to her about things have nothing to do with a brand Support her busy life, dont make demands.
  • 19 Find the right People Say Good Stories to Them Make Strong Relationships
  • 20 Use Facebook and CSS planer to find the right audience with the right attributes Try to feel not only their needs but also their expectations. Understand what they want to hear, to get, their needs
  • 21 Listen to what Moms have to say, share, comment
  • 22 Does not need to be long form Talk about values, values Moms share with the our brand Emotional connection Always about; What, but how and why
  • 23
  • 24 Visual content is the primary driver of engagement on Facebook Photos account for 74% of brand posts and receive 95% of total engagement After photos, videos are the second most engaging content type
  • 25 when you make commitments you build Hope, When you fulfill them, you build trust
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