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Music Video Conventions- Justin Bieber

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  • Conventions Of Music Videos Justin Bieber- Somebody To Love Jenna Pinder

  • THERE IS A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE LYRICS AND THE VISUALS. (GOODWIN)The lyrics in this certain music video establish a general feeling or mood rather than offering a coherent meaning. Only certain key lines within Somebody To Love mirror the visuals such as the certain dance actions e.g. Step to the beat of my heart Usher puts his hand on his heart. The visuals and lyrics together as one create a light mood for the audience with the upbeat dancing, and the cutesy lyrics.

  • PARTICULAR MUSIC GENRES MAY HAVE THEIR OWN MUSIC VIDEO STYLE AND ICONOGRAPHYJustin Biebers somebody to love can be easily categorized into the RnB genre.Justin Bieber has chosen a simple but effective video style, with the video all shot in the studio, with the use of lighting- high key lighting which spotlights Bieber.The use of dancers and the style of dancing also fits with the genre with the use of hip-hop/street moves.Biebers choice of style also reflects the genre, dressed in all black clothing-leather jacket, hoodie and black skinny jeans with the coloured sneakers, this is also reflected in ushers style with the sunglasses and dark clothing. This brand image in itself creates an Iconography for the RnB genre.

  • THERE IS A DEMAND ON THE PART OF THE RECORD COMPANY FOR LOTS OF CLOSE UPS OF THE MAIN ARTIST/VOCALIST.(GOODWIN)Throughout the video there are excessive amounts of close ups of Bieber and UsherThe main focus of the close ups are the eyes and mouth to grab the audiences attentionClose ups establish the artist as a whole. This Engages them with the audience and makes the video More personal, making the audience feel like they are Directly looking at them.

  • THE ARTIST MAY DEVELOP THEIR OWN STAR ICONOGRAPHYJustin Biebers hair is part of his signature look, which is perfectly styled giving him that current teen look. Ushers sunglasses are his signature look and are featured in many of his music videosThe chosen wardrobe which is all dark clothing also contributes to his pop/RnB style.The spotlighting on Justin Bieber and his dancers contrast against the black studio background with the main focus on his performance which again contributes to his own star iconography

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