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Nevada State Agency Climate Change Survey

Date post:03-Jul-2015
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  • 1. Orion Cuffe, Ira Cross, Elaine HirtStatistical Analysis for Business Decisions

2. Interdisciplinary Research ProjectNSHE is AdministratorFunded by $15M GrantSponsors: NSF, EPSCoRInstitutional Partners: UNR, UNLV, DRI 3. Important Role toDevelop Public PolicyImplementationMost Closely Match LocalNeeds for ClimateChange AdaptationOften Lack Resources andTimely & AccurateScientific InformationNecessary to ImplementPolicy Effectively 4. Surveymonkey.comReceived 29 CompleteAll Public Agencies Self-Selected ResponsesSent 204 Surveys14.2% Response Rate 5. SpecialBusiness Non-Profit PurposeAssociationOrganization Government 6% 3%Regional(School, Utility,Agency Water13% District, etc.)7% StateGovernmentAgencyLocal23% Government AgencyFederal 48%GovernmentAgency0% 6. Climate Change Priority Level?Organization Planning?Information Sources?Capacity for Planning?Constraints andObstacles forImplementation?Cooperation BetweenLocal Government &Organizations? 7. Is This Related to That?Media Confidence in ScienceInformation SourceOrganization PreparednessSize of BudgetNumber of EmployeesOrganization TypesHow Does Nevada Comparewith National Trends? 8. Data Cleaning & CodingSuccessful Tests Unsuccessful Tests Test of Two MeansANOVA T-Test of ProportionsOLS Multiple Chi-Square Regression 9. Chi-Square Test Results RevealYes, There is a Relationship.P = 0.0409Inverse RelationshipLess News = More ConfidenceMore News = Less ConfidenceConclusion: Watching the News ErodesConfidence in the Science. 10. Yes, Consultants Chi-Square Test Results Show Yes, There is a Relationship.Strengthen Confidence in P = 0.08the Climate ChangeScience When Used MoreOften. 11. No, Budget Size Does Not Play aRole Whether or Not an Agency isPrepared for Climate Change.Two Sample Test of Meansgives P-Value: 0.427 at 95%Confidence Interval. 12. Chi-Square Test Results Show NORelationshipP = 0.6226Conclusion: Do Not Rely on the AgencyType Determine How Prepared theAgency is to Deal with Climate ChangeIssues. Applies to State Agencies toNon-Profit Organization. 13. Regardless of the Type of Agency, theConfidence in Climate Change ScienceRemained Unaffected.Chi-Square Test Reveals NORelationship.P-Value = 0.4504 14. Even the Number of Staff of an Organizationhas NO Affect in Preparedness for ClimateChange Issues.Two Sample Test of Means Reveals NORelationship at 95% Confidence Interval.P-Value = 0.924T-Test Score = 0.096 15. Is Climate Change a Priority?18% Nevada Agencies Say Yes, Its a Top Priority*3% National Average Says Yes, Its a Top Priority**Confident in the Science of Climate Change71% Nevada Agencies Are Confident*57% National Average Is Confident****Note: NOT statistically significant different due to extremely high error, a consequence of low sample size.**Bloomberg Poll conducted by Seizer & Co., Dec 3-7, 2009. N=1,000 adults nationwide +/- 3.1%***Pew Research Center Poll conducted Sept 30-Oct 4, 2009. N=1,500 adults nationwide +/- 3.1% 16. This is a waste of time and money. You cannot do anything aboutclimate change. 17. Its hard to getconcerned, when reports are so conflicting, andpolitics play such a role. 18. What do we need tobetter plan? The Truth. 19. The national news media cannot be trusted to tell an unbiased truth! 20. A climate change clearing house. Gettruthful, factual, long-term, non-political data! 21. Is it reallyreal, or madeup Al Gore BS?! 22. Long Process to Create & Approve Survey UNR Survey PolicyVery Poor Lack of Response! Not Enough Samples Limited What Tests Could Be Used High Margin of ErrorSurvey Was Long Over 45 Questions 23. Collect More Responses Through PhoneInterviewsPlan for Focus Group ResearchPresentationsFebruary & March 2010Las Vegas, NevadaSan Francisco, CaliforniaCollaboration with UNLV 24. Save the Earth. Its the only planet with chocolate!

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