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  • www.stutteringhelp.org 1-800-992-9392 www.tartamudez.org T HE S TUTTERING F OUNDATION A Nonprofit Organization FALL 2007 Since 1947... Helping Those Who StutterAuditory cortex,altered auditory World congress feedback and unites groupsdevelopmental stutteringInitial studies of SpeechEasyAnne L. Foundas, M.D.and Edward G. Conture, Ph.D. Editors note: The StutteringFoundation is pleased to support Our knowl-this new research.edge of the bio-logical bases ofdevelopmentalstuttering hasbeen greatly en-hanced by recentresults of brainimaging andphysiological people who stutter. Fraser honored in medieval setting The event was held in Anne L.studies. Taken In May, the International Foundas, M.D. Mark Irwintogether, thesecomplementary Stuttering Association, the Cavtat, a picturesque coastalmethods have umbrella organization repre- town on the southern tip ofbegun to provide senting 45 self-help groups the Republic of Croatia.converging evi- throughout the world, held Delegates from 43 coun-dence about the its 8th World Congress for tries comprised the morebrain regionsthat may be af-fected in indi- Edward G. Continued on page 8 Photos: Terrace of fortress in Dubrovnik. Top right: Joseph Lukong of Cameroon with a copy of the new Basic Clinicalviduals who Skills. Center: Mel Hoffman, awards chairman of the International Stuttering Association, presents the Outstanding Conture, Ph.D.stutter. For example, there is Service Award to SFA President Jane Fraser. Bottom: Jennifer Tseng of Taiwan and Zong-Shan Li of China discuss translations of SFA materials.strong evidence that dysfunctions With funding from the Continued on page 12 Searching for predictors of chronic stuttering NIHs National Institute on Anne Smith, Ph.D., I am pleased to have this Deafness and Other Purdue University Rocket Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 opportunity to update you Communication Disorders, we have been recruiting 4 Inside... Bob Love documentary . . . . . . 3 on the progress of the SpeechEasy outside the lab . . . 3 Purdue Stuttering Project and 5-year-olds, and we Web site a summertime hit. . . . 4 over the past year. You will be following them SFA workshops reach out . . . . 6 may recall from my earlier yearly for a period of 5 article that we are engaged Anne Smith, Ph.D. years (that is, if our project Letters from young readers . . 10 in a longitudinal study of is renewed money is New MySpace page . . . . . . . . 11 young children who stutter and very tight at NIH these days, so Interview with Eric Roberts . . 13 their normally fluent controls. Continued on page 2
  • 2 www.stutteringhelp.org 60 1-800-992-9392 Years of ServiceRocket Science Jane Fraser and Joe Fulcher blasts off meet with U.S. Congressman Frank R. Wolf, a longtime sup- Peter Reitzes, M.A., CCC-SLP, porter of the Stutteringfilm Rocket Science not only as ashares his comments on the new Foundation. In 2006, the con- gressman drew attention to child- hood stuttering after he submit-speech pathologist, but also as a ted an article about Tiger Woodsperson who stutters. His insights from the SFA newsletter to themay provide direction for those Congressional Record. Kwho want to see this film. I saw Rocket Science and it isabsolutely a wonderful movie. It stutter (CWS) and 13 children whoreally felt good and are normally developing (CND).validating to see keep your fingers crossed for us!). What we have found is that the Smith Continued from front pagesuch a likable char- In our first year of the longitudi- CWS and the CND have the sameacter as Hal (the nal study, we have tested 34 chil- average rate of clapping; bothhigh-schooler who dren who stutter on an extensive groups tend to speed up when thestutters) struggle in set of experimental protocols that beat goes off. Concerning theall the same ways includes recording variability of theirthat I struggled in Jeffrey Blitz, orofacial move- clapping, we com-high school. ments and muscle 4 and 5-year-olds pute a statistic that ... about 60% of As far as being Rocket Science activity during who are stuttering reflects their vari- who wrote andappropriate for speech, testing ability in percent. directedteens, Rocket Science certainly basic timing ability are unusually poor The range of vari-touches on some difficult topics. in a hand clapping ability in percentSome of the people around Hal task, and recording for the normally de- at keeping timetreat him as a broken person. the electrical activ- veloping children compared to When I was in Hals shoes, I cer- ity of the brain was 5 to 13%. their normallytainly felt broken as well. I am (EEG) while the developing peers. Interestingly, 10 ofworking now with a teen and I men- children watch a video about a the 17 CWS had variability percent-tioned the film to the family. I was young penguin named Pingu. ages outside the range of the CND.very careful to make it clear to the We have analyzed some of our These 10 CWS had greater variabili-family that this movie could trigger year 1 data, and many exciting ty percentages than any of the CND,some painful memories and feel- results have come to light. and these ranged from 15 to 32%!ings in their son. A teen may need I have space here to describe From these early analyses, we con-support digesting this fil
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