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November Communicator

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November Communicator
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The Stephenson Service Company remains as dedicated today to its mission of improving the long-term profitability of its members, customers, and owners as it was at its founding over 75 years ago. Those goals are accomplished through the many products the company provides to its customers, by being on the cutting edge of available service innovations, by maintaining high quality personnel, and combining these resources to bring profitable solutions to its customers and member-owners. Among the many services provided is the Fast Stop fuel station located in Lena. Stephenson Service Company Energy Marketing Manager Gordy Williams said the company opened its Fast Stop operation in Lena in 1987 and today, features products including soy biodiesel fuel and a number of ethanol-powered fuels produced right up the road at Adkins Energy. A diverse offering of quality fuels “In Lena we have a regular E- 10 gas called unleaded plus and our super unleaded E-25 that is a gasoline with 25 percent ethanol,” Williams said. He said they’ve posted on the E-25 pumps that their super unleaded can only be run in a flex-fuel vehicle. “It fits with any year and any model just so long as it is a flex- fuel vehicle,” he said. “Our unleaded plus is an 89 octane no lead gas that we sell in Lena as our least cost opportunity for customers.” A flexible-fuel vehicle (FFV) or dual-fuel vehicle is an alternative fuel vehicle with an internal combustion engine designed to run on more than one fuel, usually gasoline blended with either ethanol or methanol fuel, and both fuels are stored in the same common tank. Modern flex-fuel engines are capable of burning any proportion of the resulting blend in the combustion as fuel injection and spark timing are adjusted automatically according to the actual blend detected by electronic sensors. He said their biodiesel is currently an 11 percent seasonal blend that meets the requirements of any diesel user. In Illinois we are very fortunate that we have tax incentives to help us to keep our biodiesel products cost efficient,” Williams said. “Lubrication is a huge factor in biodiesel and another very large factor with our biodiesel is that it cleans emissions.” According to the US EPA, biodiesel made from vegetable oils (soy) reacted with methanol or ethanol and a catalyst can be used in any diesel engine without modifications and burns up to 75 percent cleaner than petroleum diesel fuel while reducing unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate matter in exhaust fumes, as well as cancer-causing PAH and nitrated PAH compounds. Biodiesel is environmentally friendly: it is renewable, and more biodegradable than sugar and less toxic than table salt. Williams said FS alters its blend percentages with the season to keep their customers vehicles running smooth. “Ethanol also does a wonderful job of cleaning up emissions and we are fortunate to have a strong working relationship with the folks at Adkins Energy,” he said. “They are allowing us to purchase direct from their Lena facility and we want to continue with that because it allows us to continue as supporters of our local economy. They’ve got about 35 people working at that plant now and we want to keep it that way.” Adkins Energy in Lena is a corn-to-ethanol production facility processing approximately 16 million bushels of corn annually into over 45 million gallons of fuel-grade ethanol, a clean burning substitute for petroleum. Williams added that when FS buys ethanol products from Adkins it supports the local agricultural economy as well. “A lot of our locally produced Tony Carton Communicator Editor Communicator Communicator November 2011 • Freeport, IL Lena Fast Stop Blends Service and Convenience 4 8 12 MEMBER NEWS 2 RISE ’n SHINE RIBBON CUTTINGS MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Inside... SEE L ENA PAGE 3
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The Stephenson ServiceCompany remains as dedicatedtoday to its mission of improvingthe long-term profitability of itsmembers, customers, andowners as it was at its foundingover 75 years ago.

Those goals are accomplishedthrough the many products thecompany provides to itscustomers, by being on thecutting edge of available serviceinnovations, by maintaininghigh quality personnel, andcombining these resources tobring profitable solutions to itscustomers and member-owners.

Among the many servicesprovided is the Fast Stop fuelstation located in Lena.

Stephenson Service CompanyEnergy Marketing ManagerGordy Williams said thecompany opened its Fast Stopoperation in Lena in 1987 andtoday, features productsincluding soy biodiesel fuel anda number of ethanol-poweredfuels produced right up the roadat Adkins Energy.A diverse offering of qualityfuels

“In Lena we have a regular E-10 gas called unleaded plus andour super unleaded E-25 that isa gasoline with 25 percentethanol,” Williams said.

He said they’ve posted on theE-25 pumps that their superunleaded can only be run in a

flex-fuel vehicle.“It fits with any year and any

model just so long as it is a flex-fuel vehicle,” he said. “Ourunleaded plus is an 89 octaneno lead gas that we sell in Lenaas our least cost opportunity forcustomers.”

A flexible-fuel vehicle (FFV) ordual-fuel vehicle is analternative fuel vehicle with an

internal combustion enginedesigned to run on more thanone fuel, usually gasolineblended with either ethanol ormethanol fuel, and both fuelsare stored in the same commontank. Modern flex-fuel enginesare capable of burning anyproportion of the resulting blendin the combustion as fuelinjection and spark timing areadjusted automaticallyaccording to the actual blend

detected by electronic sensors.He said their biodiesel is

currently an 11 percentseasonal blend that meets therequirements of any diesel user.

In Illinois we are veryfortunate that we have taxincentives to help us to keep ourbiodiesel products cost efficient,”Williams said. “Lubrication is ahuge factor in biodiesel and

another very large factor withour biodiesel is that it cleansemissions.”

According to the US EPA,biodiesel made from vegetableoils (soy) reacted with methanolor ethanol and a catalyst can beused in any diesel enginewithout modifications and burnsup to 75 percent cleaner thanpetroleum diesel fuel whilereducing unburnedhydrocarbons, carbon monoxide

and particulate matter inexhaust fumes, as well ascancer-causing PAH andnitrated PAH compounds.

Biodiesel is environmentallyfriendly: it is renewable, andmore biodegradable than sugarand less toxic than table salt.

Williams said FS alters itsblend percentages with theseason to keep their customersvehicles running smooth.

“Ethanol also does awonderful job of cleaning upemissions and we are fortunateto have a strong workingrelationship with the folks atAdkins Energy,” he said. “Theyare allowing us to purchasedirect from their Lena facilityand we want to continue withthat because it allows us tocontinue as supporters of ourlocal economy. They’ve got about35 people working at that plantnow and we want to keep it thatway.”

Adkins Energy in Lena is acorn-to-ethanol productionfacility processing approximately16 million bushels of cornannually into over 45 milliongallons of fuel-grade ethanol, aclean burning substitute forpetroleum.

Williams added that when FSbuys ethanol products fromAdkins it supports the localagricultural economy as well.

“A lot of our locally produced

Tony CartonCommunicator Editor

CommunicatorCommunicatorNovember 2011 • Freeport, IL

Lena Fast Stop Blends Service and Convenience


Inside...SEE LENA PAGE 3

Page 2: November Communicator


The Chamber of Commerce Communicator is published on a monthly basis with the partnership of The Journal-Standard paper. We thank

them for their continual effort to keep this publication in print!

27 W. Stephenson St, Freeport IL 61032www.freeportilchamber.com

Phone: 815.233.1350 Fax: 815.235.4038

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Kim Grimes [email protected]

MEMBERSHIP SERVICES COORDINATOR:Tiffany King [email protected]



an you believe we are only alittle over 5 weeks away untilChristmas? It seems like we

just put the decorations away fromlast year! Maybe that short blizzardwe experienced last week can help usget in the holiday spirit! It definitelyhas been a fast year.

Tiffany and I recently attended theIllinois Chamber of CommerceExecutive Association (IACCE) AnnualFall Conference in Collinsville. Thiswas my 10th Fall Conference and asin past conference’s we were treatedwith terrific speakers discussing somevery topical chamber subjects.Tiffany and I took lots of notes andwill be processing all the new ideasthat we heard about and look forwardto applying these new ideas throughyour chamber as we approach thenew year. Our final speaker’s subjectwas a discussion on how youcommunicate with people from thefour generations (seniors, baby-boomers, gen-x’s and gen-y’s). Thattopic is always very interesting sincethe four generations have their owndistinct personality traits. I havebeen serving on the IACCE Board forfour years and I was flattered to benamed the 1st Vice-Chair of theBoard. This puts your Freeport AreaChamber in more of the spotlight withChambers around the state. I amvery proud to serve on this boardrepresenting all of our ChamberMembers.

TheProsperingTogethercommitteescontinue tomeet and theplan is reallystarting to takeshape.Through theleadership of NIDA’sstaff and volunteers the public willstart to see in the coming monthssome real live projects beingprocessed that will in the long rundrastically improve our localcommunity in many ways. We wantto thank Dean White and the FreeportMasonic Temple along with KrogullCatering for hosting last monthsBusiness after Hours. I also applaudthe Temple for hosting the series ofconcert’s including “Paul Revere”coming in December. The MasonicTemple is one of Freeport’s“Treasures” and it’s great to havepeople visit and enjoy such awonderful facility. We also thankOakley Courts for hosting lastmonth’s Rise ‘N Shine Breakfast.Thank you to Country Inn and Suitesfor hosting tonight’s Business afterHours and the Visitors Center forhosting the Rise ‘N Shine Breakfast inDecember. Be sure and put ourDecember 15th Business after Hourson your calendar at Stewart andAssociates at the Stewart Centre.

Page 2 F R E E P O R T A R E A C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E

NOVEMBER 17Business after HoursCountry Inn & Suites

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

NOVEMBER 24 & 25Thanksgiving Holiday

Chamber Offices are closed

DECEMBER 1Rise N’ Shine Breakfast hosted by

Freeport/Stephenson County Conventionand Visitors Bureau

7:30 – 8:30 a.m.

DECEMBER 6Executive Meeting

Chamber Conference Room #17:30 a.m.

DECEMBER 8Finance Committee Meeting

Chamber Conference Room #27:30 a.m.

DECEMBER 8Ambassador Holiday Party

Fieldstone Inn6 - 8 p.m.


CKim’s Korner

Rise ’n ShineRise ’n Shine

Rise ’n Shine Breakfast was hosted by the Oakley Courts Assisted Living.This event is a great networking chance to get your name out there if you area smaller business. Our thanks to Oakley Courts Assisted Living for makingus feel so welcome!

Page 3: November Communicator

Page 3F R E E P O R T A R E A C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E

afterH URS

Business after Hours was hosted by the Freeport MasonicTemple. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful food and greatconversation! We would like to thank the Freeport MasonicTemple for their hospitality and the fascinating tour of thetemple.


corn comes to that facility,”Williams said. “We want tocontinue to do everything in ourpower to support that.”A one-stop convenience shop

Williams said that over theyears the convenience aspect ofthe Lena FS has becomeincreasingly important.

“We now have a very nicecoffee bar as well as greatbreakfast and lunch offerings,”he said.

He said Cimino’s Pizza andthe newly added Taco Depot areamong their most popularofferings.

“We do very well with foodfrom those franchises,” Williamssaid.

He said they have twomanagers on site that keep boththe fuel and the food sides of the


“We haveRoxanne Dalyand SheilaTerhaar sharingresponsibilitieshere and theywork hard anddo a wonderfuljob in the store,”Williams said.

He said thatin addition tobuilding a wellstocked full lineof conveniencestore items theLena Fast Stop

is gearing into winter with agood amount of diesel flowadditives for truckers and otherdiesel users.

“Beyond the addition of dieselflow additives, our stocks of fooditems and our menus stay prettymuch the same year round,”Williams said. Our Lena store isjust one in a network of morethan 170 Fast Stop locationsthroughout the Midwest and weare proud of what we do there.”Service with pride

Williams said StephensonService Company is a farmsupply company first andforemost and the Lena Fast Stopis an important working part ofthat bigger picture.

“We are very much in tune tosupport the agriculturalcommunity inbothStephensonand JoDaviesscounties,” hesaid. “Agsupply is ourcore business.Our FarmTown store inFreeport andour ag supplyoutletsthroughoutthe area are

important to us and we are gladto be a supportive andcontributing part of thecommunity.”

Just as the name implies,Fast Stop stations are set up soyou can get what you need andget back on the road.Stephenson Service Companyhas Fast Stops located inFreeport and Lena. Stop by thestore in Lena today at 519 1/2E. Lena St for 24-hour creditcard fueling, alcohol-blendedfuels, convenience store, diesel#2, fast food, propane, oil,premium diesel, restrooms, andwinterized diesel fuels.

From designto complete installation,

LeBaron & Miller Interiorscan make your dreams

come true!

...& everything not to.

9 West Main, Freeport, IL • 815-232-6213Mon. - Fri. 9-5, Sat. 10-4

It costs nothing to dream...

Kitchen • Bath • Floor Coverings • Window Treatments • Mattresses & More!

Lena Fast Stop store managers Roxanne Daly and SheilaTerhaar prepare the sweet roll display in anticipation of theirbreakfast rush.

Stephenson Service Company Energy Marketing ManagerGordy Williams and Lena Fast Stop store managersRoxanne Daly and Sheila Terhaar work hard to bringservice and convenience to all their customers.

LENA from page 1

Page 4: November Communicator

AC Rock at the MasonicTemple

Freeport Noon Kiwanis alongwith Big Radio is sponsoringAcoRock at the Masonic Templeon Friday November 18 at 7 pmAcoRock is Chicago’s premier acappella quartet, singing classicrock ‘n roll favorites from the1950s through the 1980s.

Reserved seat tickets are onsale at the Masonic Temple.Prices are $25 for reserved mainfloor and mezzanine seats and

$20 for reserved balcony seats.Tickets can be purchased inperson between the hours of 9-3 pm at the Masonic Temple.You can also purchase ticketsover the phone 815-233-0513 orvia the websitehttp://freeportmasonictemple.org/index.html. Phone andinternet orders require a creditcard and will also be assessed aservice charge.

A portion of the funds raisedfrom the event will be earmarkedfor the Boys and Girls Club ofFreeport with other funds goingto support youth activities in theFreeport area. Help us help thechildren of Freeport.

An Exclusive Holiday Offer ForMovieTime Email™ Members!

The perfect gift this holidayseason is a Classic Cinemas ReelMoney Gift Card.

Classic Cinemas gift cards areeasy to purchase and easy touse. They never expire, have nofees, are good for admissions

and concessions, and can bepurchased in any amount from$10-$100.

For every $50 worth of giftcards youpurchasethroughDecember 4,you willreceive afree moviepass. Thisoffer is goodonly whenyoupurchase a gift card at a ClassicCinemas box office. (Offer notvalid with online gift cardpurchases)

Don’t forget to present yourClassic Rewards Card to earnpoints on your Gift Cardpurchase!

Happy Holidays from ClassicCinemas!

*All FREE movie passes arerestricted the first two weeks offirst run movies and will expire4/30/12.

Classic Cinemas honored withstatewide preservation award

The ClassicCinemas movietheatres and itsowners, WillisJohnson with hiswife Shirley and sonChris were recentlyrecognized with the“StewardshipAward,” presented byLandmarks Illinoisas part of theRichard H. DriehausFoundationPreservation Awards.This 17th-annualevent honorsindividuals,organizations andprojects throughoutthe state that

represent excellence in historicpreservation.

“The work of the Johnsons inrestoring their historic theatresis a testament to the deepcommitment of preservationistsacross the state,” said JimPeters, president of LandmarksIllinois.

The Classic Cinemas chain oftheatres began in 1976 whenWillis and Shirley Johnsonpurchased the then-deterioratingTivoli Theatre in Downers Grove(1928). Since that time theJohnsons have been joined bytheir son Chris in purchasingand restoring six theatreslocated in the suburbs ofChicago and Northern Illinoisincluding the Lindo in Freeport(1921), the Lake in Oak Park(1936), the Paramount inKankakee (1931), as well as theYork in Elmhurst (1924). TheYork Theatre is also home to theTheatre Historical Society ofAmerica.

Since 1994, LandmarksIllinois has been assisted by agenerous grant from the RichardH. Driehaus Foundation to

Page 4 F R E E P O R T A R E A C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E


Call today for your FREE No ObligationBusiness Insurance QuoteBusiness Insurance Quote

PPrrooffeessssiioonnaall •• PPrrooggrreessssiivvee •• PPeerrssoonnaallServing Freeport & All Surrounding Areas Since 1971

FREE No Obligation


1108 S. West Ave., Freeport, IL815-233-0213

VISIT US ON THE WEB. www.stoutins.com

Tina Stout, AIC, AIS

Community Tree Lighting Help us “flip the switch” to light up

Freeport’s holiday tree!Stephenson Street side of FHN Memorial Hospital

6XQGD\� 1RYHPEHU �� � ���� S�P�


Holiday Family Movie SeriesPrices shown are the special reduced customer



All children attending will receive a holiday memento from FHN!


1RYHPEHU �� � Happy Feet 2 in 3-D �3*� ² ��

1RYHPEHU �� � Arthur’s Christmas in 3-D �3*� ² ��

'HFHPEHU � � The Muppets (PG) – $3'HFHPEHU �� � Home Alone (PG) – FREE'HFHPEHU �� � Alvin & The Chipmunks:

Chipwrecked (PG) – $3

Singin’ at the King7KXUVGD\� 'HFHPEHU � � ���� S�P� ² ���� S�P�


Local school chorusesSuggested donation of one non-perishable food

item upon entry




Let’s jingle all the way this holiday season!As we enjoy family, friends, and the simple pleasureof spending time together during the holidays, we

hope you will join us in celebrating both personal and community health, hope and happiness.

Community Festival of TreesEnjoy holiday trees decorated by local service organizations, clubs and church


favorite through Saturday, December 17!December 4 – 31


Download entry form at www.fhn.orgHosted by FHN and the Freeport Public Library

FHN Festival of Trees Luminary NightEnjoy the soft glow of luminaria

lighting the sidewalks along 6WHSKHQVRQ 6WUHHW DQG /LQFROQ %RXOHYDUG


No charge for any event unless noted

Visit www.fhn.org for more info as well as a complete

listing of Festival of Trees events, including Santa’s

visiting schedule and holiday storytelling at the

Freeport Public Library.

Happy Holidays from your friends at FHN!


Tom Tibia photo - Classic Cinemas Owners Chris,Shirley and Willis Johnson holding the StewardshipAward, a small replica of the entrance arch and aportion of the Trading Room from Louis Sullivan’sChicago Stock Exchange building.


Page 5: November Communicator

Page 5F R E E P O R T A R E A C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E

Chapel Hill Memorial GardensJack Myers Consulting

QBE the Americas

Iron-T JunctionBrown’s Shoes

Family Affair Café

LeBaron & Miller InteriorsWinter Construction Inc.

Fruth-Simmer Insurance AgencyFreeport Massage Center

Twice As Nice ConsignmentsFloor Covering Plus

Hulsebus-Gehlsen ChiropracticMaybe You Need Help...

Culligan Water ConditioningUnion Savings Bank

Bill George Plumbing & HeatingAquaLand

Baymont Inn and SuitesDental ConnectionsFamily Health QuestNewby Design WorksCitizens State Bank

Farmers Insurance Group-Lynn KempelMidtown Center

Schofield PlumbingState Farm Insurance – Jon Spachman

C. J. Vitner Co., Inc.Saxer Accounting Services, LLC

Tender Loving CareState Farm Insurance – Steve Johnson

Skate StationSanitary Cleaners



Law Offices of Ralph E. ElliottRock River Valley Blood Center

Berner Food & BeverageJohn H. Vogt

Fehr-Graham & AssociatesCountry Insurance & Financial

Services - Rick WilsonSpherion Staffing Group

Freeport Insurance CenterAlwayz Cookies

Rite-Way Furniture & Appliance

Reid EnterprisesFishburn, Whiton, Thruman, LTDFreeport Community Foundation

Bomar Heating & CoolingStout Insurance Agency

Freidag Associates CPAsAltman Automotive Inc.Integrity Investments

Swift Hospitality Group, Inc.Behr Freeport

Cathy’s Custom Cakery

Columbia CollegeWinter & Associates

Ultrasonic Power Corp.Freeport Park District

Eagles ClubPinewood Buffet & Grill

Monroe ClinicDowning Remodeling

General Contractors, IncFlachtemeier Monuments


2011 PREFERRED MEMBERSWe would like to give special recognitionto the following businesses that provide extra support to the Freeport Area Chamber of Commerce.

2011 PREFERRED MEMBERSWe would like to give special recognitionto the following businesses that provide extra support to the Freeport Area Chamber of Commerce.

Page 6: November Communicator

Page 6 F R E E P O R T A R E A C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E

honor those whose workdemonstrates a commitment toexcellence in historicpreservation and inspire othersto take action to preserve,protect and promote historicresources throughout Illinois.

The award itself is a small-scale replica of the entrancearch and a portion of theTrading Room from LouisSullivan’s Chicago StockExchange building, which wasdemolished in 1972. The fight tosave this important part ofChicago’s built environment ledto the founding of LandmarksIllinois in 1971. In addition,winners received a $500 cashaward.

For more information onClassic Cinemas, please visitwww.classiccinemas.com.

“Twist and Turns of Life”CONTACT of Northern Illinois

his holding a raffle for a QuiltTitled “Twist and Turns of Life”

presented toCONTACT bySinnissippi Quilters,Inc. Symbolism of thequilt - colors werechosen to represent

the many and varied moods a

person experiences at differenttimes in life. The placement ofcolors to form arrows in thepatchwork represents thedifferent directions and paths aperson takes in life. The TwistedCable Quilting in yellow threadrepresents the support wereceive from others in our lives.In dark or challenging times(dark colors), you can plainly seethe support we receive from

others.Inbetterdays(lightercolors)thesupportisn’t asvisible

but is still there in the form offamily and friends that shareour joy and good time. Ticketsare on sale NOW at Heck’sFrozen Meals, 1100 W. GalenaAvenue in Freeport for $1.00each or 6 for $5.00. Ticket salesrun through November 26 at1:00 pm Drawing will be held atthe Lincoln Mall on November26 during the CONTACT CraftFair. This quilt was donated inloving memory of Ryan R. Cleary

- all proceeds from the rafflesales will benefit CONTACT.

CONTACT of Northern Illinoiswill host its seventh HereComes Santa craft fair from 9am to 3 pm on Saturday, Nov.26, at the Freeport LincolnMall, 1265 W. Galena Ave.

The craft fair featuresvendors, crafters and a bakesale. Santa Claus will visit from10 am to 2 pm, and visitors willbe able to bring their pets totake photos with Santa from 1pm to 1:30 pm, but must leavethe mall after their photo istaken.

Adonation isrequestedfor eachphototaken andno outsidecamerasareallowedduring thecraft fair. Admission to the fair isfree. There will be door prizesthroughout the day and a quiltraffle. Tickets for the quilt rafflewill be available for purchaseduring the fair until thedrawing, which will be held at2:30 pm.

Proceeds from the fair benefitCONTACT programs. For moreinformation about the fair, callCONTACT at 815-233-4357.

FHN Ophthalmologist VinodWadhwa Retiring

Ophthalmologist VinodWadhwa, MD, FACS, who hascared for FHN patients at FHNSpecialty Care - Harlem Avenuein Freeport since 1976, willretire this month.

“It has been an honor and apleasure to work with FHN andthe people of this community to

help protect and preserve theirvision,” said Dr. Wadhwa. “WhileI am saddened to leave, I amlooking forward to retirementand I know that my patients willbe in good hands.”

Dr. Wadhwa’s last day in theoffice will be Friday, Nov. 11,2011. After his departure, FHNophthalmology patients will see

Dr. HannyIsawi, whojoined FHN inAugust.Patients whohad ascheduledappointment

with Dr. Wadhwa after Nov. 11can keep their appointments;they will see Dr. Isawi at thesame time and place.

To make an appointment withDr. Isawi, call FHN SpecialtyCare - Harlem Avenue inFreeport at 815-599-7785. Formore information on Dr.Wadhwa, Dr. Isawi orophthalmology at FHN, visitwww.fhn.org.

Freeport DowntownDevelopment and Pretzel CityUSA Presents an Art Auction

Join Freeport DowntownDevelopment and Pretzel CityUSA as they present an ArtAuction. All 16 pieces from thePretzels on Parade will beauctioned off on November 10that the Freeport Country Club byMunda Auctions. Registration isat 7 pm and the Auction startsat 7:30 pm. This event is open

18 W. Stephenson Street • F.A. Read Center,Freeport, IL 61032 • 815.233.2600

Serving Ogle, Stephenson, Carroll & JoDavies Counties

When a cure is no longer an option,

Hospice can help.To learn more about

the hospice medicare benefit, call 815.233.2600.


Compassionate care when you need it most.

109 South Galena Ave.Freeport, IL 61032


We’ll ... MMaakkee iitt HHaammppttoonn!!

Page 7: November Communicator

to the public and is free ofcharge! Please R.S.V.P. toFreeport DowntownDevelopment by calling (815)232-9000

Highland Community Collegefaculty arts exhibit

The HCC Gallery will featureworks of art created by currentHCC Visual Arts facultymembers November 10 throughDecember 1, 2011 -8 am - 5 pm.

Recent works byRobert Apolloni,Reed Bakken, JimPlanting, and SamTucibat will be ondisplay and availablefor contemplation,stimulation, anddiscussion as the feature exhibitof the Fall 2011 semester.

Please join the artists for anopening reception on: Thursday,November 10, 2011 from 4:30-6:00 pm, Highland Gallery.

Jane Addams Recreation TrailOpen during Hunting Seasons

The Jane Addams RecreationTrail will remain open duringthe 2011/2012 Illinois Huntingseasons. The Jane AddamsTrail Commission stronglyrecommends that anyone usingthe trail during designated

huntingdates wearthestandard,hunter-recognizedblazeorangeapparel.Signs will

be posted on the trail with thisrecommendation. Hunters arenot allowed to hunt on, carryweapons on, or shoot across thetrail right-of-way or use the trail

as an access to hunting areas.Hunters are allowed to cross thetrail, and to retrieve game thathas fallen on the trail right-of-way. This season’s huntingdates are: November 18, 19, 20;December 1, 2, 3, 4; 9, 10, 11 -Muzzleloader; 29, 30, 31;January 1, 13, 14, and 15.Further information about theJane Addams Trail is availableby contacting theFreeport/Stephenson CountyConvention and Visitors Bureauat 815-233-1357 or visiting theTrail websiteatwww.janeaddamstrail.com.

Jingle All the Way through theHolidays at FHN Festival ofTrees Events

The holidays are here again,and FHN is proud to present afull sleigh of activities to delightyou and your family. Welcome tothe 2011 FHN Festival of Trees!

This year’s Festival has a newtwist right up front - we’removing our holiday bash to aSaturday, and to Freeport’sMasonic Temple! Join usSaturday, Nov. 19 for the FHNFestival of Trees Holiday Partiniand celebrate the season ‘50s-style. This year, we’re bringingChicago House of Blues regularsThe Blue Olives, featuringFreeport’s own Bob Werntz, tothe party for your listening anddancing pleasure.

Hors d’oeuvres, desserts andcomplimentary beveragesincluding martini tastings beginthe evening at 6 pm A silentauction will be open untilauctioneer Doug Mundapresides over a live auction at 8pm, featuring items like ChicagoBulls tickets, a hot air balloonexcursion and much more. Ifdesired, Partini-goers can takeadvantage of complimentarytransportation home in a luxury

van from CPS Airport Shuttle, apart of Freeport-based Stewart &Associates.

Proceeds from this year’sHoliday Partini benefit the FHNFoundation’s Be Cancer Freecampaign to fund an expansionto the FHN Leonard C. Ferguson

Cancer Center. The theme forthe evening is ‘50’s cocktailparty style, and tickets are $50each, available through FHNboard members, FHNFoundation board members andonline at www.fhn.org.

Before the Partini, kick off theseason with your familySaturday morning at the first ofour FHN Festival of TreesHoliday Movie Series - HappyFeet 2 3-D at the Classic

Cinemas Lindo Theatre indowntown Freeport. All ticketsare $5, and seating is limited.The movie begins at 10 am, andall children attending will receivea special holiday gift from FHN!Visit www.fhn.org for the full listof movies, including a free

showing of Home Alone onSaturday, Dec. 10!

On Sunday, Nov. 20,we’ll gather ‘round the treein front of FHN MemorialHospital after DowntownFreeport’s Mistletoe Walkfor the FHN Festival ofTrees Community HolidayTree Lighting. Join us forrefreshments and holidaycaroling and a visit fromSanta!

School choirs fromacross the area will put you in aholiday mood Thursday, Dec. 1at the FHN Festival of TreesSingin’ at the King.Performances begin at 5 pm atthe King Community Campus,511 S. Liberty Avenue inFreeport and the fun is free,although a non-perishable fooddonation for the Freeport AreaChurch Cooperative is

Page 7F R E E P O R T A R E A C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E


20 E. Stephenson St. • Historic Downtown Freeport Northern Illinois’ Largest Furniture & Appliance Dealer

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-6; Sat. 9-4 • 815-235-4911 • www.rite-way.info







Page 8: November Communicator

Page 8 F R E E P O R T A R E A C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E

The Chamber cut the ribbon at A+ Automotive Inc.! It was our honorto be there to help celebrate this special day! If you are in need of somerepairs on your vehicle stop by and see A+ Automotive today.

The Chamber cut the ribbon along with the Freeport Housing Authority to

open up the brand new computer labs at the Hosmer Highrise and the

Brewster Highrise. Stop by and see these beautiful facilities for yourself!


Page 9: November Communicator

suggested. Refreshments on saleat the event will benefit localorganizations.

Take a stroll through thebeautiful FHN CommunityFestival of Trees at the FreeportPublic Library from Sunday,Dec. 4 through Saturday, Dec.31. The trees are decorated bynon-profit organizations andwinners chosen by a panel ofjudges (and People’s Choicewinners, selected by YOU!) willwin cash prizes. Cast your votefor People’s Choice winner byDec. 17.

In conjunction with theCommunity Festival of Trees atthe library, the HighlandCommunity College Children’sChoir will present a freeperformance of holiday songs at5:30 pm Monday, Dec. 5.

Finally, join FHN and theresidents of Freeport’sStephenson Street and LincolnBoulevard at dusk Sunday, Dec.18 for the FHN Festival of TreesLuminary Walk along these well-known streets.

Information on all FHNFestival of Trees events,including a full FHN HolidayMovie Series lineup and the fullslate of Santa Visit times anddates, is available atwww.fhn.org.

Mistletoe Walk DowntownFreeport

Freeport DowntownDevelopment Presents “We Needa Little Christmas” MistletoeWalk on Sunday, November 20

from 12 pm- 4 pm.Start yourholidayseason offwith:CarriageRides,Carolers,Window

Decorations, and Refreshments.Santa arrives at the FreeportLibrary at 1 pm. PurchaseDowntown Shopping SpreeRaffle tickets (benefits SalvationArmy, FACC, and FDDFDowntown revitalization).Participate in our Toy Drive forthe Salvation Army! Just lookfor participating retailers andbring a new or gently used toy totheir store between November 20and December 15. Stop byFreeport Public Library to voteon your favorite Gingerbread

House on November 20 andagain on November 28 throughDecember 17.

Pretzel Pride Dance & AuctionThe Pretzel Fans Club will be

hosting the Pretzel Pride Dance,Saturday, November 26, 7:00pm to midnight at the MasonicTemple Ballroom. Parents,alumni, faculty, and adult fansare invitedto attendthis casualfundraisingeventsupportingFreeportHighSchool’sAthleticProgram.Dancing, a 50/50 raffle, silentauction, and authentic Pretzelgear will be highlighted.Entertainment will be providedby Time Warp Entertainment.Hors d’oeuvres, beverages, and acash bar will be offered.Advance tickets are $15 andinclude a $3 beverage credit.Tickets may be purchased at theFreeport High School BusinessOffice (7am - 3 pm), Cub Foods,Sullivan Foods, Imperial Palace,Freeport Area Chamber ofCommerce, and the StephensonCounty Visitors Center. Ticketsare $20 at the door. Bring afriend and support FHSAthletics.

Holiday Open House onDecember 1st Sponsored byITAC (IllinoisTelecommunications AccessCorp)

RAMP wants you to give thegift that matters! Here is youropportunity to connect yourloved ones with usefulcommunity agencies! Also, beable to communicate better withyour loved ones - stop in andsee assistive technology items

available for purchase to assistindividuals with daily living!

Visit the Stephenson CountyRAMP office, 2155 W. GalenaAvenue in Freeport on December1, 2011 between 2 pm - 6 pm.There will be an on-siteaudiologist available to evaluateyour hearing and you may

qualify for a free ITAC amplifiedphone! Also enjoy coffee, holidaytreats and a prize drawing!

The ITAC program ismandated by the State ofIllinois. All RAMP offices areselection centers for the ITACamplified telephone. For moreinformation or questions pleasecontact the Stephenson CountyRAMP office, (815) 233-1128

Rare coin appraisal event atCitizens State Bank

Citizens State Bank will beholding a Rare Coin Appraisalevent in their Freeport Locationat 1525 S. Forest Rd. The eventwill take place on THURSDAY,DECEMBER 1st from 10:00 amuntil 4:00 pm. Bring your old

coins,papermoney andgold jewelryinto thebank andRonBeckstromfromGoldenRule Coins

in Geneva, IL will tell you whatthey’re worth and possibly evenbuy them. To allow Ron to helpthe greatest number ofcustomers possible, everyonewill be seen on a first-come,first-served basis. Noappointments will be accepted.

For more information, callCitizens State Bank’s Freeportlocation at (815) 801-4524.

VietNow Mission Homefrontpacking gift boxes

Freeport Chapter VietNow’sMission Homefront will bepacking boxes for our troops inearly November – we are in needof names and addresses ofMilitary personnel now servingour country. Please emailnames and addresses [email protected] or call Sueat 815-232-7954.


The Winneshiek Players iskicking off its 86th season of It’sa Wonderful Life: Live fromWinneshiek Radio on November17, 18 and 19, and is currentlyseeking a technical productioncrew including, but not limitedto, set building and

construction, painting, lighting,sound effects, light board andsound board operators. If youhave carpentry and paintingskills and have an interest intheater - please consider joiningWinneshiek players in bringingthis classic tale to life! We areseeking people to fill these rolesas soon as possible. Foradditional information contactthe Winneshiek Playhouse [email protected] or by telephoneat 815-232-7023.

FHN Leonard C. FergusonCancer Center underConstruction

If you haven’t been by FHNMemorial Hospital in a while,the sight of orange safety fencingand heavy constructionequipment from one end of thecampus to the other could bequite a shock. Don’t worry: Thehospital remains open and infact, FHN is in the middle ofsome exciting progress!

Work on the east side of thecampus is focused on providingmore convenient parking forpatients and visitors at FHNMemorial Hospital. That projectshould be done before the end of2011.

Construction work on thewest side of our campus,however, will last a little longer:With the support of the FHNFoundation and its Be CancerFree campaign, FHN isexpanding the medical oncologywing of the FHN Leonard C.Ferguson Cancer Center.Construction began in October

Page 9F R E E P O R T A R E A C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E


Page 10: November Communicator

and is expected to last throughthe beginning of March 2012.

“This expansion will enable usto provide our chemotherapypatients a more comfortable,private and peaceful space toreceive their treatments,” saidSue Hartje, Cancer Centerdirector. “So many of ourpatients benefit from receivingtheir chemotherapy treatmentshere, close to home, but thedemand has been so great thatat times, patients had toundergo treatment in theradiation waiting room area.”

The expansion will includeeight more treatment stationsand room to spare for future

expansion. It is the secondphase of a multi-year project atthe Cancer Center; the firstphase began with theinstallation of a new linearaccelerator in 2010 to bring anadvanced form of radiationtherapy called VMAT -Volumetric Modulated ArcTherapy - to FHN.

The FHN Leonard C.Ferguson Cancer Center isaffiliated with the University ofWisconsin Carbone CancerCenter, one of just 40comprehensive centers in theUnited States, as designated bythe National Cancer Institute.

Page 10 F R E E P O R T A R E A C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E


The Chamber presented the next in the series of SmallBusiness “You” Seminars. “Managing Stress Before itManages You!” was taught by Steve Caswell LCSW. We hadan excellent turn out and look forward to our next SmallBusiness “You”.

Allen’s Menswear • Auto Repair SpecialistsBocker Group • Book World • Brown’s ShoesCaptured Memories Photography • Cellular ConnectionCimino’s Little Italy • Culligan Water Conditioning Deininger’s Floral Shop • Eilert’s • Fitness NutritionFlachtemeier Monuments • Flack Sewing • Floor to Ceiling StoreFour Seasons/Freeport Lanes, Inc. • Freeport Shopping NewsFurst McNess Co. • Freeport Glass Co. • Freeport Lawn & LeisureHappy Joe’s Café • Higher Grounds Coffee • Hillside StudioImperial Palace • Iron-T Junction • Jiffy Lube • Joe’s PizzaKent Bank • Kurt Koester Studio • L.P. Scientific Lindo Theater/Classic Cinemas • Loescher Heating & A/C Luecke Jewelers • Maurices • Merle Norman Cosmetics Ross Auto Glass • Rite-Way Furniture & ApplianceSanitary Cleaners • Skate Station • Slumberland Furniture Soundwerks Plus • State Bank • Stone’s Hallmark • The Bargain BoxTown House Motel • Wagner Business • Whole Body Studio





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Think IP Phone SystemsAren’t For Your Business?

Think Again.

Aero Group(815) 801-3387

1866 S. West Ave.Freeport, IL

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.Aero is the area’s leading provider of

Business-Class Digital IP Phone systems and service.

Call us and see why so many businesses are switchingto Aero’s Business-Class IP Phone Service

We’ll install a Polycom IP phone in your officeFREE for 30 days before you decide.

Aero has installed hundreds of phones throughout our service region, saving ourcustomers hundreds of dollars per month on their phone bills while making them

even more efficient, and better able to communicate with their customers.

Page 12: November Communicator

B & T Automotive“We are an automotive repair

shop and while we specialize inGM vehicles, we work on allmakes and models and no job istoo small,” said B & T co-ownerBrian Bookman.

Bookman operates the shopwith wife Tina, and does everyphase of repair exceptalignments.

“We have a senior masterFord technician, two master GMtechnicians and we handle a lotof driveability issues whichcenters on Check-Engine lightproblems,” Bookman said. Butwe do just about everything youcan think of for a car.

As if to prove the point, hesaid they are currently replacingan engine in a Jeep model inone bay, replacing light bulbs ona Ford in another and doing abrake job on still anothervehicle.

“We opened B & T Automotivein 2005,” he said. “I had beenwith an area Chevrolet dealer for13 years and worked as a

technician since 1984. I justdecided it was time to open myown shop and we went for it.”

He said he had been workingfor various dealerships in thearea since 1984 and wasmoonlighting in his own garagefor extra money.

“It finally got to the pointwhere I was working 9 to 5 and

then going home to work till oneor two in the morning to keepup with the work load,” he said.“I just figured I was 39 at thetime and if I was ever going toopen my own shop, it was time.I was doing the work anywayand I decided that if I didn’t goahead I would spend the rest ofmy life working for somebodyelse and wishing I had just doneit for myself.”

Bookman is a lifelongFreeport resident and said he

sees a lot of potential for smallbusinesses in the area.

“Once I got things rolling withmy own shop things reallypicked up,” he said. “Right nowwe are averaging about 65 carsa week and the business justkeeps growing.”

He said that jump in businessallowed him to hire two full-timers and two part-timers inaddition to himself and they areall running full steam ahead.

“It’s been quite anexperience,” Bookman said.“Everybody says owning yourown business lets you go golfingwhenever you want, but that’snot necessarily the case. I usedto work 40 hours a week, butnow, working for myself, I work60 to 70 hours a week, but it’sfor us and that makes all thedifference.”

He said that the years ofexperience offered by himselfand his employees have led tocommercial accounts that byrights would keep an averageshop busy full time.

“The commercial work is greatbecause we can count on 10 to15 vehicles per account andthey need constant attentionjust to keep those businesses

running,” Bookman said. “Thereis always something to do.”

He said they are sufferinggrowing pains and predictsrelocation to larger quarters atsome point in the future.

“I don’t foresee it happeningany time soon, but we aredefinitely in need of more spaceand expansion is a goal,” hesaid. “We’ve become so busythat the things that should notbe a problem are becomingbigger and bigger issues.Parking is a problem while wework to get the cars in the shopand we just need more room.”

He said in the automotiverepair business honesty and fairprices make all the difference.

“Sometimes you have to tellpeople things they don’t want tohear, but it’s a part of thebusiness,” he said. “If you arefair and honest with the clientsthey will be back and they willprobably tell their friends. Youhave to honest with people.”

Find out what B & TAutomotive can do to keep youon the road. Stop by the shop at6780 W. Pearl City Road inFreeport or call them at815.232.7579.

Sauk Valley PredatorsThe Sauk Valley Predators are

a Premier Basketball Leagueteam set to begin play for the2012 season. Based inNorthwesternIllinois, thePredatorswill playtheirhomegames atseveralsites inthe region,includingSterling High School andHighland Community College inFreeport.

“We will be playing in a 12-team conference this year,” saidGeneral Manager Brad Grenoble.He owns the team with his wifeLeah.

The Sauk Valley Predators arejoined by Central Illinois Drive,Chicago Muscle, NorthwestIndiana Stars, Lake MichiganAdmirals, Charleston Gunners,Dayton Air Strikers, ScrantonWilkes-Barre, and RochesterRazorsharks. Visitwww.thePBL.com for moreinformation about the PremierBasketball League

Page 12 F R E E P O R T A R E A C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E

featuring... OWNERCAREOur exclusive owner benefit package

www.BockerAutoGroup.comAUTO GROUP


STEPHENSON COUNTY’S ONLYGM Certified Used Vehicle Dealer

STEPHENSON COUNTY’S ONLYGM Certified Used Vehicle Dealer

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• 12 mo/12,000 mi Bumper to Bumper Warranty• 5 yr/100,000 mi Powertrain Limited Warranty• OnStar and SiriusXM Satellite Radio Trial Offer

• 24/7 Roadside Assistance• Courtesy Transportation







Page 13: November Communicator

He said the team has signed anumber of well known areastand outs including Freeport’sown Willie Veasley, KevinBawinkel formerly of Winnebagoand U of Iowa, Jeremiah Box outof Rockford Christian, WilliamEason, a 6’9” center fromMassachusetts and more.

“We will be playing Januarythrough March with ten homegames and ten away games,”Grenoble said.

He said he and his wife arefrom the Chadwick Milledgvillearea. He played minor leaguebaseball for three years beforetaking over as MarketingDirector and then AssistantGeneral Manager with theSouthern Illinois Miners.

“The whole time we weredown south we always knew wewanted to bring something backto this area,’ he said. “We knowNorthwest Illinois is a huge

hotbed for sports, so we justkept saving money and thinkingthat someday we would own apro sports franchise. We justcouldn’t decide betweenbasketball and football.”

He said that five of the teamswith the Premier Basketball

League were from Canada andthe government there bought allfive and is starting their ownCanadian BasketballAssociation.

“That opened up a fewfranchises and they called usbecause they knew we werelooking for a team and had had

some success in southernIllinois and one thing led toanother and we ended upbuying the franchise andbringing it to this area.”

He said the first thing theydid once they bought the teamwas make a list of players theywanted to sign.

“I told all the guys this whenwe started talking with them,but basketball players are adime a dozen,” Grenoble said.“We were looking for good kids;guys that will represent theteam and the community.”

He said the Predators are along term project andthey wantcommunity support.One of their firstprojects will be abasketball camp foryoungsters where 5ththrough 12th gradewill meet and learnskills from thecoaching staff andplayers of the Sauk

Valley Predators. Go to theteam’s website atwww.saukvalleypredators.comfor more information about thecamp..

In addition, The Sauk ValleyPredators have teamed up withthe local elementary schools to

highlight the importance ofreading. Each elementary schoolwill receive a bookmark for eachstudent enrolled. When anelementary student reaches thereading goals the teachers haveset for them, the teacher willthen sign the bookmark. As areward, the student mayexchange the signed bookmarkfor one free child admissionhome game ticket.

“We just think communityinvolvement is huge,” he said.“Besides signing great basketballplayers, we have great peopletoo. Community is a big part ofeverything we will do.”

For ticket information,scheduling and everythingPredator visit222.saukvalleypredators.com

Knowlton MotorsKnowlton Motors takes pride

in hand picking each vehicle tomake sure that the quality andvalue is always there. They alsopride themselves in making sureyour auto rental and serviceneeds are met. Visit KnowltonMotors at 1017 S. West Av inFreeport today.

“We are a full service auto,service, and rental company,”

said Rod Knowlton who ownsand operates Knowlton Motorswith his brother Jim. “We buy,sell and rent cars.”

He said they opened onAugust 1 after deciding tocombine their banking and auto

Page 13F R E E P O R T A R E A C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E


Carpets, Vinyl, Tile, Hardwoods, & Laminates

1308 South Armstrong Avenue,Freeport, IL 61032

Phone: (815) 232-9060Fax: (815) 232-9084



Page 14: November Communicator

sales backgrounds and go intobusiness.

“We had a 10-year plan to gointo business together and whenthis opportunity becameavailable we jumped on it.”

He said their plan is toquickly establish a “Buyhere/pay here” opportunity fortheir customers.

“Typically, cars that are morethan 10 years old or have morethan a hundred thousand mileson them cannot be financedthrough a bank,” Knowlton said.“Some of those cars have beenwell cared for and are in reallygood condition, it’s just thatfolks need to have an affordablesolution to get a car.”

He said Knowlton Motorscurrently employs two full-timemechanics with combinedexperience of more than 50years and they can do it all.

“We’ve had them install newengines, new transmissions,everything from an oil change to

a major overhaul our guys canhandle any job,” Knowlton said.

He said expansion is in thenear future for Knowlton Moters.

“We fully expect to outgrowour current lot in six to ninemonths and we’ll need toacquire some additional place tohave more inventory,” he said.

Knowlton said fair pricing andhonesty are their keys tosuccess.

“We have some of the bestlabor rates in town and we offerunparalleled service,” he said. “Icome from the customer serviceindustry so I know the customerside and Jim knows the cars.Together we have a lot to offer.We work off each other’sstrengths really well.”

Stop by Knowlton Motors at1017 S. West Av in Freeport orcall Rod or Jim at 815.233.5505or visit them on the web athttp://www.knowltonmotors.com for a look at the cars andservices available.

Page 14 F R E E P O R T A R E A C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E

continued from page 13


• This Is It Eatery

• Porterhouse Equipment & Rental Company

• Sauk Valley Predators, LLC

• New Pathways Wellness Center


• Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership • Behr Iron & Metal

• Eagles Club • Family Health Quest

• Lincoln Douglas Society • Spherion Staffing Group

• RK Dixon • Best in Sight

• Stephenson County Fair Association

• Immanuel Lutheran Church & School

• Maybe You Need Help • Schofield Plumbing

• Fehr-Graham & Associates • Boss Carpet One

• Hosptice Care of America

• Frontier Communications Inc.

• Freeport Masonic Temple • Flack Sewing Center

• Cornerstone Credit Union • Krogull Catering

• Cub Foods • Life Home Health Care, Inc. • Furst Staffing

• Above and Beyond Associates

• Edward Jones Investments - Mike Loos • City of Freeport

• Freeport Dairy Queen

• Boys & Girls Club of Freeport & Stephenson County

• Imperial Palace • Willett, Hofman & Associates

• Papa’s Murphy’s • Freeport Industrial Roofing

• Park Hills Evangelical Free Church

• Tom & Joanne Lammers • Beggin Tipp Lamm LLC

• Gills Freeport Disposal • Shoe Sensation

• Nationwide Inbound Inc. • Timber Lake Playhouse

• Gills Business Group • Aqua Land

• Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary • Parkview Home

• Fairway Ford Lincoln • Sullivan’s Foods

• Midwest Community Bank

• Realtor Association of Northwestern Illinois

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AS A HOSPITAL.Think of it as a hotel with doctors.

At the new Monroe Clinic Hospital you’ll �nd a unique combination. State-of-the-art technology including the

da Vinci® Surgical System along with personal care and attention. Get better faster with advanced surgical services

close to home. Learn more about da Vinci at monroeclinic.org.