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Paw Talk · plump, happy dog with a sleek coat, and this dog was skeletal, dejected, and was found...

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Paw Talk A publication of the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County – William Gazecki Animal Shelter Spring 2013 www.thehumanesociety.org In the summer of 1888, at the an intoxicated logger was seen kick- ing a bear cub, trying to get it to perform. Fortunately, the Justice of the Peace was summoned, the bear was rescued, and the logger received nineteen days of hard labor. The incident motivated city leaders to address the issue of animal welfare, and a few months later, the Tacoma Humane Society in the state, and only the fourth in the nation. In the 125 years since, the Tacoma Humane Society has evolved, responding to the changing needs of animals. From protecting children and draft horses, to advocating for domestic pets and homeless strays, to tackling pet overpopulation, the Tacoma Humane Society has grown to be one of the most progressive and innovative animal welfare organi- zations in the country. The 1888 articles of incorpora- tion list the purpose of the Tacoma Humane Society as “Promoting humanity and kindness and prevent- 125 Years of Caring Photo Courtesy of Tacoma Public Library Continued on page 2 Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 1 2/13/13 4:49 PM
  • Paw TalkA publication of the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County – William Gazecki Animal Shelter

    Spring 2013


    In the summer of 1888, at the ���������������������������������an intoxicated logger was seen kick-ing a bear cub, trying to get it to perform. Fortunately, the Justice of the Peace was summoned, the bear was rescued, and the logger received nineteen days of hard labor. The incident motivated city leaders to address the issue of animal welfare, and a few months later, the Tacoma ��������������������������������Humane Society in the state, and only the fourth in the nation.

    In the 125 years since, the

    Tacoma Humane Society has evolved, responding to the changing needs of animals. From protecting children and draft horses, to advocating for domestic pets and homeless strays, to tackling pet overpopulation, the Tacoma Humane Society has grown to be one of the most progressive and innovative animal welfare organi-zations in the country.

    The 1888 articles of incorpora-tion list the purpose of the Tacoma Humane Society as “Promoting humanity and kindness and prevent-

    125 Years of Caring

    Photo Courtesy ofTacoma Public Library

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    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 1 2/13/13 4:49 PM

  • bits of chicken. When her mother came home, they carried him into the house. The next day, the brought him to the shelter.

    As soon as they walked through the door, Ryan knew the

    yellow lab mix had to be Curley. The

    photo on his �������������

    plump, happy dog with a sleek coat, and this dog was skeletal, dejected, and

    was found miles from

    Patricia’s home. But he knew. It

    had to be her missing friend. A microchip scan ������������������right, and ten minutes

    later, Patricia was at the shelter, cry-ing and being slathered in kisses from the overjoyed Curley. The staff, too, was in tears. Watching the reunion, Ryan turned to Darcie and said, “This is why we do what we do…this right here.”

    Patricia was devastated when her Lab mix, Curley, went missing in early November. She was out of town when a caretaker left the door open and he wandered away, most likely looking for her. Patricia post-�����������������the shelter often. A month went by, and there was still no sign of Curley. Two months went by, and Patri-cia was still checking the shelter. Ryan, an Animal Care Technician at Humane Society, would often help her, and encourage her to keep searching.

    Then one day in Jan-uary, a young woman named Darcie �������������!��������������������from her house. When she saw how emaciated he was, she was appalled. He was too weak to move, so she wrapped him in a blanket and sat with him for over an hour, feeding him


    ing cruelty to both man and the lower animal.” Today, the mission remains much the same: advancing the welfare of animals and promoting positive relationships between animals and people. The methods may have changed, but the primary focus

    remains: helping animals. Plans are underway for special cele-

    brations throughout the year, including a special 125th anniversary luncheon on October 10. Visit our website for updates as they become available: www.thehumanesociety.org. We hope to see you there!

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    125 Years of Caring

    Curley Found!

    Curley and Patricia were reunited after more than two months.

    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 2 2/13/13 4:49 PM

  • www.thehumanesociety.org 3

    Pets for Life


    For families facing stress and hard-ship, a pet can be a lifeline – a stable source of com-fort and affec-tion. Children, ��!���������������from these special relationships. That is why it is heart-breaking when a family has to give up a beloved pet because they lack the resources they need. The Humane Society has always worked to support pet owners and keep pets in loving homes where they belong. Recently, however, we had the chance to make a real impact with a new program called “Pets for Life.”

    Pets for Life was developed by the Humane Society for the United States and PetSmart Charities to build on-going relationships between animal welfare organizations and pet owners in under-served neighborhoods. The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County was one of just ten shelters in the nation chosen to receive funding to launch this innovative program. It has

    quickly taken off. Neighborhoods in the 98404 zip code

    were chosen as

    �����������������#�Volunteers canvass the neighborhood, asking about pets in need, working to ���������������-fering support and advice, and provid-ing basic supplies when needed. A free vaccine clinic was held in De-cember, where 351 pets were vacci-nated and 121 pets received appoint-ments for spay or

    neuter surgery. But volunteers are not just talking

    with pet owners, they are working with community leaders, faith-based groups, neighborhood organizations and busi-nesses to ensure that improvements come from within the community, so that they are sustainable and lasting.

    This program helps families be suc-cessful pet owners, keeps more pets out of the shelter, strengthens commu-nities, and improves the quality of life for pets and people alike.

    Hundreds of grateful pet owners stood in line for hours to receive free vaccines, pet supplies and spay/neuter appointments at the Humane Society’s ������������������������������

    When Weebles came to us, he’d been living rough for awhile, and had a fractured leg that had healed badly. But even though he was in a lot of pain, he was always sweet and cuddly. Weebles had surgery to remove his fused limb, and the next day he was showing his gratitude with non-stop purring. When Don and Janet came to the shelter looking for a pet, they fell in love with Weebles. They didn’t ����������������������������������������������they didn’t care. His personality won them over!

    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 3 2/13/13 4:49 PM

  • www.thehumanesociety.org4


    We hope you will enjoy the 2012 Annual Report, and join with us in celebrating our successes and re-joicing in the thousands of animals helped through Humane Society programs. For decades, the primary goal of the Hu-mane Society has been to eliminate the euthanasia of adoptable pets. We reached that goal a few years ago for dogs, and we are on to reach zero euthanasia with cats as well. Last year, 464 cats were euthanized for lack of a home. While that is an appalling number, it is half of what it was in 2011. We know we are on the brink of reach-ing zero euthanasia of adoptable pets – for good. And, we will do it with your help.

    It is only because of you that we

    are able to help thousands of ani-�������������������������������them with their owners. Your gen-erosity, loyalty, and support have re-sulted in many, many happy endings.

    I hope as you read about the numbers of animals ad-opted, reunit-ed, fostered, and cared for, you will be proud of the essential role you play. None of this can happen without you.

    Thank you so much for giving home-less animals the chance

    they need, and helping to create a compassionate community for animals and people.

    Message from the Board of Directors

    Chris Marston and shelter pet “Ginger”.

    Chris Marston, President, Board of Directors






    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 4 2/13/13 4:49 PM

  • www.thehumanesociety.org 5


    Message from the Executive DirectorPets are family – they live with

    us, love us, appear in our family portraits, and are featured in our most cherished memories. They ease loneliness, reduce stress, improve our self esteem and make us laugh. When I talk to adopters weeks or even years later, they often say “I had no idea how much fun a cat would be” or “I got this dog for my kids, but he’s become my best friend.”

    Pets are a vital part of the human experi-ence. That is why we advocate for homeless animals, encour-age people to adopt from the Humane Society, and work to ensure that pet owners have the support they need. That is why we strive to provide the best possible care for animals at our shelter, and an adoption experience that is easy, rewarding and fun. That is why we offer low cost spay & neuter and an emergency food bank, to help pet owners keep their four legged

    ������������������������#�The Humane Society has

    changed greatly in 125 years, es-!��������������!������������#��$��have seen a dramatic decrease in

    pet overpopula-tion along with improved care and resources for pets and their own-ers. We are proud to have been part of this amazing transformation, and know that it would not have happened without you, our loyal and dedi-cated donors and supporters. You have been with the Hu-mane Society through many transforma-tions, struggles,

    and triumphs and we thank you for helping to create the changes we see today. Thank you for continuing to support our work to improve the lives of pets and their owners.

    Kathleen Olson Executive Director

    Kathleen Olson and “Jack”. When Jack came to the shelter, he was thin and exhausted, with a badly damaged eye. He received immediate ������������������������������������������������to remove his injured eye. He soon recovered, and his affectionate, playful personality began to emerge. It wasn’t long before Jack won the hearts of a loving family, who will care for him forever.

    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 5 2/13/13 4:49 PM

  • www.thehumanesociety.org646


    Bath Brigade

    1,774 pets were bathed and groomed.

    Foster Program

    1,435 shelter pets were fostered: 1,073 under-aged puppies and kittens, 103 nursing mothers. 54 for medical conditions or behavioral therapy, and 205 awaiting adoption.

    Pets Placed Through Other Rescue Groups476 shelter animals were trans-ferred to other animal welfare groups for adoption.

    Dogs 4,937 Received 2,409 Adopted 1,580 Strays reunited with owners 948 Euthanized – Unadoptable (Medical or Behavior)

    wwwwww tthth6

    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 6 2/13/13 4:49 PM

  • www.thehumanesociety.org 7


    Low-Cost Spay & Neuter

    2,681 pets belonging to low-income owners were spayed or neutered through the Cinderella Fund.


    580 volunteers worked 75,564 hours to help homeless animals.

    Off-Site Adoptions

    879 pets were adopted off-site from PetSmart, PETCO, and Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital.

    Cats 5,990 Received 3,702 Adopted 173 Strays reunited with owners 1,651 Euthanized – Unadoptable (Medical or Behavior) 464 Euthanized – Adoptable (An additional 934 feral cats were receivedand euthanized)

    www theh

    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 7 2/13/13 4:50 PM

  • www.thehumanesociety.org648


    Dog-A-Thon 2012

    $220,000 was raised for homeless animals.

    Veterinary Treatment FundMore than 3,000 ill and injured shelter pets received medical care and treatment.

    Pets for Life

    Since November, our newest program to provide pet assistance to underserved neighborhoods reached 128 pet owners, vaccinated 351 pets and spayed or neutered 121 dogs and cats.

    Rabbits 188 Received 172 Adopted 3 Reunited with owners 13 Euthanized (Medical unadoptable)


    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 8 2/13/13 4:50 PM

  • www.thehumanesociety.org 9


    CommunityOutreach Visits

    Volunteers made 292 visits to retirement homes, events, fairs, and other community gatherings.

    Emergency Food Bank

    1,818 families and seniors received help feeding their pets through the Senior Pet Pantry and Emergency Pet Food Bank.

    Shelter PetEnrichmentPrograms3,313 dogs walked, 189 clicker-training sessions, 458 caninality assessments, and 287 “Purr-time” cat socializations.

    Other Animals86 Received13 Adopted 6 Reunited with owners

    67 Euthanized

    wwwwww tth

    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 9 2/13/13 4:50 PM

  • www.thehumanesociety.org6410


    Humane Heritage Foundation

    Patty AabyGail AdcockEdith AndresLaRaine BakerKaren L. BellKaren BellamyJill BlacklockPaul and Leslie BrantnerBruce and Laura BuckmasterMichelle BudrovichJoseph W. Burba, Jr.Jack ButsonCheri ChavezTed Christensen IIIHelen ColeBonnie CoombsTerrance and Mary CorakAlice CouchDorothy DedrickMarilyn DimmerPenny DrostWilliam DurhamGene ElliottBarbara FaulknerSusan FichterJohn FieldsEugene and Beverly FriesSarah GarmireGlen GarrettWilliam GazeckiKitty GibbsVirginia GiskeKaren GoodMargo GoodingDouglas GrahameCharles GranoskiJanek and Irene GregolinskiBecky HalkoskiLyle Hanson

    Dolores HavlinaShannon HeinrickAmy HendersonLynne and Terry HoffmanPhyllis HollowayPatty JalbertRosemary JavorskiDonald JobeJudy JohnsonMaria JohnsonKathy JoyceJulie KaczmarkMaryann KalapusJim and Eileen KelleyMary and Jerry KinderGrant and Dorothy KingKaren KolleyIrene KothChristine KouklesSonja KreshelCarrie KuhelDan KylerLinda Langhelm-ProcterEleanor LarsonJan LassenKimberlie and Vance LelliBetty and Jerry LindsayLeonard LongVirginia MaasTerry MartinoConstance MattesonInez McCorkleVicki McCormickDoris McFallMelissa McGinnisKarla McLaneEldoris MeierJoyce MesserPatricia Miraldi

    Andrea MoawadSusan MobloHelen MullSonja NarcisseDarron and Susan NelsonNancy NelsonHan NguyenJon and Kim NordbyRay A. Norton Sr.Kathleen and Rick OlsonDouglas OwenThomas and Celia PeltierBonnie PetrequinGloria PhillipsJoyce QuinlanMargaret RafnBarry and Mary RickertTerry and Walli RoarkeStephanie RobertsMarie T. RuudSandra SchaeferJan SchwengerJoni SenselSusan Seykota-SmithElizabeth SiodaDavid and Kathryn SmithWarren StuartDonna Lee and Robert SuelzleJune SummervilleJamie ThomasDr. Pamela Transue and Dr. Stuart GroverBarb and Pat Van HarenTamera and Brian WalshKaryn WhitacreRon WilhelmsonPenelope WilliamsCatherine Wood

    The Humane Heritage Foundation recognizes members who have named the Humane Society in their wills or made other planned giving arrangements. The Humane Heritage Foundation honors those individuals whose spirit of caring will endure into the future.

    Pet Licenses & Fines7%

    Adoption 5%


    Shelter Operations58%




    2012 Expenses

    Fees 19%


    Contract 21%

    Donations& Bequests


    2012 Revenue

    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 10 2/13/13 4:50 PM

  • Special GivingKathi and David BeckEstate of Noreine BlairBoeing Company Employees Community FundByers & Anderson, Inc.Ms. Laurie Cinotto and Mr. Craig MillerEstate of Marie DannerDimmer Family FoundationEstate of Margueritte FarmerMr. William J. GazeckiEstate of Anita GencauskasGoldmasters Precious MetalsGreater Tacoma Community Foundation%�������'����*�����Ms. Jennifer GuadnolaEstate of Florence IrvinEstate of Verna JohanssonEstate of Barbara KingLindberg Charitable TrustEstate of Helen LovbladMargaret A. Cargill FoundationInez Mattison TrustMrs. Helen E. MullMrs. Viola ParisPetco FoundationPetSmart CharitiesPhilip & Snookey Simon Donor Advised FundEstate of Phyllis PowellRobert Larson Automotive GroupThe Russell Family FoundationSafeway FoundationEstate of Francis ShovlinDarlene and Stan SmithEstate of Carol SmithMr. and Mrs. Ronald StovallMs. Cynthia L. SuprenantEstate of Veronica TurveyUnited Way of Pierce CountyDon and Eleanor VandenheuvelEstate of George VanekWashington State Combined Fund Drive

    BenefactorMr. Steven L. AbbergerAmeriprise FinancialBank of America United Way CampaignBank of New York Mellon Community PartnershipMs. Loree BarnettMr. and Mrs. E. W. BartlebaughMs. Cathy BattalioAshley BeanMr. Aaron A. BemillerMr. David BerrymanMr. and Mrs. Ray BondMr. Peter BoomeRaine BradleyBruce Titus - Automotive Group

    Mr. and Mrs. Jack ButsonCalvin’s PlaceDr. and Mrs. Jeffrey CammMs. Lisa ChissusCity of SeattleMs. Theresa ClintonMr. Bob CogswellColumbia BankDavies Pearson, P.C.Jody and John DelbridgeCapt. B. R. Dooge, Jr.Ritz DuchesneDwyer Pemberton & Coulson PSMs. Mary Ann EarlesMr. Stephen C. EichelbergerMs. Lynn ElliottThe Elmendorf Family FundExpress Employment ServicesFidelity Charitable Gift FundMrs. Sarah L. FlintGeorge & Dorothy Babare Family FoundationDonna GrahamMs. Michelle A. GrayAllison and John GreeneMr. and Mrs. Fred GretschGroverNetHarold R. and Jessie B. Flowers EndowmentMrs. Amy T. HendersonMs. Kimberly K. HenleMiss Wendy HesterMr. and Mrs. John HickeyMr. Eric HingsbergerMr. and Mrs. Alex HinrichsMs. Julie A. Hoerner and Mr. Art CullingsMs. Mary L. HoffmanMr. Chad HolmesRandolph HudsonMr. and Mrs. William B. HydeJamie Vietenheimer BoxMs. Janet JohengenMs. Lise H. JohnsonMs. Diane KeltnerKey Bank FoundationKeyBankLaura KingsburyCarrie and Laurence KuhelMarcy Kulland and Terry VirgonaDan R. KylerMs. Barbara A. LaddMark and Terri LawlisRandy and Joyce LertLt. Col. & Mrs. Dennis LeuthauserLondon CoutureMs. Angela LuskLynden Inc.Lynn and Jim MaxwellMrs. Janice McIlroyMrs. June A. MercerMs. Joyce I. MesserMs. Janet MichaeliniMicrosoft Matching Gifts Program

    Mr. Thor Mitchell and Ms. Jaime OdellModutech Marine Inc.Ms. Melissa MorrisMud Bay Inc.Sean and Stephanie MulliganEric O’DonnellPatricia O’GradyKoni OlsonMs. Anneliese R. OlsonMs. Jeanette PetersMr. and Mrs. James PhillipsPositive Approach Dog Training and Day CarePuget Sound VeterinaryMs. Joyce N. QuinlanRainbow Int Carpet Care & RestorationMs. Cathe Lee RawlsRegence / CambiaMaryanne and Bernie RothRush, Hannula, Harkins & Kyler, LLPRussell Matching Gifts ProgramMs. Jennifer SchlemmerChristopher and Shawn SchulerSchwab Charitable FundMs. Jan K. SchwengerMr. Donald J. SevinCheryl ShipmanMrs. Sonja StansberryKarl and Debbie StubbemanThe Stubbeman Family FoundationCarl and Elaine SwindahlMr. and Mrs. Graham A. Tash, Jr.Titus Will Families FoundationTruist CreditMr. and Mrs. John TurnerUnited Way of King CountyMr. Brian UnmachtUS Charitable Gift TrustVCA Animal HospitalsJames VincentW. H. Lindberg Charitable TrustWatson’s Greenhouse, LLCWells Fargo Community Support CampaignMr. and Mrs. Martin P. WilliamsMs. Nancy E. WittenbergMrs. Elizabeth WrightMr. and Mrs. Mark Youngblood

    GuardianMr. Robert AmrheinBarb Anderson & Pete YoungMr. James AquinoMs. Becky ArmbrusterMr. Ronald BabbRon and Claire BaileyJames and Annemarie BaldesWilliam and Michelle BallantineMs. Sandra M. BarbourMr. and Mrs. Andrew BaudinoKelly BeekenMs. Karen Bellamy

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    2012 Donors

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  • Ms. Karrie BerglundMr. Joseph BetorMs. Sandra B. BobrickLana BondsChris BrandonMr. Paul BrayLyle and Margaret BuchananHolly Bukes & David WemmerMs. Jacqueline L. BurdetteLinda and Ed BurkhardtCaption KingMs. Heather A. CarlisleMs. Brenda A. Carlock and Mr. Michael SchultzMr. Michael CarneyMs. Jane CarterCenturyLink FoundationMr. and Mrs. Givin ChaseMs. Diana ChristensenJohn and Sharon CiccarelliTess ColbyCommunities in Schools of Peninsula (CISP)George and Shirley CongdonMs. Andrea CooperMs. Carol CoppMs. Ellen A. CovingtonMr. David CowanMs. Priscilla D. CraigMs. Leslie CummingsMs. Cynthia CusickMrs. Donna DabneyRobin DaleDave’s Fabrication LLCMs. Jolene D. DavisWarren and Nancy DrewMr. Greg DunbarEnterprise HoldingsMs. Jean EubanksJodi and Andrew EvensonAnnie FernettDebbie FerrisMr. Steven FordMs. Tereasa A. GandhiMr. Alex GerspacherGirl Scout Troop #40699 - Su 550Girling Kelly Design Group LLCGlein Family FoundationMr. Brian GrantMs. Lisa GreenMr. John H. GrettenbergMs. Carmen HallMs. Joanne HamblenBjorne and Christine HansenHarbor Community ServicesMr. and Mrs. Duane HardestyDoris K. HartlMs. Patti HarveyMs. Lisa HashmanMs. Sue HayesMs. Louise HaynesMs. Marsha HeacoxHealth Care Providers CouncilHenschell ChiropracticRusty and Janet HerseyMr. and Mrs. Guilford Higgins

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    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 13 2/13/13 4:50 PM

  • Ms. Hannah MinnehanMs. Patricia MiraldiMr. and Mrs. Michael MixonMs. Dalene MooreMs. Michelle L. MorrisRenee NaddeoMr. Richard NayMs. Patricia NecholsNetwork for GoodKatie and Dan NeyensMrs. Jeanne NickerlKim and Jon NordbyLisbet and Aksel NordestgaardMr. Ray A. Norton Sr.Ms. Jaecki NunnemakerNorma Jean NymanCarrie O’ConnorOhop Valley Anesthesia Inc.Mr. James OliverJohn and Kwanae OlsonKathleen and Rick OlsonDiana L. OrtizMs. Michelle H. OstMrs. Lyne Ouellet DupreeMr. and Mrs. Ron PaceTerry L. PaladinettiDr. and Mrs. William ParkerThomas ParkerColleen J. PaulMr. and Mrs. Robert C. PaulsonMr. and Mrs. Joe PelusoPeninsula Pet LodgeHainz PerryMr. Ward PetersonMs. Bonnie L. PetrequinMs. Christina PhelanPhysicians Compliance Connection LLCMs. Janis PipalJohn and Karen PogueMs. Linda J. PorrinoThe Posh PawMs. Irene PotterMr. Myron Powers Jr.Ms. Lyn G. PowersMs. Denise RakasJoan RankinMs. Dulcie RantaBarry and Rebecca RayMr. and Mrs. Rodney B. RayDana ReavesMr. and Mrs. Marshall ReedREI - Recreational Equipment Inc.Mrs. Toni RiceMs. Kim R. RichardsonConnie and Ted RicheyCarol and Cliff RobertsonMrs. Margaret F. RossMs. Alana RouffMs. Shari RowinMs. Crystal L. RudeKennedy RushMs. Patty RusnakMs. Sandra SalzerMr. David M. SammethMr. Leo S. Scafturon

    Ms. Margaret SchroeterMs. Nancy E. SchunemanMs. Amanda S. SchwartzSealtech AsphaltJoanne Henry & Jon SewardJames and Margaret SheppardCol. Linda SiegelMs. Rebecca F. SixMr. John L. SmithMr. and Mrs. David SollarsSouth Sound Victims PanelMr. Ralph L. SpauldingSpoiled Rotten Pet Sitting LLCMr. John S. StaicerDiane and Scott SteevesErica and Robert StewartMr. and Mrs. Gary StewartMs. Danielle Stone-AndrewsSteven and Shelly StovallDouglas SwanMr. and Mrs. Lee SwanbergPamela and Bruce SwickDr. Azella TaylorSuzanne and Richard TenneyMs. Shannon ThissenThreshold Group, LLCMr. David H. ThysensMs. Oknam YuCarol Ann TillittMr. David TraftonUnion Avenue Compounding PharmacyBarb and Pat Van HarenMr. Oscar VelaPam and Rich VesseyMr. Manfred W. VogelDr. Andrew A. VoronoKenneth and Sheila WagonerAdrienne WalkerMr. and Mrs. Michael R. WallMr. and Mrs. David WalshMr. and Mrs. Ted WarrinerCarrie Washburn and Jean A. HuskampMr. Lawrence A. WebberMr. Ian WedmoreErich K. WeinbergMr. Art WeitzMs. Cecile WestonClinton and Kathleen WhippleLuella and Leslie WhiteMr. and Mrs. William WhiteMs. Alisa WilderMs. Katie WilkinsonJim and Muriel WillMr. Vincent WillardMr. Alan R. WinslowMs. Erica WohlersMr. John WolcottMs. Erna F. WoodardWoofers Grooming & GoodiesMs. Nancy WorthyJohn and Linda WrightMr. and Mrs. Bruce C. YoungMrs. Lucia A. YoungMr. Danny R. Zahnow

    Mr. Jay B. ZiccarelliMr. John Zink

    CompanionMr. and Mrs. Richard AabyMs. Jakobina AdamsMs. Mary AdamsMs. Susan AdamsMr. Jerry Aeschlimann and Ms. Lisa KruppRoger and Terry AikenAnnie AkamatsuMr. and Mrs. Ronald G. AlderDelores AlexanderMr. and Mrs. Fred T. AlexanderMr. Al AllenMs. Penny AllenMary and Jon AllmannAllstate Giving CampaignMs. Sandra AlvstadAmgen FoundationMr. Gary F. AmpeMrs. Pamela W. AndersenB.J. and Steve AndersonColleen AndersonMs. Kristi AndersonAnnie Wright SchoolMrs. Donna ArbaughMs. Alice G. ArmstrongMs. Norma G. ArnoldMs. Rebecca ArnoldMs. Susan AsbellJennifer AszklarMs. Jennifer AugustonGeorgana AustinMs. Kristie AxelsonMrs. and Mr. Marian BachmannMr. and Mrs. John BahmMr. Tim BaileySally and Robert BairdJohn and Marcia BakerMs. Lois L. BakerMs. Patricia C. BakerMs. Theresa J. BakerMr. Conrad BallBall Auto Sales & Service, Inc.Mrs. Thelma BallatoreCalvin and Joanne BamfordMs. LeAnn BarberMs. Kara BarclayMs. Joann BarcottBruce and Nancy BarkerMr. and Mrs. John D. BarlineMrs. Kara BarnettMs. Susannah BarnumMr. William BarsantiMs. Stina BarsoskiMitch and Dawn BarstadDennis M. BarthMs. Jaime BassElizabeth and David BastianMs. Sara BatinovichKattie and Gayle BaurichterMs. Lynda BeaumontMs. Nancy BeckMs. Patricia A. BeckHelen and Norbert Beckman


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    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 14 2/13/13 4:50 PM

  • Amanda and Matthew BedsaulLena BegnaudJane and Allen BellMs. Hannah G. BellefontaineMs. Hazel R. BellingerMs. Denise BenderChristine BengeMr. Stephen BergMs. Marta E. BergMs. Debra BergerMrs. Mary Sue BergeronMs. Miriam BergmanMs. Barbara BerntsenE. Larry and Robyn BerrettMr. Kurt BethmanBill & Melinda Gates FoundationMs. Patricia BirchMrs. Deborah L. BirdMs. Jeanne BissonneteMr. Benjii BittleNels and Winifred BjarkeMs. Marlena BjornstadMs. Leanne BlackMs. Jacqueline BlaineMichele and Benjamin BlazerMs. Casandra BlockerMr. John BlodgettMr. Don BlucherMr. Richard A. BlumSandra and David BoeMs. Nan BohananMs. Shannon BoldizsarMs. Sharon BongfeldtMs. Joann BonineMs. Kathleen L. BoothMs. Jody BorisekMs. Linda BosshartMr. David BoulayMs. Brenda M. BowlesMr. and Mrs. Charles BowmanMr. Chris BradleyJamie and Kevin BranhamMr. Greg BrantMr. Christopher BrazdaDr. Jan F. BrazzellMr. Joseph BrehmanMr. and Mrs. Brian B. BrewerMs. Pat BrewerMr. Robert D. BriggsLaura BrodniakMs. Becky BrooksBrookwood Equestrian Center Inc.Dr. Catherine BrownLoretta and Roger BrownMr. and Mrs. Donald BrownMr. Bud BrownMrs. Susan D. BrownMs. Wendy BrunkMrs. Verna BuchananClayton and Sharon BuchholzMs. Kathleen BuchliMrs. Vidette BuchmanMrs. Peggy BuehlerTammera BuehlerMs. Sherri J. BuelEugenia Buhre

    Ms. Helen BumgarnerMr. and Mrs. John C. BungerDennis BuntMr. Roger BurchamMs. Tracy BurkWesley and Anne BurmarkPamela and Jack BurnsPamela J. BurrowJohn and Mary BushMs. Vanessa BussiereMr. Jack ButcherMs. Kathleen R. ButlerThomas and Diane ButlerMs. Anne ButzTerry and Solange CaillierMichael and Tricia CalhoonMrs. Michelle CamardaMs. Linda S. CameronStacia and Bob CammaranoMs. Christine CampanoliLavonne Stewart-Campbell & Mick CampbellSandra L. CampbellMs. Tracey L. CardilloMs. Jasmin CareyMr. David R. CarinoMr. and Mrs. Harold R. CarlsonVictoria CarlsonMr. and Mrs. Douglas S. CarpenterMs. Eileen CarrollKathie CarterMs. Hildegard CarterMs. Roberta S. CarterMr. and Mrs. Rodney CaseMr. John CasebereMrs. Kathleen J. CassityMs. Dana ChambersMs. Ruby ChambersMr. and Mrs. John ChaplinMr. and Mrs. Scott ChapmanMs. Lindsay L. ChappiusMs. Kelly CharltonMr. and Mrs. Jon D. CheethamMs. Deborah ChervenakMr. Raymond ChristensenMs. Carole ChristensenWilliam and Sally ChristensenMs. Diane L. ChristiansenWava ChristiansonOlga Smith & Janet ChristieMrs. Cyndy ChristoffersonMr. John ChruscielskiTim and Debbie ChurchMr. John CiaravinoSharon and David CinottoCity of Tacoma Animal Care & ControlMs. Peggy J. ClappClark Construction Group, LLCNancy Clark SumaraMichael and Kathleen ClausMs. Betty ClaytonAubrey ClementClip ‘N Clean / 24 Bark AveMs. Sally ClocksinClovercrest Estates

    Mrs. Rose CoatesMs. Alexandra Cochrane and Mr. Albert JohnsonKathryn CockrellMrs. Tammy ColburnLinda and Ronald ColemanRichard and Kristina ColemanCari CollLinda and Jimmy CollinsMrs. Sharon CollinsMs. Theresa ColonMs. Sandy ColtMs. Jill ComlyMs. Irmgard ConnallyMr. William V. ConnellMrs. Alta M. ConnerMrs. Virginia ConnorsMrs. Jennifer ConwayMs. Melissa CoolickMr. Charles C. CoomberMr. James CooperRobert and Dorothea CooperMr. and Mrs. Terrance L. CorakMs. Shirley A. CorpC. A. and W. H. CosgroveMs. Alice CouchJos and Fran CoveMr. and Mrs. David B. CoveyMs. Celia CraftMs. Lynn CraftJames and Gail CramerMarcia CramerDr. A. Rosemary CrawfordMr. Gary Crome and Ms. Christina CavaraMs. Samantha CrowMs. Cherie CrowleyMr. Steven M. CrumMr. Dan CullmanMrs. Pearl Ann CurranMs. Marilyn A. DaleskyGreg and Rosemary DanfordMs. Madelyn DantasMiss Nyco DavenportMrs. Madeline F. DavidsonMr. Joseph DavisDawg Town Dog DaycareAdoree and Roy DayMs. Kim M. DayMs. Kathleen G. DeakinsMs. Barbara DeCampMrs. Nancy DechantNick DeckerHeidi and Damon DeeseMs. Cindy DeGrafMelissa and Steven DelgadoMs. Rachel DeMarreMrs. Mary DempseyMs. Fern DengisMr. Paul DevineYankee DialCol. William DickMr. Richard DickinsonMs. Rhona F. DiehlC. P. Dillon

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    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 15 2/13/13 4:50 PM

  • Kenneth DinsmoreFrancine Domschine-HillG. N. DonnellyMs. Doreen DoranMs. Carol A. DotlichMs. Donna J. Douglass and Ms. Gloria StancichMr. Tom DowlingMs. Gail M. DownsMs. Penny DrostMargaret and Bill DuffyMrs. Satoko DuggerKenneth and Joan DullMs. Kristine T. DupilleMrs. Judy K. DurandMrs. Susan DykemaMs. Deborah DzewaltowskiMr. and Mrs. James B. EagenMrs. Margaret B. EasterbrooksMichaela EavesMr. Wade EcholsShawn D. EdmundsJoyce and Colin EhliMr. Justin EhliLen and Elaine EkenmanMr. Howard ElliottJim and Pat EllisMr. Wolfgang ErbeKristin and Jay EricksonMs. Wilhelmine EricksonCarl and Nevada EricsonMr. Rick ErnsbargerMs. Melisa D. Evangelos and Mr. J. Michael SylvanusMark EvansMr. and Mrs. Michael EvansMrs. Lynn C. EvansGerry and Linda EvansonEverson’s EconoVacMs. Linda EwingMs. Deb FalcioniMs. Karen FalkMs. Elise FalkenhaynMs. Lauren FanningMs. Tracy L. FarmerMrs. Annelise FarvourMr. and Mrs. John F. FergusonMs. Janice FergusonMs. Joan FergusonRalph and Mary Ann FerrettiFIDOGEARMs. Peggy J. FilloMr. Dave FinnickMr. and Mrs. Dick FinstuenJack and Lyn FirkinsFirst TransitMr. and Mrs. Robert D. FisherMs. Theresa FlemingMrs. Irmtraut FletterMs. Pauline FlournoyMrs. Ethel D. FlynnMs. Beth FoleyNeil Gray & Meagan FoleyMr. John FordRay and Jeanne Foreaker

    Mr. Don FossMs. Jennifer FossumNola FosterMrs. Elisabeth FrancisRoberta Joy FranklinMr. and Mrs. Robert FranksLawrence and Alcina FreedMs. Pam FreelundMrs. Sigrun J. FreemanMrs. Laurie FriedmanMs. Jean G. FritzenMs. Marie B. FullerMs. Patricia S. FullertonMr. Robert FuscaDawn and Jeffrey GabelMs. Yvonne GaetzThomas and Debbie GaetzMs. Kyra A. GagliardiMs. Lynette Gallant-Nee and Mr. Paul NeeMs. Sharon GallasMs. Allison S. GallupsMs. Joann GardnerMs. Stephanie Garretson-BlumeMr. Jim D. GarrettMrs. Virginia GarrisonMr. James M. GaylordArthur and Mary Sue GeeMs. Lynda GeerJami GeisMrs. Sandra GendreauMs. Kathryn GerhardtGetty Images Seattle, Inc.Joe and Carolyn GhilarducciMr. David GiammonaElizabeth and Lee GingrichGirl ScoutsMs. Linda M. GirmanMs. Sharon GlassyNikolas GloyAnn GlynnDaniel and Cheryl GoedeMr. Michael GoldblattGolder AssociatesMs. Ann GoodenbergerJoe and Sandra GordonMs. Patricia D. GordonJohn and Maudy GosnellMr. Derek GoudriaanMrs. Sandy GrafMr. and Mrs. Dirk J. GrahamMs. Bette J. GrahamMrs. Alice M. Graham-CaroneKathleen GrantMs. Kristine GrantMs. Deborah GravesMs. Jean E. GrayGray Lumber CompanyGraybar ElectricMs. Frances A. GreenleafMrs. Rian GrillRachel GrimmMrs. Rosa H. GrishMs. Janet GroefsemaMs. Doreen I. GroesbeckDonavon Grogan

    Ms. Viktoria GronleyMs. Maria GrossMr. Sam GrubbMr. and Mrs. Emil GrubisaMr. Jeffrey GuddatJasara GudgerMr. and Mrs. Donald GuenthoerMs. Susan GulbransonMr. and Mrs. Christopher GuppyAustin GussMrs. Vicki GuthrieMs. Anna M. GuytonMs. Jean HaasMs. Jennifer HaddonSimone HagertyMs. Kristen HaireMs. Becky HalkoskiMr. and Mrs. Alan L. HallMs. Louann HallMr. Edmund HallstromMs. Aimee HamiltonSandra and Marshall HamptonMs. Charlene HaneyMs. Mary HansenShawn HansenMr. Robert D. HardmanMs. Diane HargadineMs. Karen HargusJack and Jeannie HarmonMr. and Mrs. Joseph HarmonMs. Susan K. HarmonSally and Harry HarnischHasmid P. Haro and Michelle RobinsonMrs. Mary D. HarringtonMs. Leslie HarringtonJennifer and Ben HarrisMr. and Mrs. Jordan HarrisAlex and Gena HarrisonBob and Joan HarrisonLeroy and Noriko HarrisonMs. Holly HarrisonKurt and Susan HarshMrs. Martha HartleyMs. Lisa A. HartzMr. and Mrs. Scott HarveyMs. Nada M. HaskellMrs. Diana HaugeCharles and Sherry HavilandMrs. Dolores L. HavlinaKathe M. HawePat and Linda HeadeMr. John D. HedlundMr. David HeimerMr. Roy HellandMr. Vernon HellerJennifer HendersonMr. and Mrs. Peter HendrickMr. and Mrs. Gary HendricksonMrs. Robert H. HendricksonMel and Pat HenleMr. and Mrs. Merle L. HennMr. Jeff HenryMrs. Janice M. HerbrandMs. Melanie HermansonMs. Sandra M. Hermsen


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    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 16 2/13/13 4:50 PM

  • Olvia and Bill HerringMr. Chad HerseyMr. Garry HerseyMs. Patricia HerzogAlice HeuselHelen and Andrew HickmanMr. and Mrs. David C. HideMs. Sherry D. HiebMr. and Mrs. Donald HigginbothamMs. Lisa HilderbrandMs. Mary E. HillJohn and Diana HilsendegerMr. and Mrs. Thomas HilsendegerBob and Caryle HitchcockMs. Pamela A. HoaglundMs. Susan HodgettsDr. and Mrs. Richard A. HoffmeisterMs. Linda L. HoftyzerMr. Bruce HoganMark and Wendy HolcombCasey HollandWilliam S. HollensteinerHarry and Sandra HollidayDr. Penny A. HolmesMs. Cassidy HolmesMr. and Mrs. Kenneth HoltMr. and Mrs. John B. HoltmanTodd and Cydney HolzworthMr. Thomas HoopengarnerMs. Hannah S. HooseMr. Robert HooverMrs. Paula Hora-HaltomMr. and Mrs. Jerald E. HormannMr. and Mrs. A. HorneMrs. Jerry HotalingJulie HoweMs. Beverly HowesMs. Victoria HoyMs. Susan HughesMs. Patricia Hunter and Mr. John MerryMr. Stephen HurlbutMr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Huth Jr.Ms. Andrea HynesPamela and Charles IngeMr. and Mrs. Teddy L. IngramMr. Randall V. IpMs. Jennifer IrelandCarleen and William JacksonMs. Maryam JacobsMrs. Dorothy JacobsenMrs. and Mr. Brenda S. JadronMs. Sherry JenkinsMs. Heidi JenningsMrs. Solweig JensenMs. JoAnn Jensen and Ms. Susan M. DetloffMs. Carol L. JeynesMr. Gene JindraLynn JodoinCarl W. JohansenMs. Ruth JohnsLen and Linda JohnsonMr. Gary L. JohnsonMs. Betty J. JohnsonMs. Etta M. Johnson

    Ms. Ida JohnsonMs. Joann L. JohnsonMs. Patricia A. JohnsonTracy A. JohnsonMr. Jefffrey W. JohnstonMr. Stuart A. Johnston and Ms. Carol E. MunseyMr. Scott W. JonesMs. Kari JonesMs. Laura JonesMs. Mabel JonesJen and Darrell JoqueMs. Cecily JoqueMr. and Mrs. Martin A. JoyKathy JoyceMs. Marlys JunkleyMs. Phyllis KaiserJean and Clyde KalahanMrs. Linda KambergerAshley KangMr. and Mrs. Mike KapalaMr. and Mrs. Greg KaperickEllen and William KaplanMs. Gayle Karlson-WellsMs. Konnie KasemeierMs. Lisa KasperMr. Kenneth KatayamaMs. Beatrice L. KauffmannMs. Judy K. KelleyMs. Sharon KelleyMs. Maria N. KellyMs. Martha KeoghMr. Jeffrey KermenBob and Andrea KiehlJerry and Linda KillingsworthDonna KinzelGordon and Carole KirkpatrickMs. Melanie Kirk-Stauffer and Mr. Larry StaufferMr. and Mrs. Herman KleinerSally and Ray KloempkenMr. Ralph KloseJean-Marie and Dirk KloverMs. Della D. KnabelMs. Teena KnappMrs. Beverly KnightMs. Kellie M. KnutsenMs. Joan F. KnutsonMr. Alvin L. KochMr. John KohlMs. Susan L. KohtenDr. and Mrs. Vincent KokichKevin and Anne KonenMs. Christine KopMs. Irene KothMs. Kay KothMrs. Janice KraftMs. Roseanne M. KrajewskiMr. Michael Kranjcevich and Ms. Natalie MeagherMs. Rebecca KranzMr. and Mrs. Jeff KrayMrs. Jean E. KyleMr. Michael J. LabrecqueDale and June LairdMichael and Keeting Lambert

    Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. LancasterJoseph and Trena LandholmMr. David LaneMs. Laura LangerSandy A. LaphamMs. Annette LariviereMs. Deborah L. LaRoseMs. Kendra LarsenNancy LarsenMs. Debra LarsonMr. and Mrs. C. C. LatshawMs. Lori LaubachDr. and Mrs. Mark LaviolaMs. Aubre LawlessMs. Ingeborg LawrenceMr. and Mrs. Lyle LawsMs. Catherine L. LaytonMarceline LazzariMona LeeMrs. Griselda LehrerSharelle and V. George LeickCharlene and Greg LentiRichard and Debra LeonMr. and Mrs. James LeonhardMr. and Mrs. Robert LevensMs. Elayne LevenskyGail and Dave LewisMs. Kathryn LewisMs. Linda LewisMrs. Janet LilesMr. and Mrs. Ed LindbergMs. Barbara LindbergSue and Dean LindenMs. Redona LindseyJoel LivingstonCharisma LiwanagMs. Sally LofquistSharon LoftonMs. Lisa Lohse-MirandaDavid Long & Sheila InmanMrs. Marilynn LongMs. Angela LongMr. and Mrs. Jay LookerMr. and Mrs. Keith R. LoraasMs. Luella LoudenbackMr. and Mrs. Robert LoveMr. Lloyd LowJohn LucasKaren and Kenyon LuceRonald and Sarah Luciano- HenriquezMrs. Rosalyn Lueck-MammenMs. Julie LukinDick and Mildred LundMs. Mary E. LynnDorothee MaasMs. Ann M. MabryFrances R. MaciasMs. Carla MacLaffertyMs. Colleen MacLaffertyMs. Winifred MacNairBret and Kimberly MacraeMacy’s FoundationMs. Leslie MaelMs. Kathryn A. MageeMr. and Mrs. Melvin Main

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    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 17 2/13/13 4:50 PM

  • Ms. Gretchen MainellaLisa and Brad MajorMr. Chris MandickManners UnleashedSteve and Patti MarekMr. and Mrs. Michael L. MarshallClaudia and Robert MarstonMr. Mike MarstonMs. Gladys I. MartianMs. Kelly MarvinMs. Shana MarvinMasco CorporationMs. Elizabeth MasonMs. Barbara E. MastersMs. Patricia MathuszMatthew G. Norton Co.Mr. John H. Maxwell and Ms. Kristin H. PlaehnMs. Terri L. MayRay and Elke MazzaMs. Mary-Frances McBainMs. Masako McBrideMrs. Margaret McCallumMr. and Mrs. James C. McClueMs. Cathleen McConnellJim and Bev McCormackMs. Sandy McDadeMr. Richard J. McDonaldMrs. Sara McElroyMichael and Teresa McGeeMs. Melissa S. McGinnisMs. Cindy McGregorMs. Connie J. McHugh-GriesmeyerMs. Amy McIntyreDavid Warnick & Margo McKell-WarnickMs. Debbie Sue McKibbenBeverly and Donn McKnightMarsha McLean and Jean WheelerMr. Christopher McLeanMr. Scott McLeanMr. David McLeodBarbara McMahonMs. Lisa McPeakRobin McQuayMs. Gaye L. McQueenLoren McReynoldsMr. and Mrs. Dean McSweeneyDenise J. McVickerMrs. Alberta M. MetzMs. Kathleen D. MichellMs. Janice MileskiMilgard Manufacturing, Inc.Karen MillerLaura MillerMrs. Gayle MillerSteve and Lenore MillerMr. and Mrs. Richard MillinerMs. Marie MilroyMs. Rachel MioniJane I. MitchellMr. and Mrs. Dale T. MitchellMs. Lisa MoffeitMs. Angela MoffetMs. Rose Moisio

    Mr. Richard MollerMr. G. L. MonahanMiss Colleen MonetteMr. and Mrs. Brian W. MonetteMr. Brian MonetteMs. Deborah A. MontgomeryMs. Lori MontgomeryMs. Laura MoodyStephanie and Keith MoodyJerry and Barbara MooreMs. Jessica MooreJulie MoorerMr. Elmer MoraschCarol and James MorenoDr. Gabrielle MorrisMr. and Mrs. Donald J. Morris, Jr.Art and Jeanette MorrisonMiss Cathy MortonMs. Marjorie Ann MossMr. Michael P. MoyerMr. Al MuehlkeMr. and Mrs. Mike MundellMs. Lisa MundellMr. John Murphy IIIMs. Susanne MurrayMichael MutterMs. Nance MyersMrs. Jeanne NaccaratoMs. Lori NeckermannAllen and Margaret NelsonCol. and Mrs. Charles S. NelsonDarron and Sue NelsonJack E. NelsonMr. and Mrs. James E. NelsonMr. Norman M. NelsonMrs. Benay NelsonRichard and Cathleen NelsonTom NesbittMr. and Mrs. Howard NettletonMrs. Heide E. NeumillerNew Tacoma Cemeteries & Funeral HomeMs. Sarah NewlandMrs. Maria NewstrandMs. Ramona N’GoranRoxie and Steve NicholsMr. W. Greg NiemanMs. Theresa NiemiJerry and Beryl NordbyeMrs. Patricia NordstromMs. Nancy NovakMr. Nickolas NowickiMr. and Mrs. John NutwellNancy and Jim OakleyCarol M. O’ConnorMr. and Mrs. Patrick OdaRuss and Gloria OdellMr. and Mrs. Timothy O’DonnellGinny & Jim OfeltStacey and Ed OgleRandell D. OgleveeNiko OkamotoElizabeth and Chandler O’LearyMrs. Frances OliverMrs. Shirley J. OlsonMrs. Dorothy O’Malley

    Leslie A. OmsbergOracleMs. Amy OslerMr. Nathan OstranderDavid and Nancy OttoMargaret OverlandMr. Douglas E. OwenMr. and Mrs. Thomas W. PagelDoug and Thia PainchaudTom and Diane PakarMs. Mary Margaret PalmerMrs. Joan Richards-PappasMs. Karen PappasMs. Kathy ParisNancy ParisMr. Clifford ParksMr. John ParrishMrs. Rosa L. ParsonsMrs. Betty L. PasinettiMs. Pamela PatonMs. Teresa L. PaulMs. Mary PaymentDonald and Margaret PearsonMr. Charles A. PearsonMs. Jill PearsonMs. Lorraine PearsonMr. and Mrs. C. L. PeccheninoMs. Jeanene PedeeMs. Nancye PedersonMr. John PembrokeMs. Virginia L. PenickMr. Guy PenningtonGeri PerdueAndrew and Cherish PerezMs. Susan PerkinsMs. Janna J. PetersShawn PetersChristiane PeytonGeorge and Cheryl PhillipsMs. Vida PieraPierce CountyMichael and Sharon PimaMs. Amy Pinckney-JenkinsMrs. Lana PingreyMs. Amanda PinholsterMr. and Mrs. Jim PlattMs. Kathleen L. PolitakisVirginia and Travis PooserMr. and Mrs. Del PoppelreiterJoanne Porter-PicklesMr. Michael J. PortmannMs. Pamela A. PosickMary and Mike PowersMs. Diedri PowersMs. Victoria P. PowersMs. Joan M. PreetoriusKaren and Steven PriceMr. Richard PriceMs. Willa N. PriceW. Michael and Jo Anne PriebeBen and Brandy PriestMs. Susan M. ProvenzanoOrin G. PrunerMrs. Barbara C. PrzasnyskiMs. Syra E. PuettFrank and Janice Pupo


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    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 18 2/13/13 4:50 PM

  • Dale and Myong PuterbaughMr. Dennis J. QuinnMs. Beverly RacineMr. and Mrs. Thomas RacioppiRainier Agility TeamMs. Debra RamseyMr. and Mrs. R. Bradley RandallMs. Jane RankinDr. and Mrs. James RawlingsMr. and Mrs. Gene RawsonMs. Marieta RectorMr. and Mrs. Gregory RediskeMs. Elizabeth E. RediskeMr. Christopher ReedMs. Debby ReesMs. Carolyn ReeseMs. Andrea ReetzJacky ReeveRegroupMs. Nancy A. RehuschMs. Linda L. ReidMs. Vicki A. ReinErin ReinhartGeralyn and Don ReiserMs. Kristin RepyakVerna RettkeMr. and Mrs. William J. RhodesMs. Beth RichardsonMr. and Mrs. Walter T. RidenhourMs. Teri L. RideoutRike Flooring IncMr. and Mrs. William M. RileyMr. James F. RinkKaren and Russell RippBill and Stephanie RitchieMs. Dorothy A. RobbinsMs. Martha E. RobbinsMr. James A. RobbleeMr. James RobersonMr. and Mrs. Daniel RobertsMs. C. L. RobertsMs. Laura Lee RobertsMs. Marjory F. RobinsonMr. and Mrs. Harry RoegnerMr. David RoeserDoug RohnerMs. Suzanne RohnerMs. Jill RohrbaughMs. Nicole A. RolfnessDebra and James RomanoAshley and Michael RoncevichMrs. and Mr. Sarah K. RooneyMs. Gretchen Roosevelt and Mr. Tom BatesMs. Phyllis Rose-ThomasMs. Barbara RossMrs. Sherry RotchsteinDr. Nancy RothbauerMs. Lisa RoweTerry RowinGul RuhelMs. Norma RuizMr. and Mrs. Ronald RyghMrs. Margaret SafranekDr. and Mrs. Richard L. SagersWilliam Ernst & Jane Sakson

    Mrs. Patricia SalisburyMr. and Mrs. Micah SalkindCarol and Thomas SallanderMs. Denise SamuelsMr. and Mrs. Michael San SoucieTed and Diana SanfordSheryl SantosMrs. Claudia Sargent KieszlingMs. Kelly Sather-HutchingsMr. Wayne SaundersMr. Charles SavaryMs. Diana SavilleMs. Suzanne SawchinMs. Bev SayleMrs. Linda R. ScaliciMrs. Cindy ScerriKrista SchaeferMs. Saralynn SchenckCurt & Patty SchenkMs. Patricia SchmickKim SchneiderHeidi and Chris SchooleyMs. Mary SchoonerMs. Ardith G. SchragMrs. Charlotte M. SchroederPatrick and Pamela SchroederPamela SchulerMs. Paula SchulzeLouise SchumockMr. David SchuttMs. Beverly E. SchweitzerMs. Lisa M. SearsMs. Janice M. SeeligMr. Dale SeiberLarry and Elizabeth SenderhaufMrs. Joan ShalikashviliMrs. Betty H. ShambrookMs. Sally SharrardMs. Sharlene J. SheahonMs. Margaret SheardMs. Linda M. SheltonMs. Karen SheppardMs. Pam Sherer and Mr. Garry MinorMs. Selinda A. SheridanMr. David ShermanJames and Grace ShibayamaPhyllis and James ShoemakeMs. Janet ShonkMrs. Jennifer A. ShookMr. Jeff ShropshireMs. Christine Siebel-BryantMs. Melissa SiedlickiMs. Ellie SiegmundMr. and Mrs. David S. SimonsonLeslee D. SingerMs. Helen SiskStacey and Mark SkaffMrs. Frances C. SkidmoreAlex SkovMs. Judith N. SloanMs. Michele L. SlotemakerMs. Susan SmallMs. Karen SmasalDavid and Kathryn SmithJudy Smith

    Mrs. Erna SmithMs. Lynna SmithMs. Melanie SmithMr. and Mrs. Paul SnyderMrs. Dorothy M. SnyderMs. Elizabeth SobaniaChao SokromAxel and Karen Sommer��������������Jane SonntagMr. and Mrs. John SonovichMr. Allan M. SorensenMichael and Joan SoronenSound Amusement, IncMs. Kelly Spears-Boutry and Mr. Donald BoutryMs. Julie A. SpeedMs. Kristen SpeirWilliam and Marie SpencerMs. Wilma SpikeMr. Ronald SpinelliMs. Rebecca M. SplinterMr. and Mrs. Peter SprengerTim Allen & Jessica SpringMs. Margaret StackMs. Janice I. StacyGene and Liz StagnerMr. Mark StamperMr. and Mrs. David StarkMr. Mark StebbinsMrs. Tara L. SteedMr. and Mrs. Patrick A. SteelMs. Linda StefaniniMr. and Mrs. Norbert F. StehnSkip and Jeannine StephanJoanne and Dennis StephensMrs. Judith A. StephensMs. Michelle StephensMs. Kendra StevensAndre StewartMs. Janet L. StirlingMs. Katherine StolzMs. Marlene StoneMs. Janice StonestreetMs. Virginia StreetmanRobin Strong and Claire HopkinsMr. Frank StruebyMs. Sara K. StruebyMrs. Susan M. StultzMrs. Lisa StuverudDonna Lee and Robert SuelzleMegan and Britton SukysMs. Joan SullivanMr. and Mrs. John A. SuttonMs. Joanne SwansonMs. Christine M. SwinehartDavid Waring & Caroline SwopeMs. Kristine SymerDale and Judith SysumTacoma Goodwill IndustriesTacoma Lutheran HomeMs. Dian M. TallmanMs. Barbara TandyMrs. Marilyn TankMr. and Mrs. Matthew Tarabochia

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    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 19 2/13/13 4:50 PM

  • Mr. and Mrs. Theodore TaranovskiMrs. Vicki TartMs. Spring TartMr. and Mrs. Richard L. TaylorMs. Nancy J. TaylorMr. Ric TeasleyMs. Christine TeelMs. K. K. ThiniusNicole and Matt ThomasAllyson ThompsonMr. and Mrs. Edward ThompsonMs. Barbara C. ThompsonMs. Karen ThompsonMs. Pamela B. ThompsonSusan and Mark ThompsonMrs. Darlene ThorntonMs. Laura TobiasonMrs. Sheilagh ToddMs. Karla ToellnerRoger and Nadine TolesMs. Marie TompkinsMr. Dennis TownsendJames and Molly TowsleeTravelers Companies Inc.Ms. Jenn TrettinMr. James TrillerMs. Suzanne L. TrimbleMs. Valerie TrogerMs. Grace L. TrostadMr. David C. TrotterMs. Diane K. TucciLinda and Lester TuckerMs. Barbara E. TureckyMs. Jill TurnerSandra UlmMs. Dawn UmstotMr. Scott UngerUnited Way - Mile HighMs. Christine Van ValeyMs. Maureen VanekGene F. VanHoutenMr. and Mrs. Raymond VankatMr. Jeffrey VeaseyMs. Sarah VelazquezMs. Myrna VestMs. Janis VicenteMs. Ethel Ann VictorMs. Rita VidemsekMs. Ruth VidunasCarman Ann and Tuong VoMr. Robert E. VogelJames and Mildred VolkmanJeri Lynn VosburghMs. Debby VoseMs. Annmarie WagnerMs. Jennifer WagnerMs. Erika WahalaMr. Arthur WalasMrs. Andree J. WaldronMs. Lynn WalendaMs. Shannon WalkerMrs. Ellen WalkowiakMs. Lynn WalrathMr. and Mrs. Richard WalterMrs. Hanneliese R. WardBridget Warren

    Robert and Alicelia WarrenGinger WeaverCharles and Lorraine WeaverlingMs. Lisa WeberVicki & Don WeberMr. and Mrs. Walter WeiblenMr. William WeinschenkMs. Mara WeirGayle Hopkins-WelchMs. Lisa WelchMs. Carol A. Wells-ReedMr. and Mrs. Wayne WenzelMr. and Mrs. Steven WernerMs. M. Helen WestMs. Melanie WestLisa WhiteMr. Eric E. WhiteMr. Thomas WhiteMs. Barbara WhiteBob Whitney & Beth Whitney-TeepleSue Delong & Debby WhittenJames and Sandy WhytockJim and Lois WickMrs. Roseanna WigginsMs. Margaret WileyMs. Marilyn WilfongMr. and Mrs. James A. WilliamsMs. Melody WilliamsMs. Judy L. WilliamsonMs. Sharon WilliamsonMs. Kirsten WillisKeith and Maria WilsonSpencer and Joyce WiltseMs. Gloria G. WinsorSusan WinterDavid and Brenda WiseMs. Loretta WiseCharles and Cheryl WoffordMr. Frederick WolfMs. Kelly WolffMrs. Harriet R. WolvertonDr. and Mrs. Larry L. WoodardMrs. Michelle M. WoodkeMr. William WoodyMs. Rebecca WoolMr. and Mrs. Larry WorrellMs. Heather C. WrenMs. Debby WrightVera and Derrell WrightMs. Lynne W. WurzerMs. Monica WylieTracy YamaneMrs. Carol YoderMs. Patricia YoderMs. Janice YorkDavid and Barbara YoungMr. and Mrs. Carl ZarelliMs. Lucille ZehrMs. Kristin ZetterstromMrs. Donna ZimmerschiedKatherine and Alexander ZmijewskiKaren and Joseph Zook

    FriendsMs. Rosemary Aamot

    Mrs. Sarah AaronMrs. Kristi AbegglenMs. Betty L. AbsherMs. Kim AddyAFR Consortium Associates LLCMrs. Barbara AghaiAIG Matching Grants ProgramMrs. Leanna AkerMs. Jennifer AlatorreStephanie AlexanderMs. Dian M. AllenMr. Michael AlmRob and Dana AlsburyAmerican Express FoundationLeif and Cindy AndersenKelli D. AndersonMr. and Mrs. Joel AndersonMr. Karl N. AndersonMs. Fayetta AndersonMs. Jane AndersonMs. Monica AndersonMr. and Mrs. Russell AokiMs. Leslie AraiMr. Curt ArchambaultMs. Marci ArmitageMs. Dorraine ArneklevMr. Joe AshJo Anne AshleyMarci AugustinMr. Mauricio AvaiusiniMr. Michael AvrilMrs. Loretta AylworthMr. Henry BaarslagMs. Michele BabbittMs. Mallory BalmerMr. Donald BambenekMs. Patricia BanzeMs. Lysa BarbanoMs. Angela BarberaBarking FarmMissy BarnesMr. Paul M. BarnesMs. Lori BarnettPat and Donna BarrMs. Wendy BaymanBrynn BealsMs. Eileen BeckRuth and Ronald BeckMs. Susan BeerMr. Gary BeilMr. Larry BellachMrs. Susan BellonaMr. Burton W. BenderMr. Mike BenderMr. John BennettMs. Lisa BergmanMs. Ronnette BernatovichMs. Jo Ann BernovichMr. and Mrs. Gary BernstenMs. Charlotte BerntsenMr. Brent BerntsonBenita and Lou BerquestMrs. Sadie M. BerrensMs. Sandra BessetteBethel HouseMr. Tom Birkeland


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    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 20 2/13/13 4:50 PM

  • Mr. George BishopDarrin BisigMs. Jacqueline M. BissPhyllis BlackDr. Mary BlackburnMs. Barbora BlackmanJoanne BlankenshipMs. Debbie BledsoeMs. Sarah E. BliesathMr. Thomas BoardmanMiss Cheryl BockusThe Boeing CompanyBoeing Employees Credit UnionMr. Dan BogartCarol BoltMs. Barbara BoothMs. Gabrielle BowenArnold and Anastasia BowmanMs. Sandra BoydenNancy BoyleKelsey BradburnMr. and Mrs. Richard Brandt'�#����'��#�=�����>#�7�������Mr. and Mrs. William BreitenbachMs. Amy BresslourMr. and Mrs. Jean P. Bretey Jr.Mr. Thomas BrezarichMrs. Berendina BrinkmanKelly BroiliMs. Lesley BrookMs. Sonja L. BrookinsMr. Daniel H. BrownMs. Beverly P. BrownMs. Delores A. BrownThomas and Bonnie BrownTracie BryantMs. Sandy BuchananBruce and Laura BuckmasterMrs. Charlene BuckmasterMr. and Mrs. Bruce BujchananMs. Karen BungerMr. and Mrs. Howard H. BurdMr. and Mrs. Scott E. BurdineMr. and Mrs. William BurkWilliam and Diane BurkMr. and Mrs. Thomas BurslemMs. Joan C. Butler'�#�?�����7�

    �����Mr. Darron R. ByersMr. and Mrs. Daniel CagleMs. Lonna CainJorge and Alice CaleroMr. Jim CallawayCasey CallinskyRichard and Agnes CambridgeMs. Jessica CampMr. Alan M. CampbellMr. and Mrs. Glenn CampbellMs. Tonya J. CappsMs. Terri CardCardiac Study CenterMs. Colleen S. CareyMs. Michelle R. CareyMrs. Beryl CarlsonMs. Bev CarlsonMrs. Sadie M. CarstensMrs. Elizabeth Carter

    Cascade Bulldog RescueCascade Veterinary Hospital Inc.Mr. Pat CaseyRod & Kathi CassidyMrs. Diana CastroMs. Edith ChambersMr. Aaron ChampMs. Juliana ChanMr. and Mrs. James E. ChaneyErin ChanfrauMs. Deborah CheeMs. Stephanie ChingJim ChristensenMs. Doris ChristiansenMs. Abigail Chung-JonesMs. Kathi E. CiskowskiCity of TacomaAlison ClarkMrs. Dottie ClarkMr. John ClemensMs. Sharon ClevengerMr. John CluffCoates ChiropracticMs. Bonnie L. CobleMr. Anthony W. CoeMs. Ardangia ColemanMs. Carol A. CologerouMs. Catherine ComisThe Consignment QueensMs. Kathleen F. CooperWesley and Tammy CoreyMr. and Mrs. Ellsworth E. CorkumKen and Martha CornwallMr. Nathan CortezMr. Mike CostantiMs. Kimberly CostelloMs. Kimberly CoxMs. Nancy CraigLucinda and Howard CraneMr. Dan CreamerMr. and Mrs. Justin CripeKathryn C. CrippenJaime CrosbieDawn and Dave CrossGeoff Jeffery & Cara CrossGina and Douglas CroweMrs. Deborah CrumpMr. Richard CurranMrs. Dora CurryRaymond and Loraine CurryMs. MaryAnn CurtisMrs. Jackie Curtis-FakerMs. Linda CustodioJulian CuteanMr. Franklin DaccaMs. Evelyn A. DaleyMs. Germaine V. DartMike Davis & Dale JulianoMr. Ralph DavisMrs. Margarete DavisMs. Mary DawsonSander S. de HaanMr. Greg de JaenMax De La RosaMr. Daniel DebowerMr. Robert DeLaneyMs. Holli Delany

    Rod and Wendy DempsterMs. Kris DessenMr. and Mrs. Robert DeutschPatti and Steve DevineMs. Jamie F. DeYoungMs. Darcy DiazMrs. Gloria DilleyMr. and Mrs. Willie Dixon, Jr.Ms. Lina DixonMs. Tamsen C. DixonLeda DizonMs. Shirley J. DogoloRoz DoneenMr. and Mrs. Richard DoodemanMr. Allan DossMr. and Mrs. Reginald J. DotyMr. James DouglasMs. Anne E. DrebinMrs. Eleanor P. DullasMrs. Alexa DunnMs. Andrea DunnJeri DurhamMr. Robert DykemanMs. Gina EatonMr. and Mrs. Ralph C. EckartMr. and Mrs. F. Talmage EdmanMrs. Florence EhrickeMrs. Ardath EichlerHope EigenbroodMs. Dawn EllingsenMs. Starr ElliottRuth and Gordon ElliottMs. Joanna C. EllisMs. Carolyn ElseMs. Janet EltrichAndrew EmersonMs. Barbara J. EricksonMs. Sue EriksenEmily ErnstMr. Andrew EvanchoMs. Elizabeth EvansMrs. Stephanie EverittMs. Heidi EwerMrs. Lillian M. FakerMs. Karen FantozziToni FaribanksMs. Judy Farley-WeedMr. and Mrs. Arthur L. FarnhamCol. Joanne T. Farrell, Ret.Ms. Barbara G. FarronMr. and Mrs. Mark FastabendJean FayMs. Sandy FedaschMs. Rose Marie FerchMr. and Mrs. James FergusonDavid and Gisele FernandezMs. Linda FerrisMs. Connie FerryMr. Robert W. FieldMs. Lauri FinchMs. Karen A. FischerMs. Marilou FischerMs. Joyce FischlinLeah FittsElmer and Greta FjermedalLt. Col. W. G. Fleissner

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    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 21 2/13/13 4:50 PM

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    Betty and Stan FliegMr. David FoggSheila and Gerald FordiceDebra FortierMs. Leanne FosterMs. Shirley FosterMs. Allegra FrankMrs. Atsuko FranklinRob and Janene FranklinMr. Ian FredricksonMrs. Georgann FreudensteinMaryalis and Wilfred FrinkMs. Leah FultonMrs. Gundela L. Fulton-ScottMr. Jonathan D. FunfarTerri GabbertMr. and Mrs. Sean GaffneyRichard and Sue GallawayMonte and Tina GanoMs. Judith GansbergMrs. Inge GarciaDan and Sandy GardnerMs. Sonia GarzaAmanda and Shawn GatesMs. Heidi GeierP. GentinoMr. and Mrs. Randall A. GetzGFWC Chambers Bay Womens ClubMs. Arlene GiandreLloyd and Kristen GibbonsMr. Steven GibsonMs. Allyson GibsonMs. Ruth R. GibsonLauren and Brent GilmourNils and Shirley GimseTamera GimseMr. Shane GoldenM. GoldsteinMr. Randy GoniaMr. Ezequiel GonzalezMr. Gary GooperMs. Claudia Gorbman and Ms. Pam KeeleyMrs. Elise GordhamerMrs. Ann GoschArlis GrahamMr. Brad GrahamMr. Douglas GrahameMr. and Mrs. Howard GrantJanice and Ray GravesMr. James GrayMr. Gregory GreenMrs. Amelia C. GreenGreen Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc.Mrs. Helen GregersonRick Gress and Gail Sokolowski'�#�'������*�����Mr. Ed GroganMs. Christine GrossMr. and Mrs. Jerry GuddatMs. Terrolyn GuilesMs. Melodie GulbransonJoshua Gurnee

    Cissy GustafsonMr. John Guy and Ms. Lorette MeskeMs. Carol HadleKathryn HaileyCraig and Margaret HainesTerry HaleMr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. HallMrs. Aaste HalladayMr. and Mrs. George B. HamillJacob and Rachel HammMs. Eleanor HammekenMs. Linda HansardMr. Mark HansenHarry and Judy HansonMr. John E. HardmanMs. Liz HardyMr. Frank HarerDr. and Mrs. Raymond C. HarlowRobyn HarrellMs. Simone R. HarrisMargaret HarrisonKenton HarschMr. and Mrs. James HartmanMs. Courtney HartmannMs. Mary HatredMs. Anne HavensDebbie HawkinsRhonda HayesMs. Lisa HaynesMrs. Heidi L. HechtmanLuAnne HedgesMr. James R. HendersonMs. LaDonna HerlofsonMs. Barbara HermanMs. Beverly A. HermansonMr. and Mrs. Roy D. HertingMrs. Sandra E. HiebMs. Linda L. HigginsMs. Kitty HilberMr. and Mrs. James HillMs. Margaret E. HillMs. Theresa L. HillMr. Milton HilmerMs. Irene HinkelmannMr. Fredric HiscoxJack and Betty Jo HockerMr. and Mrs. Robert HoernerMs. Lynne R. HoffmanMrs. Barbetta M. HofstedtMs. Gayle HolcomMs. Teresa HollowayDouglas and Lisa HolmMs. Jenifer HolmesEileen HoltMs. Christine HoltRick and Denyce HoltHome Depot FoundationDorothy HooverMs. Bev HornSarah HoskinsMs. Pamela HouckMs. Ann HouseTeresa and John HouserMr. and Mrs. Jack HoveyMs. Debra L. Howard

    Reiko HowardMrs. Grace K. HrvatinJohn and Rebecca HuberMr. Allyn HughesMr. and Mrs. Virgil G. HulseyHorst HummesMs. Mary Ann HuniuMs. Pauline HurdMr. Kevin HuynhIrinel IstrateMs. Kathryn JacksonMr. Frank H. JacobsMs. Stephanie JacobsMs. Susan A. JacobsenKelcy JansenMrs. Rosemary A. JavorskiSiara JayMr. Gordon JenkinsMrs. Mary F. JenkinsMs. Rose JennisonMs. Caroline JensenMr. and Mrs. Neil JeromeMs. Laurie JinkinsMaria JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Patrick JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Thomas R. JohnsonMs. Candace L. JohnsonNettie JohnsonSharon and Gary JohnsonMs. Alisha L. JohnstonMs. Charmian JondallMr. and Mrs. Larry JonesMrs. Jo Ann M. JonesMs. Janis L. JonesMs. Jewel E. JonesMs. Rose JonesAndy and Suzanne JordanMr. and Mrs. Robert C. JordanMr. Robert JordanMs. Kathleen JordanJoanne JorgensenMs. Joyce KadyLaeshun KahlerMs. Maryann KalapusMs. Marjorie KariMs. Paula KatersMr. Michael KayJudie M. KeblishMrs. Carla KeelyMrs. Kelly KempMs. Allison KendzoiraMs. Molly B. KernanMs. Emily KinseyMrs. Adrienne KirklandMs. Helen KlattMs. Nancy J. KleinschmidtMs. Lisa KleinwortMr. Donald L. KleivenMr. Gary KlumpMs. Bonnie KnoopMr. Curt KnudsonGerald and Dinah KnutzenShawn L. KocherChris KoeringMs. Ruth K. KohlMr. Stan Kohout

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    Ms. Connie KoontzMarie KormendyMr. and Mrs. Paul D. KosctMrs. Eunice KowalskiLisa KremerJulie KrilichRobert and Pamela KrotzMrs. Mary KubiszewskiMs. Jana KulasMs. Therese KumasakaMr. Douglas KunkelMr. Ernie LaChapelleMrs. Cyndi LackGreg and Melissa LagorioJean LahmannLaird Norton CompanyLakewood Chamber of CommerceTyler Lamere and Jocelynn KickerMr. David LandrieMs. Katherine E. LangeMrs. Margaret LapinMs. Patricia LarsonMr. and Mrs. Michael LawsonMr. and Mrs. Joachim LeeMrs. Frances LeeMrs. Lynne Lemagie'�#�=�������>#�@��[�Mr. Keith M. LemmonMr. and Mrs. Robert LemonRosemary and Robert LeniganMs. Elaine LeppertMs. Scarlet LeverettMs. Barbara LevyMr. and Mrs. Robert LewMary LewisMr. and Mrs. Walter B. LewisMs. Amy C. LewisMs. Lenita LewisMs. Lila L. LicensMs. Erna LikumaMr. and Mrs. Victor LindMs. Linda LindemannKristine and Kevin LinnDennis and Gayle LipkeMs. Susan LiskMary LittleMr. and Mrs. Stanley LittleMr. Richard LobelMs. Elizabeth LondgrenMs. Dian LordMr. Randy LorelloSherry LosekeMs. Mara LovedayMrs. Mary LowCharlotte and Richard LoweryMrs. Kristen LuckenEdith and James LucoJoseph LukeMs. Roberta LumleyMs. Marian LutherMrs. Sydney LybeckerJean M. Lyle-RobertonSimone and James LynchDr. Elizabeth LynnMr. and Mrs. Steven P. LynnMr. and Mrs. Craig Lytle

    Miss Penne MacNeeBlake MaderMrs. Suzanne Kreinbrook MaderMailhandler Services, Inc.Ms. Cathie MalandraMs. Kathleen MalleyMike and Allyson MandickMr. Nate MannakeeWilmer MarcilMs. Penny MarcusMr. Gregg MarquartJohn and Lorraine MarshallMs. Margaret B. MarshallMs. Alice MartinMs. Darlene MartinMs. Ardine MartinelliMs. Rebecca MartinsonMs. Bernadette A. MarvelHarry and Helen MashburnMr. Michael MasonMr. Rob MasonMr. George MastenDonald and Mary MatthewsSusan MatthisMr. James M. Mattson Jr.Ms. Darlyne MazzaMr. Robert MazzoliMs. Melissa McAfeeMs. Kimberlee McAndieMs. Melissa McCannMrs. Edith McClellanMrs. Triscilla McConaghyMichael and Jill McCormackMs. Nanci McCrackinMichael and Wendy McDonaldMs. Colleen McDonaldMs. Angela McDougallMs. Carol J. McGeeMs. Tammy McGintyMs. Sarah McGlothlenDavid and Jeanne McGoldrickMary Ellen and Jerry McKainLen and Tami McKayMoni J. McKennaMs. Linda W. McKinneyMs. Dorothy I. McLauchlanMr. Scott McMastersMrs. Stephanie McPhailMs. Erin McSwainMr. Scott L. McVayMr. and Mrs. Thomas MehlhaffMs. Melissa MehusTravis MelbyMs. Judith MerrillMs. Linda MerryMr. Billy MesslerMrs. Dawn Mettler-HartMs. Iris MielkeMr. and Mrs. Robert N. MilesMrs. Angel MillerMs. Amy MillerMs. Susan E. MillerWilliam Beardsley & Roxanne MillerMs. Megan MillimakiMrs. Jean Milton

    Rudy Rodriguez & Joann MirandaMs. Joyce MitchellMs. Teresa MitchellMs. Megan MoholtMrs. Connie MoisioMs. Kara A. MonroeMs. Michele MonsonMs. Joyce MoodyMs. Lisa MooneyMs. Margaret MooresMs. Heidi MoresAllen and Lynne MorrisMs. Maryanna MorrisMs. Christina MorrisonMulticare EmployeesMs. Sandra G. MunseyMatt MurrayMs. Deborrah MurrayMs. Barbara A. MyersMs. Barbara MyersMs. Rachel MykinsMs. Wanda S. NadalSara NauDr. and Mrs. Martin J. NeebMr. and Mrs. Paul NelsonMr. and Mrs. Richard W. NelsonMr. and Mrs. Wayne NelsonMr. Mark W. NelsonMr. Mel NelsonMr. Randy NeshemMs. Sandi NewmanThe News TribuneMr. and Mrs. Chester NicholsMr. Charles NicodemusMs. Catherine NicolaiMs. Rose M. NitzMs. Maureen NixonMs. Anna NollMr. Larry NorlinJan NortonMs. Valerie J. OaksMs. Kathleen ObrienMs. Karen R. OchsnerMs. Janet O’FarrellMs. Mary O’HareBarbara OkeyRichard and Marie OliverMrs. Susan J. OlsenDawn and Doug OlsonMr. and Mrs. Allan OlsonMr. Stanford E. OpdykeMr. M. O’ReillyJ.M. OrosMs. Anne Oswald�������;���Mr. Douglas PacquingVeta and Brian PagetLinda and William PaineMrs. Victorina PalkowskiMs. Raquel PalmasMs. Sandra PapacekMarcie ParadisMrs. Mary Ann ParksMs. Sally M. ParsonsMr. Bryan Pascoe


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    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 23 2/13/13 4:50 PM

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    Ms. Nancy PasicMs. Judy A. PattonMs. Arlene M. PaulMs. Janet PaulLauri PaulsenMs. Anne-Lise PaulsenCorey and Peter PawlakMs. Michelle PaxonMs. Suzanne PaynePeace OutMr. and Mrs. Steve PeacockMr. and Mrs. Charles PearmanMs. Ginger J. PeckFred and Lisa PedersenMrs. Agnieszka PedersonMs. Nancy PeeleMrs. Carol PelanderPeninsula Audiology & Hearing AidsCarey and Linda PenningtonPEO Chapter CMs. Sonja PerezDavid and Lois PerkinsMr. Paul Perry and Ms. Florence Gleason-PerryMs. Brooke PerryMs. Miranda PerryMr. Gregory J. PessemierMs. Melody PetersSusan and Robert PetersMr. and Mrs. Michael PetersonMs. Barbara PetersonMs. Flora PetersonHans Lund & Martine PettenaroMs. Mona Phillips and Mr. Robert BrannockMs. Teri PhillipsPierce County Medical SocietyMr. Patrick A. PittMs. Diane PittsMr. Keith PlumbMs. Carol PlumleeMs. Kimberly PokelaMr. Wesley L. PollockSarah and Gary PollockVernon and Cheri PottsRich and LeeAnn PowersMs. Barbara J. PranteMs. Adrianne PrewittMr. and Mrs. Merrill PriceAngela and Rob ProbstMr. and Mrs. Gerald PrydeKathy and Nathan PunohuMrs. Ronda PutneyBill and Sharon PybasMr. Joe QuaintanceMs. Kimberly QuigleyMs. Susan QuigleyMs. Mary E. QuinlanMrs. Kris QuinnMr. and Mrs. Richard RabisaRainbow Girls - Sumner Assembly #6Mrs. Carol H. RaphaelMr. Ben Rasmussen

    Lisa and Robert RatliffeMs. Frances Rawlings'�#��������;����Martha RedfordMrs. Lois D. ReedMs. Christy ReedyMr. and Mrs. Robert A. ReiberCory ReickertMr. Mario ReyesMrs. Theresa ReynoldsPetra and Gene RezacMrs. Michelle RhoadesMark and Tracy RiccaMs. Emma F. RichardsonMs. Michelle RichardsonMr. William RichnerPaul and Nancy RisingMr. Jack V. RitterDr. and Mrs. Ronald F. RobbinsMr. and Mrs. William RobbinsMr. Dennis RobertsMs. Allison RobertsMs. Patricia E. RobertsFairlie RobertsonMr. and Mrs. Gene RobertsonMr. Matthew RobicMr. Donald W. RobinsonMr. Tony RobinsonMs. Linda RobsonMr. Ray RodolfMr. John RodriguezMs. Shirley RoenMr. Christopher RogersJim and Penny RooksMr. Larry RosboroughMs. Rose M. RosenquistMs. Sherry RosingSusan and Thomas RoweMary and John RowlandsMr. and Mrs. Merle L. RubekHelen RuffnerMs. Janet RuslerMs. Ruth A. RussellMs. Sharon RussellMr. and Mrs. Frank RutherfordMr. James RutledgeMike and Sharon RyanBruce RytkonenMs. Linda SaarioMs. Julie SaezMs. Joan SagerMs. Gwen SalisburyMs. Beth SamuelsonMr. and Mrs. Phillip Sanborn, Jr.Charla SandalMs. Nona SantosMs. Marianne SaoMs. Lucinda M. SaundersJacqueline SchaferHannah ScharrerMs. Patti SchiendelmanMs. Kristin N. SchlechtenStacy SchlutsmeyerMs. Sarah SchmitzMr. John SchneiderMs. Joanne Schoenberg

    Mrs. Lisa SchollMs. Susan SchorbaDoug and Amy SchumacherMrs. Stacy SchwartzKathryn ScorcioMs. Frances Joan ScrimMrs. Lynne SeavyDonna SeegmuellerMs. Katherine J. Seel and Mr. Fred GardnerColleen SembarMr. Steve ShangulaM. V. ShannonMary and Robert SheehanMr. Paul Shelley and Ms. Diane DownieMrs. Roberta SheltonMs. Christina M. SheppardMs. Christina SheppardMs. Kris ShermanWalter and Catherine ShermanMs. Karen ShivelyMr. Donald ShjervenMr. John SholsethMs. Deborah F. ShowalterMs. Linda L. ShroadsJennifer and Kurt SielbachMs. Gail SimpsonMr. and Mrs. Richard SimsMs. Sherry SinclairJoe and Kathy SiskoMs. Erika SkeenMs. and Mr. Alison SkinnerMr. Wayne C. SkubeMrs. Caren SkubeMrs. Kasey SkuttMr. and Mrs. John SlikasMichael and Gretchen SmithMr. Rex E. SmithMrs. Debra W. SmithMs. Chelsea SmithMs. Ely SmithMs. Vivian SmithMrs. Dona Snow-MillerSnuggle SaxMs. Sarah SnyderJason and Jane SobottkaSoft Shelter HatsMs. Virginia SpaddenNancy and Connie SpearsMs. Karen M. SpencerMs. Mary SperringMr. David SpurrellMs. Sally St. JohnLaura and Remo StacyMs. Kathryn StanleyStarbucks FoundationCliff SteckmanMs. Sharon SteeleSteilacoom High SchoolJohn and Lucinda StellaMs. Barbara StevensKelly and Daniel StewartMr. and Mrs. Willie StewartRebecca and George StewartShirley Stich

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    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 24 2/13/13 4:50 PM

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    2012 ANNUAL REPORTCheryle StillRusti StockmeyerBruce and Jan StoddardMs. Kathie StorkLinda StrandMr. Doug StrandAlexander and Heather StraubMr. Thomas A. StraubMr. and Mrs. Frank StreepyEric and Teresa StringhamMrs. Suzanne Strong'�#�%���������������Ms. Molly StuenMs. Jeannine R. SturmanMs. Jennifer SuedelPriscilla SuhreM.C. SullivanMs. Dianna SumpterMrs. Virginia SuslickKen and Peggy SwalanderMs. Christine SwankMark and Penny SwansonMs. Paula SwansonWendy SwansonMs. Kari SwickDr. Paul A. Swinehart, Jr.Ms. Lila SwitzlerTacoma Region AACCMr. and Mrs. Michael TaglesTails & No TailsMr. and Mrs. Joseph TalboMarta and John TankersleyDr. and Mrs. Ronald TaylorMs. Ann M. TaylorMr. Matthew TeasleyMr. and Mrs. Thomas H. TebbMs. Jennifer TeeterMs. Karin TelesMr. and Mrs. Robert TessierMs. Melissa TharpJesse ThomasMr. and Mrs. Gary R. ThomasKit ThompsonMr. Robert ThompsonMrs. Lea E. ThompsonMs. Karen ThompsonMs. Theresa M. ThrowerMr. and Mrs. Fredric ThurnherMs. Ruth A. ThurstonMr. and Mrs. Rob M. TillotsonMs. Janine TollinMr. Anthony TotoApril and Glenn TowerMs. Rosemary C. TownsendMs. Susan TrentMs. Eleanor E. TroxellMr. Tim TsubaharaMs. Cheryl TuckerMr. Frederick TurnerMs. Nancy UdstuenMs. Delva UlsethMr. and Mrs. Albert ValadezMs. Margreth van EgmondMs. Ann Van GemertMs. Jill VanbrocklinMrs. Shigeko Vanderslice

    Mrs. Suzie VanderveerMs. Sharon VanMeterMrs. Terry VaughanMrs. Karen VeitenhansPeggie and Charles VenemonMs. Kathy L. VervalinMr. and Mrs. Michael A. ViaforeMr. Ray ViersRonnie VincentMs. Elizabeth VoelkerMr. and Mrs. William Von HasselnMs. Jorie WackermanJessie WaddellMr. Steve WaddellMr. and Mrs. Charles W. WaggonerMelinda WagnerMs. Dorothy WagnerMr. and Mrs. Daniel B. WaldengaCarolyn Walker & Toni WalshLt. Col. Hilda L. Walker (Ret.)Ms. Tammy WalkerMs. Lea F. WallaceMs. Amy WallerMs. Karen WallinConnie WalshMs. Diana W. Walsh-PossienMrs. Jane WalstonMs. Heidi E. WaltersJoelynne and Ken WaneMr. and Mrs. Edmond WardRobin WardMs. Annemarie WareMs. Alyce WarrenMs. Deborah WaymanMr. and Mrs. Eugene WeberMr. Robert WeberMs. Patricia WeigelDr. Elliot WeinerHarry and Jan WellingMrs. Marissa WellsDr. Lynne WernerMrs. Lorraine WestmarkMs. Kristina Wetzel and Mr. Daren SalstromWFSE Staff UnionMr. and Mrs. Robert WheatonLisbeth WheelehanBarb and Rich WhinneryMr. and Mrs. William B. WhiteMr. Thomas WhiteMs. Lola J. WhiteMs. Pam WhittingtonMr. and Mrs. James WhortonAl and Carole WiegandMs. Melissa Wiessmann

    Mrs. Abby Wigstrom-Carlson and Mr. Daniel E. CarlsonSusan WilcoxJason and Kerry WilderMr. Eric WilliamsMr. Harvey R. WilliamsMs. Kristina WilliamsMs. Joann WilliamsonCindi Williams-Tomhave & Bradley TomhaveMs. Betty WillisMs. Lois WillmanAnita M. WillseyMr. and Mrs. Donald E. WilsonMrs. Betty WilsonMs. Alexis WilsonRoberta Wilson and Deborah KennedyMs. Georgiana Wilson-BattleRob and Renee WinkleMs. Janet WinstonMr. and Mrs. Melvin L. WiremanMs. Suzanne Wolf-Ferrari and Mr. James J. NearyMs. Lynn WollMs. Martha Wong and Mr. Eric LehtoMrs. Catherine WoodJeanne and James WoodwardIra WordenMr. and Mrs. Albert A. WrightMr. Marc WrightMs. Marian WrightMs. Sheila A. Wyatt-SmithAlisa and Chase XitcoMike and Martha YamamotoMs. Linda S. YamashitaMs. Jayme YenMr. David YoderMrs. Carol YotskoMr. and Mrs. H. Harold Young IIMs. Bernice L. YoutzFinn ZieglerEmily Zinter

    With gratitude, we also thank the generous individuals who contributed at the “Members” giving level in 2012. In addition, we thank all those who supported the Society by participat-ing in Dog-A-Thon 2012, donated a vehicle, participated in workplace giving programs, gave something extra in donation boxes, or donated pet food and supplies to the shelter. On behalf of our board of directors, staff, volunteers, and the animals in our care, the Humane Society thanks you!

    Although every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of this listing, we apologize for any errors and ask that you report omis-sions or corrections to the \�����!����]�������^_`{|�284-5823.

    Paw Talk-AR Spring 13.indd 25 2/13/13 4:50 PM

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    IN MEMORY GIFTS AC, Kitchen & River

    Amy Paris Addie Stine

    Mae Lynn MickelsonAlex Barnard

    Melissa TharpAmos

    Jayne EdgingtonArielle

    Gail SimpsonAshley

    Michael Gettel-GilmartinBahb

    Lisa StuverudBaltizar

    Karen & Russell RippBandit

    Brian UnmachtBart

    John & Maudy GosnellBear & Dodger

    Loree BarnettBearboy

    Rhonda ArnettBelle

    Vicki TartBill Joyce

    Dennis BarstowBonita

    Melissa McAfeeBoo Kitty

    Linda & Lucille ThompsonBoots

    Elaine BennerBubba & Fat Ass

    Laura MessimerBuck

    Dennis & Linda LeuthauserBullet

    Barb Anderson & Pete YoungCalvin

    Tom & Lynrae HubbellCarl Kehret

    Kevin & Anne KonenCarl T. Fynboe

    Sharon BongfeldtCarole P. Gillman

    C. L. Roberts������

    Heidi & Chris SchooleyChamp

    Deborah & John BuckhalterCharles “Bud” Hilton

    William GazeckiCharlie, Bear & Nala

    Virginia StreetmanClawed

    Keith PlumbCody Max

    Judy JohnsonCosmo, Paka, Bear, Reece, Patsy Climb, Charlie Cat & Charlie Dog

    Robert & Debra ErvinCujo & Chewie Horn

    Rebecca WoolDaisy

    Toshio & Suzanne Akamatsu

    Barb Anderson & Pete YoungDave Filkins

    Mariella ArnoldDave Ryan

    Clovercrest EstatesDean Hackett

    William GazeckiDee Gaydon

    William GlennDee Mines

    Sue Eriksenthe Happy Hour Group

    DeetersPat Bird

    Diane GravattSally Parsons

    Dianne AngelineSusan & James Powell

    DjanaStacey Gendreau

    Donna & Harvey EnnisCleora & Dale Colin

    Dooney & MaxSandi & Richard Trask

    Dorothy Anna “Dee” MinesCynthia Marriott

    Dr. Robert B. Whitney, Jr.Jo Anne Ashley

    EarlRandy Kent

    Edward L. KreamerBarbara & Leslie Fox

    Eileen TannerTheresa Clinton

    ElliottLinda McKinney

    ErnieRobert & Donna Tessier

    Ernie RotaHasmid Haro & Michelle

    RobinsonRoy & Sandra Herting

    FionaManeStage Theatre Company

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    FluffyChristine Swank

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