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  • 7/29/2019 PDS DeltaV Operate PVX


    Produc t Data Sheet DeltaV Operate for PROVOX

    J anuary 2013Page 1

    DeltaV Operate for PROVOX

    DeltaV Operate for PROVOX Architecture

    Robust, scalable and secure operatingdesktop

    Redundant console data serversAlarms prioritized by user

    Powerful operator interface


    Todays evolving technologies and economicdemands stand still for no one and inertia is anenemy to your productivity. The good news is:DeltaV Operate for PROVOX makes yourmigration to the DeltaV system easierby reducingyour cost with off-the-shelf components, with

    reduced operator learning curve, and with reducedengineering and configuration costs.

    Interoperability and Console Replacement Emerson Process Managements long-standingexcellence in providing operator interface solutionscontinues with DeltaV Operate for PROVOX

    Systems. The PROVOX Operator Console DataServer and DeltaV Operate can interoperate toreplace PROVUE and OWP consoles. DeltaV

    Operate for PROVOX can also provide a singleoperator interface for both PROVOX and DeltaVsystems.

    The PROVOX Operator Console Data Server andDeltaV Operate work together to bring an industry-leading operator interface to your plant, providingnew ease to the operators using robust Windows


    functionality. The global standard for officemanagement is setting global standards foroperations control of both PROVOX and DeltaVsystems. That means your operators can quicklylearn to operate the worlds most powerful,dependable process management systems in acompact, intuitive PC environment.

    Robust, scalable and secure operating desktop.Robust. Automatic startup saves valuable time aftera shutdown. A robust set of client/server

  • 7/29/2019 PDS DeltaV Operate PVX


    Produc t Data Sheet DeltaV Operate for PROVOX

    J anuary 2013Page 2

    communication services helps maintain high systemintegrity. If communication between server andworkstation is lost, the system will automatically tryto reconnect.

    Scalable. The PROVOX Operator Console DataServer is scalable from 1,000 to 10,000 points in1,000 point increments. Standard initial offeringsare 1000, 2000, and 10000 points.

    Secure. Protect processes and investments withsafe, effective tools that support an openenvironment. Process security is critical to anycontrol system. The DeltaV and PROVOX systemsprovide built-in security based on user and plantareas. Password security and user authorization

    protect the process from inappropriate changes. Bysetting user privileges, the engineer defines theplant area, group, and applications for specificoperators to use. Predefined groups are operate ,tune , access , lock and download .

    Redundant c onsole data servers. PROVOXOperator Console Data Server has excellent serverredundancy, which allows all the workstations of afailed server to switchover to the backup server.

    Server redundancy provides connections to bothprimary and secondary Console Data Servers. If aproblem occurs on the primary Console Data Serverthe Console Workstation can switch manually orautomatically to the secondary server. Serverredundancy provides console-resident pointredundancy for DCD, accumulation, and integritypoints, with a warm standby for activity points.

    Alarm s p ri or it ized by user. Prioritization,presentation and management make it easy foroperators to respond to high priority alarms.PROVOX and DeltaV alarm banners provideconstant visibility and access to highest-priorityalarms. To provide a safe and effective process,DeltaV Operate for PROVOX shows the most criticalplant alarms in the alarm banner at the bottom of thescreen. This alarm banner is always on top of otherwindows. When alarm schemes for PROVOX andDeltaV systems are configured similarly, DeltaVOperate for PROVOX provide a single alarm bannershowing alarms from both systems.

    Alarm annunciation can be visual, audible or both. The alarm banner provides direct access to thisdynamic alarm listing. Selecting a specific alarmevent calls up a point-specific Instrument Area foroperator action.

    DeltaV and PROVOX systems provide built-in alarmsummaries with complete alarm information,organized by priority. Operators can view all alarmsor only those for a specific unit or area.

    Advanced alarm management includes PROVOXstandard Plant Management Area (PMA) and PlantProcess Area (PPA) functionality. These setoperator span of control and automatically filterlower priority process alarms.

    Powerful operator int erface. DeltaV Operate forPROVOX provides a powerful environment forprocess operation, with built-in features for easyinformation access. Whether you are viewing thehighest-priority alarm, the next display, or detailedmodule information, common operator navigation isconsistent and intuitive. Standard faceplates anddetail displays provide a consistent operatingphilosophy for all modules.

    High-resolution graphics allow extensive flexibility inpresenting process control information.

    Easily manage your process with PROVOX OperatorConsole Data Server and DeltaV Operate.

    Acti vi ty Proc ess ing Add-i n (Opt ional ). Thisfeature provides batch processing capability to theConsole Data Server as a console-resident point.

    This point processes up to 32 Activities downloaded

  • 7/29/2019 PDS DeltaV Operate PVX


    Produc t Data Sheet DeltaV Operate for PROVOX

    J anuary 2013Page 3

    from the configuration software. These arecompatible with activities that run on OperatorWorkplace and PROVUE consoles. Activityredundancy is accomplished using warm standby.

    Easy retrofit . DeltaV Operate for PROVOX iscompatible with PROVOX highway devices andDeltaV devices for easy retrofit to existing systems.Operators can use additional compatible productswithout losing critical views of process controlgraphics through a multiple-window environment.

    Open. Improve process consistency and availability by enabling exceptional information integration fromthe field to the boardroom. By opening the processto a wide variety of users, you promote process

    improvements. By examining trend, alarm or eventdata, a manager can consider ways to improve theprocess. Or track problems and find solutions witheasy access to historical events information.

    PROVOX Operator Console Data Server savesPROVOX events and alarms in files on the server.With event logs in simple text files, you can analyzethe information using off-the-shelf applications likeExcel or Access. Or use the Event J ournal softwareon the console workstationfor quick, easy andeffective analysis.

    Easy engineering. Increase productivity by using powerful tools in a flexible graphical process control environment. Online display editing lets you modifygraphics and faceplates - no ENVOX

    Menu-driven applicationsall with a common lookand feelsimplify configuration. DeltaV Operate forPROVOX menus, forms, and dialogs guide youthrough display-building, trend setup, and operation.

    Youre just a few clicks from where you need to be inthe process. For example, one click lets you viewand address alarms. A few clicks will adjust the fillrate of a tank. And smart alarm navigation allowsoperators to view and resolve active alarms immediately.

    downloadsrequired! Modified graphics are immediatelyavailable for use.

    On-line help provides relevant information when youneed it. A combination of context-sensitive and

    menu-driven help guides you through tasks such asconfiguration, building graphics, and addressingalarm issues. Context- and menu- driven help canguide operators as they learn console navigationand manipulation. Since these are written instandard Windows help format, you can easily addplant and process-specific information. Then, with asingle button click and a quick search, an operatorcan find on-line details on how to operate consolesor how the process works.

    The PROVOX Instrument Area (IA) applicationenhances efficiency. The standardized IA windowcontains all controls an operator needs to changesetpoints, close valves, or tune loops. Bring upfamiliar Detailed Display Parameters (DDP) with just

    one click on the IA toolbar. With the proper security,you can modify the DDP values from this screen. Aneasy toggle moves between remote and local DDPlists.

    Real-time trending . The PROVOX OperatorConsole trend application can collect trend data forup to 1,200 different point tag attributes from anypoint in the database. Data collection rates rangefrom two seconds to eight minutes and can store 72hours of data for trended variables. Existing trendsets from ENVOX can be imported into this newdatabase. The new trend viewer window can show

    up to six traces on one screen. You can pan acrossthe 72 hour data collection period and easily addtrend traces for new operations.

    Operator Console Highlights . Uses common, commercial hardware based on

    Windows XP, Windows Vista ,

    Accepts existing OWP database downloadsfrom ENVOX databases.

    and 32 bitWindows 7 operating systems.

    Uses new graphics editor with PROVOX-specificcommands and functions for viewing and editingprocess graphic displays.

    Has browser-based, point-and-click placementof dynamic data into graphics.

    Supports all remote, targeted OWP/PROVUEpoint types.

  • 7/29/2019 PDS DeltaV Operate PVX


    Produc t Data Sheet DeltaV Operate for PROVOX

    J anuary 2013Page 4

    Console-resident points, including Activity, DCD,Single-bit Discrete, Accumulation, and EPCIpoints.

    Supports process graphic displays with trendwindows, instrument areas, and Event J ournalwindows.

    Provides span-of-control for operators to fittypical PROVOX applications. The consoleworkstations allow multiple operators to controlthe process from a single set of consoleelectronics.

    Compatible with all existing PROVOX highwaydevices (at LCON reporting or greater) for easyretrofit to existing systems.

    Allows operators to run additional applicationswithout losing critical views of process controlgraphics through a multiple-windowenvironment.

    Is completely compatible with your existingPROVOX database configurations.

    Product Description and Specification

    DeltaV Operate for PROVOX features client-serverarchitecture. The PROVOX Operator Console DataServer communicates with the controllers, andserves the controller point data to the DeltaV

    Operate workstations. The workstations provide acomplete set of high performance tools: operatorgraphics, sophisticated alarm management andpresentation, real-time trending and online context-sensitive help. User-specific security ensures thatonly authorized operators can make processchanges or access designated information.

    DeltaV Operate for PROVOX Utilizes the same software as DeltaV Operate

    for its workstations. This allows an operator tomonitor and control plant areas controlled byPROVOX and DeltaV controllers from the sameconsole, and even on the same display!

    Incorporates ActiveX technology and VisualBasic

    High performance tools include operatorgraphics, sophisticated alarm management andpresentation, real-time trending and onlinecontext-sensitive help.

    for Applications (VBA) as its displayscripting language.

    Includes pre-defined operating desktops andalarm, graphic and faceplate navigation forsingle-, dual-and quad-monitor workstations.

    Operator GraphicsPowerful graphics make control system informationreadily available. Based on process conditions, anygraphic element can have dynamic characteristics,including color, size, and movement. You configuregraphics within DeltaV Operate for PROVOX andcan use scanned plant images which help operators

    easily identify with the process. Then add dynamicinformation easy!

    Display configuration . DeltaV Operate forPROVOX is used for both operation and displayconfiguration. Display configuration is intuitive, with

    predefined faceplates, trends, alarm summaries,display directories, and detail displays. Use as is orcustomize. DeltaV Operate software has beendesigned to allow you to "break apart" the standarddisplays and easily build displays for your plant.

    Graphics Studio configures Operator Interface displays.

    All PROVOX information is available for viewing onany process graphics. No database mapping isnecessary. You need only the point nameor partof it. Simply browse for the point like youd search fora file on your workstation .

  • 7/29/2019 PDS DeltaV Operate PVX


    Produc t Data Sheet DeltaV Operate for PROVOX

    J anuary 2013Page 5

    You can fully integrate sound with graphics to makethem more intuitive to operators. You can record amessage describing display features and play itwhen the graphic is first accessed.

    Maximize your di splay engineering efficiency .Emerson offers services for generating your newDeltaV displays. Learn how PROVOX displays can

    be automatically converted or how new displaydesigns can optimize effectiveness of your newDeltaV Operate for PROVOX console. For moreinformation, see PROVOX to DeltaV Display

    Transition Services data sheetSDS_PROVOX_Display.pdf .

    Predefined faceplates and detail displays provide a consistent, powerful operator interface.


    Alarm presentation is consistent across all OperatorStations. You define alarm priority characteristics(such as color, blinking, sounding a horn) globally forthe system using DeltaV Explorer or ENVOX Server.

    You can dynamically change alarm priorities orenable or disable alarms. DeltaV Operate forPROVOX has built in smart alarm configuration,allowing the user to create smart alarms based oncombinations of other alarms and processconditions.

    PROVOX and DeltaV alarm banners display the fivehighest-priority alarms in the respective systems .One click to select an alarm brings up a processgraphic associated with the point in alarm. You canconfigure one alarm banner for both systems.

    Alarms indications appear on faceplates, processgraphics and alarm summaries. Alarm summariesshow all active alarms by operator, area or unit inorder of priority or by time of occurrence.

    Instant access to high-priority alarms by area.

  • 7/29/2019 PDS DeltaV Operate PVX


    Produc t Data Sheet DeltaV Operate for PROVOX

    J anuary 2013Page 6

    Alarms are time-stamped where the alarm isdetected, e.g., in a DeltaV or PROVOX controller orthe Operator Console Data Server for PROVOX.

    Horn acknowledgement at one workstation silencesthe horn at all workstations sounding the horn for thesame reason.

    Standard Operating Desktop The operating desktop is specifically designed toserve critical needs of process automationoperators. The operating desktop is divided intothree pre-designed sections:

    1. Butto n Toolbar . Screen upper edge providessingle-click access to important graphic displays,directories, and other designated applications. Youcan modify predefined buttons and layout.2. Main Display . Screen center features processgraphics.

    3. Alarm Banner . Screen lower edge is dedicated toalarms.

    Standard operating desktop allows you to focus on the operator displays.

    Trending. Real-time trends can be embedded inprocess graphics. The trend button on a faceplatedisplays a historical trend for the control module youselected.

    Securi ty and Span of Contr ol. Individual users canhave designated privileges to enable or prohibitfunctions such as operate, debug and parametervalue entry.

  • 7/29/2019 PDS DeltaV Operate PVX


    Produc t Data Sheet DeltaV Operate for PROVOX

    J anuary 2013Page 7

    You can assign specific plant areas to each DeltaVOperate for PROVOX s tation and to each user.Emersons exclusive Flexlock restricts access and

    makes it easy for operators to adhere to plantoperating philosophies.

    Configure DeltaV Operate using intuitive dialogs and tree structure.

    Products Included DeltaV Operate can run on a DeltaV operator

    station or a DeltaV ProfessionalPLUS stationconnected to the PROVOX Operator ConsoleData Server, or connected directly 1

    Third-party Appl ication Options

    to the DeltaVsystem. DeltaV Operate for PROVOX alsoincludes full display configuration capability.

    PI Data Link . From OSI, accesses historicaldata and brings it into your copy of Excel.

    Related ProductsThe foll owing r elated product s enhance your system

    OPC Server. Allows you to serve data from yourprocess to OPC Clients on your Ethernetnetwork.

    Prerequisites One ProfessionalPLUS Station is required for

    each system (can be used with multiple dataservers).

    The DeltaV Operator Workstation product mustbe loaded onto a workstation. A variety of hardware is available to meet your specificrequirements. Call local sales office for details

    DeltaV software v7.1 or greater is required and

    For quad monitor support, DeltaV Operate forPROVOX v8.4 or greater is required.

    must match the revision of the DeltaV Operatefor PROVOX software.

    Browse inside adisplay group andedit its properties

  • 7/29/2019 PDS DeltaV Operate PVX


    Produc t Data Sheet DeltaV Operate for PROVOX

    J anuary 2013Page 8

    DeltaV v10.3 or greater is required for 16:10aspect ratio widescreen monitors.

    DeltaV media kit is ordered separately.

    ENVOX software is required for configuration of DeltaV Operate for PROVOX.

    Ordering Information

    DeltaV Operate for PROVOX consists of the PROVOX Operator Console Data Server and DeltaV OperatorWorkstation software with an appropriate workstation hardware selection. Model numbers for data server softwareand PROVOX hardware are shown in the following table:

    Descripti on Model Number

    DeltaV Operate for PROVOX DataServer Software

    DeltaV v10.3

    -Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP1or Server 2003 SP2 or Server 2008 SP1

    operating systems-Documentation Set



    DeltaV v11.3-Windows 7 / Server 2008 SP2 (32 bit)operating systems-Documentation Set



    Highway Data Link (HDL) and switch Data Highway I or II HDL options



    DeltaV Operator Station License (Full or Zero Span of Control options)VE2104orVE2104S0000

    Computer Hardware (server andworkstation)

    Call your local sales office for server and workstation options. All workstationsmust have three network cards.

    Note: 1 - Contact Emerson Process Management when licensing redundant DeltaV Operate for PROVOX dataservers.


    Training is available from Emerson Process Management, please see the details under the catalog section forDeltaV course #7060; Educational Services .

    Note: 1- Remote Operator Station is not a supported or tested option.

    Easier control for increased productivity starts today. For more information on how DeltaV Operate forPROVOX can help you manage your process better, contact your local Emerson representative or sales officetoday. View our web site at Emerson Sales Office Locations for the office nearest you.

  • 7/29/2019 PDS DeltaV Operate PVX


    Produc t Data Sheet DeltaV Operate for PROVOX

    J anuary 2013Page 9

    To locate a sales off ice near you, visit ou r website at: www.EmersonProcess.com/DeltaV

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    North America, Latin America: +1 800.833.8314 or+1 512.832.3774

    For large power, water, and wastewater applications c ontact Power and Water Solut ions at:www.EmersonProcess-powerwater.com

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