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Photography Redefined

Date post: 14-Apr-2017
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What is Photography?The process or art of producing images of objects on sensitized surfaces by the chemical action of light

Photography is Curiosity, Creativity, Math, Science and Imagination

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Why Photography?1. Photographs tell us what is important to us.

2. Photographs are part of our legacy.

3. Photographs allow us to share and to communicate.

4. Photography makes us artists.

5. Photography is a complex language.

6. Photography has the power to move us.

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Curiosity What if?-What if I change my angle? What is?-What is this ice formation? Two important elements:

1. desire to explore the subject2. desire to learn more about your subject

The more you know about something, the more you realize how little you know about it. That can drive your curiosity even further

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Creativity Creativity is using all the tools and training and

knowledge To come up with new and valuable creation Tools for creativity – Camera body, lens, filters,

knowledge Each new picture is a new creation — something that

didn’t exist before the shot is taken

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MathThe main way we experience that math is in the fractions and numbers involved in the amount of light let into the camera via:

Aperture / depth of fieldShutter SpeedISO

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Science There is science in the manufacturing of photography equipment, the

designing of lenses, computer programs in camera The science of astronomy helps predict when:The sun rises and sets and when the moon will rise and set. It also tells

us how long dusk and dawn will lastWhen twilight will happen and we can use it to predict when the golden

hours (the best time for landscape photography) will occur

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ImaginationImagination is the ability to experience and create new

senses and ideas not experienced directly“Seeing in our mind’s eye”

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