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  • 3. What have you learned from your audience feedback? Evaluation Question:
  • Audience Feedback To complete this question, I went through my blog posts with the Research and Planning label to reflect back on the audience feedback I had received during planning and post-production. This let me reflect on my early primary research where Id used Obsurvey along with PowerPoints Id presented to the class Here is an example of a slide from my feedback powerpoint that me and Rhiannon presented to the class:
  • How trailer will be filmed Our film trailers will be filmed/ produced together, but edited separately. This to have our own separate creative cuts We now have a storyboard and want to practise filming techniques, before we actually film our final productions Storyboards
  • Obsurvey results For a potential target audience, I found that: Age demographic was conventionally between the ages of 15- 25, however we decided to give our film a 12A rating to widen our target audience. Employment demographic was students/ part-time workers, which meant they would have extra money to go to the cinema with Furthermore, they regularly visited the cinema and watched trailers. In hindsight, I should have asked to what extent poster and magazine covers reached and/ or persuaded them.
  • Qualitative Response: 6. If you answered Horror, Psychological or Thriller, what typically attracts you to this genre of film trailer?
  • Furthermore, while people preferred theatrical trailers, there was still a sufficient interest in teaser trailers. The former would have been viewed by more people than trailers because of their aim to meet audience expectations by showing enough of the plot to gain interest. Moreover, this survey only gave me a limited source of audience feedback data, so I couldnt base all of my planning on what I found, thus had to additionally rely on secondary research into audience expectations.
  • A New Medium My Foundation Portfolio Construction
  • A New Medium Because I created a media product with a new medium that I hadnt previously used for my construction this year, I had to rely heavily on audience feedback when editing my trailer together. This was because I had used most of the online resources at my disposal in my extensive research and planning for my trailer Thus, after I completed several edits of my trailer, I asked for regular feedback to keep improving it
  • Therefore I have learned the importance of audience feedback and meeting their expectations, so that I wont alienate them and put them off of the film. This is due to their exposure to media products, and a set of expectations that have developed as a result. Furthermore, I found that my audience understood the enigma codes placed in the trailer significantly a member of the older demographic which showed a wider audience of understanding than I had initially expected. A screenshot from my blog, detailing what a member of the older demographic advised me to change in my trailer:
  • I realised that the feedback I received would have been based on my audiences own knowledge of real media products. Therefore, this highlighted the importance of conforming to conventions, because of audience expectations in real media products. Their feedback significantly helped me to tweak these issues in my trailer. Examples of Real Media Texts
  • Facebook Responses on my trailer for The Cult
  • Problems Highlighted: The potential problems brought to my attention in the later edits were the: Lighting Sound effects/ dialogue Location These put into perspective the main aspects of my trailer for the planning process.
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