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Quiz meet rev 1

Date post: 29-May-2015
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Questions with highlighted answers when used on Power Point. Brief Review of Dig Sites 1-10
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When did Rebekah put her veil on? 1.When the servant said his master was approaching 2.When a windstorm came and blew sand. 3.Both answers are correct
  • 1. When did Rebekah put her veil on? 1.When the servant said his master was approaching 2.When a windstorm came and blew sand. 3.Both answers are correct

2. What happened the first time Noah sent out a dove from the ark?1. The dove found a home in a tree and never ccame back 2. The dove brought back a piece of fruit 3. The dove found nowhere to perch 4. All the above 3. How does the Bible describe Noah?1.Righteous 2.Blameless 3.He walked faithfully with God 4.All of the above 4. How old was Noah when he entered the ark?1.500 Years old 2.600 years old 3.700 years old 5. What happened when Noah was 601 years old? 1. He removed the covering from the ark 2. He saw the surface of the ground was dry 3. God told Noah that he and all that were inside could leave the ark 4. All of the above 6. What did Noah send out of the window of the ark?1. A Raven 2.A Dove 3.Both answers are correct. 7. Who created the Heavens and the Earth?1.Man 2.God 3.No One 8. When did God create birds?1.The 3rd day 2.The 4th day th day 3.The 5 9. What did God call the vault separating water from water?1.The Ocean 2.The Mountains 3.The Sky 4.The Bible does not say 10. What happened to the waters under the sky on the 3rd day?1.They dried up 2.They gathered in the sky 3.They were gathered in one place (seas) 4.All of the above 11. Who would be blessed because of Abram?1.All peoples on earth 2.Only his family 3.No one 12. What did God ask Abram to do?1.Leave his country and people 2.Leave his fathers household 3.All of the above 13. How many years did Noah live after the Flood?1.350 Years 2.150 Years 3.950 Years 4.600 Years 14. Why will God demand an accounting for the life of another human being?1.Mankind is made in the image of God 2.Animals are more important than people 3.The Bible does not say 15. What did Adam name his wife?1.Woman 2.Helper 3.Eve 16. What happened after God made garments for Adam and Eve?1.They were banished from the Garden of Eden 2.They had to work the ground 3.Both answers are correct 17. From what was the woman formed?1.The ground (earth) 2.Water 3.Adams rib 4.The cherubim 18. What appeared when darkness had fallen?1.A pillar of fire 2.A smoking firepot with a blazing torch 3.An Angel 4.More stars 19. What came to Abram in a vision?1.The next place Abram was to move 2.The word of the LORD 3.Both answers are correct 20. What job did Abel have?1.He worked by the water 2.He worked the soil 3.He kept flocks 21. What did Abel bring as an offering?1. Fat portions of the firstborn of his flock 2. Some of the fruits of the soil 3. His brothers 4. All of the above 22. What did Abrahams servant give Rebekah?1. 2. 3. 4.Gold jewelry Silver jewelry Clothing All of the above 23. What did the Lord provide for the sacrifice?1. A ram 2. A goat 3. The donkey 24. What did Sarah say God had brought her?1.Laughter 2.Tears 3.Something to smile about 4.Something she had always wanted