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r A A PRESENTATION by ttttttTTttttttTT Thank A PRESENTATION you by Vandana Varma

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  • A A PRESENTATION by ttttttTTttttttTT Thank A PRESENTATION you by Vandana Varma
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  • ABOUT THE POET BBBBorn in 1924 in Baltimore, Maryland AAAAn activist of contemporary womens movement NNNNineteen volumes of poetry, three collections of essays and other writings to her credit AAAAn echo of strong resistance to racism and militarism through her work
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  • Theme of the poem TTTThe Aunt Jennifers Tigers addresses the constraints of married life. TTTThe tigers symbolize the suppressed desire of the poet to be fierce and fearless like them. OOOOnly body can be subjected to subjugation, not the desires which find an out let in art. PPPPhysical suffering ends with death.
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  • Features of the poem SSSSimple and easy language PPPPurposeful diction/ choice of words PPPPowerful images SSSSymbolic expression HHHHope restored in the final couplet PPPPersonal/ autobiographical touch SSSScarce alliteration
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  • IMAGES IN THE POEM TTTTigers prance across the screen BBBBright topaz denizens WWWWorld of green TTTThe men beneath the tree PPPPace in sleek chivalric. FFFFingers fluttering through wool IIIIvory needle
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  • Images MMMMassive weightaunt Jennifers hand TTTTerrified hand TTTTigers in the panel..proud and unafraid
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  • WHAT DIFFERENCE DO THEY MAKE? DDDDescription with a difference VVVVividness CCCClarity SSSSensuousness LLLLiveliness RRRRainbow touch (pleasant colours) IIIImprint of individuality
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  • What difference do they make? SSSStrong lasting impact RRRReveal individual preferences/passions RRRRelate to the poets life/ psyche
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  • COMPREHENSION CHECK WWWWhat do the words denizens and chivalric tell you about the tigers? TTTThe emotions expressed in the second stanza are in sharp contrast with the emotions in the first stanza. How? WWWWhat does the image of the fearless tigers symbolize? WWWWhat is the poet trying to suggest in the
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  • Comprehension check Last stanza? Answer with particular reference to the words ordeal & ringed. What is the attitude of the poet towards aunt Jennifer? How do you feel about aunt Jennifer? Comment on the use of imagery in the poem.
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  • Thank you Thank you APresentationby Vandana Varma
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