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Rethinking infographics

Date post:09-May-2015
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Infographics can play a major role in SEO, and when designed correctly, can prove to be an entertaining and engaging way to display sometimes complicated data. Join Pete Gall, Director of Brand & Content Strategy at KA+A, Kurtis Beavers, Senior Designer & Illustrator at KA+A, and Sharlene Boodram, Viral Media Coordinator at Slingshot SEO as they shares their experiences with producing and distributing successful infographic campaigns for clients.
  • 1.RethinkING InfographicsData Design Delivery & DiscretionPresented by:Pete Gall| Director of Brand & Content Stragety | KA+A | @PeteGallKurtis Beavers| Senior Designer & Illustrator | KA+A | @kjbeaversSharlene Boodram | Viral Media Coordinator| Slingshot SEO | @SharleneBoodram#RethinkIG

2. AboutSlingshot SEO provides professional SEO servicesto more than 100 clients across the country. Weare driven by a tireless passion to makedeserving brands digitally relevant. Slingshot SEOwas ranked #58 on the 2011 list of Incs 500Fastest Growing Companies, and was #14 on the2011 Tech200. 3. AboutKA+A is a multi-disciplinary brand andexperience design consultancy. We helpcompanies define, articulate and execute brandstrategies and user experiences that drive long-term success. 4. 2011 AssessmentLinksExpected Range 1-40Case study: 3rd party site 669 links 7988 social sharesSocialExpected Range 500-9000Case study: self hosted 24 links 7664 social shares #RethinkIG 5. How infographics help SEO Add topical relevance to a keyword and product category Drive search traffic Increase brand visibility Build domain trust and authority through links#RethinkIG 6. 3 Things to considerBefore building your infographic 1 2 3audiencemessagedelivery#RethinkIG 7. How we interact #RethinkIG 8. #RethinkIG 9. #RethinkIG 10. #RethinkIG 11. #RethinkIG 12. #RethinkIG 13. Placement OptionsA B CSELF HOSTED3rd partybothconsiderSocial SharingTrafficLinks #RethinkIG 14. Building for Virality Social Sharing Buttons Facilitates social sharing Drives diverse traffic to the landing page#RethinkIG 15. Building for Virality Anchor Text Link Keyword links to the page within a domain we are trying to rank#RethinkIG 16. Building for ViralityAltImageText paradise-or-peril-infographicBrief descriptionof what the imageis in the correctcontext #RethinkIG 17. Building for Virality Embed Code Increases the potential for reposting of the graphic by viewers#RethinkIG 18. Re-Squeezing the Orange:When to bring infographics back to lifeRight right Timemessage rightaudience#RethinkIG 19. Re-Squeezing the Orange:Tips for bringing infographics back to lifePromote on different social platformsPromote at different timesto reach a new audienceConduct different promotional tacticsto increase exposure#RethinkIG 20. Re-Squeezing the Orange:Benefits of bringing infographics back to lifeIncreased opportunity for discoveryIncreased brand visibilityIncreased traffic and social engagementIncreased link potentialPete Gall| Director of Brand & ContentStragety | KA+A | @PeteGall #RethinkIG 21. Infographics Growth Over TimePageviewsLinks60k 30k40k 20k20k 10k0 05/09 06/08 07/1008/11 09/110 05/09 06/08 07/10 08/11 09/11 Social Shares60k40k20k0 05/09 06/08 07/10 08/11 09/11 #RethinkIG 22. Track your results!#RethinkIG 23. Interested in learning more?Visit: http://www.slingshotseo.com/clients/case-studies/

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RethinkING Infographics Data Design Delivery & Discretion #RethinkIG Presented by: Pete Gall| Director of Brand & Content Stragety | KA+A | @PeteGall Kurtis Beavers| Senior Designer & Illustrator | KA+A | @kjbeavers Sharlene Boodram | Viral Media Coordinator| Slingshot SEO | @SharleneBoodram
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