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Ritz carlton campaign 2011

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2. Meet Our TeamChris CalandraExperience:Dan Cresci Providence College Students Rebecca Duchi Marketing Majors Katherine Hasler Background: Dr. JelineksMaureen LowePromotional Strategy Class Meredith Maher 3. U.S. Virgin Islands 4. St. Thomas Resort 5. The Ritz-CarltonMottoAt The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., "We are Ladies andGentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen." This motto exemplifiesthe anticipatory service provided by all staff members.The Credo Genuine care and comfort highest mission. Pledge to provide finest personal service and facilities Warm, relaxed, refined ambience Experience enlivens the senses, instills well-being, and fulfills eventhe unexpressed wishes Source: Ritz-Carlton 6. Project Overview SWOT Analysis Featured Events Target Market Budget Creative Brief Breakdown of Total IMC Campaign Expenditures Magazines Creative Pitch Print Advertisement Why this will work Email blast Newspaper Internet Banner 7. SWOT AnalysisStrengthsWeakness Strong, well-known brand name Expensive in a poor economy High Quality Only attainable to the wealthy Top of the line customer service Able to charge higher fee for quality service and name Do not have to sacrificestandards to reach customerOpportunity Threats Attracting large groups of people - Economic conditions weddings, events, trade events Other luxury hotels with Advertising to upper class in competitive offersretirement with money to spend Marketing to wealthy women whose children have grown, & are looking to create memories 8. Target Market Focus: Female Travel Companions Women control $5 trillion in U.S. business and consumerspending & influence 80% of all such spending nationally Target Market traveling in record numbers: Women traveling with sisters, mothers, best friendsSource: Market Metrix 9. Target SegmentGender: FemaleAge Range: 45-65 years oldHousehold Income: Wealthy, Upscale, Upper-Middle Class, $75,000+ annual IncomeEducation: Post- graduate degree and College graduate 10. Target market Demographics: Lifestage Accumulated WealthBaby Boomers with adult children; prime audience for print media,expensive cars and frequent vacations Midlife SuccessChildless singles and couples in their thirties and forties.Big fans of the latest technology, financial products, aerobicexercise, and travel. Young Accumulators are slightly younger and less affluent large families with comfortable, upscale lifestyles. favor outdoor sports, technology and adult toys like powerboats, and motorcycles. media tastes lean towards cable networks targeted to children and teenagers.Source: Prism 11. Target Market Demographics:Social Group Elite Suburbanites: upscale incomes- can afford tospend heavily ontechnology, powerboats, books, magazines, luxury carsand exercise equipment Urban Uptowns: enjoy the arts, shop at exclusiveretailers, drive luxury imports, travel abroad, and spendheavily on computer and wireless technology Affluentials: lower median income- still enjoycomfortable, suburban lifestyles; big fans of healthfoods, computer equipment, consumer electronics Source: Prism 12. Target Market ThemesWomen who love foreign travel Heavy involvement with computers, the internet and wireless technologyEnjoy active lifestylesHealth conscious 13. Target Market & the Premium Experience Happiness: 66% of the women describe themselves as "veryhappy The Experience: bonding with friends & family Health: Physical and mental health is a high priorityTarget market -10 pounds lighter than average The Experience: Wellness retreats, spa retreats Activity levels: 52% can be identified as highly active The Experience: womens adventure vacations, golf vacations Source: Gallup 14. Creative BriefObjective: To attract our already strong elite female target market and bring in a new female market for this once in a lifetime experienceTarget Audience: Women ages 45-65, Wealthy, Upper-Middle $75,000+ annual income, post- graduate degree and College graduateMessage Theme: Making memories and the luxurious experienceSupport: With our plan to incorporate the Ritzs daily activities with the three Main Events at the If You Can Dream It event, we will be able to attract these women in our target market by offering something new and fresh to the elite class.Constraints: TradeMark, Logo, The ability to reach the different average Joes in our target market if they know what the Ritz Carlton stands for. We hope to reach our target market with the budget we have set. 15. Creative Brief:Objective To attract our already strong elite femaletarget market and bring in a new female market for this once in a lifetime experience 16. Creative Brief:Message Theme Girls Getaway Focus on the luxurious experience Making memories 17. Creative Brief: Support Recent trends have proven that travelersenjoy an experience Despite the bad economy, affluent consumersare likely to still spend money on travel 18. SloganLet us stay with youWhy we chose to stay with current slogan: Recently changed, revamped entire marketing efforts Sales have gone up in the past year Has brought success for the organization We believe in this slogan Want it become well-known with the brand Goes along with our IMC: Experience is worth more 19. Sub SloganDont Just Dream It Appealing to elite audiences Ties in with our IMC all about the experiences Short, to the point, but eludes to more Posing a question in audiences mind: want to find out whattheyre missing 20. IMC Campaign 21. Featured Events Sunset Cruise International Wine Tasting Bulgari Spring Collection Exclusive Premiere 22. Print Media: Magazines Average Income: ELLE women are Demographic: Affluent is $293,064 AudienceMain focussophisticated,89.1% Women Median Household Average Net Worth: womens fashion Age: 45.8% modern, self $3.7 million$94,815Income:Demographic:assured 55+ 35-54, Graduated 52% under 45,College: 72.5% Women 46% High purchasing Household67% age: 45+ HouseholdMedianIncome: power Gender: 59% male Income: 125K + 66.4%150k Excellent taste51% Women readers, 41% female $75,055.40+46% 23. You are invitedto an Exclusive event Just for you and your Girlfriends. many activitiesAWAIT you including: A sunset cruise on the Atlantic, A jewelry premier ofthe bulgari spring line & an international wine tasting night. 6900 Great Bay,St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 00802 U.S.A. * Phone: (340) 775-3333 24. You areinvitedto an Exclusive event Just foryou and your Girlfriends. manyactivities AWAIT you including:A sunset cruise on the Atlantic,A jewelry premier of the bulgari spring line & an internationalwine tasting night.6900 Great Bay, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 00802 U.S.A.Phone: (340) 775-3333 25. Email Blast Only send to thefemale database ofRitz-CarltonCommunity emailClick Hereinternet linkHow does oneClick here for detailsbecome a member? Why maintain this? 26. Newspaper ColumnNational Implementation New York Times Wall Street Journal Boston Globe Despite decliningreadership, our targetaudience still reads thenewspaper 27. Internet BannerClick herefor detailsBlog Statistics 90% of moms and 76% of women in general are online As of July 2011, an estimated 164 million blogs exist, the U.S. makes up 49% 18.3 million internet users who are moms read blogs once a month Source: E-Marketers online and RightMix Marketing 28. Popular Blogging Sitesfor Womenmizfitonline.comLuxist.com Womenonbusiness.com 2,286 UMV 108,478 3,207 UMV UMV Articles about expensive Press releases, up tostaying fit, watches, date news, andexercising and jewelry, and articles abouteating healthy clutches women in thefor womenbusiness world 29. Competition SpendingOrient-Express Hotels Theme: Embark on a journey like no other. Agency: Chandelier Creative Budget: $1 millionLuxury Collection Theme: Life is a collection of experiences. Let us be your guide. Agency: Atmosphere Proximity Budget: $700,000 Source: EliteChoice.org 30. Previous Budget trendAccording to Kantar Media, part of WPP,The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company L.L.C. spent on advertising: 13.5 million on ads last year $9.1 million in 2009 $17.6 million in 2008 $22.1 million in 2007Source: New York Times 31. Total Expenditures 25%27%Magazines Email Blast Newspaper14%Internet Banner 14% Featured Events20% 32. Creative Pitch Were a full-service advertising agency that successfully combinestraditional and digital marketing. We have proven success in targeting the female market. Our agency has experience in the hospitality industry with proven successin the luxury hotel space. We are driven toward results: our clients are our best references which wewill be happy to provide to you One of a handful of marketing agencies to receive the PRWeek MagazineAward, the highest accolade given each year to the bestcorporate, nonprofit and agency teams. 33. Thank You Chris Calandra, Dan Cresci, Rebecca Duchi, Katherine Hasler,Maureen Lowe, and Meredith Maher

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