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Sambahang Kristiano sa Gulod

Date post:11-May-2015
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  • 1.Thank you for coming in the Worship Service of SKG Thank you for coming in the Worship Service of SKG

2. 3. Money Matters As of February our Finances were aboutP______________ 4. 5. CHURCH PARTICIPANTS Next Sunday Emcee: Ramel Evangelista Sermon: Ptr. Arnaldo Limbo Always attend and support ourChurch here in SKG For Prayer and Counselling, Feel free to contact John Mark. Ptr. Limbo or any of our Church Worker 6. 7. He leadeth me O blessed thought O word with heavnly comfortfraught. 8. Whateer I do, whereer I be still tis Gods hand that leadeth me. 9. REFRAIN :He leadeth me, He leadeth me, by His Own Hand He leadeth me 10. His faithful follower I would be, for by His hand He leadeth me. 11. Sometimes mid scenes of deepest gloom,sometimes where Edens bowers bloom 12. By waters still, over troubled sea, Still tis His hand that leadeth me. 13. Lord, I would place my hand in Thine, Nor ever murmur nor repine; Content, whatever lot I see, Since tis my God that leadeth me. 14. And when my task on earth is done, When by Thy grace the victrys won, 15. Een deaths cold wave I will not flee , 16. Since God through Jordan leadeth me.

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